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Mindconnection eNL, 2023-06-04


In this issue:
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1. Good News: Where the Intel is Good

Other news

  • Sad to say, Tina Turner died recently. Age 83. RIP.
  • Brainless called for "police reform" (aka, reducing police forces to make crime easier to commit) on the third anniversary of George Floyd's death. What a retard. No concern for the facts, the causes, or the consequences. The last thing we need is another high-profile politician calling for more crime. Shame on Brainless. This is low, even for a scumbag like him.
  • Total USA credit card debt made a record year to year jump of 17% in the first quarter of this year. It now stands at $986 billion.
  • The corrupt AG of Texas was impeached by a vote of 121 to 23 (and two abstaining). In Arizona, where the AG is absolutely corrupt, this has yet to happen. But it happened in Texas. And if the Texas Senate votes that this guy must face criminal charges, they will be sending a message to lawless AGs in every state (except perhaps in CA, IL, NJ, and NY where lawlessness is deeply embedded).
  • We are now spending more on (highly polluting) solar energy generation than on oil production. This is unsustainable, ecologically irresponsible, and economically insane.

Defending against socialism

Socialism is an economic system in which the government controls the means of production and distribution, and the results have always been disastrous. Implementing socialism requires the loss of personal freedom, personal security, personal opportunity, and government accountability. Communism is socialism without property rights.

A primary weapon of the socialists today is "wokeism". They use this to divide people but also to brain-deaden people, under the (well-established) theory that only brain-dead people want socialism. The "woke" need to wake up and understand their delusional views are being amped up and forced onto everyone else in an effort to divide us so we can't or won't stand up to the mental illness we call "socialism".

What does "woke" mean, and where did it come from? It's actually a short way of saying, "My bwain is bwoke." Anybody who is "woke" clearly has a bwoken bwain.

  1. Four socialists are retiring from the US Senate in 2024. They are Tom Carper of Delaware, Ben Cardin of Maryland, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, and Dianne Feinstein of California. There is almost no chance that any of these idiots will be replaced by someone of the "America first" mentality, because all four states are deeply socialist and America-hating. However, Michigan has been showing signs of intelligent life due to the excesses of Governor Gretchen. An actual Democrat might take Comrade Stabenow's seat or perhaps a Republican will. But it is possible that enough people in all of these states, having seen what Brainless has done to our environment (with his push for coal-powered cars), our economy, our jobless rate, our international standing, etc. plus his racism, plus CRT in schools, plus the men in women's sports thing, etc., are just fed up with socialism that a non-socialist would beat a socialist in a fair election. The problem, of course, is the socialists go to extremes to prevent fair elections.
  2. Target is the latest large company to learn the meaning of, "Go woke, go broke". They lost $9 billion (9 followed by 9 zeroes, or $9,000 million) in market value in one week. One week!
  3. Chik-Fil-A has been put on notice that they are offending sensible people with their woke messaging, and a boycott is brewing. The company has a Vice President of DEI (Delusion, Exclusion, and Idiocy) and a web page touting these "values". It's a fast food chain, we don't need them to exist anyhow.
  4. Under Armour has decided to go woke and go broke. I sent them a message about this foolishness and followed up with a phone call. It's a shame their executives are so stupid and incompetent.
  5. Speaking of stupid and incompetent, Butt Light (aka Bud Light) executives, not chastened from the nearly total collapse of their company, recently had the insanity to make matters even worse by donating $200,000 to the genitalia-obsessed National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce (aka NLCC). Spelling out the acronym within an acronym, we get the National Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Queer Chamber of Commerce.

    Why do they "need" their own chamber of commerce? Are they trying to say their sexual orientation makes them too incompetent to compete in a regular chamber of commerce? What if Phil, a gay man, has a business and makes no big deal about his being gay? Customers like him and the subject never comes up, why would Phil need the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce? Or are these people saying they are discriminating against people who are not LGBTQ? In any case, it's more of their anti-diversity behavior. Shame on them.
  6. The corporate carnage is having an effect. Texas Children's Hospital, the largest children's hospital in the USA, will no longer offer transgender treatments for children. While the brainwashed will scream "It'th genothide!", the reality is these treatments rarely, if ever, have a positive outcome.

