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This page is for those with loved ones who have AIDS.

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AIDS: Ten Tips

  1. AIDS is not a "disease of the gay." In fact, the population segment with the most rapid increase is among heterosexual teenagers.
  2. You can get AIDS from a blood transfusion. The likelihood of such is much lower today than a few years ago, but there is always that chance. Therefore, practice safe driving (keep your following distance) and avoid alcohol (it makes you more accident-prone).
  3. People who have AIDS need understanding, support, and friendship. It is a terrifying disease that could afflict anyone. Remember this: But for the grace of God, there go I."
  4. You can get AIDS from reusing a hypodermic needle. No case of AIDS has been traced back to coming from a toilet seat. You can get other diseases from a toilet seat, though, so practice good hygiene.
  5. More people die from  tobacco use each year than die from AIDS. If you want to mistreat or avoid AIDS victims out of fear of catching AIDS, then it would only be fair for you to treat smokers the same way.
  6. More people die from heart disease each year than from AIDS. You know your couch potato friends who eat foods high in saturated fats? See #5 for how to treat them.
  7. More people die from traffic fatalities each year than from AIDS. Over 95% of traffic deaths are due to unsafe driving practices, such as tailgating. See #5 if you know anybody who doesn't maintain a 2-second following distance behind the car in front of him/her.
  8. A condom does not provide automatic protection against AIDS, as it covers only part of the anatomy. However, it covers the part that is the most likely portal for transmission of whatever causes AIDS.
  9. We still do not know what causes AIDS--a fair number of people who have the "AIDS virus" show no symptoms, even after a decade. And other people seem to have put AIDS into permanent remission. So, don't judge those who have AIDS, and don't be too confident you won't get it.
  10. AIDS is looking more and more like a disease of opportunity. This means it is like a burglar who goes around looking for a house with weak security. The best thing you can do is maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, avoid highly-processed foods, eat a balanced diet, take a multivitamin, get plenty of rest, and do something fun  from time to time. Find a purpose or two in life, and share hugs often. These steps will make your body very unattractive to diseases in general. Take it from a guy who hasn't been sick in 30 years.

Handling ignorant people

Parents of children who have contracted AIDS through blood transfusions have had to deal with ignorant people who have the zany idea that God is punishing the children for some sin or another. So they make stupid remarks to the parents about this. In other situations, gay-bashing is the "help" of choice even if the AIDS victims isn't gay.

What can you do when people like this accost you? Not much. If they were reasonable, they wouldn't say such ignorant, stupid things. Just ignore them. They are not worth a response, and if you give one they will not listen.

Don't let others rattle you. Some people will try to rattle you, for whatever reason. Often, it's because they have control issues. Some people may rattle you unintentionally, because they lack sensitivity or are just ignorant. In either case, the opinions of these people are just their opinions. Their opinions do not make you wrong. You do not need the approval of these people, so don't try to obtain it by arguing your case or defending yourself.

If you have "friends" who are this way, you may wish to have a discussion to clear the air. If that's the case, don't get dragged into an argument and don't get angry. And don't forget that you can always end toxic relationships and you can always make new friends.


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