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Mind Wars

Book Review of: Mind Wars

A history of mind control, surveillance, and social engineering by the government, media, and secret societies.

Who's Been Watching You From the Shadows?

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Review of Mind Wars, by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman (Softcover, 2015)

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I really like this book. The authors deliver exactly what the title and subtitles (there are actually two) promise, and it's a good read. Unlike many of today's authors, they didn't use the writing of book on one topic as an excuse to advance their agenda on another. In fact, they didn't seem to advance any agenda other than to inform the reader.

Many allegedly non-fiction works today are suffused with ample amounts of the author's personal opinions. Often, I find those opinions flatly wrong (and can prove it from the data). Jones and Flaxman didn't seem to present any personal opinions in this work, other than the obvious one--that they don't agree with the massive mind control and invasion of privacy we have today. Anyone reading the cover of this book would get that, so no foul there.

They were brave enough to touch one of the "third rail" topics, namely how religions rely on mind control techniques. This isn't debatable, it just is. You can verify it by simply looking down a list of mind control techniques and checking off each one you find implemented in a particular religion. It's sometimes done subtly, sometimes not so subtly. If you belong to a religion that doesn't use these techniques, then congratulations. If your religion does use these techniques, you might want to think about why the leaders feel that's necessary.

Of course, this book is not an attack on religions. I just mentioned that third rail because, as I said, they touch it. Just a tiny portion of what they go into. They also cover ancient mind control techniques, many of which are in use today. They cover modern mind control techniques, most of which were unimaginable in ancient times. Those are rather fascinating, and in general people are unaware that they are being manipulated like puppets.

One of the great manipulators the authors address is television. I stopped watching television in 1990. I have a machine to wash my clothes and another one to wash my dishes. I don't need one to wash my brain, thank you very much. But a brainwashing machine it is, and in no small way. This review isn't the place to go into substantiating that claim, and the authors do a good job of that themselves. If you are making the mistake of exposing your mind to television, order this book with expedited shipping and read it as soon as it arrives. The newfound freedom you will gain, not to mention higher IQ and greater personal control over your thoughts and decisions, will easily justify the cost ten times over.

Mind control isn't "conspiracy theory" though it typically does involve conspiracy. It's very real. And while, as the authors point out, it can be used for good purposes it is more often used for bad.

A positive example of mind control is hypnosis to help a person quit smoking. But why was that person smoking in the first place? This particular drug habit is such a health disaster (number one cause of male impotence and over two dozen diseases) that no free-thinking person would ever do it. Smoking is an example of mind control. In this case, mind control (through misleading advertising, peer pressure, and addictive chemicals) causes a person to replace sane behavior with self-destructive (and therefore insane) behavior.

What other types of mind control and negative behaviors are being inflicted on people? Read this book and find out. You may just discover you're a victim yourself, and you'll be taking a big step toward finding your way out.

Then there's surveillance. Chapter 9 is titled, "The United States of Surveillance" and that's not a hyperbolic suggestion. It's an accurate observation. The degree of surveillance is shocking, yet most folks don't have any idea. Something else most folks don't understand is most of the surveillance inflicted on us is illegal. Read the Fourth Amendment (it's quoted in this book, so you won't have to look it up to "get" what the authors are telling you). When some federal agent searches through your phone records or uses technology that permits him (her) to observe you through the walls of your home but does not have a warrant, that is a gross violation of your civil liberties. And it's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

This book consists of nine chapters and a conclusion, which collectively occupy 196 pages. It also has a short Author's Note and a short Introduction. And it's indexed. It's also well-researched; the bibliography runs 8 pages. While the bibliography does include a few dubious sources, such as the "we detest accuracy" New York Times, it has some other fairly impressive sources. Plus, none of the book runs counter to what privacy advocates have been saying for a few years now.

The mind control problem is pervasive. It's been a topic of great interest to me for a very long time and I often write pieces on some aspect of it in the Mindconnection newsletter. So I feel qualified to comment on a book that goes into this topic. I think it makes an excellent addition to the personal library of any thinking, self-actualized person.

But it's desperately needed by those who aren't self-actualized, because those are the people who are truly in need of understanding and ending the mind control that enslaves them. Whether you think you might be such a person or not, I recommend reading this book. At the very least, you will be better able to help another person break free of mind control. Surveillance, not so much. We would need a lawful (federal) government if we want to fix that problem and we are nowhere near close to making that a reality.

If you watch television, you already know one important step to take. Whether you simply unplug the thing or smash it with a sledgehammer, take that first step. Buying this book would be an excellent second step.


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