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Mindconnection eNL, 2023-07-16


In this issue:
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1. Good News: Where the Intel is Good


  • Child Abuse Alert! This is a real commercial, not a parody. I know someone who works less than a mile from where the hospital that made this sicko video is located:
  • Hatemongering Alert! This is the leader of the National Education Association spewing her insanity while advocating for Critical Race Theory. She belongs in a rubber room:
  • Idiot Alert!. Kamala does it again:
  • Moron Enmasse Alert! recently conducted a poll that shows about 1/3 of people holding student loan debt spent money they otherwise would not have spent, because they believed Brainless' promise that their student loan debts would illegally and immorally be passed on to other people (such as those who already paid off their own loans or never took out such loans in the first place). It's interesting that this is about the same proportion (1/3) of voters who actually voted for Biden in 2020. It's also roughly the same percentage of Americans who, according to a recent NBC News poll (and you have to remember, NBC is far left-wing) don't "have concerns" about Biden's mental impairment (68% do).
  • Saving the Planet Alert! Auto-dealer data company Cox Automotive reported that the number of unsold coal-powered ("electric") vehicles at dealers in the second quarter tripled compared to the past year. Apparently, people are more motivated to buy internal combustion engine cars than they are to buy their more CO2 generating, polluting "electric" counterparts. Practical considerations and sheer cost are also factors. It looks like "virtue signaling" libtards are the main market for these vehicles, just as they were the main market for Pfizer's death shot. So maybe Pfizer did us all a favor.
  • Socialist Censorship Alert! This newsletter is often censored, because I use facts and logic (both of which are anathema to the powers that be). This newsletter comes out twice a month, and the issues are usually two weeks apart (might be three weeks if a month has five weeks). If three weeks pass with no newsletter, please visit and click on the newsletter link. I keep an archive there.
  • Trans Insanity Alert! Watch this whacko:

Defending Against Socialism

Socialism is an ideology under which everyone becomes dirt poor. Except those who run the system (they become filthy rich). "Woke" is a tool the socialism advocates use to spread stupidity. "Woke" is short for, "My bwain is bwoke." Anybody who is "woke" clearly has a bwoken bwain.

  1. The warning, "Go woke, go broke" is no joke. The corporate carnage continues. Target, Budweiser, and others are finding out their customers actually matter. Bed Bath and Beyond found out the hard way that discriminatory hiring and promotion under the banner "inclusion" is how you get incompetent management and failure-based leadership; after 50 years, they are bankrupt and closing up shop. Dick's Sporting Goods, whose CEO and Board believe that violent rapists are more valuable than single mothers, has been under a boycott for several years. They claim they aren't affected by it, but that's only because enough people who are either ignorant or mentally ill patronize their stores. Locally, I have not seen their parking lot more than 1/3 full since the boycott began. It used to be full. It should be empty.
  2. Facebook is another company that needs to die. Let's not only boycott it ourselves, but ask other people to do so as well. Some may not care about Zuckerberg's disinformation campaigns, but they might care about their personal security. This was my original reason for not opening a Facebook account. The treason as a reason came later. Tell people that Facebook not only supports corrupt politicians, it also violates your privacy and security six ways to Sunday. It's noted for that. If you have a Twitter account, then tweet something derogatory about Facebook or question why anyone sane would use it. Or just start calling it "Unsafebook". The reference will be obvious. And Unsafebook needs to die.
  3. Ben & Jerry's, a far left-wing company that sells sugar and trans fact concoctions to Americans, is finally suffering the consequences of the company's anti-American rhetoric and socialist politics. It's owned by Unilever, and Unilever stock lost about $2 billion in market capitalization amid calls to boycott Ben & Jerry’s the company posted a Fourth of July message saying the United States should hand Mount Rushmore over to Native Americans. Another company that needs to die. RIP soon.
  4. A federal judge ruled that the Brainless administration has to BACK OFF from its censorship activities. Read more about it here:
  5. A freedom-seeking family fled The People's Republic of California, a communist country on our leftwing coast. They moved to a free state and openly express their gratitude for their new home. Read about it here:
  6. Costco is refusing to restock Bud Light. They had to practically give away what they already had, and they aren't buying more.
  7. The House passed the "Defense" Bill but with limitations on some key wokeness practices. This is progress. Now if only the Defense Department would actually defend us; they could start by taking out the Monsanto Corporation. Next steps would be to defend us against our socialist occupiers. Not a coup, but an uncoup. It's interesting that we deployed the military to protect voters/elections in Iraq, but inside our own country there has been no protection of voting rights. Instead, voting has been rendered moot because election corrupters are not held accountable. Banana republic.
  8. If you've ever had the displeasure of watching Homeland Insecurity Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas being deposed by the Senate or the House, you no doubt came away with a poor opinion of him. He's failing at his job and instead of answering questions he makes speeches about what a great job he's doing. He'll say something like, "That's exactly why we...." and "We take very seriously...." but always refuses to answer the question (the "exactly why" is not related in any way to the question). Now the House Homeland Security Committee is preparing to released a report that is about 110 pages long. They intend to impeach Mayorkas. Let's hope they succeed. That will be one less lying FAILURE drawing a government paycheck. And maybe we'll get someone with a conscience to replace him and actually secure our borders against the flood of human trafficking, fentanyl, and rapists that we now endure. Under Presidents Obama and Trump, we didn't have that flow. If the Democrats care about their own party, they will support the impeachment. Then again, they should have impeached Cackling Kamala three years ago and then immediately removed Brainless Biden from office. Nutcase Nancy was Speaker at the time, so they would still have a commie in the White House and that means they had nothing to lose and a lot to gain by getting rid of those two idiots. 

