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Review of: IAMS Sensitive Naturals Dog Food

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For nearly my whole life, I've been smart about what I put into my body. This is why I haven't been sick since 1971, despite having a serious immune deficiency. It's also why, in my fifties, I have plenty of energy and my body fat stays at about 5%.

One of the common poisons that people eat, and feed their kids, and feed their pets, is corn-based anything. Many people are surprised to hear that corn-based foods are poison. But once they stop eating those, they notice a difference. So will your pet. Check the label on what you feed your cat or dog, and you'll probably see corn.

Today's corn is not a natural food. Ever wonder why it's so cheap? There are several reasons, none of them good.

What is good is that IAMS does not put that poison in this dog food.

None of the Monsanto garbage (their wheat, corn, or soy, all of which dominate the market making it generally unsafe to buy products containing wheat, corn, or soy) is in this dog food. The typical American parent should be feeding this to their kids, instead of what they feed them now.

In addition to being safe to eat, this dog food is nutrient dense. Your dog will enjoy a healthful dose of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. And the Vitamin D is D3; check your kid's cereal (if you actually feed them that stuff) to see if the D there is D3). D3 is the form that the body can actually use.

No matter how nutritious food is, good taste is essential. Food that isn't eaten does not nourish. I tried this out on several neighborhood dogs, and they went nuts over it. I tried some myself, and it tastes somewhat like fish on toast. Given that flavor, I decided to let my neighbor's cat try some. Cats don't normally eat dog food, but she gobbled this right up and wanted more.

Maybe first taste tests turn out well because of the novelty. So I've conducted ongoing testing with my neighbor's black lab / rot mix (he is a handsome, handsome dog). After three times of feeding him this dog food, I just have to show him the same bowl I've been using (washed between servings) and he immediately begins some serious salivating. After he eats it, he sniffs around for more of it then gives me that puppy dog look to indicate he really could use a second helping.

I didn't try this on a dog with problems. Many people buy a special food because their dog has digestive sensitivity, dry skin (evidenced by constant itching), bad gas, irregularity problems, foul stool, or some other problem.

What they don't realize is the dog has these problems because they've been feeding their dog poison that comes in a bag marked "dog food." Read the label, and sure enough you see that corn and other crap. It's not fit for humans, and it's not fit for dogs or cats.

Maybe this particular food is a bit pricey for you. But your dog pays a high price for that cheap stuff.

A friend of mine prepares all of her dog's meals herself. These are rice-based, using a whole grain rice. She adds in whatever vegetables she is having that day, and the dog gets a little meat or egg for additional protein. While she does avoid the toxicity problem, she is doing an awful lot of work that this prepared dog food eliminates. And she's not giving her dog the added nutrition this dog food provides.

You may wonder why I tested this on other dogs. One reason is I wanted more than one opinion. Another reason is I don't have a dog of my own. I do help my neighbors with their dogs and cats. Their pets may stay at my house while they are away on a trip, or their pets may stay at home with me as the drop-in house/pet sitter. Presently, a neighbor's cat has decided to make herself at home here.

People are amazed at how their animals "take" to me right away, and how happy their animals are after having spent some time here. It's because I treat them as my honored guests. I have my own pet supplies, for both cats and dogs. I'm always ready for a furry friend to stop by for a visit or go for a walk. And now I have an ideal dog food waiting here for my next canine guest.

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  • Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
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