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Information Connection: Mental Strategies

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So often, we work very hard and get no further ahead. We even work smart, and get no further ahead. Our normal response is to keep doing more of what's not working!

So, how do you get out of this rut? The answer is to step back and see if you are doing the right things--not just doing things right.

Here's an example. Suppose you wanted to be a top-notch attorney. So, you take classes, study very hard, practice incessantly, aim for perfection, hire a personal tutor, and spend every free moment learning all you can. About dancing. No matter how much effort you put into this, you will be no better an attorney than when you started.

This is, unfortunately, the strategy most of us use in most endeavors. We see it in dieting, all the time. Right now, the big thing is the low-carb craze. It is not an effective strategy--it's the wrong thing to do. But, people are doing it anyhow.

The cost to using the wrong strategies is immense. It includes the cost of never reaching your goals.

One way to overcome this is to subscribe to the Mindconnection eNL. This respected publication provides hard-hitting tips on how to magnify your brainpower, protect your financial future, and overcome the brainwashing that holds so many people back without their even realizing it.

Another way to overcome this is to become a regular at your local library. The books, tapes, videos, and other resources will help you gain new understanding from which you can build effective strategies for nearly any endeavor.

We also came upon a book that can help you with strategy formation. While it's really geared toward people who manage teams, the lessons contained therein can apply to nearly anybody.


Click on the image at right and you'll get pricing and availability information on this book.

Be sure to read the reviews. For example:

"I highly recommend this book to those who wish a sound foundation in the mental side of sports. It should appear in the library of every coach and athlete who is invested in enhancing the mental skills that contribute to effective performance." - Bruce C. Ogilvie, Ph.D., Pioneer in the area of Sport Psychology, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, San Jose State University

"A great tool for all athletes." - Edward J. DeBartolo, Jr., Owner, San Francisco 49ers

"A MUST read for athletes, coaches and instructors dedicated and motivated to achieving their ultimate goal: SUCCESS!!!" - Bob Quinn, Ex-General Manager, NY Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, SF Giants

Winning the Mental Way

"Understanding and controlling the mental phase of athletics is the biggest challenge coaches and players face. Karlene Sugarman's book will teach you how to bust out of emotional slumps, build team cohesion and manage pressure situations successfully. This will enable everyone to enjoy the process of training and competition more!" - Sue Enquist, Head Softball Coach, UCLA

"This book is a MUST READ for anyone interested in obtaining peak performance. The methods and techniques taught by Karlene Sugarman are major league!!" - Rich Hill, Head Baseball Coach, University of San Diego

"Karlene's Winning the Mental Way provides 'good medicine' for players and coaches alike who are troubled by increasing complexities of the 'game within the game' of modern sports. It delves into small group dynamics inherent to team sports, by tackling its issues with a sense of realism and foresight. This book is a helpful tool for the everyday person who may be plagued with problems of stress and motivation as he or she seeks to win at the game of life. And that game can only be won one way: The mental way." - Dr. Jamie Williams, 12-year veteran of the NFL

"Karlene's book is distinguishing because it prefaces individual mental training with the importance of team building and group dynamics." - Shellie McCall, Head Softball Coach, Long Beach City College

Ever wonder why you play great one day and terrible the next? Did your physical ability change? No likely, but your mental game was probably different. Your mindset and mental preparation can be the difference between winning and losing. This book will help arm you and your team so you can reach an optimal level of play and be successful in the competitive world of sports.

Whether you are a recreational athlete, little league coach, high school player, professional coach or top executive, Winning the Mental Way provides the tools necessary to help you achieve peak performance on a more consistent basis. No matter what your endeavors are, the goal is the same - peak performance.

The mind plays such an important role in whether you will be successful or not. This practical guide will help you first develop a sound working team; and second, give you the skills to keep your team on its road to success.


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