    And if a boy is actually a girl or vice versa (please ignore biological reality in this instance), then waiting until age 18 or age 21 to decide for sure is prudent. Actually, the decision should be made only after age 25, the same age at which you are allowed to rent a car because the brain's judgment center doesn't fully develop until then. The Woke insist that kids should start these treatments (including puberty blockers) regardless of any evidence or any chance they will change their mind. It's an irrevocable decision, it has permanent consequences. It can, and often does, result in decades of physical and emotional pain--which would be avoided by simply waiting until adulthood.
  7. Gruesome Newsom has proposed changes to the budget of The People's Republic of California, in the face of an additional $9 billion deficit above the previous estimates for the 2023 - 2024 fiscal year (new deficit is $31.5 billion). Yes, there are consequences to socialist policies that drive wage earners away. And to crazy policies that destroy wealth but have no actual benefit.
  8. You've no doubt followed the case of Daniel Penny, a Marine no longer on active duty. Risking his own life, he stopped a violent repeat offender on the New York City subway. In New York, violent criminals hold a special place in the hearts of lawmakers and anyone who so much as hurts their feelings is considered an enemy of the state. In any sane jurisdiction, Mr. Penny would have received a commendation instead of an arraignment. Crowdfunding via GiveSendGo has raised $2.5 million for his legal defense.
  9. New York public workers are suing the city for mismanaging their retirement funds by "investing" them in companies that are mired in the ESG insanity. ESG is a system of intolerance, ecological harm, racism, exclusion, social injustice, bullying, gross dishonesty, victimizing, and malfeasance. This system has no redeeming qualities, but somehow (according to libtard doctrine) it's better to invest in ESG companies than in sane ones. These companies underperform, for obvious reasons. Pension funds should be managed for the benefit of the pensioners, not for the benefit of crazy people who latch onto a belief system that has no redeeming qualities and no place in a board room.
  10. This past week, Alabama became the 21st state to pass legislation protecting women's sports. This was met by scorn and cries that it was somehow part of a systematic attack against LGBQ+. This reaction, of course, defies logic and further illustrates this is a choice between mental illness and fairness to women.

The ongoing Covid scam

  1. Preventing the cytokine storm should have been the first step in treatment for Covid-19. Any anti-inflammatory drug will do, even aspirin. Read more about aspirin and Covid here:
  2. The alleged "vaccine" that is neither safe nor effective should never have been approved. It has negligible benefits and enormous harms, thus disqualifying it from even emergency approval. This was known before the approval was granted. Here's yet another example of how this gene therapy destroyed a life:
  3. Three Rogue Island (Rhode Island) teachers who were fired for refusing the unsafe and ineffective gene therapy mis-referred to as "the Covid vaccine" have been offered their jobs back. With full back pay, and each is entitled to an additional $33,333 in damages. This was the result of an out of court settlement. Since their civil rights were violated and only a moron could believe there was any medical or scientific basis for the mandates, the school system got off cheap versus going to trial.
  4. Feds For Medical Freedom is taking measures to hold the psychopaths accountable. Watch this video. Send a few bucks to help support this effort.
  5. Many victims have fantasized about Brainless, Pelosi, Fauci, and other criminals hanging from ropes in Nuremberg. While this would be a just outcome, we have to keep in mind that Hillary "Body Count" Clinton is still at large and has never been extradited or indicted. We need to set our sights on what is achievable. It also has to be profitable for the attorneys who bring these cases to trial, else they are punished twice for someone else's criminal conduct. Support a group such as Fed For Medical Freedom; they have realistic goals and can do much good for justice.
  6. Stew Peters has been speaking truth to power regarding the Covid scam since even the early days of the scam. You can tell he's on the side of science because Wikipedia calls him a "disinformation spreader". That title is conferred only on people who, by dint of having the facts on their side, are a threat to the false narrative spewed by Mr. Fauci, The Centers for Disinformation and Censorship, and the Federal Disinformation Agency. When they can't defend their absurdities in an honest debate (which is 100% of the time), the resort to having their antisocial media lackies and the lamestream media claim it's the truth-tellers who are lying. It's interesting that the truth-tellers present data and the absurdity-tellers don't.




Doctors Baffled


2. Product Highlight

The Rocket Pen is a life-changer for students and adults with reading difficulties. Scan words or lines from any screen (e.g., tablet, smart phone, computer) or printed material, and it not only reads to you but provides word definitions, word breakdown, and more to teach you to read (by "you" we mean the person you buy this for). The Rocket Pen Reader gives the reading-challenged their independence,

Buy the Rocket Pen on Amazon | eBay | Walmart

Watch this demo video:

Main features and benefits:

  • Allows students or adults with reading difficulties to gain independence and reading fluency without stigma.
  • Reading tutor functions include spelling, syllabication (how the word is "built"), and one word displayed in big font.
  • Syllables break for each word.
  • Direct lookup of phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions (for example, get ahead, get along, keep on, keep off, look forward to).
  • Uses colors for the different fields, to improve the understanding of the dictionary definition.
  • You scan, it reads to you.
  • Scans lines of text or individual words from almost any surface, not just paper. It can read the text on a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Hear individual words or even multiple lines of text read aloud in natural voice.
  • Completely self-contained, no computer or Wi-Fi required.
  • Comes ready to use, no setup process (but customization can easily be done).
  • Full 1.9 inch color touch screen, and simple physical buttons for screenless scan and read.
  • Multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions including the New Oxford American Dictionary with Oxford Thesaurus of English (Americanized), Oxford American Children’s Dictionary with Oxford American Children’s Thesaurus, and English to Spanish dictionary.
  • Built-in speaker automatically mutes when earbuds are used, automatically unmutes when they aren't.
  • Meets FCC, ROHS, and CE standards.
  • Package includes ReaderPen, USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide, and earphones.

Rocket Pen

The Rocket Pen Reader is an affordable, powerful reading assistant and reading tutor that erases the barriers created by dyslexia and other reading problems. It can be used privately in the classroom, avoiding stigma, thanks to the earbuds included in the kit (it can alternatively be used without earbuds).

How it teaches reading

Before the early 1980s, public schools relied on phonics to teach reading. This allowed any student to "sound out" a new, unfamiliar word and also recognize its root and thereby often grasp its meaning even without a dictionary. Then schools switched to the "Look See" method, which treated words as individual pictograms to memorize. The results were dismal, plummeting the USA from the top of the literacy ranks to the bottom among industrialized countries.

The Rocket Pen puts phonics back in.

It also adds a context-driven dictionary and a context-driven thesaurus, both powerful tools for improving reading skills. See the reading tutor functions in the chart below.

It is the answer

The Rocket Pen Reader is the answer for helping the reading-challenged in the classroom, special needs classes, home-schooling, and adult education. Because of its mobile-friendly design, you can carry it with you and use it anywhere. Not only does it read to you, it helps you learn to read (for example, by showing you the syllable breakdown and the definition). It is super easy to use, no need to watch a dozen videos to figure out what to do.

Based on the highly successful ReadingPen 2 and vastly superior to the cPen Reader Pen, the RocketPen is the latest generation in a reading tutor scanning pen. It is a quantum leap or two beyond anything else on the market. This amazing device retails for $499, sells for $399 on Amazon and, but is on sale now for a limited time only via our eBay store at only $379!

It beats the competition

Compare the Rocket Pen to the competition. The winner here is obvious:

Rocket Pen cPen Reader Orcam Read
Amazon Price 399 285 1990
Color touchscreen Yes No No
Words appear in large font Yes No No
Scans phones, tablets, etc. Yes No Yes
Scans blocks of text No No Yes
Color-coded dictionary Yes No No
Simple physical buttons Yes Yes Yes
Ergonomic for kids Yes No No
English and Spanish Yes Yes Yes
Verbal commands No No Yes
Auto trigger upon contact Yes Yes No
Easy menu navigation Yes No No
Manufacturer experience, yrs 30 7 4
Product age Latest generation! 7 4




Reading Tutor Functions


Dictionary 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Dictionary 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Thesaurus 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Thesaurus 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Syllablication / word breakdown Yes No No
Hear word spelled out Yes No No
See word spelled out Yes No No
Part of speech Yes Yes No
Headword Yes Yes No
Pronunciation guide Yes No No
Idioms Yes No No
Quick Define feature Yes No No


3. Brainpower tip


Something I enjoy is tackling difficult projects that are novel for me and having them come out as if I knew exactly what to do. Many people look at a project and find the easiest way to get it done. I look at a project and decide how I want it to turn out. Then I think about the steps needed to get it there.

As an example, consider a recent project of mine. The wooden trim around my garage doors had some rot in spots. Most of this was concentrated at the bottom. I noticed also the color varied along this trim, probably due to different rates of fading due to different amounts of direct sunlight exposure.

To just get the job done:

  • Pack wood putty in there.
  • Apply a one-step primer/paint, with a color chosen to match the most exposed parts.

This would have left the wood putty sticking out visually for two reasons. One, its texture would have been very different from that of the surrounding wood. Two, its color would have been different from that of the surrounding wood. And in a couple of years, that wood putty would begin to fall out.