The Ongoing Covid Scam: Tidbits

  • Have you seen Ed Dowd's disability stats? If not, take a look here at the rapid accleration: The only explanation for this is the experimental gene therapy dishonestly marketed as a "safe and effective" Covid-19 vaccine. It wasn't safe, it wasn't effective, and it wasn't a vaccine. But it was mandated. And now the people who took it are disproportionately represented in the swelling ranks of the disabled. To those of us who were paying attention two years ago (and who watched Senator Johnson's roundtable or any of more than a dozen exposes of "vaccine" injury, Dowd's numbers are no surprise.
  • Here's a video you can share with the disinformed who have yet to understand why the jab is so bad:
  • Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr. said he would prosecute Mr. Fauci for the crimes he committed as part of the Covid scam. It is unlikely that most voters care, because most voters buried their heads in either the sand or their nether regions throughout the whole scam. Even today, many people are blithely unaware that the masks could not possibly have helped, the fake "vaccine" was unsafe and ineffective, and Fauci isn't a real doctor (he has the sheepskin, but you need only to hear him give his absurd opinions to know he's the nation's "Idiot of Immunology" and that his level of medical ignorance is profound).
  • A fast food chain is not permitting employees to dress like bank robbers: 

The Ongoing Covid Scam: End of a Dream

A retired neighbor is fulfilling his dream of traveling during retirement. He does most of this via flights to far away places. We met not long after he returned from his latest trip, and he said he's considering not taking the one he has planned for September. His reason is on both the outbound and return trips, the flight crews just had an attitude of anger. And all the delays! The crews seemed upset and surly. I told him they have every right to be. This surprised him, so I explained. Short version:

  • First, they were forced to wear dust masks while at work. The alleged reason was to stop transmission of Covid. This had to insult their intelligence. On top of this, they were tasked with enforcing the same idiocy among passengers. A dust mask does not protect against a biohazard, yet Mr. Fauci and the Centers for Disinformation and Censorship insisted that people wear them. A county adjacent to the one I live in made it a misdemeanor with a $300 fine for not wearing one in public. Even though there was no medical reason to do so. And on airlines, the same idiotic rule was in place except when you're eating or drinking you don't have to wear it because Covid would somehow not be present at those times.
  • The real problems began with the "vaccine" mandates. Here was an experimental medication with no proven efficacy and no safety studies. Somehow, it would stop the transmission of Covid though of course this claim was absurd on its face.
  • Many airline employees said, "No, I value my health. I am not getting the shot". Those people lost their jobs.
  • Many of those who submitted to the experimental gene therapy (quite a few did so under duress) experienced severe health consequences. For example, pilots suddenly dying became "a thing".
  • The illegal firings combined with the health consequences of illegal drug mandates caused a huge loss qualified personnel. And thus the delays. Crews often became stranded, without pay, while awaiting additional crew members so that a jet could depart.
  • The lawsuits over this are in progress, but those are civil matters and nobody behind the mandates has been arraigned much less sent to prison yet.

