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Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon

Book Review of: Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon

How World Governments Have Conspired to Conceal Humanity's Biggest Secret

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Review of Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon, by Robert Salas (Paperback, 2014)

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Let me start out by saying I'll be convinced that UFOs are extraterrestrial when all these people walking around with smartphones start producing real pictures and real videos. That does not mean I reject UFOs out of hand. It just means there is a huge chunk of "should be there" evidence missing.

On the other hand, I question the official explanations that "debunk" current-day "evidence" and I also question the official explanations for the many artifacts (going back thousands of years) that "debunk" Erich Von Daniken and other writers. As a logician, I find these explanations don't pass the smell test. This doesn't mean Von Daniken is right; it would be a non-sequitor to reach that conclusion from the fact the official explanations fail. I'm just saying that nobody makes a conclusive case either way (though EVD makes very compelling arguments while his detractors make arguments that are intellectually insulting--at least in regard to the detractor arguments I have read).

Regarding the tagline under the title of this book, conspiracy is a common attribute among national governments. Skullduggery is standard operating practice among governments. The stealing, lying, cheating, and other negative behavior endemic in these institutions is staggering both in its scope and in its cost to society. And it has been for thousands of years. In short, only a fool trusts them. Don't extrapolate from this that I'm an anarchist. I'm quite the opposite. I believe in the rule of law, but that concept is absent in most governments today (particularly in failed states with nondemocratic regimes--such as the USA).

I also have to wonder about obvious questions such as why aliens would invest huge resources to visit this planet but then hide from humans except for a select few of low status and no influence. Think of how things would be with the shoe on the other foot. If humans visited another planet (or moon) with life, would we skulk around incognito? Granted, with the current situation in Washington, DC, there is the wry observation that these aliens are still looking for intelligent life on this planet. But humor aside, why would contact not be a momentous event? So I don't readily accept that we're being visited by folks from another planet.

With that perspective in mind, let's proceed to discuss this book.

If we were being visited by folks from another planet, they may have a compelling reason for coming here. If you're familiar with the Star Trek story, you know that the Vulcans waited to make first contact. They made it only after the first demonstration of warp drive. The reasoning there was humans were joining the league of seriously advanced civilizations at that point.

But the same can be said for nuclear power, which seems to be the focus Salas has in this book. Setting aside von Daniken and other "they came long ago" theorists (I consider it a theory, not a mere postulation, and you need to understand the meaning of "theory" in science to get my meaning here), we see that UFO sightings really ramped up following World War II. Salas and many others attribute this to the fact this coincides with the dawn of nuclear power. But it also coincides with many other developments, such as jet propulsion, radar systems, and television. Some people try to "correct" me about television, stating it didn't happen until the 1950s. The fact is that the USA had an official, FCC-regulated network in 1941.

My point here is that many things can explain the huge ramp-up of UFO sightings, including mass hysteria, approval-seeking behavior, and even ideas planted by television. Or it could be a combination of these factors plus activities due to technical developments such as jet propulsion.

What about the abductions? It boggles the mind that aliens would go into people's homes, take them to a space ship, give them a rectal exam, and then bring them back home. That sounds more like something the IRS would do, but sans the space ship. I have two words that can give you more to think about on this topic: "extraordinary rendition." The USA "government" is no stranger to illegally abducting American citizens. I would look there, rather than to the cosmos, for an explanation of mysterious abductions.

All that said, Salas could be right. And if our own species has no problem installing psychopaths into governments and those governments have no problem ignoring the dignity and rights of members of our own species, and those governments engage in abductions--what would bar aliens from doing the same thing? Or think of how those who study wildlife catch animals (or, in some cases, remove a hibernating bear from its den), examine them physically, then release them. We do this to those who live on our own planet. What would bar aliens from doing this to those who live on another planet?

Also consider how violent the primates are. Chimpanzees have bloody, massacring wars between tribes. Humans do this also, taking the violence to a level of absurdity and psychopathy that should embarrass all of us. I note here that the main purveyors of this mass violence and destruction are "governments" rather than individuals.

It doesn't follow that just because we routinely engage in savage insanity that intelligent beings from another planet do. Perhaps this is why they study us (as many presume) and why, in particular, they study us quite a bit since the advent of the nuclear age (as Salas presumes). Maybe they want to hide (as much as is practical) to avoid influencing our evolution or choices.

These are the main themes (we are dangerous now, we need to be studied) that Salas explores in this book. Whether you believe in aliens or not, these themes are worth thinking about. And because of other evidence and occurrences, thinking about them in relation to extraterrestrials is also worthwhile. Salas presents that other evidence and describes several relevant incidents, making this a fascinating book.

He cites several verified examples of nuclear arms facilities being inexplicably shut down. And these incidents happened while UFOs were present. An explanation other than extraterrestrials is possible, but I think you would really have to stretch the imagination to make it sensible.

So to this ET doubter, the book is yet another nudge toward acceptance of ETs. I just need to see those photos and videos that are inexplicably missing.

It's a good read, regardless of your views on ETs.

This book consists of 9 chapters and an epilogue, running 195 pages. It also has a foreword, preface, and introduction. It's indexed and has bibliography that runs just over 6 and a half pages. Some of these references are unimpeachable, for example Science Magazine. A few are noted for not adhering to journalistic standards and thus spewing disinformation (e.g. Huffington Post). Salas also tapped personal memoirs of some people "in the know", in addition to books and websites. A pretty thorough job.


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