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Baby Birthing Thoughts: Lessons Learned from Having a Baby

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If you're considering having a baby, considering having an abortion, or are well into your pregnancy, these thoughts on baby birth provide valuable insight.

  1. Having a baby is hard work. That's why they call it labor. Breathing methods (especially deep breathing), relaxation techniques, focusing, etc. really do help with labor. Read, talk to people, take classes, and engage in other activities that help you reflect and relax.

  2. Is she faking it? Hint: Braxton Hicks labor pains are sort of a pre-trial. It feels like labor but it gets you nowhere.  Real labor. Hint: Consistent, longer episodes and shorter time between each episode. You can pretty much set a stopwatch by them.

  3. Strange things happen in the birthing room. It's not unusual for women to vomit or even to defecate while in labor. Here's the scoop. Don't be embarrassed, because the doctors and nurses in labor and delivery have seen it all before.

  4. Shiver me timbers. After giving birth, a rapid change in hormones causes the new mother's body to shiver almost uncontrollably. If not offered, then ask for warm blankets to help this problem.

  5. Hurt? It hurts when you begin nursing a baby. You can prepare for this in various ways. Rubbing the nipple/areola with a washcloth throughout pregnancy can help. If you really want to toughen them up, perhaps you've seen how a calf nurses from its mother. Do that. Get a grip. Suck it up.

  6. Oh pooh. Baby's pooh doesn't smell foul until s/he ingests formula or food. If changing diapers grosses you out, then go with breast feeding. Why does this make any difference? Well, you may have noticed your baby and a cow's baby don't look like identical twins. Nor do you and the cow have the same diet--when was the last time you were out grazing in a pasture? Your milk and cow's milk are very different, and we're talking here about properly cared for dairy cows. With the factory milking cows, the milk is even more "off" when it comes to human consumption (in fact, those cows have mastitis and their milk contains copious amounts of pus).

  7. Cleaner than clean. No need to sterilize your nipples when you breast feed your baby. If you insist on cleaning your nipples before feeding the baby, do NOT boil them.

  8. Want to be the hot babe you were a year ago? Breast feeding your baby causes your uterus to contract, thereby helping you to achieve that goal much more quickly.

  9. Having a baby hurts, but it's bearable. And mothers soon forget the pain after labor.

  10. Have a gas. A combination of ever-increasing leg cramps and gas pain reaches a crescendo, ebbs always, and flows again; but the ebbing and flowing become less and less frequent. The whole thing ends with what can only be described as a miracle. Don't be afraid, it's a gift.

Remember that each of us was a baby once. While parenting may seem like a huge challenge, someone did it for you.






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