Here is what I did instead:

  • Wait until the driest part of the year to repair the wood. This was late fall.
  • Cut away any damaged wood.
  • Use a leaf blower to help ensure the wood is completely dry. With humidity at about 18%, the blown air would remove any moisture.
  • Working only one damaged area at a time, apply wood putty. As it starts to set, use several different tools (already chosen) to texture it the same as the wood around it.
  • Let the wood putty completely dry. Adjust texture as needed.
  • The following spring, look for a warm day with no rain on either side of it.
  • Obtain a high quality primer and get a high quality exterior paint that is close in color to the darkest remaining shade (this will make the finished work look much like originally intended).
  • While at the paint store, pick up an extra roll of painter's tape because even though you surely have enough you'd probably run 2 feet short (I actually ran 3 feet short, good thing I picked up the extra roll).
  • Get a new brush for the finish coat (the paint).
  • Gently clean all the trim.
  • Use a leaf blower on high to clean off the cement and other areas.
  • Tape up the work area the night before. This reduces fatigue versus doing it the day of.
  • Apply thick coating of primer in the morning. The gray primer allows me to see that it's on there and will also allow me to see where to apply the paint.
  • Apply the paint after lunch.
  • Using an artist's brush, do any necessary touch-up after two hours.
  • The next day, remove the tape.
  • Using an artist's brush, do any necessary touch-up.

The result is you cannot tell where the trim was repaired. Or that it even was repaired. It looks like someone simply replaced the trim. I took the time to visualize both the intended outcome and the steps necessary to get there. While I have done plenty of painting, I have never restored garage door trim before. By visualizing the result I want and thinking about the steps to get there, I was able to get that result.

Most people are on autopilot, brain disengaged. While they may be able to check off the box that they got the job done, they usually do not get the job done well. You do not have to be one of those people.

4. Finance tip

Some items we kind of take for granted will soon be very expensive and/or rationed. Here are some I have identified, along with why and what to do.

Item 1. Electricity. Why? The socialists are restricting the supply (unrealistic regulations imposed on power plants) while simultaneously increasing demand (via "electric" car mandates), while also undermining the grid design (the transmission system was designed to cool at night, but the socialists will overload it all night long with electric car charging).

What to do: Speak out against coal-powered cars, letting other people know these ADD to the emissions problem and will INCREASE global warming not decrease it. That's the science, but to understand you can't look just at the tailpipe of a modern ICE mobile. Replace any appliances and gizmos with more energy-efficient versions. Examine how you use electricity, for example holding the refrigerator door open while you think about what to take out is just plain stupid (you can think just as well with the door closed). Use fans instead of A/C as much as possible.

Item 2. Air conditioning. Why? The socialists are restricting the supply of coolant while placing restrictions on its use. They believe this will help reduce electrical demand, but all it will do is force AC units to run longer; they will just run a lot less efficiently.

What to do: Tell other people about this scheme, and lay the blame where it belongs. Use fans instead of A/C as much as possible. Get your AC unit(s) checked by a reputable firm now (while repairs are still affordable).

Item 3. Water. Why? Big Agra is pumping aquifers dry to irrigate the corn and soy used to feed livestock that are slaughtered for their meat.

What to do: Go vegetarian, to help reduce the demand for meat. Tell others about your decision and your reasoning. Also don't eat wheat, corn, or soy products for the multiple health reasons involved including the fact they are contaminated with glyphosate. Let your lawn diversify with local "weeds" and grasses so that it doesn't need to be watered except under extreme conditions (but keep it mowed and trimmed). Establish at least one "wild" area of your lawn. Put a nice border around it and leave it to grow tall. This makes a home for pollinators and has other benefits for local critters, water runoff, and your soil.

Item 4. Petroleum. Why? The socialists are constraining supply while at the same time increasing demand (wind and solar are very petroleum-intensive, when compared to natural gas, for producing electrical power--and that's just one way in which they are increasing demand).

What to do: Use less plastic, use rewashable cloths instead of paper towels (and plates and cups), use synthetic engine oil, keep your tires inflated, combine your trips, use defensive driving techniques to reduce fuel usage, buy organically-grown food and produce your own in season (or follow the all year long organic gardening plan).

Item 5. Food. Why? Right now, the demand for food is held down by the production of fake food. Fake food is very water-intensive and very petroleum-intensive to produce. As Big Agra runs out of aquifers to exploit, the prices of fake food will go up. The costs of fake food are already ghastly high, but the consumers of fake food do not connect the dots between their poor health and their consumption of fake foods.

What do to: Support local farmers now, so they are there when the need for them will be greatest. Maybe join a local co-op. Grow what you can where you are.

Item 6. Medical care. Why? Since the Unaffordable Care Act was inflicted on us, medical care has been out of the reach of millions of people. The UCA was intended to be a population control measure, with the idea being people who can't afford medical care will die sooner.

