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Mindconnection eNL, 2023-04-16


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1. Good News: Where the Intel is Good

Miscellaneous news

  1. On 03APR, Governor DeSantis signed into law a bill that makes Florida the 26th Constitutional Carry state. This puts Constitutional Carry in the majority, for the first time. Quite a blow to the "Safety for Violent Criminals" program of such psychopaths as Nutcase Nancy, Brainless Biden, and Upchuck Schumer.
  2. San Francisco, the cesspool that keeps Nutcase Nancy in Congress, is suffering from an extremely high rate of violent crime. Bob Lee, the founder of Cashapp, for example, was recently stabbed to death there. They defunded the police, disarmed law-abiding citizens, and vocally supported the violent insurrection of 2020; and now they wonder why their crime rate is through the roof?
  3. Stacy Abrams will be joining the faculty at Howard University. In her new role, she will push her racist politics and set the University and its reputation back 60 years. And if she has input on their finances, she could bring them into bankruptcy (based on how poorly she ran her campaigns and on her Marxist ideas of "finance"). Instead of venting her venom on people and spewing her delusional, hate-filled ideas, she should focus instead on eating nutritious whole foods so she can shed the 200+ pounds of extra fat she's carrying around.
  4. Dominion Voting Systems, which hugely aided perpetrating the election fraud of 2020, is suing Fox News for $1.6 billion for their coverage of the story. Let's hope the judge in this case invokes the First Amendment.
  5. The Middle East peace process that President Trump started has continued to progress, despite the efforts of Brainless Biden to undermine it. On 06APR, Saudi Arabia and Iran re-established diplomatic relations.
  6. President Trump recently referred to Brainless Biden as "the biggest moron". That was a very kind thing to say, since the IQ range for morons is 51 to 75. Brainless, as we know, has a negative IQ and thus is dumber than a rock. The Bidenistas carry on as if this were an insult. What idiots!
  7. OK, it's a cat video. But I really liked it so am passing it along:

Defending against socialism

Socialism is an economic system in which the government controls the means of production and distribution, and the results have always been disastrous. Implementing socialism requires the loss of personal freedom, personal security, personal opportunity, and government accountability. Communism is socialism without property rights.

  1. Many Democrats are leaving what is, in name only, the Democratic Party. Socialism is destructive to economies and disempowering to individuals, and these defecting Democrats no longer want to be part of that. As the socialists continue to drag society down into their cesspool of poverty, enslavement, and outright insanity, we will see more Democrats leaving the socialist party. What we really need is for the socialist party to leave this country and all other countries.
  2. Socialism isn't so much an eco-political system as it is a mental illness. We cannot continue to let the mentally ill run our society. Even subtle resistance to it will help. Do what you are comfortable doing, but not "too" comfortable.
  3. The socialists have tried one dishonest tactic after another to silence our President (the one who won the 2020 election, not the mentally retarded pedophile installed in his place). The Republicans, who were failed to President Trump time and again, are finally realizing the socialists are after them and Trump is merely in the way. This latest outrage, coming from the pipsqueak DA in Manhattan, has got some hefty players upset. There is serious talk of indicting criminals such as Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden and his senile old man, Barry "Obama" Soetoro and his transvestite "wife", James Comey, Nutcase Nancy, and Robert Mueller. These morally bankrupt inDUHviduals should already all be serving life sentences, but they have been protected by the "criminal code of conduct" that causes D and R politicians to wink at each other. The Rs aren't winking anymore. They are looking through crosshairs.
  4. In the Denver Mayoral election, the socialists are getting creamed. So-called "moderates" are way ahead.
  5. Kari Lake's challenge to the Arizona sham election got a major boost. The appellate court remanded the case back to the lower court, requiring the lower court to examine the signature verification evidence. It is unlikely, at this point, we will see our duly elected President restored to office. But the socialists apparently fear just such an outcome, thus the bogus criminal case against our President while a real, unprosecuted, unelected criminal sits in our President's office and abuses the power of that office to ruin America. Already, the Saudi Prince has made Brainless Persona Non Grata and that means even less oil coming to our country. The most likely outcome is enough cases like this one will lead to major, widespread election reform so that our democratic process is restored instead of subverted. Nutcase Nancy calls this voter empowerment "voter suppression".
  6. Alvin Bragg, who has been excessively soft on crime, is now under scrutiny of the House for his "excessive zeal" persecution of President trump.

