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Information Connection: Selling Your Home Checklist

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Brought to you by RPS Relocation Service


_____     Trim and fertilize lawn, shrubs and trees.
_____    Clear debris from lawn and the border of the home.
_____    Plant flowers, depending on the season. Put a flowerpot by your front door.
_____    Paint and/or clean the front door.
_____    Make sure the garage door is greased and working propertly.
_____    Make sure paths and patios are clean and in good repair.
_____    Freshen outside paint - sand and repaint and chipping or peeling areas.
_____    Clean and paint windows & sills.  Replace any missing or torn screens.
_____    Make sure the house address numbers are easily visible.
_____    Replace stray or warped roofing shingles.
_____    Straighten sagging gutters.
_____    Repaint or replace your mailbox if it shows signs of wear.
_____    Polish and door brass.  Make sure the doorbell works properly.
_____    Replace a worn doormat.



_____     Maintain a fresh environment.  No pet or food odors.    Use potpourri or air fresheners.
_____    Keep house clean and tidy.  Put away any clutter.
_____    Put fresh towels in all the bathrooms.
_____    Clean walls, doors and woodwork - no fingerprints.
_____    Clean and organize counters.  Remove unnecessary appliances and other objects.
_____    Clean all appliances, including inside, and have manuals/warranties on hand.
_____    Repaint or touch-up where necessary.  Few things, for such a small cost, can enhance a home.
_____    If you have any vivid or unusual colors on your walls, definitely repaint in neutral. 
_____    Straighten closets.
_____    Make sure hinges and knobs are tightened and doors close properly.
_____    Fix any leaky faucets or running toilets.
_____    Consider hiring a professional cleaning service.
_____    Clean and spot-treat all carpeting.
_____    Polish wood floors and vinyl flooring.
_____    Clean and organize the garage.



Sell Faster by Decluttering

It's amazing how much stuff accumulates. It's even more amazing how little of that stuff we actually need. A great way to make your move easier is to get rid of stuff. People pay big bucks to move junk that they will only stick in a closet. This makes no sense.

The vast majority of people making a move have an emotionally hard time uncluttering their lives and getting rid of pointless junk they never use. But it's not just the junk you want to get rid of. It's the good stuff you don't use, also.

Here's a way to lighten your load, sell your current home faster, and also have more room in your new home.

  • Pass One. With a garbage bag, start in one corner of your bedroom. Fill the bag with anything you don't use often. Move quickly, and don't take time to think about it. Repeat this process for every room in your house, using a new bag. This lightens the load by one bag. For many people, this barely scratches the surface.
  • Pass Two. Go through your kitchen. Discard any plastic containers that have scratches (they aren't sanitary), chipped glass, rusty utensils, and so forth.
  • Pass Three. Go through your garage (if you have one). Discard anything that's broken or worn out.
  • Pass Four. Go through your clothes closets. Pull out anything that you don't like to wear or that doesn't fit. There's no point in keeping it "just in case." Donate it to a local charity that accepts used clothing. But if it's worn out, toss it.
  • Pass Five. Go through your clothing drawers, and do the same thing you just did with your closets.

The above five steps won't declutter the typical person's home, due to the sheer amount of accumulation. But it will significantly reduce the amount of stuff that makes your present home look smaller to prospective buyers. It will also make your home easier to clean and it will reduce the amount of unused stuff that you will pay to move and spend time unpacking.

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