What to do: Practice health care. Disease is rare among health care practicing people. Eat real food, challenge your body physically on a regular basis (e.g., get 3 sessions of 30 minutes of hard exercise per week at a bare minimum), avoid stress behaviors (e.g., take things calmly instead of going into a panic or being a crybaby), and form either deep friendships with a few or not so deep friendship (but not shallow ones, either) with many. Stay away from lamestream news, antisocial media, etc. Do not follow FDA recommendations, they are always wrong (for example, they say to eat canola oil which is highly toxic and will cause brain damage, arterial damage, and nerve damage even if consumed in small amounts).

Item 7. Clothing. Why? I am seeing a big glut of items made from polyester. This is no doubt part of the socialist plot to increase petroleum demand while constricting supply (all esters are made from petroleum). I used to go to Kohl's every spring to buy my summer and fall wardrobe (remove my most worn-out items, replace them with new ones). For each of the last three years, everything (polo shirts and similar, shorts, jeans, casual slacks) were polyester. This spring was my last time going to Kohl's. Ever. Even shopping on Amazon for those items, I found it very difficult to find any real clothing.

What to do: Refuse to buy pseudo-clothing. Polyester pills, doesn't breathe well, and stinks. Also, if you get a grease splatter or spark on it, polyester will melt down into your skin. This is why electricians do not wear polyester clothing. There are "flame retardant" polyester clothes for infants and toddlers. These are merely soaked in carcinogenic substances that don't offer any protection over just wearing real clothing. Make your clothes last a very long time by doing all the care tips you'll find if you research those. Here are a few:

  • Turn pants inside out, so the zipper isn't abrading other garments.
  • Have clothes specifically dedicated to work, play, casual, and dress. As clothes get damaged, move them down the totem pole.
  • If you do not already have a front-loading washer, make this your next washer purchase. Yes, it costs more to buy but it uses less electricity and less water while being gentler on your clothes. And they come out practically drip dry.
  • Use only a non-abrasive detergent. This rules out the major brands. I use a 7th Generation liquid product.
  • Use only 1/3 the recommended detergent. Your clothes will actually be cleaner.
  • If you put clothes in the dryer, use low heat or no heat--only. Pull clothes out while still damp and let clothes dry by air drying. You may need to buy a drying rack (typically under $20) or two.

5. Security tip

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths can secretly summon the bank records (require a bank to provide the bank records) of a third party to the party they are investigating. That is, if IRS claims (falsely or not) that Bob is delinquent in taxes, they can demand that Jim's bank (where Bob doesn't even have an account) provide Jim's banking records. Here's a story about that ruling:

Because "tax debt" is not legally defined as a criminal matter (except in case of fraud), there seems to be a loophole for ignoring the 4th and 5th Amendments. The catch is the IRS has to get a warrant from a judge to engage in this kind of behavior, so in fact the 4th and 5th still protect you. IRS has to present a case for each account it wants to demand records for. This is important, and I will explain more in the Prevention part of this article. Let's first look at why protecting yourself from IRS fishing expeditions is so important.

Why it matters

If you have a tax debt (real or not), your exposure to punishment is far higher and your protections far less than if you had committed a crime.

With tax debt:

  • You are guilty until proven innocent. Even then, you might stay guilty.
  • The standard of proof for your innocence is quite high. You may even be required to prove a negative.
  • You do not have the right of discovery, that is you cannot compel IRS to provide any evidence.
  • You go through Tax Court first. The deck is hugely stacked against you.
  • If you win in Tax Court, IRS might ignore the ruling because Tax Court doesn't enforce its rulings. IRS merely considers these to be advisory.
  • If you lose in Tax Court, and you probably will, your next step is Federal District Court. But you cannot introduce evidence that was not provided in the Tax Court case. If your case goes to the 9th District, the verdict will already be decided against you before the sham of a trial begins.
  • If you lose in Federal District Court, you'll have spent about $3 million to get to that point. All the while, IRS has been harassing your personal and business contacts, slapping liens on you, and generally trying to snuff you out.
  • After the two clown shows, you might get a shot at a 3 judge panel. There, you stand a good chance of a fair hearing. After which the case gets remanded back to the Federal District Court.

I know all of this, because I endured 17 years of egregious abuse for tax debt I never actually incurred. IRS kept insisting I had these massive debts for various tax years, but failed to offer any evidence. In fact, I requested an audit for one of the years in question and an IRS Senior Auditor with over 30 years in that role at the agency showed I had a filing error resulting in $1200 being owed TO me. Her findings were ignored and the abuse continued.

IRS does not respect human rights, ignores due process, cares not whether you actually owe, has real problems doing basic math, and is not accountable to any authority or the rule of law (as this Supreme Court case shows). IRS does have, for some reason, its own internal "code" the way skinhead gangs and drug cartels do. So you can get them to get off your back, but it's a process that requires time and you have to know which buttons to push and which buttons not to push.