This is only one aspect of the fallout from the War Against America, Project Covid-19 (wars against other countries, same project, also very damaging). I told my neighbor there is only one way to stop transmission, and that's to put a plastic bag over your head and tightly tape the open end around your neck. (Had Mr. Fauci done this in 2020, the world would be a much better place today. Perhaps Biden tried this when he was young and survived, that could explain how stupid he is). So, I told him, the key is to provide the body with what it needs to fight a virus. And we have known for decades what the body needs to fight a virus. His response was, "I see it differently". As if I had been relating an opinion, which obviously I was not.

The Ongoing Covid Scam: We Can Prevent Another One

The widespread denial over what happened and the devastating results of what happened is a major reason we are sitting ducks for another round of the same kind of scam. It reminds me of the sad fact that millions of Americans are in denial about the coup, believing that somehow Brainless Biden with his "zero attendance" rallies beat President Trump with his "30,000 people" rallies in a fair election where it just so happened Trump's massive lead evaporated only after the polls closed and the mail-in votes flooded in. Also important to note about that stolen election is this. We saw many "We love you President Trump" signs, but nobody can recall a single sign stating any love for Biden. We must refute denial rather than let it shape the narrative.

The way to prevent another "pandemic" is a political path, not a medical one:

  • Boycott and disparage lamestream media.
  • Advocate for the abolition of the CDC and FDA. Ask your misrespresentative in Congress to explain why we should fund an organization that worked so hard to deceive and harm the American people.
  • Push for election reform, so that socialists and other idiots actually have to face an election rather than be appointed to office by their corporate sponsors. Write to your County Board representative and to your Election Board.
  • Donate to organizations involved in election reform, e.g., Judicial Watch.
  • Any time another person complains about the economy or anything else the socialists have damaged since the coup, blame the socialists and blame the lack of election integrity. Ask the complainer to do a specific action, such as agree not to vote for any socialists. Then explain what a socialist is. Small chance of success here, since people who complain about these things without blaming the socialists or the lack of election integrity believe these bad things simply happen.
  • Keep yourself healthy, so you are an example to others. And then tell them what you are doing (no processed food, taking at least 5X the RDA of vitamin D, not consuming seed oils despite the FDA's insistence we do that, and eating your fruits and vegetables--really simple stuff anybody can do).
  • Ask random strangers if they've heard whether Mr. Fauci has been extradited to Nuremberg to stand trial. After the deer in the headlights look, say something like, "The news outlets are oddly silent about that.'

Doctors Baffled


2. Product Highlight

The Rocket Pen is a life-changer for students and adults with reading difficulties. Scan words or lines from any screen (e.g., tablet, smart phone, computer) or printed material, and it not only reads to you but provides word definitions, word breakdown, and more to teach you to read (by "you" we mean the person you buy this for). The Rocket Pen Reader gives the reading-challenged their independence.

We have been running a sale since Monday Juneteenth. Perfect gift for a student.

Buy the Rocket Pen on Amazon | eBay | Walmart

Watch this demo video:

These features were added with the latest release:

  • Has dictionary lockout and ExamRead feature, so it doubles as an exam pen.
  • Left-hand user mode.
  • Scan left to right mode.
  • Fast shutdown.
  • Selectable voices for playback of scanned text.
  • Selectable UI language: English (default) or Spanish.

