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Hosted Exchange

by , MBA

If you have satellite offices, telecommuters, or mobile workers, providing them with access to your information systems is vital. But doing so involves access and security issues that can quickly become complex.

You could put limits on their access, and possibly get by with that until the competition starts eating your lunch. Which won't take long.

Your sales sales people and executives also need access to reports and other critical information to bring in the revenue on which your company depends. And they need it now.

Meeting the needs of these people without sacrificing security can be a challenge, to say the least. Fortunately, hosted exchange is a cost-effective solution to this very problem. Hosted exchange allows your company to use its information sources flexibly, safely, and securely. With hosted exchange, the power of your company's investment in database and reporting systems can extend far beyond your corporate office.

So, what is hosted exchange? Basically, it's the use of an outsourced secure server to provide your people in the field (and elsewhere) to display and use the information they need. Anyone bringing in the revenue your business depends on would obviously benefit from such an arrangement. But the possibilities don't end there.

For example, suppose a group of employees has a short term business assignment in Tokyo. They need to access your intranet and business email. How do they do it? With hosted exchange, they would simply log onto the hosted exchange server to have the power literally at their fingertips. And they can do this securely, because all IP addresses and other access information are “masked” by the hosting program/server.

But many executives travel with just a handheld device (e.g., Blackberry, Pocket PC, or other brand of PDA), rather than a laptop. Can these people obtain access? With most hosted exchange providers, yes.

Through hosted exchange, you can provide your people with a range of options for remotely using information securely. Conference calls, Web meetings,  and email access are just a few of the things you can do with hosted  exchange. And if you choose a high-quality host, you'll have 24 by 7 monitoring and support.

For any business that has people on the go, hosted exchange is a smart choice.


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