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Mindconnection eNL, 2023-06-18


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1. Good News: Where the Intel is Good

Socialist Censors

This newsletter gets censored with almost every issue. We can usually get it through the gatekeepers with a few tweaks (removing an informational link or, as with the last issue--which I re-sent the following day--filling out some forms with Spamhaus). This newsletter comes out twice a month, and the issues are usually two weeks apart (may be three weeks if a month has five weeks). If you do not receive your issue, please visit and click on the newsletter link. I keep an archive there.

I have thought about sending out a plain text e-mail stating the newsletter is ready, and here's the link. That means extra steps for the readers. Personally, I like content delivered directly in the body of the e-mail. What do you think? Write back to me and let me know, please.

Another option is to dumb it down and simply agree with the harmful absurdities spewed by our socialist media. I already know what you think about that. No worries, it aint gonna happen.

Defending against socialism

Socialism is an economic system in which the government controls the means of production and distribution, and the results have always been disastrous. Implementing socialism requires the loss of personal freedom, personal security, personal opportunity, and government accountability. Communism is socialism without property rights.

A primary weapon of the socialists today is "wokeism". They use this to divide people but also to brain-deaden people, under the (well-established and empirically proven) theory that only naive people want socialism. The "woke" need to wake up and understand their delusional views are being amped up and forced onto everyone else in an effort to divide us so we can't or won't stand up to the mental illness we call "socialism". What does "woke" mean, and where did it come from? It's actually a short way of saying, "My bwain is bwoke." Anybody who is "woke" clearly has a bwoken bwain.

  1. On 02 JUN, YouTube ended its blackout of content that questions the legitimacy of the 2020 POTUS election. This is way late, but better than never. Did they do this out of a crisis of conscience, since the fact the election was stolen and Biden was not actually elected so obvious and so beyond being debatable that it's immoral to support the narrative? Or are they doing it because Biden's policies have so damaged the economy and small businesses in particular (the core of YouTube revenue) that they don't want such a travesty to repeat in 2024?
  2. The Communist News Network continues to suffer from extremely low ratings. The Board recently fired a bunch of top execs, but guess what they did not do? They did not say, "Gee, Americans are boycotting our message of hatred, exclusion, stupidity, and communism. Maybe we should try producing acceptable content." There's also the Trump Derangement Syndrome and Covid scam narrative they've been pushing at a nation where the majority of Americans approve of President Trump's job performance and stated very clearly in 2020 that we wanted him back for a second term (that's what elections are about). Note to CNN: The constant insults to the intelligence of the majority really don't help ratings.
  3. Tucker Carlson, who was ejected from Fox News for the offense of accurately reporting the news instead of repeating the false narrative, landed at Twitter. He debuted on Tuesday the 6th of June and rocketed past 90 million views the following day.
  4. Hundreds of absentee ballots from the 2020 "election" were found in a storage unit. Watch the video: This is just one county. Think of all the others. Donald Trump won his second term. The socialists massively defrauded the election, installing in his place an America-hating retard they could manipulate into destroying this country. The degree of destruction has been severe and it continues. Will we have an election in 2024 and stop it?
  5. Senator Grassley on the Biden Crime Family:
  6. Target went way overboard with its LGBTQTXWYZ merchandising, leaving matters of taste and decorum completely out of it. This earned them a severe backlash from sane people, and in an effort to avoid extinction Target removed the most offensive of these offensive items (the ones aimed at little kids). This sparked outrage from the radical victimhood trannies, who then did what they always do. Bully and intimidate. They made bomb threats, which resulted in the evacuations of many Target stores. Had Target simply snubbed these deranged people to begin with, the company would have been far better off.

Stupidity Alert!

The New York state legislature passed a bill to provide slavery reparations, even though:

  • There were no cotton plantations in New York. Ever.
  • The vast majority of "black" people in New York are descendents of people who came to the USA AFTER Emancipation or they are first generation immigrants (and thus were never slaves or ancestors of same).
  • The vast majority of "white" people in New York are descendents of people who came to the USA AFTER Emancipation or they are first generation immigrants (and thus were never slave owners or ancestors of same).
  • Reparations have been paid out for generations, already. It's called Welfare.
  • Nobody who is a descendant of slaves is harmed by that fact (except maybe emotionally, but it was 150 years+ in the past).
  • There is no rational way to determine who pays the reparations and who receives them.