The ongoing Covid scam

  1.  On 05APR, Stanford University announced that as of 10APR it will no longer require students to submit themselves to the spike protein jab. While this came far too late to save many Stanford women from becoming sterile (and others from dropping out of college to save their health), at least it came. Stanford could be facing extremely punitive lawsuits, enough to soak up its endowments, and thus this move. What's truly amazing about this the move to sanity is Stanford is in the People's Republic of California, a country run by mentally ill, willfully ignorant, irrational, human-rights hating crazies. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.
  2. To anyone paying attention to the facts instead of the propaganda, the "Covid Emergency" was over more than two years ago. Clearly, it was a fraud. Everything Mr. Fauci recommended and everything coming out of the CDC made no sense. Neither Mr. Fauci nor the CDC nor any other federal agency did or recommended anything to address a national health threat so apparently there wasn't one. In fact, much of what they did and recommended reduced immunity to not just Covid but to other diseases. Now, two years after the fact, Brainless Biden has signed a decree that the "Covid Emergency" is over.
  3. Deaths from the clot shot ("died suddenly") are occurring at very high numbers among those under 60. To this same age cohort, Covid-19 was never a serious health threat. And by the time the clot shot got emergency approval and mandates were made, Covid-19 was extinct. The only reason to force people to get this shot was to end up with a lot fewer people. And that is exactly what is happening. Just as planned.

Videos, etc.



Doctors Baffled


2. Product Highlight

The Rocket Pen is a life-changer for students and adults with reading difficulties. Scan words or lines from any screen (e.g., tablet, smart phone, computer) or printed material, and it not only reads to you but provides word definitions, word breakdown, and more to teach you to read (by "you" we mean the person you buy this for). The Rocket Pen Reader gives the reading-challenged their independence,

Buy the Rocket Pen on Amazon | eBay | Walmart

Watch this demo video:

Main features and benefits:

  • Allows students or adults with reading difficulties to gain independence and reading fluency without stigma.
  • Reading tutor functions include spelling, syllabication (how the word is "built"), and one word displayed in big font.
  • Syllables break for each word.
  • Direct lookup of phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions (for example, get ahead, get along, keep on, keep off, look forward to).
  • Uses colors for the different fields, to improve the understanding of the dictionary definition.
  • You scan, it reads to you.
  • Scans lines of text or individual words from almost any surface, not just paper. It can read the text on a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Hear individual words or even multiple lines of text read aloud in natural voice.
  • Completely self-contained, no computer or Wi-Fi required.
  • Comes ready to use, no setup process (but customization can easily be done).
  • Full 1.9 inch color touch screen, and simple physical buttons for screenless scan and read.
  • Multiple built-in dictionaries to search definitions including the New Oxford American Dictionary with Oxford Thesaurus of English (Americanized), Oxford American Children’s Dictionary with Oxford American Children’s Thesaurus, and English to Spanish dictionary.
  • Built-in speaker automatically mutes when earbuds are used, automatically unmutes when they aren't.
  • Meets FCC, ROHS, and CE standards.
  • Package includes ReaderPen, USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide, and earphones.

Rocket Pen

The Rocket Pen Reader is an affordable, powerful reading assistant and reading tutor that erases the barriers created by dyslexia and other reading problems. It can be used privately in the classroom, avoiding stigma, thanks to the earbuds included in the kit (it can alternatively be used without earbuds).

How it teaches reading

Before the early 1980s, public schools relied on phonics to teach reading. This allowed any student to "sound out" a new, unfamiliar word and also recognize its root and thereby often grasp its meaning even without a dictionary. Then schools switched to the "Look See" method, which treated words as individual pictograms to memorize. The results were dismal, plummeting the USA from the top of the literacy ranks to the bottom among industrialized countries.

The Rocket Pen puts phonics back in.

It also adds a context-driven dictionary and a context-driven thesaurus, both powerful tools for improving reading skills. See the reading tutor functions in the chart below.

It is the answer

The Rocket Pen Reader is the answer for helping the reading-challenged in the classroom, special needs classes, home-schooling, and adult education. Because of its mobile-friendly design, you can carry it with you and use it anywhere. Not only does it read to you, it helps you learn to read (for example, by showing you the syllable breakdown and the definition). It is super easy to use, no need to watch a dozen videos to figure out what to do.