Other features and benefits:

  • Allows students or adults with reading difficulties to gain independence and reading fluency without stigma.
  • Reading tutor functions include spelling, syllabication (how the word is "built"), and one word displayed in big font.
  • Syllables break for each word.
  • Direct lookup of phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions (for example, get ahead, get along, keep on, keep off, look forward to).
  • Uses colors for the different fields, to improve the understanding of the dictionary definition.
  • You scan, it reads to you.
  • Scans lines of text or individual words from almost any surface, not just paper. It can read the text on a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Hear individual words or even multiple lines of text read aloud in natural voice.
  • Completely self-contained, no computer or Wi-Fi required.
  • Comes ready to use, no setup process (but customization can easily be done).
  • Full 1.9 inch color touch screen, and simple physical buttons for screenless scan and read.
  • Multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions including the New Oxford American Dictionary (over twice the size of what the cPen uses) with Oxford Thesaurus of English (Americanized), Oxford American Children’s Dictionary with Oxford American Children’s Thesaurus, and English to Spanish dictionary.
  • Built-in speaker automatically mutes when earbuds are used, automatically unmutes when they aren't.
  • Meets FCC, ROHS, and CE standards.
  • Package includes ReaderPen, USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide, and earphones.

Rocket Pen

The Rocket Pen Reader is an affordable, powerful reading assistant and reading tutor that erases the barriers created by dyslexia and other reading problems. It can be used privately in the classroom, avoiding stigma, thanks to the earbuds included in the kit (it can alternatively be used without earbuds).

How it teaches reading

Before the early 1980s, public schools relied on phonics to teach reading. This allowed any student to "sound out" a new, unfamiliar word and also recognize its root and thereby often grasp its meaning even without a dictionary. Then schools switched to the "Look See" method, which treated words as individual pictograms to memorize. The results were dismal, plummeting the USA from the top of the literacy ranks to the bottom among industrialized countries.

The Rocket Pen puts phonics back in.

It also adds a context-driven dictionary and a context-driven thesaurus, both powerful tools for improving reading skills. See the reading tutor functions in the chart below.

It is the answer

The Rocket Pen Reader is the answer for helping the reading-challenged in the classroom, special needs classes, home-schooling, and adult education. Because of its mobile-friendly design, you can carry it with you and use it anywhere. Not only does it read to you, it helps you learn to read (for example, by showing you the syllable breakdown and the definition). It is super easy to use, no need to watch a dozen videos to figure out what to do.

Based on the highly successful ReadingPen 2 and vastly superior to the cPen Reader Pen, the RocketPen is the latest generation in a reading tutor scanning pen. It is a quantum leap or two beyond anything else on the market. This amazing device retails for $499, sells for $399 on Amazon and, but is on sale now for a limited time only via our eBay store at only $379!

It beats the competition

Compare the Rocket Pen to the competition. The winner here is obvious:

Rocket Pen cPen Reader Orcam Read
Amazon Price 399 285 1990
Color touchscreen Yes No No
Words appear in large font Yes No No
Scans phones, tablets, etc. Yes No Yes
Scans blocks of text No No Yes
Color-coded dictionary Yes No No
Simple physical buttons Yes Yes Yes
Ergonomic for kids Yes No No
English and Spanish Yes Yes Yes
Verbal commands No No Yes
Auto trigger upon contact Yes Yes No
Easy menu navigation Yes No No
Manufacturer experience, yrs 30 7 4
Product age Latest generation! 7 4




Reading Tutor Functions


Dictionary 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Dictionary 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Thesaurus 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Thesaurus 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Syllablication / word breakdown Yes No No
Hear word spelled out Yes No No
See word spelled out Yes No No
Part of speech Yes Yes No
Headword Yes Yes No
Pronunciation guide Yes No No
Idioms Yes No No
Quick Define feature Yes No No


3. Brainpower tip


Ideology is all the rage, these days. People caught in an ideological mentality reject evidence and reasoning. All that matters is their ideology, no matter how stupid it is or how destructive it is. We saw this with the Covid scam (masking, for example, totally inane) and we are seeing it now with the socialists' big push for a "carbon free economy". Often when I mention the fact that wind farms produce about as much CO2 watt for watt from inception to decommissioning as coal power stations, I am met with rolling eyes or some other sign that I must be crazy.