The ongoing Covid scam

  1. The FDA revoked authorization for the Johnson & Johnson "Covid vaccine". Yay! Only three more non-vaccines to go! Oddly enough, this revocation was at the behest of Janssen, the J&J subsidiary that makes this dangerous and ineffective "vaccine". Could it be the execs actually have compassion or scruples? Or are they smart enough to see there's a strong possibility that because of the underlying fraud the government's protection from prosecution and other liability is likely to fail in court?
  2. What is the underlying fraud that allows a court to set aside the government protections for makers of the "Covid vaccines?" There are actually many. The most obvious one is you can't make an effective vaccine against a rapidly mutating virus. By the time you have the vaccine, you are fighting a different virus. This is why we don't have a vaccine against HIV, despite 40 years of fairly intense research into it. Another fraud is the prerelease trials showed the medication wasn't safe and was of negligible effectiveness. These are only two of a MUCH longer list of frauds.


Covid versus face diapers

Amazingly, some people still drive around wearing masks. They even go into banks with them on (that should be prohibited). I used the word "amazingly" because this behavior shows an amazing degree of ignorance, irrationality, and self-deception. Here are some facts on masks

  1. The masks do not cover the eyes (a virus infection vector). Therefore, wearing a mask is pointless.
  2. The mask will not stop a particle smaller than .300 microns. A virus is 0.070 microns. Therefore wearing a mask is pointless.
  3. The medium is only "up to" 95% effective, which could mean 10% effective. Which means even if the Covid virus somehow grew to 5x its size, wearing a mask would be pointless.
  4. The sides, top, bottom, and back provide no seal. Therefore, wearing a mask is pointless.
  5. The lattice fabric of a mask becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, unless the mask is changed frequently. This is commonly known among medical professionals, nothing new there.
  6. Wearing a mask does slow exhalation enough that CO2 piles up in the intake air. This has been proven. So wearing a mask makes you stupid and thus more likely to keep wearing it.

So we have now established that it is correct to assert that wearing a mask to protect yourself from Covid is as pointless as putting a screen door on a submarine. This was shown to be the case early in the Covid scam mania. The disinformation people attempted to counter this with the assertion that Covid resides in the saliva, even though:

  1. The Covid test doesn't have anything to do with saliva, they go WAY up your nose with the swab.
  2. Automotive windshield wipers are not on the inside, which they would have to be if the saliva cloud argument had any basis in reality.
  3. The saliva argument is also countered by simply realizing that if the virus is riding along with the saliva, only the saliva will be stopped and the virus will continue right on through. Saliva is not amber.
  4. The saliva argument is self-defeating because it requires saliva to trap the virus, and that trapping would mean the virus stays in the saliva rather than being transmissible.

It's basically a splash guard. A mask offers the wearer zero protection against Covid, but it can help reduce the volume of transmission FROM the wearer if the wearer ordinarily ejects saliva via sneezing, spitting, etc., because it will block most of the outbound saliva. It will not stop Covid from entering or exiting around the mask or via the eyes or via the skin or via the clothes the person donned (mask wearing assumes everyone gets dressed in a "clean room" after having their hair and skin sanitized). Nor does an N95 mask stop Covid from going through it. Wearing a mask to stop Covid is like putting garlic in a hairnet to prevent it from stinking up your refrigerator; you need a sealed container, instead.

To achieve what mask-morons are assuming a mask will do, you need to correctly wear a full-blown hazmat suit. Those are extremely expensive (I had lesser protection going into a nuclear reactor containment with the reactor at 5% power) and extremely uncomfortable. There is also a definite way they must be put on, and even if you wear one you will go out in public with your Covid cooties all over the outside so you STILL will not stop transmission. Same thing when you come home with other people's Covid cooties on the outside and take it off without taking it off in a special, very expensive chamber and in a very particular way (for example, you roll it off rather than slide it off).