Based on the highly successful ReadingPen 2 and vastly superior to the cPen Reader Pen, the RocketPen is the latest generation in a reading tutor scanning pen. It is a quantum leap or two beyond anything else on the market. This amazing device retails for $499, sells for $399 on Amazon and, but is on sale now for a limited time only via our eBay store at only $379!

It beats the competition

Compare the Rocket Pen to the competition. The winner here is obvious:

Rocket Pen cPen Reader Orcam Read
Amazon Price 399 285 1990
Color touchscreen Yes No No
Words appear in large font Yes No No
Scans phones, tablets, etc. Yes No Yes
Scans blocks of text No No Yes
Color-coded dictionary Yes No No
Simple physical buttons Yes Yes Yes
Ergonomic for kids Yes No No
English and Spanish Yes Yes Yes
Verbal commands No No Yes
Auto trigger upon contact Yes Yes No
Easy menu navigation Yes No No
Manufacturer experience, yrs 30 7 4
Product age Latest generation! 7 4




Reading Tutor Functions


Dictionary 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Dictionary 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Thesaurus 1 New Oxford American Oxford Primary n/a
Thesaurus 2 Oxford American Children’s n/a n/a
Syllablication / word breakdown Yes No No
Hear word spelled out Yes No No
See word spelled out Yes No No
Part of speech Yes Yes No
Headword Yes Yes No
Pronunciation guide Yes No No
Idioms Yes No No
Quick Define feature Yes No No


3. Brainpower tip


How can you tell when you are being BS'd versus when you are getting actual information? Here are some tips:
  • If it's from a government agency, it's probably false. That's because these agencies are beholden to corporate interests.
  • If it's from a university study, it's probably false. That's because universities are beholden to corporate interests.
  • If it's a legacy media item, the actual story is very different from what they present. That's because these people have a socialist agenda or some other agenda based on abject stupidity.

If it's not from one of these, maybe what you're being told is true. To determine that:

  • Ask for an example. So, President Trump hates immigrants. Can you give me an example?
  • Offer a counterexample and ask them to explain it. So, President Trump hates immigrants. Why did he marry one?
  • Ask for a source. Then ask for proof the source is legitimate.
  • Ask to see the underlying data.
  • Ask, "You know this how exactly?"
  • Ask, "What is the mechanism behind that?"
  • Say, "Help me to understand." Then present a conclusion that necessarily follows what they said and ask how that works. For example, "If we all drive electric cars, where will the coal come from to meet the additional electrical demand?"

General rules to follow:

  • Never ask for an opinion when the goal is to obtain objective information. Opinions are subjective and seldom based on data.
  • Never accept an opinion in place of a conclusion based on data, when your goal is to be informed. Opinions may persuade, but they do not inform.
  • When presented with data, don't assume they are complete or accurate. See Ed Dowd's videos for examples of how data are cherry-picked and manipulated. Determine if the data source is corrupted by money and also look at the raw data / primary source whenever possible.
  • Don't confuse studies or polls with data. They are opinion.

Many people simply repeat what they hear, and thus BS gets spread far and wide. Because they are repeating it, they believe it. And because they believe it, they are repeating it. You can stop this destructive cycle by asking questions like the ones above. Or really snarky questions that highlight the absurdity. Using the Covid scam as an example:

  • If masks work, why do we need a vaccine?
  • If the vaccine works, why do we need a mandate? Wouldn't the unvaxxed either die or develop immunity, thus providing herd immunity?
  • If Covid is so contagious, why does testing for it require sticking a super long swab way up your nose? Why not test from five feet away, since we are "safe" at six feet away?
  • If Covid is so deadly, why was it official policy to name the cause of death as Covid just because someone died after testing positive for Covid and the test has an 80% false positive rate?
  • In 2021, there was a massive decrease in deaths from the normal causes but all cause mortality increased only slightly. Why do you think this is? False reporting of Covid deaths, maybe?
  • If Fauci understands immunology so well, why has he not found a vaccine for HIV despite working on it for over 40 years?
  • If the vax is safe and effective, why are so many young people dying suddenly? In young adults, the increase is 4,000%. It started only after the vax rolled out. What do you think might be the cause?
  • Why do the vaxxed die from Covid at a higher rate than the unvaxxed? Why do the vaxxed die at a significantly higher rate from all causes than the unvaxxed?

