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Mindconnection eNL, 2022-01-23


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1. Good News: Where the Intel is Good

So many items this issue! To make things easier, I have grouped them topically and subtitled the groups.

The virus phobia scam

  1. There is a really stupid idea being constantly promoted. The idea is that if you put a screen door on a submarine you'll keep the water out. Oops, I meant if you put a cloth on your face you'll keep out a virus that is 10,000 smaller than the space between the fibers. Same difference, except you'd actually have better luck with that screen door.

    By now only the most brainwashed could believe this has any benefit in regard to Covid or any other virus. Yet, our Idiot In Chief has been trying to mandate them for the totally riskless portion of our population known as "school kids." Despite the IIC's face diaper mandates, this effort to stress kids and therefore reduce their ability to learn (academically and socially) is not going well. In fact, it's blocked in states where children are actually valued by either the governor or the legislature. And a federal judge recently added 24 more states to the "not this form of child abuse" list. Read the full story here:
  2. If the jab is so safe, why has the government made it so the drug companies have zero liability for anything the jab does to the jabbed? This video helps answer that question:
  3. An estimated 4.5 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs in the month of November, according to government data released on 04JAN. The official narrative is they could find better-paying work. If that sounds phony, it is. The reality is many people, such as tens of thousands of nurses, were told to subject themselves to the dangerous immunity reduction jab or be let go. They chose the latter. At no time in US history have so many highly qualified people been removed from the economy. At it has been done simply to fulfill the nutball delusions of socialist radicals who hate America and are using a mentally retarded pedophile to issue illegal mandates.

    By now, only those who are ill-informed or dishonest among us still refer to the dangerous immunity reduction jab as a "vaccine". It is just another population control method that is sold by leveraging fear and implemented by abusing power.

    Covid-19 was a particularly virulent variation of Covid, and it was engineered to be that way. But it wasn't as effective as intended, because it was not virulent enough to kill a statistically significant number of otherwise healthy people. That job is being done by the dangerous immunity reduction jab.
  4. On Christmas Eve Day (24 DEC) of last year, the VAERS database ticked its 1 millionth report of adverse effects from the non-vaccines called "Covid vaccines". One million people adversely affected enough that their physician reported the "side effects" incident to the government-run database that tracks this stuff. Yet, fewer than 500 otherwise healthy Americans had died from Covid to that date. Despite this, the "vax" continues to be forced on people. The "justification" is that Covid is "still" a threat (even though it never was).

    Now, let's put some perspective on this. Twice each year, the governments of nearly each of the 50 states mandate a clock change. It is well-known that the resulting mental fog from the 3 to 6 weeks of sleep deprivation that follows each clock change produces a spike in traffic fatalities and in industrial accidents. And the productivity loss each time is in the 10s of millions of dollars. Yet you don't see the CDC issuing warnings about this stupid practice and you don't see state governments or the federal government trying to end it. And if you try to look up the numbers on the traffic deaths you find the information is not available to the public. But you do find some ultra leftwing university group (such as one in Colorado, noted for its leftists) publishes their "estimate" which is just a number they whip up to push the narrative.
  5. Read the preceding item again. One million adverse effects from experimental drugs to address a virus that is not life-threatening for normally healthy people. Here's the kicker. On 06JAN, the CDC just published a paper that admits that VAERS is underreported by at least 6.5X. So the real number is at least 6.5 million. Do we really need 6.5 million people permanently damaged by taking a drug that doesn't prevent the transmission of Covid and that is so ineffective that multiple boosters must be taken indefinitely?
  6. On 13JAN, the Supreme Court of the United States blocked Brainless Biden's illegal "mandate" that would require private businesses to subject their employees to the dangerous immunity reduction jab, which is ridiculously called a "vaccine". Unfortunately, the SCOTUS let stand a second regulation that targets medical workers for this abuse. Apparently, the SCOTUS believes that lives of medical workers are not as valuable as those of other workers. But at least they struck down an illegal Executive Order that targets other workers. The SCOTUS decision was right down partisan lines. The socialists on the court (Breyer, a Clinton nominee, and Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both Obama nominees) dissented.