In short, wearing a mask to inhibit Covid transmission is idiotic. I am well past feeling inhibited about telling a mask-moron that diapering their face offers zero protection against Covid. Wearing a mask to stop Covid is like wearing a T-shirt that says, "I'm with Stupid" except the "with" isn't there. Might someone have another reason for masking up? Before Covid-mania, you just did not see people wearing masks, so there's your answer.



Doctors Baffled


2. Product Highlight

The Rocket Pen is a life-changer for students and adults with reading difficulties. Scan words or lines from any screen (e.g., tablet, smart phone, computer) or printed material, and it not only reads to you but provides word definitions, word breakdown, and more to teach you to read (by "you" we mean the person you buy this for). The Rocket Pen Reader gives the reading-challenged their independence.

We are running a sale, look for the reduced price on Amazon, starting Monday Juneteenth. Perfect gift for a student.

Buy the Rocket Pen on Amazon | eBay | Walmart

Watch this demo video:

These features were added with the latest release:

  • Has dictionary lockout and ExamRead feature, so it doubles as an exam pen.
  • Left-hand user mode.
  • Scan left to right mode.
  • Fast shutdown.
  • Selectable voices for playback of scanned text.
  • Selectable UI language: English (default) or Spanish.

Other features and benefits:

  • Allows students or adults with reading difficulties to gain independence and reading fluency without stigma.
  • Reading tutor functions include spelling, syllabication (how the word is "built"), and one word displayed in big font.
  • Syllables break for each word.
  • Direct lookup of phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions (for example, get ahead, get along, keep on, keep off, look forward to).
  • Uses colors for the different fields, to improve the understanding of the dictionary definition.
  • You scan, it reads to you.
  • Scans lines of text or individual words from almost any surface, not just paper. It can read the text on a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Hear individual words or even multiple lines of text read aloud in natural voice.
  • Completely self-contained, no computer or Wi-Fi required.
  • Comes ready to use, no setup process (but customization can easily be done).
  • Full 1.9 inch color touch screen, and simple physical buttons for screenless scan and read.
  • Multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions including the New Oxford American Dictionary with Oxford Thesaurus of English (Americanized), Oxford American Children’s Dictionary with Oxford American Children’s Thesaurus, and English to Spanish dictionary.
  • Built-in speaker automatically mutes when earbuds are used, automatically unmutes when they aren't.
  • Meets FCC, ROHS, and CE standards.
  • Package includes ReaderPen, USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide, and earphones.

Rocket Pen

The Rocket Pen Reader is an affordable, powerful reading assistant and reading tutor that erases the barriers created by dyslexia and other reading problems. It can be used privately in the classroom, avoiding stigma, thanks to the earbuds included in the kit (it can alternatively be used without earbuds).

How it teaches reading

Before the early 1980s, public schools relied on phonics to teach reading. This allowed any student to "sound out" a new, unfamiliar word and also recognize its root and thereby often grasp its meaning even without a dictionary. Then schools switched to the "Look See" method, which treated words as individual pictograms to memorize. The results were dismal, plummeting the USA from the top of the literacy ranks to the bottom among industrialized countries.

The Rocket Pen puts phonics back in.

It also adds a context-driven dictionary and a context-driven thesaurus, both powerful tools for improving reading skills. See the reading tutor functions in the chart below.

It is the answer

The Rocket Pen Reader is the answer for helping the reading-challenged in the classroom, special needs classes, home-schooling, and adult education. Because of its mobile-friendly design, you can carry it with you and use it anywhere. Not only does it read to you, it helps you learn to read (for example, by showing you the syllable breakdown and the definition). It is super easy to use, no need to watch a dozen videos to figure out what to do.

Based on the highly successful ReadingPen 2 and vastly superior to the cPen Reader Pen, the RocketPen is the latest generation in a reading tutor scanning pen. It is a quantum leap or two beyond anything else on the market. This amazing device retails for $499, sells for $399 on Amazon and, but is on sale now for a limited time only via our eBay store at only $379!