The key when evaluating any system is you must look at all of the inputs. The climatards fail to do this. In their fantasy world, wind turbines magically appear. There's no concrete (big CO2 footprint) needed, and apparently the giant blades can be repurposed as food at end of life. Another example: an electric car is not as clean as a modern internal combustion energy car. If you are looking only at the tailpipe because you are blinded by ideology, then you would conclude the opposite. And you would be dead wrong. Among the inputs to many "green schemes" is land displacement (cutting down trees to erect wind turbines or cutting down rainforests to grow corn for ethanol).

You must also look at all of the outputs, including the leaks in the system. Outputs include things like toxic waste, effects on wildlife, and alternative choices that would otherwise not be made. Consider alternatives to the new dishwasher regulations proposed by the Brainless administration. Modern dishwashers already use as little water as possible. Much less than a human who is washing dishes. Under the new regulations, dishwashers won't get dishes clean. They will use 1/3 less water, but you have to wash the dishes three or four times in the machine and/or wash them by hand. So the effect is that we will use far more water, and that water is of course hot water which requires energy to become hot.

Ideologues are stupid because they operate outside reality. The laws of physics and other aspects of science do not figure into their world view. When people are consumed by their ideology, any use of their cognitive power simply ceases. Don't even try to engage those people in reality, you have to reach them emotionally and that means shaming their ideology (call it destructive, naive, childish, the product of weak minds, etc.). Don't go into details, just paint the big picture.

All of us have a bit of ideology, but most of us fit it into a framework of rational analysis and rational conduct. If that's what you are doing, then keep doing it. Just be sure to check yourself occasionally, and ask smart questions. And that's something you are probably doing as a matter of habit already. Just don't stop, don't let the tail wag the dog.

4. Finance tip

The socialists believe the economy of the USA is a threat to the planet. Ordinarily, such irrationality would be dismissed as the mere cant of crazy people. The problem is those crazy people have gone to great lengths to steal elections, intimidate judges, and intimidate members of Congress. Their pet retard has the power of the Presidency, and they are using that to debauch and undermine the economy at no slow pace. The effect on businesses has been profoundly bad, and many are laying people off.

Are you at risk of losing your job? Here are some signs:

  • Your company merges or is acquired. This kind of event is nearly always followed by cutting jobs. You can be on the layoff list simply because of how much you make, regardless of your actual value or ROI to the company. To protect yourself, have a side gig and also network in both your industry and your job category (not one within the other, treat these separately). When the sh** hits the fan, you'll be ready.
  • Your department or division is downsized. This shows your department or division is considered expendable. Use the same protection as for general job loss.
  • Chairs shuffle and you get a new boss. Or there's a new CEO, and the old one is "leaving to spend more time with family". Use the same protection as for the other two signs, but also make yourself known to the new person by offering to do something specific for the company. This takes guts and forethought, and you will be recognized for same.
  • Some kind of life coach or teamwork trainer is brought in to conduct sessions. Don't gripe, be cooperative and cheerful. Be fully compliant. Part of this person's job is to identify which employees are "not team players".

Exceptions to layoff lists (some VP takes your name off the list) are rarely made based on technical skills. They are made almost exclusively based on the perception of you. Follow these tips:

  • Have at least four pairs of shoes for work. Check twice a week to ensure they are properly shined. The amount of difference this makes is astounding. Never wear to work shoes that need a shine, grab a pair that doesn't.
  • Dress a level or half a level up from your station. If others at your pay grade wear polo shirts, wear a properly-fitting dress shirt (have it tailored, if necessary). If everyone wears dress shirts open-collar style, wear a tie or at least keep on in your office.
  • Groom conservatively. I don't work in an office for some corporation, so I don't worry about the fact I have a ponytail. When I did work in such an office, I kept my hair cut above my ears and tapered in back well above the collar line.
  • Don't wear fragrance. It offends many people, and you appear to be trying to cover up body odor.
  • Keep your office or cubicle very neat and tidy. Take 10 minutes at the end of each day to put things away.
  • Don't eat at your desk. This makes you look insecure and you get odors around your desk. Take proper breaks.
  • Don't gripe about things. Think about them and offer solutions. To your boss? If your boss is a glory grabber then no--go higher up. Simply drop by the office of some VP and ask if you can have four and a half minutes. Either way, identify the issue and then state your idea for solving it. Ask if you can be assigned a project to carry this out. In my case, I went to a VP and he asked me why I was asking him instead of my boss. I said, "Have you ever known him to come up with anything intelligent? This is way above his ability to understand. That's why I came to you."
  • If you drive to work, ensure your car has a proper wax job and is kept clean most of the time. Ensure the interior is always spotless.
  • Articulate clearly and use proper grammar. If this is a weak area for you, buy a grammar study book and study it. This grammar thing is a kind of shibboleth, and if you don't know what that means you are already in trouble.
  • Take the time to understand the scope and purpose of any assignment.
  • Think about how to complete the work accurately and efficiently, even before starting it. Run your ideas past your boss; you may get excellent advice and you will also be showing you care about accuracy and efficiency.
  • Take the time to review your work before handing it in.


Many people either have diarrhea of the mouth or play the wallflower during a meeting. Either way, you lose. Here is what to do instead:

  • Spend most of your time with your mouth shut.
  • Validate others. When David finishes giving his report, say something like, "Thank you for the preparation you clearly put into that report, David. It's great stuff." Don't overdo this, your opinion on each person isn't needed or wanted.
  • Research a topic deeply. Find out ahead of time what's on the agenda if possible. If your meetings typically do not have an agenda, then pick an important topic. Learn the details, especially numbers, so you can rattle them off. This will make you the go to guy on this subject. You haven't taken anyone else's thunder, you've kept your mouth shut (and will continue to keep it shut after this) except for validating others.

Here's an example of that third bullet:

"Sales to ACME have seen a year to year drop of 14%. And I know ACME is an important account. So I called them and spoke with Barb, who is the main user. She told me Purchasing has been sending her orders back and asking for a quantity reduction. ACME got on this ERG bandwagon, and now they are having financial difficulty. I also contacted our returns department and found that our defect rate on the XYZ product, which is about 25% of ACME's order volume for us has increased 11% in the past six months. We hired a new QA manager six months ago. So I went to him and asked him what's going on. He said his predecessor quit after our own Purchasing department switched to a cheaper supplier that had lower quality.

I have the name of the previous supplier. I contacted them and asked if they could meet the price of the supplier we are using. They said no, because the other supplier cuts corners and produces an inferior product. But I did get their best price. It turns out that when you factor in the scrap rate alone, our old supplier is cheaper. Each return is a sale lost forever, so that must also be considered.

So that's my research. I was wondering what thoughts the rest of you have and what you think our next steps should be."

There's someone who doesn't take a problem lightly, but at the same time isn't driven by eclipsing the team. This is a person who empowers the team. And thus helps everyone stay employed. Guess who is not going to be anywhere near the top of any layoff list?

5. Security tip

The socialists and their acolytes say they want to ban "assault rifles". Yet, they never define what one is. Let me do that for you, then move on to a few other points.

How assault weapons came to be

When I was in High School, I was in Naval Junior Reserve Office Training (NJROTC) for three and a half years. I went to mini-boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center three times (it's a week long condensed boot camp that includes firearm training, fire fighting, and all the other skills learned in boot camp). I also went on a cruise aboard a Mullinax class destroyer, one of only two left from World War II. My uncle served on the other one as a Petty Officer Second Class.

While in ROTC, I was in an elite squad of our drill team and I was the Color Guard Commander during my last semester in ROTC. We used the old Springfield 1903 rifles, which were heavy. At the rifle range, we used them while lying prone. They use a heavy load, which means a lot of powder (and thus the heavy frame). That gets you far more range than you need in actual combat, and the rifle using that load is accordingly stout. This was the primary weapon in World War I. You used it from an immobile position, it was too heavy to assault with. In World War II, the troops used the lighter M1. Same bore, but much less propellant so a much lighter weapon. By the time Vietnam was a thing, they were using the M16. It had a much shorter range. It was basically the answer to the AK-47, which was developed in 1947. The A stood for "Assault" and the K stood for the inventor's last name.