    Sotomayer should have been recused anyhow, due to her recent spewing of egregious lies about children and Covid. Aside from the fact she is a poor legal scholar, incapable of critical thinking (she's a liberal), and mentally ill (she's a hardcore liberal), she clearly entered this case with a strong bias against either reality or compassion. It's unclear which.
  7. On 21JAN, Brainless Biden's illegal overreach mandating that federal workers get the dangerous immunity reduction jab was blocked nationwide by a federal judge. Amazingly, Biden's taxpayer-paid lawyers argued that permanently altering your body this way is a "workplace conduct" issue. This is where we normally ask something like, "Have they no shame?" but we already know the answer to that one. Read more about this particular case here: .

Socialism fails, as usual

  1. Brainless Biden spent 95 of his first 348 days as our illegitimate President on vacation, mostly in Delaware. That means he spent 25% of his time on vacation. Going forward, the question we must ask is, "How do we get him to go on vacation the other 75%?"
  2. One dozen socialist-run cities set new homicide records in 2021. These are places like Portland, Albuquerque, and Philadelphia. But some of the socialist-ruined cities on this list are in a free state such as Arizona or Texas.
  3. Nutcase is still spewing her "Defending our democracy by supporting voter rights" lie. She sounds more absurd with each "constituent" e-mail she sends on this topic.

    First, as she very well knows, we have a republic not a democracy. That is not a fine distinction. A democracy is where the majority rules, such as at a lynching where the lynchee says no but is over-ruled by the majority and so is lynched. There's no rule of law (a fundamental of western civilization) in a democracy, there is only mob rule. A republic is where a proxy represents a constituency, and presumably everyone is represented. The proxy votes with respect to the law (rule of law), not in knee-jerk reaction to the heat of the moment mob frenzy.

    Second, the "election subversion" Nutcase is referring to consists of simple measures such as requiring ID to vote (you need ID for so many other things) and some controls on absentee voting so votes aren't merely manufactured. What she is trying to stop is not "voter suppression" or "election subversion" but election integrity. The socialists (aka Democrats) need election fraud to remain a viable force in national politics, because their track record is an abysmal record of failures. A stopped clock is right twice a day, but years go by before the socialists get a single thing right. In a fair election, they cannot win. Thus, we have Nutcase lying about efforts to have fair elections. Election integrity is the single most important issue facing Americans today. With candidates merely appointed by crime syndicates (via manufactured votes) rather than selected by the people they are supposed to represent, voting does not even matter. And there is zero accountability.

    You end up with a psychopathic oligarchy. You end up with bad things like a mentally retarded pedophile who was the only person objecting to going in after Osama Bin Laden, replacing the voters' choice for POTUS and knowing he can ignore the Constitution and issue mandates such as those seeking to subject innocent Americans to the dangerous immunity reduction jab. Since the day he took office, he has done nothing but inflict grievous harm on our economy, attack our culture, render us borderless, destroy our energy security, hobble our military, create one crisis after another, embarrass us on the international stage, and make Americans profoundly less safe. See anything good in that list?

    I signed up for Nutcase's newsletter and used the address of a San Francisco hotel so I could write to her and admonish her for her extremely awful behavior. It would be good if we all did that. Please make a point of doing that yourself. Narcissists like Nutcase shrivel in the face of criticism; they are approval-seeking beings. Disapproval is the most powerful means of getting them to cool their jets. Just be factual, not bellicose or threatening. But do correct her language, rather than fall into her Orwellian manipulations. If she gets enough negative feedback, she'll pull her horns in. It's happened before with her, but sadly it was only temporary. Yet it was still better than a continuous assault.

Victory over socialism

  1. Nevada may soon become the 37th free state. The definition of "free state" varies according to the analyst, but it generally means the state doesn't have a socialist-style government, respects and supports the Bill of Rights, and doesn't place excessive regulatory burdens on businesses or individuals. Places like Illinois or California are definitely not free. Places like Kansas and Florida are. Generally, the free states are "red" (run by Republicans), though a few states have prominent Democrat power (the governor of KS is a Democrat). In Nevada, which used to be the epitome of a free state, socialism has taken on a smell that people are sick of. Republicans are way ahead of socialists (Democrats) in fund-raising for this year's elections there. But it is probably the case that even if the socialists outspent the competition 10:1 they would still lose unless election fraud gave them a "win". That's why Nutcase and others in the socialist party are going all out to not only prevent election integrity but to make election fraud even easier than it already is.
  2. Colorado has also been undergoing a repudiation of socialism. While it never lost its free state status, it's been a borderline situation for a long time there. The libtards there have lost much of their influence.
  3. Joe Biden may be the worst POTUS of all time, but in a sense his failed Presidency is the best thing that's happened to America in many years. Combined with his stupidity, insanity, and immorality, the negative effects of other socialist nutjobs on our society are being felt very painfully and no longer being simply acquiesced to. It seems to be rousing millions from their complacency.
  4. Wendy Rogers reported that 3,676 election-related bills were introduced in state legislatures nationwide in 2021. And 285 bills across 42 states and two territories became law last year. No wonder the election-stealing, fraud-dependent socialists are spewing lies about this. They simply cannot win in a fair election, and the vast majority of Americans now clearly understand the consequences of nullifying elections through fraud. It is interesting that the Democrat Party is so aggressive in its efforts to ensure there is no democratic process. It's also informative that they do; it tells you not to trust them about anything.

