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Information Connection: Lose Weight, Not Hair

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by Jenni J.,

You know how you are often told to be careful not to lose too much weight too quickly? Well, it turns out this can apply to hair loss as well as weight loss. If you cut back too far on protein intake or calories, you can stop hair production.

You can prevent this from occurring. Make sure that you get the recommended daily allowance of protein for your desired, healthy body weight.

For example, if you would like to weigh in at 140 pounds, divide that number by 2.2 to get your weight in kilograms, then multiply by 0.8. The resulting number, in this case 51g, is your minimum daily protein requirement. In addition, try not to lose more than two pounds a week. Your hair should start growing again in a few weeks and a noticeable result in six months.

It should also be noted that for those who are not losing weight but are losing hair, you could have a medical condition such as a hormonal problem. Check with your doctor.

Good sources of protein are chicken, fish, tofu, peanut butter, beans, milk, yogurt, eggs, and bread. But be sure the bread does not contain corn sweetener or hydrogenated oil; both are highly toxic.

Note: You can buy quality protein supplements at bargain prices.


Some more thoughts on keeping your hair

In the USA, the cultural norm is to wash your hair often. That is not the norm in most countries. And, it's neither healthy nor necessary. Excessive hair washing is a huge contributor to hair loss, hair thinning, and frizzy hair.

What you need to do instead is simply brush your hair each day. Give yourself a good scalp massage a couple of times per week, also. This invigorates the scalp, promotes blood flow, loosens dander, and just plain feels good.

Dying your hair can make you look younger. But it has a pernicious effect on your health and actually hastens aging because the typical hair dye is toxic. If you can't drink it, you shouldn't put it on your skin.

Avoid extreme hair styles. Tight braids, perms, and other hair torture causes stress to the hair structure. It can also cause stress to the hair root, bringing on premature death for that root--meaning you go bald sooner.

Speaking of stress, general stress is also a contributor to hair loss. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by stressful things such as gangsta government, economic crises, rude people, and (for some of us) idiotic bosses. The thing is, it's not the cause of stress that really matters. It's how you handle the stress. You can't let things get to you, and the secret to that is to focus on what's going right and on what you can accomplish going forward. When something bad happens, acknowledge it and move on. When faced with a setback, figure out how to accept it or conquer it, and proceed accordingly. Simply fretting and fuming does not help. Worrying never changed a thing. Either deal with it or accept it. That's how you beat stress instead of letting it beat you.


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