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Mindconnection eNL, 2023-08-06


In this issue:
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1. Good News: Where the Intel is Good

Graphing IQs

Bill Clinton's IQ of 159 is a tad more than three standard deviations above the mean, making him one of the smartest Presidents ever. The next Democrat to hold that office is about two standard deviations below the mean (based on his C- grades and also the many stupid things he said when not reading off the teleprompter). If you continue that trajectory on a graph, it would put Brainless Biden at about six standard deviations below the mean. He's astoundingly stupid, as the whole world has witnessed during the clown show he's put on since the coup.

Send these moron alert videos to people you know. It looks like a long list, but it's merely a small sampling of the idiocy spewed by two inDUHviduals.

Moron Alert!

Moron Alert!

Moron Alert!

Moron Alert!

Moron Alert!

Moron Alert!

Moron Alert!

Moron Alert!


Defending Against Socialism/Communism

Socialism is an ideology under which everyone is equally miserable and dirt poor. Except those who run the system (they become filthy rich). "Woke" is a tool that socialism advocates use to spread stupidity. "Woke" is short for, "My bwain is bwoke." Anybody who is "woke" clearly has a bwoken bwain. Communism is the same as socialism, but without property rights. We have been steadily moving out of socialism into communism for a while now. But we are pushing back against the psychopaths, retards, and criminals who have nearly completed the destruction of everything we sane people value. And we are pushing back hard.

  1. Disney is not doing well.
  2. Americans are not buying the lies about the economy.
  3. "If the Republicans get into power, they will destroy all the power the Democrats have made." Sounds like a strong call for a red tidal wave and ZERO Democrats left in office. Anywhere.
  4. Zuckerberg's communist alternative to Twitter has fizzled out. User engagement plummeted within days of its launch. Facebook itself is headed in that direction, as more and more people realize they were duped and manipulated and they resent that. And as more and more people suffer under Comrade Biden's communist regime, which came to power as the result of an election that Zuckerberg helped steal. Going hungry has a way of clearing the mind, apparently.
  5. The socialists immerse public school students in their bizarre ideology all day long. This has proven effective at pushing impressionable youth to see socialist ideas as somehow desirable. But since the coup, the vitriol and toxicity have massively increased. Consequently, as American Action News reports, "There has been a substantial surge in high school boys aligning with conservative ideologies. According to federal surveys of American youth, these boys are close to twice as likely to self-identify as conservatives than liberals."
  6. The communist banana republic formerly known as "The United States" has been plundered heavily since the coup and the gross mismanagement by the Brainless administration has had the predictable effect of causing the country to lose its perfect credit rating. As of this writing, only one credit agency made the move. But you can bet others will follow.
  7. The credit rating issue should serve as a wake-up call to millions more Americans, perhaps enough to overcome the election fraud that is normal in the battleground states. And maybe in time for the 2024 election. Whether President Trump will be elected to office a third time is hard to say due to the witch hunt and fake criminal charges, but even if he wins a third time the communists won't let him assume office. We'll have to see what happens in the primaries.
  8. You can bet the only sane contender (at this time, RFK, Jr.) for the Democrat nomination won't get nominated because the Democrat top dogs ignored the Democrat voters the last time. RFK, Jr. might be better off running as a Republican, since his own party will toss him under the boss. His biggest liability is his (fairly high) IQ. They will choose (yet again) somebody significantly dumber than a rock. Obama ranks among the four worst Presidents of all time but like Wilson and FDR he has an IQ is somewhere above zero. And he can be rather charming, unlike Biden. Finding someone dumber and/or more offensive than Biden might not be possible, but I'm sure the Democrats will think of something.
  9. This needs to happen in every communist country in the USA where the police have been defunded, there's "gun control," or in some other way the government protects criminals and punished their victims. This happened in the criminal-coddling People's Republic of California: There will be more of it, because we normals are sick of being treated as if our only purpose in life is to serve as prey for criminals.

The Ongoing Covid Scam: Tidbits


2. Product Highlight

The Rocket Pen is a life-changer for students and adults with reading difficulties. Scan words or lines from any screen (e.g., tablet, smart phone, computer) or printed material, and it not only reads to you but provides word definitions, word breakdown, and more to teach you to read (by "you" we mean the person you buy this for). The Rocket Pen Reader gives the reading-challenged their independence.