    In my own state congressional district, I do not have a representative in either chamber. Both of the fools occupying those slots are George Soros funded socialists. The last thing they want is a fair and honest election. But I have contacted them about election fraud anyhow; doing that signals them to avoid engaging in blatant opposition to efforts to help ensure elections become fair and honest. Another factor is my state of KS is already in the top 5 states for election integrity (that's why Soros puts so much money into deceiving voters using phone bank "surveys" and libelous mailouts here). Even though KS is in the top 5, it has room for improvement, and the socialists don't want that.

    If just 5 states in the lower 50 percentile enacted laws equivalent in integrity to Kansas laws, Soros would not have enough money to influence, much less dominate, our elections in any meaningful way. So it is important for everyone in every state to do something. That means you in your state. Take five minutes and contact your state legislators. Thanks!
  5. Valid federal elections are on their way! This has the socialists in a panic. They about faint when they read things like this: "A judge in the key battleground state of Wisconsin ruled Thursday that ballot drop boxes and ballot harvesting violate state law. The judge outlawed their use in the upcoming midterm elections." Read the full story here:
  6. Polls conducted by Rassmussen show that 45% of registered socialists ("Democrats") want internment camps for American citizens who refuse to undergo immunity impairment treatment (aka, "the vax"). Are they really that depraved or really that stupid and uninformed? One could connect some big dots here and conclude that the immunity impairment treatment also impairs ethics, cognition, or some combination of the two.

    Then again, these people are self-proclaimed Democrats despite the utter failure of that party to accomplish much of anything good in the last half-century and its keen ability to increase poverty, diminish culture, increase pollution, increase hatred, increase debt, damage civil liberties, burden businesses, and ignore the Constitution. It is an entirely objective observation that anyone who aligns with such a group is not playing with a full deck, unless said person has joined the party with an eye to fixing what's wrong with it. Let's not forget that the Democrats gave us World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. They didn't give us the lunacy of the "Iraq War".  That's on GW, Bush a Republican.

    If we can stop the language abuse, wherein an immunity impairment treatment is called a "vaccine" for no apparent reason that is even remotely linked to reality, it will help us stop the damage being done by "Democrats." When they call the (small) January 6 riot "an insurrection" but call the murder and mayhem of 2020 "peaceful protesting" maybe we should consider internment camps for them. Or at least a loony bin.
  7. The filibuster is a procedural tool that prevents the majority party in the Senate from steam-rolling the other party. Did you know it's now "racist" to defend the filibuster? Yes, according to a large number of "Democrats" in the Senate we need to have policies swing back and forth depending upon who is in power and it's all about bullying to get your way. And if you don't like that, you're a racist. Democrat (notice I did not put that in quotes) Senators Manchin and Senema, who can see past the present moment, stood against the stupidity of ending the filibuster and because of that they are being libeled and slandered by "leaders" in their own party. If I were a Democrat senator, I would defend the filibuster because in less than a year the Senate will be controlled by the Republicans--perhaps for decades, once election reform hits its stride. That would be the smart thing to do. Which means that of the 50 Democrats in the Senate, only Manchin and Senema are smart. The rest are blithering idiots. Perhaps that's why they are "Democrats".
  8. These Navy Seals are on their most dangerous and most important mission yet. Read the full story here (and Godspeed to these good men):
  9. Amazingly, the Communist News Network has taken a stand against the Centers for Disease Confusion. When even CNN can't stomach the stupidity and lies, you know it's gotten very bad. This preference for reality might even catch on with other legacy media, communist propaganda outlets (though the NY Times is beyond hopeless). Read about the CNN/CDC conflict here:


2. Product Highlight

Make your reading easier and more enjoyable with OrCam Read Smart. It is a personal artificial intelligence (AI)-driven device unlike any other, for anyone who is consistently exposed to large amounts of text – at work, at school, or for leisure. It assists people with visual impairment or reading difficulties, including dyslexia and reading fatigue.