It beats the competition

Compare the Rocket Pen to the competition. The winner here is obvious:

Rocket Pen cPen Reader Orcam Read
Amazon Price 399 285 1990
Color touchscreen Yes No No
Words appear in large font Yes No No
Scans phones, tablets, etc. Yes No Yes
Scans blocks of text No No Yes
Color-coded dictionary Yes No No
Simple physical buttons Yes Yes Yes
Ergonomic for kids Yes No No
English and Spanish Yes Yes Yes
Verbal commands No No Yes
Auto trigger upon contact Yes Yes No
Easy menu navigation Yes No No
Manufacturer experience, yrs 30 7 4
Product age Latest generation! 7 4




Reading Tutor Functions


Dictionary 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Dictionary 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Thesaurus 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Thesaurus 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Syllablication / word breakdown Yes No No
Hear word spelled out Yes No No
See word spelled out Yes No No
Part of speech Yes Yes No
Headword Yes Yes No
Pronunciation guide Yes No No
Idioms Yes No No
Quick Define feature Yes No No


3. Brainpower tip


Giving yourself time to think is one of the most effective ways to boost your effective IQ. Not everything needs to be done right away, but people often act as if it does. So they skip right past planning and go into action.

As a person who is owned by a home, I do many upgrade, repair, maintenance, and add projects. These tend to come out really well. That's not because I have some great skill backed by decades of experience in whatever I am doing. My skill level is probably "intermediate +" (journeyman) and often the project is something I have never encountered before. It's because I take the time to think it out before doing it.

An example is the climbing wall I built before the Covid scam. Once I decided to do the project, I cogitated on it for months. I kept picturing it in my mind, drawing it on paper, and generally thinking about how I would use it. I looked at climbing gym walls and talked to a few of my climbing pals about the project. Those discussions added complexity, taking me away from my simple original concept to one where I have an adjustable wall that is basically on a gimbal. I built a prototype and worked the bugs out over one year (the year the Covid scam started), then built the final wall. I wasn't able to work out all the bugs, so I tapped the massive parallel processing network known as "my friends". My long-time friend (and mentor) Mike in Florida told me how to solve the instability problem, for example.

Another example is the ceiling light in my kitchen. The house was built in 1986. The original light was a common construction for the time. A large box recessed into the ceiling, two fluorescent fixtures mounted to the ceiling, and 2-inch trim used to make a sort of ceiling grid to hold two pieces of 2ft by 4ft cheap plastic diffuser lenses. Recently, one side stopped working. I tried replacing the lamps, no dice. It had to be the ballast. If you're going to replace one ballast, you should replace the other. Why not replace both with LED?

I could not find a direct replacement that would allow me to swap out the fluorescent fixtures for LED. What I did find was a troffer LED made exactly for overhead residential kitchen lights, it replaces the whole shebang. There were two problems to sort:

  1. Will I be able to maneuver the new fixtures up into an opening designed for flimsy, much thinner lenses? Yep, just barely.
  2. Will I be able to wire these, given the fact the fixtures block access? Yes, by building a custom wiring harness from materials on hand, leaving one fixture entirely out, connecting the other fixture and installing the harness to the power wiring and that fixture, putting the other fixture in and using a small board to cant it upwards on one side, and making the final connections.

I hadn't allowed myself time to think this through, mainly because I didn't know what I would be working with. I got this installed and it functioned perfectly. But there were two problems:

  1. Taking a fixture out again to, say replace a failed one, requires a certain sequence. Nobody else would know that sequence, and I might forget.
  2. It doesn't meet Code because the connections are not inside boxes and I didn't use strain reliefs on the fixture boxes.

The lights worked and the installation was safe. I could have left them alone and been fine. My first thought that making it Code-compliant would require adding a jumper to the incoming power cable because that cable was too short to work with. I would also have to add a jumper to each of the lights. That would introduce nine more connections, plus require adding three junction boxes to a very tight space. They probably wouldn't fit.

What I had was safer and more energy-efficient (all connections produce some heat). And since the box the lights go into was built with 1x4s, I had only 4 inches of height in which to work and in that space there had to be room to angle the fixtures up through the grid openings and into place. It was already very tricky to get one up.