This means the key is prevention. And that's our security tip in this edition.


I have long advocated that you have a dedicated checking account at a bank where you have no other accounts, and you use this for depositing government checks and for writing checks to government agencies (for example, paying property taxes and income taxes). And I have said to make it a smallish regional bank. This protects you and anyone you deal with (e.g., get payments from or write checks to) from this kind of attack if you are the person in the IRS crosshairs. That would be Bob in our example above. But what if you are Jim?

If you are Jim, it means IRS can go around this protective shield and get your bank account numbers via Bob and then get your bank statements. But they can do that only if you've paid Bob using a bank account. If you use a credit union, you eliminate that possibility. PayPal, which unfortunately has gone "woke", is another way to avoid the bank trap. What about credit cards? Those are issued by banks, unless you're using one issued by a credit union; connect the dots there to understand what caution I am recommending.

Also of course, avoid doing business with shady  characters. Someone who is into gambling or who talks about how to cheat on taxes is just courting trouble and will drag you into it. For example, you want to hire a contractor to re-roof your home and he offers to give you a price break if you pay him $1,000 of it in cash. You limit or eliminate your warranty this way (because of an underlying fraud), and you are creating a bad situation for yourself via the Bob/Jim thing.

Proof is in the pudding

You probably cannot prevent IRS from getting your information via Bob (to whom you are merely a third party), but by creating layers of siloed bank accounts and credit union accounts you can limit the value IRS gains from this kind of snooping. Let's say IRS finds your Account A via Bob and comes up with bumpkiss to use against you except the terrorist who did the banking exploration found you must have another account feeding this one. IRS has to go back to the judge with reasonable cause to compel this "new" bank to provide your account information. This is usually denied. I know this because IRS never got past "first level penetration" with me despite four attempts that I know of. They got so exasperated with the judge telling them "no fishing expeditions" that they stopped trying this tactic.

They also tried to compel American Express to provide my business credit card statements. In response, AMEX reduced my credit limit to something useless and sent me a promo for a different card that would be under a different program (not just a replacement for the breached card). When IRS subsequently demanded the new c/c info, I told them that was never going to happen. They got it the first time based on their bad faith promises of some kind of Offer in Compromise in which I'd pay them a vastly reduced amount for taxes I never owed and they would leave me alone.

IRS then decided they would intimidate me into providing my banking and credit card information. But I had Power of Attorney (POA) in place so they could not contact me directly. I told the attorney to tell the IRS that I do not negotiate with terrorists and they can just take their best shot. I will not comply now and I will not comply ever, because they proved all they wanted to do is hurt me and that they have no intention of keeping any promises they might make. Basically, I was saying I would not load the rifles for my own firing squad. A federal judge (in Hoyt, PA) had already told them no. Why should I tell them yes? My attorney agreed with my conclusion and this plan, but also warned me that things could get very rough. But how rough, if IRS doesn't have the ammo to use against me?

It turned out that because IRS could not dig deeper, their attack stalled. What's great is they chewed up massive resources pursuing this tactic and ran the clock out on a couple of statutes (they ignored the clock, but we used that against them later).


Our nation's descent into socialism, combined with extreme government overreach that ignores the Rule of Law, means you have to take your government-related security very seriously. To say the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths is not a terrorist organization is delusional, not merely naive. To guard against them, don't load their firing squad rifles with your banking information and don't provide a back door for that to happen via some third party. Moving from big national banks to small regional banks will help. So will joining a credit union. A key strategy is to have a separate checking account just for handling government-related transactions; this stalls fishing trips by forcing the terrorists to go back to a judge with yet another request to violate your privacy. Judges are loathe to support fishing trips in this manner. In my own experience, this one step stopped the tactic from being used. I know some other victims who had an identical experience. It works, so do it.

And, of course, don't be afraid. Fear is a lever that can be used to make you do stupid things. Also, don't do IRS a favor with the expectation that cooperation will somehow get them off your back; it will only make matters worse for you. When bullies smell fear, they take it as a signal to violate the other person with impunity. If you have a POA, IRS will have no opportunity to tell if you are afraid or not. So if they contact you, your first response is to carefully read the letter and then contact a Tax Attorney. Sign a POA and have the attorney deal with them. Trying to save money via some DIY approach could cost you your entire life-savings and the bulk of your future earnings. Maybe you pay an attorney $1500 to handle this one incident and it goes away; that's a lot cheaper than losing $250K of home equity, $100K of savings, and $1 million in future earnings. Basic math, there. But chance are that, as soon as IRS sees your layered account protection they will be like the burglar who encounters a stout door lock. They are likely to consider going after you to be too much work, and they'll move on to an easier victim. Not because of the trouble getting those warrants, but because the layered accounts signify a person who is going to be very, very difficult to take down. Be that person.