The M15 has a 30 round magazine and can fire rapidly like a machine gun. Except it doesn't weigh nearly as much as a machine gun because it uses a .223 cartridge and a lot less propellant. A civilian version was developed, it's called the AR-15. In most states, the AR-15 is limited to a 10 round magazine as the maximum size. Like the M15, it's chambered for .223. Note that the military kept the M15 as an assault weapon (meaning it was light enough and yet powerful enough to use in an infantry assault). It did not adopt the AR-15 for this purpose, the AR-15 just isn't suitable for an assault.

And it's not just the features of the M15 that make it an assault weapon, it's intended to be used by members of a squad using predetermined tactics the way a football team uses a particular play. It's the lightness of the M-15, combined with its high magazine capacity and its full auto firing capability that make it suitable for squad use during an assault. The squad itself is the actual assault weapon, from the viewpoint of a company commander (a company consists of multiple squads). It's what the CC will use to assault the enemy.

The AR-15 doesn't cut it

You can make an AR-15 look more military by changing its stock and performing other cosmetic changes to it. But it will still fire only 10 rounds (unless you have a 5 round magazine, in which case it will fire only 5 rounds). And unlike an assault rifle, the AR-15 is only semi-automatic. You must pull the trigger to fire each shot. This also means you must release the trigger after each shot. This means a very slow firing speed compared to an assault rifle. It also means you are moving the weapon each time because pulling a trigger moves the weapon. This is why snipers don't pull triggers, they hold their breath and squeeze them.

While a double action revolver such as the S&W Model 29 is slower than a semi-automatic rifle, that doesn't mean the rifle has a high discharge rate. It just means the Model 29 has an even slower discharge rate than the AR-15. Using a small round in a gun fight means you are relying on a lot of small rounds; the AR-15 can't deliver on that score. I would not take it into a gun fight.

All clear on this now? The AR15 is not an assault weapon, and there's no way a military squad could use it for modern military tactics. Also, the fact it's a rifle means it's nearly impossible to conceal. This is why you seldom read or hear about crimes being committed by people using AR-15s. They tend to use pistols, which at most are semi-automatic. Hardly anybody can hit a target at more than 20 feet using a pistol, it's just not an accurate weapon. Robbing a liquor store when standing six feet from the clerk, it will do the job. Walk into that store with an AR-15, the clerk will likely get the draw on you and drop you because you can't conceal the AR-15 very easily.

Bans are dangerous

Bans on so-called assault weapons are baseless and they are futile. If we could magically confiscate every AR-15 ever made, the effect on crimes committed with firearms would zero because criminals don't use these guns. They are good for home defense because:

  • You don't need to, or even want to, conceal them.
  • They don't have much penetration power.
  • You can probably hit the intruder at least twice from far corners of your living room or main hallway.
  • The powder load is so small that if you neglect hearing protection, you are not likely to suffer permanent hearing damage. And you won't see much flash.
  • You can dress it up for the intimidation factor and probably ensure your safety without firing a shot.

If the socialists can ban America's most popular rifle for no valid reason, they can also ban:

  • Hunting knives.
  • Pistols.
  • Machetes.
  • Swords.
  • Various other weapons.

Indeed, it is illegal in Chicago to pull a knife out of your chest and stab the guy who is kidnapping your 2 year old girl after having stuck that very knife in YOUR chest. Actual case history! There are crazies running the socialist states (and most of our large cities), and we need to stop them.

The next time you hear someone talk about banning assault weapons, set the record straight. Start by asking them which assault weapon in particular they mean and then ask them for some technical details such as its magazine capacity or bore. Then explain the differences between a military squad and a lone robber of a liquor store, and the differences between what those squads use and what civilians are able to purchase.


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility in this area.