Buy the Rocket Pen on Amazon | eBay | Walmart

Watch this demo video:

These features were added with the latest release:

  • Has dictionary lockout and ExamRead feature, so it doubles as an exam pen.
  • Left-hand user mode.
  • Scan left to right mode.
  • Fast shutdown.
  • Selectable voices for playback of scanned text.
  • Selectable UI language: English (default) or Spanish.

Other features and benefits:

  • Allows students or adults with reading difficulties to gain independence and reading fluency without stigma.
  • Reading tutor functions include spelling, syllabication (how the word is "built"), and one word displayed in big font.
  • Syllables break for each word.
  • Direct lookup of phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions (for example, get ahead, get along, keep on, keep off, look forward to).
  • Uses colors for the different fields, to improve the understanding of the dictionary definition.
  • You scan, it reads to you.
  • Scans lines of text or individual words from almost any surface, not just paper. It can read the text on a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Hear individual words or even multiple lines of text read aloud in natural voice.
  • Completely self-contained, no computer or Wi-Fi required.
  • Comes ready to use, no setup process (but customization can easily be done).
  • Full 1.9 inch color touch screen, and simple physical buttons for screenless scan and read.
  • Multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions including the New Oxford American Dictionary (over twice the size of what the cPen uses) with Oxford Thesaurus of English (Americanized), Oxford American Children’s Dictionary with Oxford American Children’s Thesaurus, and English to Spanish dictionary.
  • Built-in speaker automatically mutes when earbuds are used, automatically unmutes when they aren't.
  • Meets FCC, ROHS, and CE standards.
  • Package includes ReaderPen, USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide, and earphones.

Rocket Pen

The Rocket Pen Reader is an affordable, powerful reading assistant and reading tutor that erases the barriers created by dyslexia and other reading problems. It can be used privately in the classroom, avoiding stigma, thanks to the earbuds included in the kit (it can alternatively be used without earbuds).

How it teaches reading

Before the early 1980s, public schools relied on phonics to teach reading. This allowed any student to "sound out" a new, unfamiliar word and also recognize its root and thereby often grasp its meaning even without a dictionary. Then schools switched to the "Look See" method, which treated words as individual pictograms to memorize. The results were dismal, plummeting the USA from the top of the literacy ranks to the bottom among industrialized countries.

The Rocket Pen puts phonics back in.

It also adds a context-driven dictionary and a context-driven thesaurus, both powerful tools for improving reading skills. See the reading tutor functions in the chart below.

It is the answer

The Rocket Pen Reader is the answer for helping the reading-challenged in the classroom, special needs classes, home-schooling, and adult education. Because of its mobile-friendly design, you can carry it with you and use it anywhere. Not only does it read to you, it helps you learn to read (for example, by showing you the syllable breakdown and the definition). It is super easy to use, no need to watch a dozen videos to figure out what to do.

Based on the highly successful ReadingPen 2 and vastly superior to the cPen Reader Pen, the RocketPen is the latest generation in a reading tutor scanning pen. It is a quantum leap or two beyond anything else on the market. This amazing device retails for $499, sells for $399 on Amazon and, but is on sale now for a limited time only via our eBay store at only $379!

It beats the competition

Compare the Rocket Pen to the competition. The winner here is obvious:

Rocket Pen cPen Reader Orcam Read
Amazon Price 399 285 1990
Color touchscreen Yes No No
Words appear in large font Yes No No
Scans phones, tablets, etc. Yes No Yes
Scans blocks of text No No Yes
Color-coded dictionary Yes No No
Simple physical buttons Yes Yes Yes
Ergonomic for kids Yes No No
English and Spanish Yes Yes Yes
Verbal commands No No Yes
Auto trigger upon contact Yes Yes No
Easy menu navigation Yes No No
Manufacturer experience, yrs 30 7 4
Product age Latest generation! 7 4




Reading Tutor Functions


Dictionary 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Dictionary 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Thesaurus 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Thesaurus 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Syllablication / word breakdown Yes No No
Hear word spelled out Yes No No
See word spelled out Yes No No
Part of speech Yes Yes No
Headword Yes Yes No
Pronunciation guide Yes No No
Idioms Yes No No
Quick Define feature Yes No No


3. Brainpower tip


Normal people readily see it takes a special kind of stupid to be "woke". The absurdities spewed by the "My bwain is bwoke" crowd could easily be confused with satire, since they conflict with the observable universe so starkly.