But I allowed myself to think about it for a couple of days. Then I came up with a Code-compliant solution. I went back to Home Depot and spent another $33 on parts. Rather than install junction boxes and connect all those wires, why not make each fixture cord-connected? I could run the power cable into a 2x4 box in which I would mount a receptacle. There was just enough room, if I could mount the box sideways and attach it via one side. At Home Depot, I found an adjustable box. What's adjustable is there's a mounting clamp that slides along in the box. You can position the box a couple of inches behind the spot where you want it, drive the screws fairly tight, then pull the box forward. I mounted it jammed against the ceiling of that space, and jammed against the wall as well. Then I tried the fixture for that bay (I left the other fixture in place. I could easily get it in and out.

The way I oriented these, they face different directions so the side with the junction box is in the middle of the box built into the ceiling. That way, you can "easily" work on one by lifting the other.

I had also bought 2 garbage disposal power cords that were 5 feet long. These come with a built-in strain relief, but it's a large plastic thing that would take up too much space and make it more difficult to remove or install the fixtures. So using a vice and a screwdriver, I removed it. I used a standard 1/2p-inch knockout strain relief in its place and faced the screws so they would be accessible even if the fixture is overhead (not really necessary, but a nice touch). Now all of the connections for that fixture were inside the fixture's built-in junction box.

While that fixture was still out, I cord-connected the other one while it was in place. This was a bit trickier, I just wanted to see if it could be done. It did require using a snub screwdriver for the junction box, but I bought a set of those many years ago so was able to do that. I put the other fixture in place.

Now the problem is how to plug them in. Remember the fixture blocks your access. So I lifted up the fixture that I had earlier removed, and dragged the other fixture's power cord into the opening. I lifted up the other fixture, and dragged the power cord to where the other one was exiting and shoved it through a bit. Now, recall these are 5-ft cords. The fixtures are 4 ft, and the receptacle is very close to the edge of the fixture I had removed. So it was a simple matter of snaking these cords along under the fixtures and then lifting the far end of the one I hadn't removed to plug them in. Then I jostled the fixture to push the cord up over it where it was previously sitting on the cord.

An inexperienced inspector might say this isn't Code compliant because I used cords in the ceiling. That rule, however, applies to suspended ceilings. This is not a suspended ceiling, it's a box built into the ceiling and is effectively recessed lighting not true troffer lighting. There's no danger that rats or other vermin will gnaw on the SO cord, and then of course the nonmetallic sheathed cable doesn't exactly provide rodent protection and it's used throughout the house (it's how power is brought into that space, too). The same inspector might complain about the lack of a faceplate on the receptacle. But it's not "readily accessible"; there's no danger a toddler will bring a 6 ft ladder into the kitchen, lift the one lighting fixture, and jam a hair pin into one side.

At first, I didn't have time to think this job through. I wasn't familiar with the fixtures and didn't know what to expect. I also didn't want to wait a few days without that overhead light. So I did a first pass that was safe but far from optimal. Once I had time to think it through, I was able to make it not only Code-compliant buy highly practical for replacing a fixture if needed. How would that go? A person goes up on a ladder and pops a fixture up on one side. No wires, hmm, try the other side. Or if that person starts from the middle, s/he will see these have power cords. It's easy enough to follow them back and find the receptacle. A reasonably smart person would realize that all you have to do is take the cord off the old one and attach it to the new one and you're in business.

I like elegant solutions, but they usually take time to develop. Give yourself that time, and you will be amazed at what you're capable of.

4. Finance tip

Big thanks to Mike for telling me about this resource:

It's got some great info that can save you money (and frustration) with your computer.


5. Security tip

Here's a video about the Daniel Perry situation (thanks for providing the link, Mike!):

Worried that you might suffer a similar fate, just for saving the life of an innocent person and inadvertently killing or injuring a violent criminal? You have to remember this happened in a communist country, a place where OSHA for Violent Offenders (aka, "gun control") is part of the value system. In one of the 36 free states, you do not have your life ruined for taking heroic action to save someone from a violent offender.

Why any person continues to live in 24 communist countries that are part of our union, I have no idea. It can't be that they are too poor to move, because millions of impoverished illegal immigrants cross into Texas and Arizona every year. Your first line of defense against this kind of insanity is to "not be there". Yeah, you may have to give up friends and a great job. You may have to move far from relatives. But how much risk are you willing to accept to avoid those difficulties?