Statistics when these photos were taken, 2 days past my 62nd birthday:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148.8lbs (a bit more than the Age 60 shoot, and I am leaner for this one)

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20.5 (an increase of half an inch since the Age 60 shoot)

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 10 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Max squat: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 8 reps of front squats with 90lbs to start Leg Day

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Testosterone: Above the upper limit of the normal range

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

Some cool climbing  videos:

See all of my climbing videos here:

I've got another photo shoot coming up soon. The last one didn't produce good results, due to photographer errors (overlit, and snapping while I was getting into the pose instead of while I was striking the pose). Even so, you can see I was fairly ripped. Many people who see my photos believe I starve myself down to look that way. When I tell them I don't, they insist I must do that. No, I insist, I still eat 6 meals per day and I don't cut much to get ready for a photo shoot (I cut a little and take a long time to get photo-ready). What they don't seem to grasp is how I define food versus what they believe is food. Huge difference.

Here's a video (made by someone else) that makes this very clear:

My diet consists of nutrient-dense whole foods, and a wide variety of them. It's devoid of endocrine modifiers (fruit juices, refined sugar, HFC, etc.), toxic fats (the supplement known as CLA, seed oils, margarine, etc.), meat (because it's contaminated with many things including glyphosate), wheat, corn, and soy. At this time of year, I am eating plenty of organically grown food from my garden: three different kinds of kale, three different kinds of peppers, two different kinds of basil, three different kinds of tomatoes, and two different kinds of eggplant.

Daily, I eat Amish-raised eggs (an average of 10/day), bok choy, spinach, beet greens, red beet roots, golden beet roots, eggplant, beans, broccoli, squash, and sweet potatoes among other nutrient-dense foods. I have cut back on fats to prepare for the photo shoot planned for this September, but the operative idea there is "cut back" not "eliminate". So I eat avocado less often, use less coconut oil, and use less butter. I do not cut back on olive oil at all (its an Italian thing). The fat is needed for functions like building brain tissue, keeping myelin healthy and making testosterone. This list isn't complete, I'm just giving you an idea of what I eat. I left out, for example, my daily banana, daily apple, and daily pear (or orange or other fruit). I left out the ingredients of my breakfast cookies (which are not made with wheat, the current batch was made with one cup of almond flour and one cup of oat flour); these often include some kind of dried fruit such as raisins or dried cherries. They include cocoa, apples, bananas, coffee, creatine, and half a dozen spices. I also drink a good amount of water, coffee, and tea. I drink zero booze, sports drinks, fruit juices, etc.

A common reaction upon hearing what I eat is, "But you gave up [pizza, ice cream, etc.], how can you enjoy eating like this?" That's where the spices come in, and also things like organic sugar-free salsa, and condiments such as sugar-free mustard. But also, the food itself tastes great and is very satisfying. I don't have a "sweet tooth" because I never acquired a sugar addiction (which is dopamine-driven). Because my meals are what they are, I don't have to choose between "eating like a bird" or carrying excess body fat. Due to decades of eating six small per day at the same time every day (I do not change my clock to participate in the population control method that is irrationally called "Daylight Savings Time"), I feel full after a small meal. But whatever I eat, it's high quality whole food that is nutritious and delicious.

When making your food choices, follow the adage used by database people: Garbage in, garbage out. I don't see the wisdom of eating any garbage. The so-called "cheat days" that are often in fat loss programs are probably fine if you are at the far end of the spectrum and need to start developing a healthy food choice habit. But at some point, you need to see those days as punishment rather than reward.

A health care legend (remember, I define health care using English, not Newspeak) was fond of saying, "If it's made by man, I don't eat it." Do you know who that legend was? Jack LaLanne. His example is a good one to follow.



At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The woketards who are telling us not to be offended by a tranny dude on a beer can are the same people who are offended by having Aunt Jemima on a bottle of syrup and Uncle Ben on a can of rice.


8. Thought for the Day

If a man can identify as a woman and lawfully violate Title IX and lawfully shower with under age girls, why can't a man or a woman identify as "tax exempt" and not pay federal income taxes and sales taxes?




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