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Peace, the final frontier

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Peace. We all seek it. Yet, it eludes us.

Nations go to war, often quoting peace as the reason. We must realize peace is a journey, not an end. Yet, in our efforts to obtain peace, we often do the most unpeaceful things. Instead of seeking inner peace, we seek to enforce peace on others. And that just doesn't work. Peace is a gift you can give to others and to yourself.

If you seek peace with a sincere heart, you can find it. Sometimes, you need some deep thoughts to bring you to peace. Sometimes, you need thoughts that are not so deep. Sometimes, just a good book dealing with the topic of peace is exactly what you need.

If you are looking for such a good book on peace, try Peace Works, by peaceful author Cinthea T. Coleman. This illustrated, entertaining book will help you on your journey of peace. Even the price is peaceful, so buy the book and be on your way toward an existence that is both more peaceful and more joyous.

You can find peace, even though peace is elusive. But, you have to know where to look.

Peace tips

Here are some tips on finding peace within yourself:

  • Read inspirational books, such as Peace Works.
  • Realize you cannot control every event in your life.
  • Organize your life in ways that reduce stress, rushing around, or forgetting things.
  • Behave with integrity, so you never have to look over your shoulder.
  • Make a "peace appointment" with yourself once a week, and write down those items and events that most threaten your sense of peace. Make an action list for resolving the top three.
  • Realize that most events are simply not worth worrying about or being upset about.
  • When you are worried about something, write down the worst thing that can happen. Then write down the most likely thing to happen. Cross out the worst thing and focus on the most likely thing.
  • When something upsets you, ask yourself if it is really that important.
  • When something upsets you, ask what you could do differently in the future. For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic, could you have left yourself more room or gone a less-traveled route?
  • Look for the positive part of a negative event.
  • If someone insults you, recognize that is only one person's opinion, and you are not obligated to refute it or insult that person back.
  • Recognize that each person is special in some way. You are special. You have gifts and interests that make you a worthwhile human being.
  • Accept that some people will like you, and some will not. Accept that some people will love you, and some will not.
  • Accept failings in other people. Nobody is perfect.
  • Accept failings in yourself. Nobody is perfect.
  • Live to your own expectations, not those of other people.
  • Meditate on peace, once a day. Fill your mind with thoughts of peace, and it will direct you toward peace. If you need help with such thoughts, get a copy of Peace Works to help you on your journey of peace.

If you have not read Peace Works, you owe it to yourself to do so!

Remember, real peace comes from within. What are you doing to build inner peace? You must constantly work at maintaining that inner sense of calm. If you do it well, then it will spill over into others instead of the other way around (their conflict spilling over to displace your inner peace).

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