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Chicago metallic Deep Dish Pie Pan

Price: About $10
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours
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Review of Chicago metallic Deep Dish Pie Pan, made by Chicago metallic

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The first thing you'll notice about this pan when you pick it up is it feels substantial. It's almost as heavy as a glass pie dish, but of course not as fragile. If it were the typical thin Teflon-coated aluminum pan, it would have several problems such as warping and uneven heating. Not to mention the release of toxins into your food. Because this pan is made from heavy-gauge carbon steel, you get even heat distribution. And  because it's metal (a conductor) instead of glass (an insulator), you get good heat conduction.

One of the problems encountered with deep dish baking is the baked item can be difficult to extract if you didn't do everything exactly right in the baking prep. This pan has a nonstick coating, which solves that problem. This coating is a beautiful color, kind of a metallic brownish copper.

This is a 9-inch pan (that's embossed on the pan). It measures 7.5 inches in the basin and 10 inches across the top. It measures 2.25 inches from its rolled steel rim to the surface it sits on.

Yes, that is how the company Chicago metallic spells its name. The pan is embossed with the name spelled the same way.

This makes a fine addition to my cookware collection.



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