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Dove Shower Foam

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Review of Dove Shower Foam, made by Dove

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Since Dove is a name you can trust, I was comfortable trying this product. That's saying a lot, because I am careful about what I put in and on my body.

I've been using bar soap for as long as I can remember. Please note that bar soap and bar detergent are two different things, and people normally confuse them. Bar detergent is not, in my opinion, safe to put on your skin (read the ingredients and you'll agree!). The soap I've been using is fragrance-free, as I find most "fragrances" simply stink.

One problem with bar soap is you get soap scum all over the shower and/or tub and tiles. It takes work to remove it. Also, those bars keep getting smaller every time I buy them. Last time, I bought a big 30-pack and have been waiting for it to be used up so I can try a liquid. When I came across this foam, I decided to try it before running out of the bars (I think three are left to go).

I think many people will enjoy the particular blend of fragrances. I'd prefer unfragranced, but this isn't bad and it doesn't offend me and it doesn't put my sinuses into a tizzy. I looked at the ingredients label and don't understand everything that's there. Before buying a replacement, I will look up every ingredient to see if anything is toxic. For now, I'm just trusting the Dove brand and my lack of a negative or allergic reaction to this product.

The pump bottle is easy enough to use; just make sure to unlock it before setting it into your shower caddy. When the bottle runs too low for the pump to work, you can pour what's in there into the new bottle and then rinse the old one out (dump the rinse water into the toilet bowl to help clean it).

The lather forms nicely, and does indeed rinse off quickly as Dove says it does. I gave this the additional test of using the lather to shave my face with. It works really well, however I want to note that unlike movie characters who look sideways while driving, type with their index fingers only, leave the refrigerator door open, and use a week's worth of lather for every shave, I apply a thin film.

You can toss out your (probably) toxic shaving cream and use this one product for shave and shower. I think it will be good for body shaves, not just face shaves, in addition to body washes.

So now the real question regarding a personal cleaning product. Does it clean? I had really dirty feet, and they washed right up. What's important when washing your feet in the shower is that the soap (or in this case foam) rinses right off. Clean feet that cause you to slip and break your neck aren't really a good deal. So lather up, scrub, rinse, off it came. No slippery feet. Yay!



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