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Resume Connection: Resume Tips, #19

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How to Ask for the Job

by Linda Matias of

One of the great qualities that children possess is the ability to ask for what they want, from extended playtime to an extra piece of cake for dessert. Not only do children ask for what they want, but they don’t give up. They conspire, they’re tenacious, and if one method doesn’t work, they try another. 

Then something happens as we grow older and we acquire hang-ups that hold us back from going after what we want. We develop emotions such as pride, embarrassment, and self-consciousness that hinder our professional and personal growth. 

These feelings tend to creep up during the interview process. Consequently, most candidates are intimidated to ask for the job because they are afraid of a “no” response. But there are a few ways you can broach the subject without actually saying, “Can I please have the job?” 

Let’s take a look at a few of your options: 

Visualization Approach: This method is where you talk as though you are already part of the team by using words such as “we,”  “us,” and “our” during the conversation. Doing so will allow the interviewer to visualize you in the position.

 Here’s an example: 

“As a team member of The International of the Intercups, I would provide our clients with thorough information regarding their accounts, and would handle all inquiries and discrepancies with confidentiality.”

 If you use this approach throughout the interview, you will notice that the interviewer will begin to use the words “we” and “us” as well. This technique will bring you closer to a job offer.


Summation Approach: Lay out all the facts—the exact reasons there is a match between you and the employer. 

Here’s an example:  

“Throughout our conversation today, I have learned about the dynamics of your company, its culture, and the responsibilities of the position. I’m glad to see that your requirements match my experience to the letter—from my ability to manage corporate accounts to my ability to cultivate new business. I look forward to participating in the rest of the interview process and optimistically anticipate being a part of your team.” 

Don’t assume the interviewer will connect all the dots. It is up to you to enlighten the interviewer on why there is a mutual benefit and why they should extend a job offer.


Straightforward Approach: This approach is simple, clear-cut. 

Here’s an example: 

“I’m interested in the position. Have I provided all the information you need to offer me the position?” 

Rumor has it that some interviewers are disappointed when candidates don’t ask for the position. Try it. You may be surprised by the interviewer’s response.


Certified in all three areas of the job search—Certified Interview Coach ™ (CIC), Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC), and Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)—Linda Matias is qualified to assist you in your career transition, whether it be a complete career makeover, interview preparation, or resume assistance. She is also the author of "How to Say It: Job Interviews" (Prentice Hall, August 2007). You can contact Linda Matias at linda @ or visit her Website for additional career advice and to view resume samples.

We offer a confidential consultation. Information gathered online or in a one-on-one meeting will not be disclosed to any outside source.

To learn more about our services:

  • Email: evaluation
  • Phone: (631) 382.2425
  • Address: 34 East Main Street, #276 Smithtown, NY 11787


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