Where does this special kind of stupid come from? How do you deal with such people?

If you connect a few dots, you see "woke" is all about victimhood, anger, and blaming other people. The language is hyperbolic. We see words such as oppression, injustice, and genocide but with no basis in reality. These people cannot accurately point to any examples of such things. The terms aren't even exaggerations, they are just used in a vacuum. And we see terms such as "micro aggression" being used, as if this makes any sense. If it's "micro" then it's not aggression. It's a very, very tiny slight that is probably not even intended.

What do you see threading through all of this? Two very strong emotions. One is anger, the other is hatred. They are angry at the non-woke, even though most woke people either live at home with their non-woke parents or their jobs depend on the nonwoke (even if they work for woke companies, ala Bed Bath and Beyond). They hate people who do not agree with them, the intolerance and disdain for any diversity from their ideological narrative are almost palpable.

When you have a strong emotional state like this, mental processing takes place not in the reasoning part of the brain but in the "reptilian" part. This is further compounded by their obsessive-compulsive need for approval, and since they hate the non-woke they seek the approval of the woke. This means reasoning with them is pretty much out of the question.

If you are the parent of a wokester, set boundaries and expectations. Don't bail your kid out when s/he runs into trouble or inconvenience. Redirect the blaming statements into questions about personal responsibility. For example, when your kid blames capitalism for his/her lack of financial security respond with a question like, "What steps have you personally taken to provide more value to your employer and thus improve your own situation?" Make a point of pointing out that capitalism provides opportunity and that's borne out by the results while socialism makes everybody equally poor and disenfranchised and that's also borne out by the results. This will likely trigger some socialist/woke talking points. Show in interest, use the five questions approach to get your kid to try to explain exactly how that works. Because it doesn't work, your kid will be in the position of not being able to support his/her beliefs. Don't argue, just keep asking questions. Allow time for a response, don't badger.

In other circumstances, understand you are dealing with an irrational person who isn't your personal responsibility per se but who is also part of a mindless collective that has been doing immense harm. For these people, about all you can do is sow the seeds of doubt and hope at some point they will flip their brain switch to the ON position. The worst thing you can do is agree with them, either through silence or through seeking "common ground" by giving in on a "minor point". There are no minor points, you have to crack the facade. You don't need to be nasty about it, in fact being nasty is counterproductive. Remember, they are approval seeking beings. If they can see that they are accepted for who they are even though their woke ideas are not accepted, you have shown them there's a path to sanity.

Converting a sentient being to the "woke" state takes a long time. The process typically begins in the failure factories we call "schools". When I was a kid, schools stressed reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic, and reasoning. Woke stresses illiteracy, innumeracy, and non-thinking. People who have been put through this system yet can read, write, perform arithmetic, and reason are commendable people who learned anyhow. But they are a minority. You may have noticed the age demographics of the wokesters, and those demographics are due to the school effect. Because it takes a long time to "de brain" a human being into "wokeness", it can take a long time or at least many iterations to "re brain" the person into sanity and sentience. Be patient and be kind, but also be firm.

A significant enough number of wokesters can nullify all the brain power of normal people (including our best and brightest). That is one reason why a disciplined response to wokeness is important. Be smart about how you interact with woke people. Show that normal people aren't necessarily bad. You can simply drop small truth bombs, and be effective.

An example is during "Pride month" I would see people dressed garishly wearing T-shirts with some kind of hateful or obscene LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ statement. I would make pleasant small talk with this person, perhaps a cashier at a store or perhaps someone looking at the same merchandise I was, and then remark about what a wonderful country this is because my parents' great grandparents came here dirt poor and yet I was able to pay my own way through university with a Master's Degree. Hard work and dedication, equal opportunity for all. The sun really does shine. My message is so positive, the people I delivered it to had no response. The victim of the woke brainwashing experiences cognitive dissonance for a time. I leave the area before that time passes. I have sown the seeds of sanity. If enough people do this, some seeds will sprout.

4. Finance tip

Excessive clutter comes at the cost of usable living space. It has other costs too (several of which are brainpower-inhibiting), but let's just agree that excessive clutter is undesirable and must be reduced to the practical minimum and then some more. Ask almost anyone if they like clutter, and they will say they don't. Yet, most people live in clutter and some live in extreme clutter. What is the cause of this?