Socialist state example

If a band of drugged out crazies breaks into my house at midnight, I won't go to jail for defending myself with lethal force because I live in Kansas. Contrast this to what happened in the People's Republic of Illinois. A single father awoke to sounds in his two-year old daughter's room. Some dude was kidnapping her. The father tried to stop the guy, and got a knife stuck into his chest. The guy then decided to exit through a window (not sure why not the door), and had one leg out the window when the father grabbed the other leg that was still inside. The father began stabbing the kidnapper, who began screaming and punching back. Neighbors called the cops, who arrived to find the father passed out and bleeding from a chest wound. His daughter was next to him, and the kidnapper lay dead across the window jam.

The father was taken to the ER, and lived. So did his daughter, thanks to his refusal to let a knife in the chest stop him from rescuing her. But because this was in the PRI, where violent offenders have special protection status, the father was indicted for murder. The DA ruled it was not self-defense because the kidnapper was halfway out of the house. Nevermind that the problem is he was halfway out of the house with the little girl! So the father went to prison. The National Rifle Association ponied up for an appeal, even though no firearms were involved. The appeal took some years, but finally succeeded.

Excessive force is just the right amount!

When confronted by a violent person, I have always used excessive force. It's not a dance. It's not a sparring match. It's a threat. And that's how you should treat it.

If you're in a bank, where (inexplicably) people are allowed to wear masks, and some mask-wearing person waves a gun around saying it's a robbery, what do you do? Stand there and trust this obviously unhinged person not to shoot you? Or do you move out of his line of sight and stab him in the side of the neck as hard as you can with the ink pen in your hand? Or maybe you grab his wrist with one hand, reach over with your other hand to grab one of his fingers, and break it? At that point, you may as well pull the gun out of his damaged hand and beat him unconscious with it.

The least safe thing you can do is be passive. Attack with no warning, and attack hard. This has always worked for me, and I have been in some gnarly situations.

If you see some old lady being robbed in a store parking lot, do you just smile and wave because you don't want to be arrested for daring to upset violent criminals? Or do you go after those m--f--rs and take them out? It depends on your skill set, I suppose. But if there are a lot of people around, you can look two or three of them in the eye and shout, "We need to stop this. Now." Use a shopping cart and ram the perp's legs from the side? If you're big enough, pick it up and swing it like a bat at him (you'd be surprised how easy this actually is to do, you just have to put your hips into it). This would really hurt upon impact. In fact, it would probably kill on impact. It would not kill that innocent old lady, it would kill her attacker (who would have gone on to continue attacking innocent people).

I don't worry about the safety of violent offenders, partly because I live in a state where these predators are not given a special status above everybody else. Of course, if you live in a state where these predators are not given a special status above everybody else, you also live in a state where your Constitutional right to bear arms is not infringed. That means you can carry a firearm and not have to harm anybody.

Texas vs. Illinois

When I lived in Texas, I held off 5 knife-wielding illegal immigrant Mexicans who were robbing my next door neighbor. I had my Smith & Wesson Speed Six (same revolver issued by many police departments for years). It's a snub-nosed revolver, but it's a .38 caliber so it's still sending a message. None of those Mexicans understood English, but "somehow" they understood what I wanted them to understand. Six bullets, only 5 of you. The police arrived and carted those boys off. Nobody was hurt. The officers thanked me for holding the perps there for them. I asked if they needed to see my firearm and they said there was no need.

If this had occurred in the People's Republic of Illinois, I probably would not have had a gun with me in the first place. I'd have come out there with my aluminum baseball bat. I would have broken the leader's arm and then hit him again. Hard. The other guys would have scattered, except maybe the number two guy in the pecking order. Would he have  managed to stab me, or would I have broken both his kneecaps first? But suppose I did have a Speed Six in that situation, despite Illinois "law". I'd have been arrested on multiple firearms violations. The perps would have successfully sued me for "emotional trauma", because in the People's Republic of Illinois violent criminals have more value and more rights than do the people they attack. This kind of lunacy is one reason I don't live in Illinois anymore.

