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Galiva Men's Cotton ExtraSoft No Show Cushion Socks - 3 Pairs

Price: Under $15

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours
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Review of Galiva Socks, made by Galiva

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If you put a pair of these on my feet and asked me to guess how much they were, my guess would have been considerably higher than the actual price. These are a really good deal! The manufacturer claims these are made 80% of premium soft cotton, and from the way they feel that does not surprise me. They are quite soft and comfortable. The other 20% of the material is Spandex (15%) and elastic (5%). This blend gives you comfort and fit.

Most of my socks are 100% cotton, and they are thus very comfortable. However, because they are 100% cotton they occasionally present a problem that makes them uncomfortable; the excess material that allows me to get them on in the first place wads up under my foot. The solution I came upon for my thin dress socks was to find a blend of cotton and some stretchy material. I don't want polyester next to my skin, so that rules out many of the offerings on the market. Spandex is very good in this regard, and that's the primary "accomodator" in this material. A little elastic, and you've got a great sock that is snug on the foot but also lets you get it on your foot without over-stretching the material and getting a wrinkle under your foot.

These socks are called "no show" and that means that, given the shape of most shoes the socks don't show. I'm not sure why somebody would want that particular feature, as it means your bare skin does show. Socks are supposed to match the pant and extend the color to the shoe by covering the ankle. So a puzzle to me.

The reason I own short socks (including now, these three pairs) is I wear them with house slippers. I want them to be easier to put on and take off than a full sock is. Wearing a house slipper with your bare feet isn't sanitary; you can either spray your slippers with vinegar every day or just get used to the stench they emit as skin flakes and oil feed fungi and bacteria. I find it much easier to just wear a comfortable pair of little socks.

So I really like these and the have a definite purpose that my regular socks don't fill. You might want to use these in a different way, perhaps taking full advantage of the "no show" feature (sorry, I don't understand it but then again I don't know everything).

Let me conclude by talking about sock care. A pair of socks typically lasts over 20 years for me. I have discovered this is way longer than normal. What is my secret? It's this:

  • Wear them only inside a shoe or slipper. They aren't designed to handle an abrasive surface.
  • Give a pair of socks a single day of service; don't wear them until they stink. They are underwear.
  • Wash them using a non-abrasive, fragrance free detergent. The fragrance, which to me totally stinks, contains chemicals that damage both skin and fabric.
  • Wash in cold water.
  • Use less than 1/4 the recommended detergent. That will result in cleaner, longer-lasting fabric.
  • Do not use fabric softener. It consists of rancid fats and petrochemicals. All it does is put a slime on fabrics that feel coarse due to over-use of detergent. Cut detergent use to 25% of recommended and you won't need the softener.
  • If you put them in the dryer, use only the lowest setting and never get them completely dry (it causes individual fibers to shrink at different rates). Let them air dry for an hour or longer before putting them away.

The washing and drying tips, by the way, apply to all clothing and bedding (except you wash bedding in hot water to kill the dust mites).



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