I believe the main cause arises from feelings of scarcity. You hate to toss anything out, because you might need it someday. This leads to an ever-increasing collection of stuff. Despite all efforts to keep the clutter catalogued, it is rare that the owner of the "in case I need it" item finds it when needed. The solution is to buy the needed item anyhow. The "just in case" item stays buried wherever you put it. I am notably less cluttered than most people, yet I find this to be a problem that I have. A few weeks ago, I paid $2.32 for fast shipping via Prime for an item I found in my possession only four hours later.

Going through closets, drawers, and cabinets to remove clutter is rarely effective because "in case I need it" rears its ugly head and you throw out very little. You enter such a project prepared to make decisions, and those are with a bias to keep things. Of course, if you have stuff sitting out on kitchen counters, piled on the floor, or sitting in storage bins you can't find a place for then you are not even at this point yet. You are at the point where you need to rent a dumpster and keep that fee in mind as you decide (quickly) which items to fill it with. Generally, aside from seasonal items, if you have stored it then you don't need it.

A technique I have been using over the past year is project-based. I decide to do a project, so (if it's a repair or build project) I go through my garage cabinets looking for parts and supplies I might use. As I open the old coffee cans (the old labels are hard to read) to find what I need, I come across items that I clearly do not need. And I toss them. Recently, I decided to replace a dimmer switch that wasn't acting properly anymore. I looked for a snap switch (instead of running out to buy one). I found can with a spare light switch for a car I had bought in 1979 and no longer own. I figured everything else in that can, which I clearly had not opened in years, was not needed. I tossed it out.

Here are some typical items to toss out:

  • Old cables. I need to do this, I have a bin full of cables. I know for a fact it has many VGA cables. Since any monitor I would buy will have an HDMI port (or two), these cables have no use. Donating them to charity simply means overworked volunteers would need to trash them.
  • Old containers. Plastic containers that have scratches on the inside will harbor bacteria. Toss them.
  • Old pots and pans. If the finish is damaged, you should not be using these. Toss them.
  • Excess ink pens. I used to buy boxes of disposable ink pens. Now I buy either two-pack of such pens or buy a pack of refills for my cartridge pen (I have only the one).
  • Old bottles of corrective fluid (it's no good after X time), glue, etc.
  • Paint stored more than 18 months. If you save a can of paint, do this. Firmly secure the lid, store the can upside down (to prevent air from entering), and affix a "Toss out by" date to the can. Why toss it out? After this much time, you won't be able to mix the solids back into the paint. It can possibly be done with a paint shaker machine (about $150 for a cheapo model) and some patience. It cannot be done by stirring, even if you use a power stirring tool (been there, done that). But you risk having unmixed solids and a ruined project. It's cheaper, even at the Bidenflation prices of paint today, to just buy new paint.
  • Old clothes. If they are stained or thin, toss them. Donating them to charity simply means overworked volunteers would need to trash them. Don't cut jeans into rags, they make poor rags. Old gym socks can be used for this purpose, and so can old polo shirts if the cloth is sufficiently thick. Old sheets don't work well, and don't repurpose old underpants for anything.
  • "Free" storage jars. People often keep old pickle jars to store things in. The lids are made to seal under a vacuum, not to be re-used. A similar thing applies to Ball jars and similar canning jars. Some people who "get it" on this point will use the jars as drinking glasses and that's not smart either (there's a reason why drinking glasses are made the way they are). Toss the lids, rings, and jars.
  • Old phones. You're never going to use that old phone again. You're keeping it for an emergency? Hah! You still need to obtain and activate a SIM for it; it's just as fast to get a new phone. Drop off any old phones at a place that accepts electronics for recycling. If you still have old corded phones, old caller ID units, and old answering machines get rid of them. Your cell phone and/or your landline have caller ID and robust voice mail options.
  • Old curtains and blinds. If you bought new ones, you did that for a reason. The old ones will just collect dust and give you an unhealthy home if you ever hang them up again.
  • Old sheets, pillowcases, pillows, etc. These take up space. If you don't use them, toss them.
  • Old shoes. Shoes should not be donated to charity unless they've barely been worn. Toss out ones that are in poor repair.
  • Old chemicals. These leak from their containers. A neighbor was notorious for his collection of chemicals, you could smell them from 30 feet away when he opened his garage door. He died from lymphatic cancer and this is why.
  • Small appliances you never use. If they are in good shape, offer for free on Next Door or donate to a shelter.
  • Old pet supplies. If they are in good condition, donate to a pet shelter.
  • Old underpants. Bill Clinton donated his to charity and the IRS let him deduct $4 per pair. I donated two $65 dress shirts (in good condition) to charity and the IRS let me deduct only $2 per shirt. Unless you are part of an organized crime syndicate, it's better to just toss items like this.
  • Old toothbrushes. These are nice for cleaning and a few other things. But you don't need a 20 year supply. Keep a few around, and toss any that get badly worn. You'll be "refreshing" the collection periodically anyhow.
  • Chipped coffee cups, plates, etc. How much chipping you'll tolerate is up to you. But if you aren't using something because it's chipped then toss it out. If your entire set is pretty chipped up, then buy an entire new set and toss out the entire old set. I personally have not done well on this one, which is why I thought of it for this list.


