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Resume Connection: Resume Tips, #2

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  • Objective Section
    In almost all cases, your resume should begin with a statement of what your objective is. What kind of job are you looking for? This is your chance to share this information in a single sentence.

    Remember -- the Objective is the first thing people will see when reading your resume, so it is an ideal place for you to make a strong first impression. Use words that make you come across as eager and looking for challenge.

    A poor Objective section:
    To find a job in consulting or finance.
    Much better Objective section:
    A challenging position in consulting that utilizes my finance background and strong management skills.

    Tip: the "Objective" section in your resume can -- and should -- be tailored to fit each employer you send your resume to. For example, if you are sending your resume to a company that focuses on hi-tech clients, then you should mention that is the industry/sector you are interested in.

  • Action Verbs

    In many cases, a resume will use, re-use, and over-use a handful of about 6-8 common verbs and phrases. Phrases such as "responsible for", "worked", and "used" are tiresome examples that are used way too often.

    While such words are unavoidable in some cases, you should generally try to use more positive, "action" phrases. Here are some examples of great words to use:

  • Miscellaneous Presentation Tips

    * Use the same font throughout your resume.
    * Avoid italics or underlining. Put section headings in bold.
    * Do not use any shading or colors.
    * It is *OK* if your resume takes more than 1-page, but keep it below 2-pages.
    * Use a font size of 9 at least and 13 at most.


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