6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility in this area.

Statistics when these photos were taken, 2 days past my 62nd birthday:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148.8lbs (a bit more than the Age 60 shoot, and I am leaner for this one)

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20.5 (an increase of half an inch since the Age 60 shoot)

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 10 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Max squat: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 8 reps of front squats with 90lbs to start Leg Day

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Testosterone: Above the upper limit of the normal range

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

Some cool climbing  videos:

See all of my climbing videos here:

Whey protein supplements are very popular. Whey powder was the first protein powder to be mass-marketed. In the early days, you could pick the "best" one by simply seeing which tub had the most muscular Mr. Olympia contender featured on its label. Obviously, if you bought THAT one you would soon look like a muscle mountain yourself. Except, this is not what happened.

Not only is protein typically not the limiting factor for beginner and intermediate training people who want to add some muscle, whey powder isn't a good way (no pun intended) to get extra protein. Whey was always the waste product from cheese-making until someone came up with the idea of drying it to sell as protein powder. And that is how the scamming began. Whey is the dairy equivalent of the meat industry's floor sweepings that are made into hot dogs. And it comes with all the antibiotics and stress hormones you get with factory-farm milk.

What's hilarious is to see someone pour the whey off the top of their yogurt and then have a whey shake later. Well, maybe not hilarious. Maybe just sad.

One problem with whey separated from the casein in dairy products is you're getting only the (much) faster-absorbing of the two. Whey has relatively short chains of molecules, so it is "uptaked" faster. It's not as dramatic as separating the juice from fruit, but it is a problem. Your body cannot utilize much protein at one time; what's not utilized is converted to fat.

The figures on utilization are grossly overstated, and we know this for a variety of reasons. We also know the body doesn't allow much whey before the insulin starts cranking out to remove it (convert it to fat). This is the dark side of whey that the "supp" industry doesn't disclose. Insulin is antagonistic to testosterone. You need testosterone to, among other things, signal the bones to store calcium. Testosterone suppression is all downside.

And it can get worse. Many of the whey powders contain sugar. The "mass gainers" contain huge amounts of sugar. Many of those wanting to avoid being noticed for sugar, add other garbage. And I don't mean just corn syrup solids, which are fantastically bad for you. Various gums, colorings, artificial flavors, and other "enhancements" may be added.

Better choices

A better choice, if you want dairy, is either non-homogenized yogurt made from the milk of grass-fed cows (e.g., Amish yogurt) or 4% fat cottage cheese made from the milk of grass-fed cows (e.g., Amish cottage cheese). You will still have to deal with lactose and you're getting a lot of calories. It is not possible to "supplement" your protein needs this way and be lean.

Another issue to consider is these specific whole foods are very expensive, if you can even get them locally where you live. They are very expensive because the "economies of scale" (cheating the animal of its basic welfare) enjoyed by the animal torture industry that produces the pus-containing cow's milk you find at the supermarket are not used by ethical dairy farmers. Adding to the cost is the FDA, which is essentially the "hitman" arm of Big Agra. They routinely raid organic dairy farmers in an illegal effort to drive them out of business. If you buy whey protein, you're supplementing crime more than you're supplementing your protein intake.

Eggs are typically classified with dairy, because the FDA goons who dump organic milk on the ground also hassle organic chicken farmers. It's part of their job as federal employees of Big Agra. That said, you might swear off dairy (cow's milk products) but still consume chicken eggs. The catch with chicken eggs is you need to spend the money to get eggs laid by unabused chickens. If the chickens are subsisting on corn or are living a hellish existence, the eggs will be toxic instead of healthy. I am fortunate to live in an area with a plethora of Amish farms. The Amish don't abuse chickens or other animals. Wal-Mart sells "cage free" eggs; what they did was just remove the cages but change nothing else. The birds still live in ammoniated air with the same meager 2 feet of space they had with the cages. I eat a lot of those Amish eggs, averaging 8 to 10 per day. These eggs run about 6 grams of protein each, so I figure I get an extra 50g/day via eggs.

You can't go wrong with a plant-base protein supplement if you get a blend that evens out the amino profile and gives you a "complete protein". But you can go upscale to get better-tasting, better-mixing powders that also come from better sources and thus are utilized more effectively with far less gas than the econo brands. The question is how much should you consume?

How much?

