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Samsung Wired Stereo EHS63 Earbuds

Price: $14.52
List Price: $49.99
You save: $35.47 (71%)

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Review of the Samsung Wired Stereo EHS63 Earbuds, made by Samsung

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These earbuds fit securely and comfortably. They have an earpiece shape I haven't seen before, and it works quite well. These come with two additional booties, for a custom fit. I tried them all and like the default ones best.

I've owned many earbuds, over the years. This is the first set that doesn't have the tangling cord problem. Kudos to Samsung! This particular problem sometimes makes knots that are inordinately difficult to undo and the repeated annoyance can become quite frustrating. As an electrical engineer, I can tell you that Samsung has fixed this problem by using a cord that is thicker and that has a better insulating jacket. That also means better performance and longer life of the product. So, a triple benefit.

The next set of earbuds I buy will be this very model.

Wrapping the cord around your MP3 player does reduce the tangling problem, but it also shortens the life of the cord. So it's not really a solution. It's good to see a manufacturer finally cared that users have things to do in life other than untangle earbud cords.

I generally do not listen to music (the content adds little or nothing to my character, knowledge, or value as a human being), and don't use my MP3 player for that. Except for emergencies, I don't use a cell phone (at one time I did, but then figured out what an intrusive timewaster this is), so don't use earbuds for that. Thus, I did not test the microphone that's in this earbud set.

What I use my MP3 player for is the brainbuilding experience of listening to nonfiction audio books, and the experience has the effect of continually being in university. But instead of sitting through classroom lectures, I learn while doing housework, yardwork, and driving down the highway (among other activities). Famous fitness guru Bill Phillips listens to audio books while on his recumbent bike.

Because I don't listen to music and because I respect my inner ear parts (I've had them for a long time and have grown fond of them), the sound coming to them from my MP3 player is normal conversation level. That means I don't need the hear-through safety feature. But if you do listen to music or if you aren't protective of your hearing, this feature could save your life and these earbuds have it. Just a safety note to fellow ear-owners: you should wear hearing protection when using any machinery (lawn mower, leaf blower, kitchen blender) that requires you to raise your voice to carry on a conversation. The penalty for not doing that is tinnitus when you get older, plus the habit of saying "What?" when people speak to you.

With any earbuds, the issue of sound quality must be addressed in a review. For me, it's a matter of clearly delivering voice. I compared these earbuds to two other models during my review evaluation, and they clearly have the least loss of sound. What I mean is you can turn the volume down on the MP3 player because these lose less energy; that's because of less voltage drop on the thicker wire. One benefit of this is your battery charge will last longer; another is less sound distortion.

It's amazing how a few simple design changes can so profoundly improve a product. Samsung made the right changes.

Samsung has clearly produced a winner. These earbuds are pricey, but the elimination of the tangling hassle alone justifies going with this premium product. However, let's just consider the total cost of ownership. I would be surprised if these don't last 5 or 6 times longer than an "average" set of earbuds. So you'd need to find a set for about $9 just to break even on cost.



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