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Resume Connection: Hitting Your Career Targets

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by Teena Rose, CPRW, CEIP, CCM, Résumé to Referral

URL: http://www.résumé


Résumé to Referral not only associates with the industry's top career-networking groups, Career Masters Institute and the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches, but has also contributed articles to various career-related sites. Select résumés have been published and featured within print publications and are being used to set industry standards. 


Individuals not within their target career field may feel insecure, doubtful, or maybe even ashamed of their current job title. Career changers make up a large portion of the job-searching population. Although people (in general) are "creatures of habit," they thrive for change - especially when unhappy in their current position or industry. Continuing with educational goals or transferring to another industry can alleviate these feelings, yet shouldn't be the only remedy administered.


This list of questions will allow you to soul search, discovering what your ultimate career goal is, and what to do once you identify it. Ask yourself the following questions:


1. What do I like to do, or what am I good at? Write this title or job description prominently at the top of a blank piece of paper--preferably within a notebook or binder that will eventually transform into a journal.


2. Do I possess skills relevant to this position? If yes, what are they? Place your answer under the title or job description, from question 1.


3. If no transferable skills are obvious, what type of degree, certification, or work experience is required? List this answer next in your journal.


4. List 10 companies you'd like to work for and include the types of skills, knowledge, and qualifications they prefer in a candidate.


5. List in order of importance, each step required to reach your target career field, detailing daily, weekly, and yearly steps covering 2-4 years. This process is important to help you identify short- and long-term goals.


6. Continuously expand your journal, identifying concerns like salary, industry forecast, and schedule demand, and personal factors, such as position match to your character, expected satisfaction level, etc.


This journal should continuously grow and expand, catering to your individual needs and career field. Adding industry-specific associations, networking groups, and so on, would be typical additions to the list.


The object is to identify career obstacles, how to overcome them logically and swiftly, while progressing to the next level - setting the stage for a secure and satisfying career.


Teena Rose operates a prominent and professional resume writing service, Resume to Referral. She’s authored several career books, including "20-Minute Cover Letter Fixer", "How to Design, Write, and Compile a Quality Brag Book", and "Cracking the Code to Pharmaceutical Sales."


Teena Rose, CPRW, CEIP, CCM
Resume to Referral
7211 Taylorsville Road, Office 208
Huber Heights, OH 45424
Phone: (937) 236-1360
Fax: (937) 236-1351



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