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Tips on Treating Acne

by Jenni J.,

Whether you have severe acne or just a few pimples, this article helps you prevent blemishes and tells you how to keep your skin clear and beautiful. It lists some great home remedies and also products that work wonders to clear up your skin.

Acne Don'ts
Never go to bed without washing your face. Your skin will heal itself most while you are sleeping. If you have leftover makeup and dirt from that day on your face, you could wake up with some nasty acne. Do not use soap on your face as this can irritate your skin. Use a gentle but effective, quailty facial cleanser. In addition, never sleep with your face directly on the pillow. The oils and dirt from your hair get on the pillow and then resting your face on the pillow may make you breakout the next morning. Do not pick the pimples on your face or try to squeeze them. This usually causes you to push the pimple into your skin, making healing time even slower.

Avoid This Combination
Applying make-up over blemishes can only make the condition worse. The pores become clogged more than they already are and the ingredients in make-up can cause irritation leading to even more blemishes. Save the make-up for a very special occasion and remove it as soon as possible.

Acne Do's
Definitely use a benzoyl peroxide or salicyic acid cleanser to fight pimples. A very good product for washing your face is Proactive Solution. It gets rid of that acne within a week, in most cases!

Tips for Getting Rid Of Existing Acne
Here are some great tips and home remedies on getting rid of acne you already have:
Cleanse the skin with a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid cleanser, apply an alphy hydroxy, and then use a toner. Then use an acne fighting medication to the skin along with a moisturizer.

To dry out a pimple overnight, try using toothpaste (not gel) directly on the zit. This should help dry it out overnight.

A great face mask is to use the white part of an egg and apply it to your face for about 15 minutes. The vitamin A in the whites is also good for your skin. The egg white is also a great overnight remedy, but just use a Q-tip to dab on the egg-white directly to the pimple.

To rid redness from an inflamed zit, use Visine eyedrops and apply to the red spots. Another way to get rid of redness: try hydrocortisone cream or pop two Advil.

To your health!

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