What is its smart reading feature? Simply ask for the text that interests you: “Read the headlines,” “Read amounts,” or “Start from” a specific section (like “desserts” in a menu). Orcam Read Smart will understand what you're asking for and read it to you.

  • OrCam Read Smart helps people with a learning disability.
  • It can also help anyone who reads large amounts of text on a daily basis, including students and professionals.
  • You can use the OrCam Read Smart in any environment, including low light.
  • Does not require Internet connectivity to help you read!
  • You can easily use it to read any kind of printed or digital text, at home, in the office, or on the go.
  • Unlike earlier gen products, it is not a line-scanner. It can read entire paragraphs or even pages. Yes, it does full page capture.
  • Totally non-contact, unlike earlier gen products that require rolling it across a page. It can even read screens of computers, tablets, and phones!
  • Reads from any printed surface or digital screen.
  • Read instantly.
  • 13 Mpx sensor far surpasses earlier gen reading assistive devices, allowing it to pick up the smallest detail.
  • Works in low light, as well as normal lighting.
  • Pair to any Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Buy yours now.

Orcam Read Smart

  • ENGLISH ONLY version.
  • Free online training and support & 1-year warranty.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Dimensions, inches: 4.8x.98x.51. Weighs only 11.52 oz.


  • People who have moderate to severe levels of visual impairment would have difficulties using the device.
  • OrCam Read Smart requires the user to be able to hear, with or without a hearing device.
  • OrCam Read Smart also requires the user to have full control over their hand movements.
  • Not for cats or dogs, no matter how cute they are. Sorry.


3. Brainpower tip


JP Sears on a public hazard:

4. Finance tip

I use rechargeable batteries in my smoke detectors. Instead of adding to the waste stream by tossing out alkaline batteries on a specific day of the year as advised by "experts", I have a recurring Outlook appointment to simply replace them with freshly charged ones.

You can buy a "universal" battery charger cheaply enough. These devices typically consist of 6 or 8 slots that any size rechargeable 1.5V battery (AAA, AA, A, C, D) can slip into plus most models have a slot or two for 9V rechargeable batteries.

I keep a box of rechargeables. When I need to swap out a drained battery or two from some device, I fill up every slot in the charger with a battery so that I am also charging some spares.

Smoke detectors aren't the only items I have rechargeable batteries in. Cat doors, electrical test equipment, thermometer/humidity gages, computer mouse, boom box, remote control for DVD player (yeah, I sometimes still use the DVD player), and a few other items that used to be powered with throwaway batteries now are powered with rechargeables that I use over and over.

Eventually, a rechargeable battery wears out. Though these don't last forever, they can save you hundreds of dollars in battery purchases while reducing how much toxic metal you send out to the local garbage dump.

5. Security tip

People worry about things that have little chance of happening, but ignore major threats. Turning this around will greatly improve your security, if you presently do this. And odds are, you do.

Let's consider an example.

If you exclude from our sample population people who live in nursing homes, the threat of death from Covid-19 is now, and has always been, very small. Place your hands palms facing a few inches apart as if showing someone the quantity. Looking at this same population, the threat of death from a car crash is much larger. Now move your hands a couple of feet away from each other.

Or course, we know that people in nursing homes have no threat of dying in a car crash because they don't drive. But among our sample population, we see the mask-obsessive driving while talking on the phone. They are irrational fearful of a minor threat and at the same time are irrationally cavalier about a much larger threat.

Some other irrational fears:

  • Some people are afraid to fly, but get into a car with nary a thought. There's something like a 10,000% difference in the death rate. Plane crashes are very rare, and 80% of people involved in a crash survived it.
  • Some people are terrified by garter snakes, and will demand that a friend or neighbor kill one that's on their property. These little animals don't harm people, but perform a valuable service to property owners. Spiders, same thing.
  • Many people fear their boss, yet don't take steps to be a more valuable employee.
  • Many people fear a shortage of something (such as toilet paper in early 2020) and hoard it, thereby causing the shortage they feared while unnecessarily tying up money and living space.
  • Many people who have no comorbidity, metabolic syndrome, or immune deficiency fear Covid even though the CDC's own data (revealed in a written report from them in August of 2020) show that only people with one or more of these conditions die from Covid. Ignorance fuels fear, as in this particular case.
  • Some people will not lift weights or go to a gym out of fear they will become grotesquely overmuscled. Yet, only a tiny fraction of people who regularly lift weights or go to a gym obtain hypertrophy much beyond that of a high school athlete. There's much more to that hypertrophy than just lifting weights: diet, genetics, training intensity, extreme discipline, and training specifically for hypertrophy. So you don't "get big" without really working at it

