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About Mark Lamendola

Mark Lamendola is a name you may have come across in articles you read in a magazine or online. That's Mark on the right. So, now you can connect a name with a face.

Mark has over 7,000 articles in print or online--then there are the interviews with him, also posted in various places. He's also written hundreds of book reviews, which you can find at and on

Mark Lamendola is a noted author, speaker, and trainer. He is an MBA, Certified Professional Manager, and Certified Project Manager. He's also an electrical engineer and a noted authority on the National Electrical Code. The IEEE named him the Outstanding Member of 2002, for Region 5 (there are only 10 Regions in the world).

Mark is a Life Member of Mensa and of the nation's largest civil rights group (the National Rifle Association). He's held membership and officer roles in various organizations over the years.

In addition to intellectual pursuits, Mark is dedicated to health and fitness. He has not been sick since 1971 and maintains a ripped, muscular physique. He has not missed a workout since 1977. He's a former martial arts instructor with belts in several styles, including a 4th degree black belt in Kung Fu (mixed Chinese styles Americanized, thus the belt system).

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