  • Don't keep old magazines. If there's an article you want to keep, scan it into a library you keep on a data drive. I have a massive library, all digitized and organized by topic. I code each file name with the date, also. When using dates on computer files, always use the pattern YYYY-MM-DD to permit sorting. This differs from the format used for humans, for obvious reasons.
  • Pare down your book collection. I have a huge number of books, so it might appear that I am a book hoarder. But I have given away far more books than I have kept.
  • Don't keep old birthday cards, etc. I digitized all the ones that used to occupy cardboard boxes and I digitize any new ones.

Clutter is psychologically and financially expensive. Nobody wakes up to a neat house and decides to spend the whole day cluttering it up. Clutter occurs over time, due to not having yet established good habits for preventing it. To correct the situation, do a couple of big decluttering sessions to change the tone and then when doing a project look first at what you already have on hand (that you can repurpose or use for the task at hand). While you're looking, dispassionately toss something you can see you don't really need. This way, you make one painless decision quickly instead of trying to make dozens in a row that you just don't have the willpower to make. Over time, it "adds down" the same way those needless acquisitions or failed toss-outs have added up.

5. Security tip

From Capital One:



6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility in this area.

Statistics when these photos were taken, 2 days past my 62nd birthday:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148.8lbs (a bit more than the Age 60 shoot, and I am leaner for this one)

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20.5 (an increase of half an inch since the Age 60 shoot)

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 10 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Max squat: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 8 reps of front squats with 90lbs to start Leg Day

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Testosterone: Above the upper limit of the normal range

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

Some cool climbing  videos:

See all of my climbing videos here:

How many different plants per day do you eat in a typical week? Think for a moment and write the number down. You can probably pat yourself on the back for a job well done, but you also can probably do better.

How many plants are eaten daily in the typical American diet? If you think about it, the answer is maybe two if you count the tiny bit of peas and carrots (both of which are usually overcooked). I am not counting the toxic plants wheat, corn, or soy. Nor am I counting fruit juices (endocrine modifiers) or anything processed. This diet consists of sugar, seed oils, dead wheat material (stripped of all nutrients), corn, soy, contaminated dairy products, and severely contaminated meat. Not only is it boring, it's sickening. Literally.

Compare this to the bodybuilder diet plant count:

  1. Rice
  2. Broccoli
  3. Asparagus
  4. One fruit, usually strawberries
  5. Sweet potato

That's nearly three times the variety, but still pretty unvaried. The rest of the diet consists of contaminated meat or contaminated fish. It's based on "macros" instead of "micros" and has to be suitable for people who don't take the time to shop for food. Thus the total lack of variety. Though a massive improvement over the typical American diet, it still guarantees malnutrition.

Plants in my diet

My diet varies a bit, seasonally. It is plant-based (it also includes eggs and butter). Here are the plants I ate daily in a recent week:

