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JBL Roxy In-Ear Headphones

Price: $59.03
List Price: $79.95
You save: $290.02 (20%)

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours
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Review of the JBL Roxy In-Ear Headphones, made by JBL

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The attenuation (loss of volume) of these is greater that what I found with either the Samsung or my knot-tying set. This does not mean these have an attenuation problem. The differences are slight.

What is not slight is the price difference. These cost half again as much as the Samsungs, though I would, based on fitting problems, consider them comparable to earbuds that cost half as much. If you generally have no problem getting a good fit with canal wedge earpieces, these will probably work just fine for you.

They do come with a nice little carrying case. The case has a zipper and is just big enough for me to put my MP3 player in it along with a set of earbuds.

The next two paragraphs are copied from my recent Samsung review because the same information applies to both sets.

I generally do not listen to music (the content adds little or nothing to my character, knowledge, or value as a human being), and don't use my MP3 player for that. Except for emergencies, I don't use a cell phone (at one time I did, but then figured out what an intrusive timewaster this is), so don't use earbuds for that. Thus, I did not test the microphone that's in this earbud set.

What I use my MP3 player for is the brainbuilding experience of listening to nonfiction audio books, and the experience has the effect of continually being in university. But instead of sitting through classroom lectures, I learn while doing housework, yardwork, and driving down the highway (among other activities). Famous fitness guru Bill Phillips listens to audio books while on his recumbent bike.

This isn't a bad product. But there are better ones on the market and many cost less.



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