Then there are irrational indifferences (lack of fear):

  • Most people do not fear the IRS, ignorantly claiming that if you did nothing wrong you have no worries. IRS does not need a reason to attack someone, and very little constrains them. Defense: Keep records in order, refuse to talk to IRS (get a Power of Attorney right away if they contact you), refuse to supply them information for any sort of "agreement", and never ever pay any government entity with a check drawn on a bank at which you have other accounts and never ever from an account that you use for other things.
  • Most people do not fear a powerful neurotoxin that is present in all products made with GMO wheat, corn, or soy. Defense: Don't eat wheat, corn, or soy (there are reasons in addition to the neurotoxin). And do not feed these grains to your cat or dog!
  • Most people rightfully fear cocaine and don't use it, but then irrationally have no fear of "the other white drug". This other drug causes adult onset diabetes, obesity, severe hormonal imbalances, and osteoporosis. It's in nearly all processed foods.
  • Many people willingly drink the milk of factory-farmed cows, knowing those cows are given antibiotics. Perhaps they don't know the antibiotics are for chronic mastitis and they help reduce the amount of pus in the milk? Did they not think to ask what the antibiotics were for? Did they not think? Their fearless choice is irrational, because rationality is based on facts and logic but they did not bother to seek the facts.
  • Many people irrationally fear eating egg yolks because of cholesterol, yet irrationally have no fear of seed oils. The egg yolks present absolutely no health threat, while seed oils wreak devastation on the vascular system and the brain.
  • Many people irrationally trust the non-vaccines (deceptively called "vaccines") as being safe, despite the fact that Congress gave the "vaccine" manufacturer's protection from liability. Stop and think about that one.

Irrational fear is the most common driver of actions people take (or refuse to take) to protect themselves. The result is they have spent resources (and endured stress about) non-threats, while failing to perform the rational analysis that would allow them to identify and mitigate (or prevent) real threats.

How do you rationally assess a threat? Here is a basic outline:

  • Identify the threat precisely. Vague notions of danger are not actionable, but they often form the basis for actions that have no benefit or that may even be harmful.
  • Determine your degree of vulnerability due to your location or other factors. Example: Sunil, who lives in an Indian village near an elephant habitat, is vulnerable to elephant threats. Roger, who lives in downtown Chicago, is not. Sunil, who lives in an Indian village near an elephant habitat, is not vulnerable to sub zero temperatures in the winter. Roger, who lives in downtown Chicago, is. Should Roger get elephant attack insurance? Should Sunil carry cold weather gear on the back of his bike in case he gets caught in a surprise blizzard? No in both cases, yet many people do something similar by not determining their vulnerability or lack thereof.
  • Determine the likelihood. Given your degree of vulnerability and the general likelihood of the danger, how likely is it for you?
  • Determine the worst case, best case, and most likely consequences. Then determine the likelihood of each.
  • Identify up to ten causes and contributing factors. Now identify the low-hanging fruit ones and devise a mitigation strategy. Then work on any others you can do something about. Example: You identified a night-time break-in as a threat. A low-hanging fruit mitigation is a before-bed walkthrough to check that your doors are locked (and garage door down if you have an attached garage). Maybe on the next round, you upgrade your locks.
  • Identify one or two things that contribute to severity. If you fear a fire in your home, you can reduce the severity by tossing out those 300 magazines you've been saving "just in case".
  • After taking the easy correction measures for likelihood and severity, run the analysis again. What people typically find is they have reduced the threat to something not to worry about. But that is not always the outcome, which is why you run the analysis again. Suppose you tossed out all those magazines but you allow smoking in your home, cook on high heat with grease, and don't have AFCI protection on the wiring. Solution: no smoking indoors, never use the burners at more than medium heat (and cover pans and keep baking soda right on the counter while cooking in case there is a fire), and stop at a hardware store for some GFCI/AFCI combo receptacles (or hire someone to install them).