  1. Almonds
  2. Almond flour
  3. Amaranth
  4. Apple
  5. Arugula
  6. Banana
  7. Beans, pinto
  8. Beans, charro
  9. Beet greens
  10. Beet root, red
  11. Beet root, golden
  12. Blueberries (frozen)
  13. Bok choy
  14. Broccoli
  15. Buckwheat
  16. Butter lettuce, green
  17. Butter lettuce, red
  18. Chard, red
  19. Cherries (dried)
  20. Chia
  21. Chickpea flower
  22. Coconut (oil)
  23. Dandelion leaf
  24. Eggplant (1 of 3 varieties)
  25. Garlic (diced)
  26. Greenleaf lettuce
  27. Kale, variety 1
  28. Kale, variety 2
  29. Lolla rosa
  30. Millet
  31. Mizuna
  32. Oak leaf lettuce, green
  33. Oak leaf lettuce, red
  34. Oats (rolled, raw)
  35. Olive (oil)
  36. Onion (thinly sliced)
  37. Peanut
  38. Pear (1 of 3 varieties) or citrus (orange, grapefruit)
  39. Pea powder from sprouted and fermented peas
  40. Pecans
  41. Pepper, not ground, used in dish or eaten whole (1 of 4 varieties)
  42. Pepper, not ground, used in dish or eaten whole  (2 of 4 varieties)
  43. Pepper, not ground, used in dish or eaten whole  (3 of 4 varieties)
  44. Pepper, not ground, used in dish or eaten whole  (4 of 4 varieties)
  45. Quinoa
  46. Raisins
  47. Red cabbage
  48. Reishi mushroom
  49. Rice, whole grain brown
  50. Rice powder from sprouted and fermented brown rice
  51. Sauerkraut
  52. Spinach
  53. Squash (1 of 3 varieties)
  54. Sweet potato (1 of 2 varieties)
  55. Tango
  56. Tatsoi
  57. Tomatoes (2 of 3 varieties)
  58. Walnut pieces

Other plant-sourced items include beverages, herbs, condiments, and spices. Here is a partial list:

  1. Allspice
  2. Apple cider vinegar
  3. Basil (organic, home-grown)
  4. Chicory root, ground
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Cloves
  7. Coffee, black ground
  8. Coffee, green bean extract powder
  9. Ginger
  10. Habanero sauce
  11. Mustard (no sugar)
  12. Oregano
  13. Pepper, black peppercorns (ground)
  14. Pepper, cayenne (ground)
  15. Stevia
  16. Tea (1 of 4 varieties)
  17. Thyme
  18. Turmeric

I also ate popcorn (popped in coconut oil) one one of those days, but I don't count it as a daily intake because it wasn't. Seasonally, I may add pumpkin (baking pies during cold winter months) and honey (need the carbs for winter training) on top of any normal seasonal rotation. That is, these are extras rather than swapouts. Same thing for vanilla extract (from real vanilla beans), mint, etc. During "off season", I eat less of some other things to make room for nonhomogenized yogurt and nonhomogenized whole milk. And I add salt to some meals because I don't eat salty snacks but do engage in extreme sports (which cause massive perspiration and thus salt loss).

Also not counted here is a plant-based amino complex that I consider a game-changer (FundAminos). If you haven't tried this, you are missing out.

Are you starting to imagine that there's no way I am deficient in micronutrients? Well, it's not your imagination!

How do I find the time to eat so many different foods? The key is to batch meal-prep. This cuts the time factor hugely, versus trying to make individual meals six times per day. The meal prepping also means determining the portions in advance. So I never over-eat and never have to deal with leftovers. It's very efficient and very healthy. I listen to audiobooks or engage in phone conversations (that I otherwise would not have time for) during meal prep, so that time isn't wasted in any way.

There are different approaches to meal-prepping. For example, some people make a "soup stock" in huge quantities. Then they take a container out of the freezer as they run low and prepare several meals from that. I do this with beans. If you are used to making one-off meals, experiment with larger batches of meal components. Then just put them together as needed.

Cat diet

The cat who owns me also eats a varied diet while the typical cat is dying from a baked corn diet. My cat's diet includes a long list of meats, vegetables, fruits, and fats. She gets raw egg twice daily; I Ieave just enough in the mixing bowl for each omelet to satisfy her. When I bake, she gets an extra bowl. She gets exactly zero wheat, corn, rice, sugar, cottonseed oil, canola oil, or vegetable oil--none of which should ever be fed to a cat, dog, or human.

Sometimes I buy canned fish for her. It might be sardines, for example. Because she's so little, I buy the smallest can and share it with her. I just add some to a meal or two each day until it's gone. Never store food in an opened can, always transfer to a glass bowl that has a sealable lid or to freezer bags.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Ancestors of every USA President owned slaves, until Donald Trump became President. He was the first President who did not descend from slave-owners. No wonder the liberals hate him. Yes, Barry Soetoro, aka "Obama", was also a descendant of slave owners (which may explain why he pursued policies that were so damaging to black people).


8. Thought for the Day

Since nobody reads 12,000 page bills before Congress passes them up to the POTUS (who also doesn't read them), why doesn't some freshman representative slip in a line with term limits?




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