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You have two choices, if you want to pay less in federal income tax: do it legally or do it illegally. Do it illegally, and you are simply going to bring yourself massive trouble.

Here are some tips for reducing your taxes:

  • Keep and organize your receipts.
  • Use tax filing software. This software is now so advanced, it interviews you. This is less work than having someone else do your taxes. You can also generate an accountant's report so a tax preparer can review your tax forms, if you so wish.
  • Remember that there is no free lunch. The folks charged with administering our federal tax system are sadistic gangsters, and they delight in destroying people on the flimsiest of excuses to do so.
  • Stop demanding government "services." In fact, tell your CONgressman and senators you want fewer government programs. The reason we have a federal tax toilet to begin with is that people are always demanding the gov't "give" them something. The money for these "giveaways" does not grow on trees, contrary to the popular misconception that it does.
  • Remember that you pay a huge SS tax plus many other payroll taxes, not just federal income tax. You also pay property taxes, an assortment of sales taxes, license taxes, and 129 different taxes on a single loaf of bread. So, don't get too hung up on trying to reduce your federal tax bill. You need to focus on reducing all taxes, by insisting on smaller government.
  • Visit and see what you think. Most people have an incorrect view of the Fair Tax, because they haven't looked for themselves and have made inaccurate assumptions or listened to ignorant people spew disinformation about it.

Please note that the federal income tax is not the way you pay the bulk of your taxes. Even if CONgress eliminated this particular method of taxation and didn't replace it, you would still have an enormous tax load. You do not "get out of paying taxes" by violating the federal income tax code.

Now, this raises another issue. Namely, the misconception that the 1040 tax is "your taxes." The 1040 tax is a tiny part of your overall tax bite. The 1040 tax costs so much to administer, and has such a dampening effect on the economy, that it costs more than it brings in. So the government funds itself in other ways.

Your single largest tax is the inflation tax. Many people do not understand what inflation is or that it's a tax.

  • Any time the government does a "taking" from the citizens, that's a tax.
  • Inflation results when the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air.

During the 2008 financial crisis, it created about $29 trillion, which amounts to a per capita tax of $97,000 (if you count only the US citizens robbed over this way). It may be worth noting that the money counterfeited in this fashion was given to the banksters who then paid enormous bonuses to their executives.

There are many other taxes, as well. Nearly all of them exist for the purpose of transferring wealth from the peasant classes to the very wealthy.


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