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Remington HC 5070 Haircut Kit

Price is under $60!

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours
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Review of Remington HC 5070 Haircut Kit, made by Remington

(You can print this review in landscape mode, if you want a hardcopy)


The picture shows the accessories. Obviously, this also comes with the electric clippers. And it comes with a nice storage case. This is a really nice set of equipment (21 pieces) for cutting hair at home. Most of the haircut places today use this very system (a comb that matches the desired hair length is placed on a set of clippers). It makes cutting your hair easy and accurate, if you don't want it especially long (e.g., over an inch) or don't want special styling.

I've wanted something like this for a long time, but just could not find an affordable, practical kit for home use. This is that kit. It makes cutting hair very simple, if you want a basic hair cut.

Presently, I am wearing a custom hair cut. My "top hair" is 4 inches long, well beyond the reach of this kit. But my hair is really thick and to make it less of an afro, it's layered so the longer hair falls over shorter hair. What this means for me is I can extend the time between my haircuts by keeping the "under hair" trimmed. Not sure if this explanation makes sense, but that's what I'm doing.

This is pretty easy to use. I just select the comb I want, fasten it to the clippers, and then do my touch-up trimming by working from the bottom toward the top. In my case, I use the #8 comb. What's a #8, exactly? The combs in this kit and in kits used by the haircut places are numbered 0 through 8. The 0 is 1/16 of an inch long. The 1 is 1/8 of an inch long, and each number after that is 1/8 longer. In this kit, the combs are color-coded.

For hair longer than an inch, you go to scissors. When you have a layered style like mine, the stylist uses the comb and clippers first and then finishes with scissors. This kit includes barber scissors, too.

My hair is so thick that you can't pull a standard comb through it (I use a hair pick when traveling or use a brush turned sideways when at home). If a hair stylist looks at my skin color instead of noticing the type of hair I have, the first thing she'll do is try to pull a comb through it if I don't see that coming and stop her. Then she'll try to spray it with water (standard technique for "Caucasian hair" but not for "ethnic hair"). I did not expect this system to pull my hair, due to the design of the combs and it didn't. I can safely say you can cut any type of hair with this kit and have no fear of snags.

This feels good in my hand, and there's no awkward pulling by the power cord. Something I really like about the clippers is they aren't very loud. Sometimes when I've had my hair cut, I've asked for the clippers to stop being used because they are too loud. I don't want my hearing damaged. This issue is a pass/fail for me, and the Remington clippers passed with flying colors.

Some Key Features:

  • Color-Coded Combs. Each color represents a different trimming length. Just remember what color everyone needs and it’s easy to get a perfect haircut every time.
  • 21-Piece Haircut Kit. Everything you need for complete haircuts at home: powerful clipper, 11 length-adjusting combs, barber scissors and comb, cleaning and neck brushes, ear taper combs, and more.
  • Stainless Steel Blades. The durable clipper blades deliver top performance with no pulling or snagging.
  • Ergonomic Design. The clipper fits comfortably in the hand for ultimate precision and control.
  • Storage Case. Keep all the pieces in one place with the convenient plastic case, perfect for storage or travel.



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