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Information Connection: Tips for a Successful Move

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It's Your Move . . . and whether it takes you and your family across town or across the country it will go more smoothly if you take time to do some planning and, most importantly, take time out for yourself.

As a personal/professional coach, and a seasoned mover, I have identified several simple, but crucial steps in the moving process to keep you focused, organized, energized.

  • List everything and anything that comes to mind as you think of it. Keep a notebook (preferably with pockets) by the phone to capture and date all phone calls, messages, notes, and information given to you as it happens.
  • Jot down the names and phone numbers of all the utility companies, newspapers, physicians and such, that you will need to notify.
  • Insert a calendar in the front and immediately pencil in appointments.
  • Plot out your time frame, beginning with the date of the move and work backwards, scheduling daily plenty of time for sorting, packing, cleaning, storing items, going to the recycling center, dump, sending out change of address notices. 
  • Schedule vacation time, if needed for the move. 
  • Determine services to be scheduled at the other end, such painters, and make reservations for alternative accommodations if needed once you sell your home.
  • Schedule time on the calendar or in your daily planner first thing in the morning and last thing at night to review your list, add/subtract or make any modifications. This not only will keep you on track but also will make you feel in control of the move.
  • Schedule time for extreme self-care. This could be the most critical step in the process. Moving is hectic, exhausting. Meals are often skipped or grabbed on the run. Emotions are high, nerves on edge.
  • Try to schedule an appointment with yourself to exercise several times a week, if not daily. Taking a walk outside can break up the tedium of chores while keeping you in shape.
  • Schedule a massage if possible.
  • Keep a journal to help sort out thoughts and emotions and to get some perspective. Make time to talk to your children about their feelings.
  • Hire as much help as possible. Cleaning, baby-sitting, yard work, hauling
    big items or junk - all these services are available and may well be worth
    the price.
  • Ask for support. Take people up on their offers to help. Enlist your kids: give each a chart, again working backwards from the target date, with small, manageable steps that are easily achieved.
  • Have a packing party.
  • Give yourself a break! It would be great to sort through all your possessions to eliminate those truly not needed or used, and organize those that you keep. However, time is usually of the essence in this process. Give yourself permission to tackle that task on the other end.
  • If you can't stand the thought of taking unwanted stuff to your new home consider some alternatives. If a local move, rent a storage space. If not, purchase a mobile self-storage unit, which can be loaded up at your home, and either stored at another location or moved right onto the moving van.
  • Schedule in time for old friends and neighbors - throw a goodbye party (at someone else's house!), have a party in your child's school, take pictures of their friends.
  • Maintain a SENSE OF HUMOR! It will lighten your load and help everyone to transfer tension and stress into excitement and anticipation.
  • And last, but not least, keep the end in mind. Post pictures of your new house on the refrigerator. If possible, visit your new neighborhood. Get as much information as possible about the local cultural events, schools, shopping, restaurants, services, and community activities. By the time you get there it will feel like home.

    Written by Cheryl Dolan

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