Don't be unprepared

Now, if you're a couch potato you can disregard all of the "attack them" advice I just gave. You'll just get yourself hurt, because you physically are not up to the task. But if you set your mind to it you can be prepared. A rather doughy man with no fighting skills wanted to compete in a large open style martial arts tournament. He came to me with six months to prepare. Six months later, he wasn't doughy anymore. He took second place in that tournament.

There's no reason not to have decent physical conditioning and some well-honed fighting moves. If you need to work on it, do so. And if you live in a communist country, then flee. Move to one of the 36 free states, where your life is considered to be of some actual value.


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility in this area.

Statistics when these photos were taken, 2 days past my 62nd birthday:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148.8lbs (a bit more than the Age 60 shoot, and I am leaner for this one)

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20.5 (an increase of half an inch since the Age 60 shoot)

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 10 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Max squat: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 8 reps of front squats with 90lbs to start Leg Day

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Testosterone: Above the upper limit of the normal range

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

Some cool climbing  videos:

See all of my climbing videos here:

For the vast majority of us, some kind of rigorous physical training regimen is a requirement for a healthy body both now and into old age. That's because the vast majority of us don't have jobs that routinely require hard physical exertion. And among those who do have such jobs, muscle imbalances are common. Avoiding the cane/wheelchair/nursing home path to your exit from life should be enough motivation for anybody.

Here are some objections people raise to avoid having such a program:

  • It takes a lot of expensive equipment, none of which I have room for anyhow. Reality: You can use zero equipment, and do just calisthenics and other body weight exercises. You can add inexpensive equipment such as bands or a couple pairs of dumbbells or kettlebells.
  • I don't have time to go to the gym. Reality: You do not have to go to a gym. I've had my own home gym, in a fairly small area, for decades. I have an Olympic weight bench, Olympic weights, weight tree, dumbbells, dumbbell rack, lat pulldown attachment, chinning bar, bands, and other equipment.
  • I really don't know what to do. Reality: You can find tutorials on YouTube, you can hire a trainer, or you can consult any number of weight-training books (these often come free with weight equipment, bands, etc.).
  • The problem is I would have to buy all new clothes due to packing on muscle. Reality: This isn't likely, unless you train specifically for hypertrophy or are very large (fat) or very small (atrophied) to begin with.
  • If I ever quit, the muscle will turn to fat. Reality: This simply does not happen. The muscle withers away, and you get fatter because you aren't stimulating the adaptive response that raises testosterone and thus burns fat. You may also be eating way too much; just have smaller portions.
  • That look is not appealing to me. Reality: Having erect posture with muscles properly balanced is actually an appealing look. You can choose to train only for strength (this will produce some moderate size increase) or for hypertrophy. Either way, your body will look how your body is intended to look.
  • Pushing weights would make me tired all the time. Reality: You do go through recovery, but when you have a split routine it's only one muscle group that is "tired". The exception is Leg Day, which is systemically exhausting just because it involves your largest muscles and takes so much energy.
  • I've been fine up to this point, I don't see a reason to start. Reality: Take a basic fitness test, and you'll change your view.
  • It takes too much time. There are other things I want to do in life. Reality: Having a strong, healthy body makes you more efficient. You will actually have much more time than the person who doesn't train, partly because you will outlive that person but also partly because you are more physically capable when it comes to doing things. Think about it.
  • The training program isn't the issue, my issue is I'd need to buy protein powders and all those supplements. Reality: No, you don't need those things. They can help you reach your goals, but you can successfully train without them.

At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

When you tell people that their hard work and sacrifice mean nothing, you tell them not to work hard and sacrifice. This is the core message of socialism, and the main reason it is always a colossal failure wherever it is tried. The Brainless (mis)administration has been acting on this belief (that hard work and sacrifice mean nothing), and look at the horrible results in only two years.


8. Thought for the Day

During his commencement speech at Howard University, Brainless said that "white supremacy" is "the most dangerous terrorist threat" to this country. His view is not even remotely reflected in the crime statistics, and very few people even know any white supremacists. Given how devastating Brainless' policies have been to people of color, what idea do you think he was really trying to plant in the minds of the students? How about, "You're black so you're a victim rather than a person with the freedom to achieve great things."



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Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Where sources are not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort. Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

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