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Business Tips: What you didn't know about 900 numbers

by , MBA

Many of us have a negative image of 900 numbers. This isn't surprising, because of the high level of publicity for certain services commonly associated with these numbers. However, you may be pleasantly surprised at the many 900 number gold nuggets out there. Here are some examples of services you can use by calling a 900 number:

DateLine (ad heading: Are you ready for Love?) Guys and Gals can leave and retrieve messages any time of the day or night. This is cool because they ask for your area code and direct your call to recordings of available people who are in your area.

Internet Secrets (ad heading: World Wide Web Secrets) You can call and access all sorts of tips and tricks to maximize your time on line. You can find web addresses of thousands of dollars in free software and shareware, learn how to take control of another computer over the Internet and even find out how to watch TV programs from all over the world.

Live Chat (ad heading: Women to talk with you LIVE) Guys can call and talk to beautiful women any time of the day or night. They'll talk about sports, movies, travel or anything else guys like to talk about. I spoke to one of them. She was nice!!!

Sports/Entertainment (ad heading: Sports Fan? and Daily Horoscopes!) You can call and get the latest sports point spreads, scores, and trivia games with an expanded menu including financial markets, stock quotes, daily horoscope, soap opera updates, sports picks, and movie reviews...any time of the day and night.

Confessions (ad heading: BOLD! DARING! Real Confessions!) 24 hour recorded confessions line where people can call and record their own confessions or listen to others prerecorded confessions and can even leave advise for others.

In addition, you can find 900 numbers for weather and other information services. Why a 900 number? A 900 number eliminates the hassle involved in other methods of purchasing these same services. It also allows you to pay only for what you use.

While it's true some 900 numbers are fronts for rip-offs, this is certainly not true of most 900-based services. Here are things to look for, so you know you are dealing with a reputable firm behind that number:

  • A title that clearly identifies the service. If it's vague, the firm may be trying to hide something.
  • A title that doesn't promise undeliverable goods, such as how to hide from the IRS or how to make $125,000 in six weeks.
  • An exact price per minute, without other charges added.
  • An age requirement. This has no reflection on the content, but is for the protection of the person paying the phone bill.

You should also be aware that many "toll-free" scams exist. You call, and you give them your credit card number. Without the security provided by something like, for example, Internet e-commerce, this is like writing a blank check. Another scam is where they forward your call to a phone in Africa that charges you back for the call. While you think you aren't paying a thing, you are racking up very high charges. A 900 number prevents these kinds of problems. This is good news whether you are the caller or a business looking at some way to administer an information service.

Here are the 900 numbers that go with the examples given earlier in this article:


Are You Ready for Love?
Call our Date Line now!!!
U.S. 1(900) 226-4878 Ext. 2148
Must be 18 years old
Serv-U (619) 645-8434

World Wide Web Secrets
Download up to $100,000 in FREE software! Plus over 30 mind boggling secrets!
U.S. 1(900) 226-3082 Ext. 4856
Must be 18 years old
Serv-U (619) 645-8434

Women to talk with you LIVE!
Unforgettable Conversations!
U.S. 1(900) 226-0875 Ext. 3499
Must be 18 years old
Serv-U (619) 645-8434

Sports Fan?
Results, Spreads, Trivia and More!!!
U.S. 1(900) 226-7160 Ext. 4172
Must be 18 years old
Serv-U (619) 645-8434

BOLD ! DARING ! Real Confessions !!!
U.S. 1(900) 226-2284 Ext. 7832
Must be 18 years old
Serv-U (619) 645-8434

Daily Horoscope!
Up to Date Soap Results!
U.S. 1(900) 226-7160 Ext. 4172
Must be 18 years old
Serv-U (619) 645-8434


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