Finally, I leave you with this video to watch (also put it in the News section). One huge takeaway from this video is that you need to engage that higher brain rather than give in to fear or bullying:


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility.

Statistics on 60th birthday, when these photos were taken:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148lbs

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%.

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do three sets of 12 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle
See my climbing videos here:
If you were to pull the internal organs out the body of a cadaver, you would see most of what's in there has to do with processing food. The area "under your lungs" is mostly the intestines. These take up most of your abdominal cavity. Your small intestines, if laid out straight, would likely be more than twice your total body height. These gut organs are, thus, pretty significant. For many people, these organs silently suffer until an illness or other condition requiring medical attention occurs. Most such conditions are extremely painful, and many are life-threatening.

So how do you keep them healthy?

  1. The most common issue is a problem with the flora and fauna. While this may or may not lead to a condition requiring medical attention, it can produce problems such as poor absorption, putrid gas, bloating, constipation, hard stools that cut and tear on their way out, explosive diarrhea, body odor, and chronic fatigue. Solution: Eat healthy fats (eggs, avocados, olive oil, butter) and avoid seed oils, corn, wheat, soy, processed sugar, and similar contaminants. Consume fermented foods (not brined, fermented). Fermented sauerkraut, which is considerably more expensive than the brined stuff, is a good choice. So is plain yogurt made from non-homogenized milk produced by grass-fed cows (e.g., Amish yogurt).
  2. Stay hydrated. Alcoholics often have GI problems because the alcohol is a desiccant and they are dehydrated in the first place because they aren't consuming enough water. But even teetotalers are often dehydrated and suffer many of the same ill effects.
  3. Never gorge yourself. People who pig out put severe mechanical stress on their entire GI tract. If this is combined with vomiting (as will happen if excess alcohol is consumed along with the food), the immense pressure can rip the esophagus loose or put a big nasty tear in it.
  4. Give your guts a nice flow of material by eating three small meals a day instead of three or fewer big meals.
  5. Go easy on the meat. The average American has over 6lbs of undigested red meat fermenting in the bowels.
  6. Engage in vigorous exercise that works your core. This helps massage the guts and keep things moving through them and out the "discharge" end.
  7. Don't do recreational drugs.
  8. Don't take Ibuprofen or similar for an extended time. Younger athletes do this so they can continue to train hard or perform while having an injury that needs rest. This often results in an injury that, instead of healing, now needs surgery. And it often results in damage to the intestines, damage such as perforations that leak into the surrounding cavity.
  9. Avoid stupid things (speaking mostly to guys, here) like trading gut punches to see who is the toughest.
  10. Don't strain to eliminate. This is one way to "bust a gut" badly enough to need medical attention. Work a crossword puzzle or read something to relax and take your mind off the task at hand. If you feel blocked, try taking some magnesium; but if no relief within four hours you need to see a doctor as soon as you can get in. Don't just show up at the ER, get an appointment with a doctor. Most D.O.s (chiropractors) can treat the most common blockage problems, but they can't treat something like a colon that got twisted. If you can't get an appointment with a doctor, your best bet is an urgent care clinic.

Bonus item (your mom told you this one): Chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly.

Please note that health practices such as the those listed above are not treatment for disease or injury. So if you have a bad gut pain, don't try to treat that by eating some yogurt or doing some hanging leg raises. If you have had gut problems that seem to "flare up" at times, you may have something that a behavior change on your part can fix or mitigate. For example, many Cron's sufferers have prevented symptoms by staying off of processed foods and spreading their meals out across the day. Or you may have something that only medical intervention can fix or mitigate. For example, a man in his mid-60s had chronic gut pain for years. It turned out he had diverticulitis and a twist in one section of gut. A surgeon easily fixed both problems.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Deaths in Indiana for people aged 18 to 64 are up an astounding 40%, and it's not from Covid. The CDC has no explanation for the "mysterious" cause. But this spike started shortly after the "vaccines" rolled out. Draw your own conclusions.

8. Thought for the Day

Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.  :)


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The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by socialists or other brainwashed individuals. That's because they live in an alternate reality and have not bothered to learn the basics of how life works.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Where sources are not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort.

Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!).

Personal note from Mark: I value each and every one of you, and I hope that shows in the diligent effort I put into writing this e-newsletter. Thank you for being a faithful reader. Please pass this newsletter along to others.

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