With my other whole foods, I easily get 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight. But it is not enough, primarily because of how protein sources differ. That is, it's not the total grams. If I don't supplement, I lose muscle because I train so hard. So I have to supplement. If you are seriously training with weights, you probably cannot get all of your necessary protein from whole foods either. This is especially true if you've opted out of poisoning yourself from our contaminated meat supply or our even more contaminated fish supply. So supplementation is necessary for us hard trainers. It is not necessary for the person who "goes to the gym" to do a circuit on machines three times a week, unless that person has a protein-poor diet. It is cheaper and healthier to fix that diet.

How much protein does a hard trainer need? Nobody can give you an honest answer. They may say X grams per pound of body weight, but as noted already not all protein is utilized to the same degree. You'll have to experiment. If you increase your protein supplementation too much, you'll also increase your body fat. If you ingest too much protein at once, you'll increase your body fat.

Here's where I cheat. I buy a supplement called FundAminos. I can barely tolerate the taste, though some people love the taste. I probably don't use enough water, making it too tart. The utilization is superior to meat (the gold standard there), and you don't get the calories that come with protein (4 calories per gram). No nitrogen loss, either. So this is what I consume post-workout, along with beta-alanine, creatine, and l-glutamine. I get the equivalent of 50 grams of protein (fully utilized) but not the 200 calories that come with it. Now I don't need to use those expensive vegan powders quite as much. I could forego them altogether and just increase my use of FundAminos, but I like the taste and texture of those vegan powder shakes.

I just make a little vegan protein shake in a coffee cup. I add water and stir it with a spoon. If I use the choco flavored powder, I often add a scoop of cocoa powder (10 calories) for a rich, chocolatey taste. On training days, I have one after Meal #2 and Meal #4. Every day, I have a vanilla-flavored one as the basis for Meal #6 (not actually a meal per se, because it is really small). I don't use the big scoop that comes in the tub, I use a small one so I don't make a mess while adding the powder to a coffee cup. These coffee cup shakes typically run about 25g of protein, or 100 calories each. That's 300 calories of protein per day, amounting in 12 days to the calories it takes to make a pound of fat. But I don't gain a pound of fat, because I keep my total daily calories close to what I need each day. And sometimes, I have an extra one of these shakes. Just for the heck of it.

Keep it simple

Many people will make this protein intake thing unnecessarily complicated. If you meal prep, your meals are all a known size and (estimated) calorie count. I just eyeball these, no real measuring. I supplement with a modest amount of protein at a time, taking in those calories across the day. Trying to be precise with "calories in" when my "calories out" can vary dramatically is a waste of time. For example, climbers typically burn 1200 calories per hour. So in two hours, a typical climber burns more calories than the typical person should ingest in a whole day. I'm a climber. And some of my sessions are so amped up with back to back climbs that the hourly burn is 3X what's typical.

My weight training sessions also burn calories at a prodigious rate because while I am resting from a set of one exercise I am usually doing a set of another. For example, I'll do a set of wide-grip pulldowns followed immediately by a set of biceps curls. This is the same HIIT that Arnold, Lou, and Frank did "back in the day" before fat burner supplements were available. If it's leg day and I'm doing this, the calorie burn is far more than it is on shoulder day (big difference in muscle mass being used).

Then there are all the projects I do. This is beyond mowing the lawn (mine is on a steep hill), cleaning the gutters, doing the housework (it never ends!), and generally living life. For example, I recently painted the trim on my garage doors. I had done a wood repair late last fall, but it was too late in the year for decent weather to paint. So I got it this spring, using a high-end primer and a brush before brushing on the paint. And before that, the taping. Afterwards, the clean-up. Think of all the bending, stooping, ladder climbing, reaching, squatting, etc. I do two or three projects per year. I don't try to count the calories I'm using and I don't wear a Fit Bit or similar. I just eat more, knowing I will be using more energy.

Of course, I don't do cardio because it simply trains your body to conserve calories. If you are trying to be lean and muscular, you can't be doing cardio (not the traditional low-intensity stuff, which is what most people mean). Incorporating HIIT into my weight training and also engaging in a sport that is HIIT takes care of the calorie burn issue, but also makes it hard for me to know precisely how many calories to ingest. I have found that when I am in a calorie deficit, I feel hungry. It's not because of sugar cravings (I don't eat any processed sugar), it's because my body wants fuel.



At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Immediately after the coup, Barrack Hussein Obama (real name, Barry Soetoro) was overheard saying, "Never underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up." Nobody could have predicted just how extreme that ability is, Brainless has exceeded even the most negative predictions.


8. Thought for the Day

Seen on a grandmother's shirt: "I have never been fondled by Donald Trump, but I have been screwed by Joe Biden".





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