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3M Comfort Grip Gloves

Price: About $8

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours
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Review of 3M Comfort Grip Gloves, made by Ammex

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This is an Amazon Vine review, which means I didn't actually buy these. If I had, I would have been more careful about the size. I wear an XL glove, these are Large. Even so, they (amazingly) fit with reasonable comfort. And they look really cool. They are multicolored (black on "working part" (bottom), grey on top, and light blue on wrist sleeve).

On the product packaging, there are two bullet points:

  • For construction, maintenance, and electrical work.
  • Lightweight, breathable.

I'll address those, then move on to an assessment of the gloves. Yes, these are good gloves for protecting your hands while doing the kind of work listed in the first bullet point. The nitrile on the "working part" (everything but the back) will provide some protection from solvents and lubricants. It will also provide some protection from electrical shock. But do not mistake these for chemical-rated or electrical-rated gloves. Their function is mostly to protect your hands from abrasion and laceration.

With so many work gloves on the market, how can you decide whether a glove is suitable for you? I think you just have to try the gloves for yourself, after reading the product information and/or a decent review. I'll try to be decent, here....

Let's look at some key metrics to see how these 3M gloves stack up.

  • The fit. As mentioned, these are too small for me so you could expect me to not say anything here. But the gloves did stretch to fit my hands. And the fingers were the right length. Poorly designed/made gloves often have "floppy finger" syndrome, which interferes with your ability to work. These don't have that problem.
  • Smell. How does a glove protect your skin when it's laden with harsh chemicals of its own? Or a fragrance? These are just gloves, no nasty stuff on them that I could detect.
  • Chemical resistance. The nitrile will resist chemicals you are likely to encounter as, say, an industrial maintenance mechanic. The box for another glove product that I have (a plain nitrile glove) lists 15 different categories of chemicals these gloves resist.
  • Strength. These are really well-made, at least from all visual and tactile indications. I didn't try to rip them apart, but I did give them the old tug test.
  • Sensitivity. I can easily handle tools, while wearing these gloves.
  • Allergies. These are Latex-free and contain no fragrance.

You can't go wrong with this choice. These gloves provide the protection you need without compromising in other areas. Not only that, they look good. Can you tell that I really like them?

Please note that as electrical work PPE, these would be rated as work gloves. Such gloves are required by NFPA70E. If you are working with a pair of these on, you'll feel more comfortable and be more dexterous than with the traditional thick work gloves.



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