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About Kickboxing

By Cathy Richey, the Cathy Factor

If you want to learn hand to hand combat so you don’t have to rely on a home alarm, you may want to think about taking a kickboxing lesson or two. Before you start you’ve got to realize it’s not an easy road.

Here are some things you can do to make your first steps easier.

  • Change Your Diet. If you’re serious about kickboxing you may want to gradually up your protein intake and lessen your carbohydrates. You’re going to need all the calories you can get and you want those calories to convert directly to energy.
  • Start Doing Cardio. Get revved up to perform better by beefing up your cardio regimen. You’re going to need that stamina when you step into the ring or even take a simple kickboxing class.
  • Get the Right Gear. Look into proper kickboxing clothes like shorts and tanks to help you stay as mobile as possible. You’ll want to invest in ankle braces, too, unless you like waking up with two sprained ones to begin the work week.

If you participate in physical sports, such as kickboxing, it is important to make sure that you always eat the correct foods. Many people get out there on the practice mat and end up burning themselves out or find that they are unable to get through their training without taking too many breaks. This is likely because they do not know how to properly nourish their bodies before going out there and giving it their all. A good diet of proteins, carbohydrates and the proper vitamins will have you getting through that workout in no time at all.

Nothing beats getting a good pre-workout and post-workout protein shake. You should always make sure to have one of these at least before workout time. There is still some debate on how effective the post-workout shake is, but many people to this day continue to swear by it. It is also recommended to eat a lot of healthy carbohydrates before working out because this will help you get through it with no problems. Also, develop a plan that incorporates other sports supplements to ensure the best kickboxing workout possible.

Kickboxing is a great, fun, simple, and easy way to get into shape. It isn’t time consuming, and is fun for the whole family.

Some advantages to kickboxing as opposed to other workouts are these: It is a complete body workout, an amazing way to lose weight, reduce stress, and improve self-defense.

A quick, but great, kickboxing routine is as follows:
- 10 basic squats
- 15 push ups
- 15 sit ups
- 30 seconds of jogging in place
- 30 seconds of calf raises, (Both calves at the same time)
- 20 knee lifts

Kickboxing has been around for a long time. There are different forms of kickboxing such as traditional kickboxing and Muay Thai, but no matter which form you are talking about, they are all formidable martial arts. Perhaps that is why kickboxing is such a big part of mixed martial arts. Kickboxing helped develop the sport of mixed martial arts.

Kickboxing is a striking art that combines boxing with kicks. Kicks help create greater distance between fighters, much more so when compared to simply striking with your hands. This distance helps to keeps the opponent at a distance and can help a person avoid being taken down to the mat. So when mixed martial arts was forming, kickboxing was the art that many turned to for the striking components needed for mixed martial arts. They wanted direct movements, and some karate and kung fu strikes are way to elaborate. Kickboxing combines speed, power and efficiency.

When you watch mixed martial arts you will see fighters make use of the teep kick. The teep is basically like a jab with a leg and comes from kickboxing. That serves as a reminder to how kickboxing helped develop mixed martial arts.


About Cathy: She and her Doberman Trooper conduct research into all kinds of topics and produce articles like the one you see here. To contact Cathy, write to thecathyfactor@yahoo.com. Get the facts from Cathy, and let the Cathy Factor give you an edge.

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