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Baby Naming Ceremony Tips

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Naming Your Baby: 5 Helpful Tips for Personalizing Your Baby Naming Ceremony

by Helen Rankin, Founder of Instant Forever,

Baby naming ceremonies, in one form or another, have a history practically as old as man. What is new are the original ideas new parents keep coming up with for the traditional baby naming ceremony. 

Naming ceremonies are fulfilling and meaningful experiences to name and welcome a new baby. Some religious baby naming ceremonies offer a bit of flexibility. But many parents are designing their own naming ceremonies to suit their own personal tastes.

Whichever route you choose, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable and creative baby naming ceremony when you include an Instant Photo Guest Book in the festivities. This distinctive combination photo album and guest book will capture your special event the Instant it happens, to enjoy immediately – and for years to come. 

Here are 5 tips to help make your naming ceremony as unique as your precious new baby:

1. Naming Ceremonies Cross All Religious & National Boundaries 

A baby naming ceremony is a great alternative to the traditional Christening. There are lots of options to personalize your naming ceremony. You can have it as formal or informal, religious, traditional or untraditional as you choose.  Naming ceremonies range from traditional religious baby naming ceremonies like the Jewish baby naming ceremony) to having the naming ceremony conducted in the local registry office by a registrar to having a simple ceremony at home conducted by a family friend.  

Hint: If the naming is taking place weeks or months after the baby is born, try to schedule it for a time of day when you know the baby will be at its most sociable and alert state. The last thing you want is a cranky guest of honor!


2. Baby Naming Ceremony - A Celebration for All Family & Friends 

Your baby’s godparents (also referred as mentors or even ‘odd-parents’) deserve a special place of honor at the baby naming ceremony, but keep in mind that all family relationships and friendships are deepened with the naming ceremony celebration. Your wider circle of family and friends usually enjoys these unique ceremonies because baby naming ceremonies stem from the concept that each adult present at the ceremony is in part responsible for the care of the child. 

Hint: To include all the guests as special participants at your baby naming ceremony, go around the room and take Polaroid photos of your guests. Then have them write a personal wish for the baby’s future on a page of your Instant Photo Guest Book.

 3. Jewish Baby Naming Ceremonies 

In Judaism, a newborn boy’s naming is a religious ceremony called a brit mila meaning ritual circumcision. This takes place the eighth day after the baby’s birth. Designing a Jewish baby naming ceremony for a girl, a simchat bat (birth celebration for a girl) is more flexible as there’s no “official” ceremony to perform. It’s traditional for Jewish babies (boys and girls alike) to be named for a deceased family member. This keeps lost loved ones “present” for the next generation.  

Hint: Many Jewish families use only the first letter of the name they’re memorializing, such as Hannah for Grandpa Herb or Stephen for Aunt Sarah. When guests make entries in your Instant Photo Guest Book, ask them to include a meaningful word starting with the first letter of the baby’s new name. 

4. Naming Significance - Announce & Explain the Names That Have Been Chosen
Choosing the name of the new baby is not a simple task. In some cultures the name of the parent or a respected friend or relative is given to the child. Other cultures and Jewish baby naming ceremonies give the name of a deceased relative to honor the memory of the ancestors. In other cultures, the religious elders are consulted to provide a name that will bring good fortune to the child. No matter what method is used, the choice of the given name is important. The naming ceremony serves to identify this new baby as someone who exists as a unique individual - with a name that has meaning. Often, the meaning of the name is explained as part of the ceremony. 

For example, Emily, which means eager or industrious, has held its own as one of the most popular girls’ names since 1880.  Michael is another classic, derived from Hebrew and meaning “a gift from God.” What could be better? 

Hint: Prior to the baby naming ceremony, pick a close friend or family member. Allowing plenty of time, ask them to prepare the naming presentation and be sure to add this entry to your Photo Guest Book album as a keepsake for memories long after the naming ceremony is over! 

5. Baby Naming Ceremony - Accepting the Invitation 

Understanding the significance of being an attendee to a baby naming ceremony, next time you are asked to attend a naming ceremony, you will respond with the knowledge that you are following a tradition that goes back to the dawn of mankind. You are the recipient of a special honor and carry a special responsibility to share in the nurturing of a new life! 

Hint: If you are attending a family or special friend’s baby naming ceremony, volunteer to be the one who creates the Instant Photo Guest Book Album. Be in charge of taking the Polaroid pictures and getting all the guests to write their personal sentiments and then present it as a special gift to the parents the instant the celebration is over!


About the Author:

Helen Rankin, Founder of Instant Forever - helps you capture your baby memories forever. Instant Forever’s Adesso Album is the only guest book alternative for UK and European families to capture their baby naming ceremony in an Instant in both pictures and words. Capture your naming ceremony instantly and preserve it Forever with a Baby Naming Ceremony Photo Guest Book Album


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