Or ask questions like these:

  • Can you name three CDC recommendations that actually helped? Two? One?
  • Can you name three things Fauci got right? Two? One?
  • Where are the success stories from nursing homes that implemented masking?
  • Where are the success stories from nursing homes that vaxxed all their residents? Have you ever thought of why we don't hear about these? Wouldn't they be great, if they existed, to fight "vaccine hesitancy?"

4. Finance tip

Take a look at each of the tallies here (thanks to Charlie for sending):

If that is not a wake-up call to demand the slashing of needless expenses and needless agencies, then we are beyond all hope. Write not just to your state and federal elected officials but also to their corporate sponsors.

5. Security tip

There was a time when extreme insanity was not official policy. If (for example) you walked into a bank wearing a mask, a teller or other bank employee will have already hit the alarm. Today, you can walk into a bank wearing a mask and because of signs on the door demanding law-abiding citizens to enter disarmed, you can rob the place and kill everybody in it then be gone before the cops arrive. The mask-wearing is an after-effect of the Covid scam, where public policy was based on idiocy spewed by the Centers for Disinformation and Censorship and we faced big fines for disobeying the pointless edict.

Why banks would ever permit this practice in the first place, I have no idea. Maybe bankers can't do math and thus don't know that 300 is larger than 70. Or maybe they were forced, just like gym owners, churches, and restaurants to abide by harmful rules that, among other ill effects, actually increased the spread of Covid. If the latter, then there is no reason for them to permit such behavior today. Yet, they do. I addressed this insanity in a previous column, and recommended that we all write to banks about the problem.

I wrote this column because there's been a rash of masked people robbing stores and other businesses (no reported bank robberies, yet). These people can easily get away with these and other crimes, including:

  • Petty shoplifting. This drives our prices up.
  • Kidnapping. Dogs, cats, and kids.
  • Sabotage. In my area, some vandals cut a fiber optic cable and caused hundreds of homes to lose service.
  • Random beatings. Just for the fun it. People turn into monsters on (anti)social media due to anonymity, you can expect physical attacks from the masked as well.
  • Arson. No reports of this since the summer before the coup. But since the masked Antifa terrrorists got away with it then, what is to stop them now?
  • Carjacking. Your primary defense is to stop such that you can see where the tires of the car in front of you touch the pavement. This way, you can't be boxed in by two cars unless you are in the center lane. Your secondary defense is to travel armed. Aside from firearms, my weapons of choice are a big pig-sticker and a 5 cell flashlight. A small wrecking bar is also a good choice.

The government won't make the mask-wearers wear license numbers or other IDs to eliminate their anonymity. Nor will they ban the face diapers. So we cannot count on them for help, not that we'd want to after the "help" they provided during the Covid scam (and still are providing).

If we pretend the mask wearing is sane or acceptable, we engage in enabling behavior. The mask-wearers who aren't criminals wear the masks because they are very gullible and scared. So use that. I recently saw a man with a blue mask, so I said, "I hope your acne clears up so you don't have to wear a mask, but did you know the blue ones come from China and are laced with three different cancer causing chemicals? I'd hate for you go go out that way." And then I just walked off without waiting for a response, while he was still too much in shock to give me one. What do you bet he isn't wearing a mask anymore? Notice the fine touches in that bit of manipulation.

Have you noticed many of the mask wearers seem a bit lost, a bit dazed and confused? That's because they are suffering from concentrated CO2 and have brain fog. They probably are not a threat. The ones who seem alert, on the other hand, just covered their face in the past few minutes and are the ones to watch out for. When they are present, try to be somewhere else.



6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility in this area.

Statistics when these photos were taken, 2 days past my 62nd birthday:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148.8lbs (a bit more than the Age 60 shoot, and I am leaner for this one)

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20.5 (an increase of half an inch since the Age 60 shoot)

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 10 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Max squat: Unknown, but I do 4 sets of 8 reps of front squats with 90lbs to start Leg Day

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Testosterone: Above the upper limit of the normal range

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

Some cool climbing  videos:

See all of my climbing videos here:

People often get obsessed with details that don't really matter. An example is counting and tracking the number of repetitions you do per set. Allegedly, you can measure your gains by simply noting that you are doing more reps. But this assumes the increase in reps is due to an increase in strength. It is usually due to a decrease in form. The desire to get a better grade is so strong, you will pace yourself, reduce your intensity, not quite get the full range of motion, etc., to get that extra rep.

Details do matter, but only if they are the right details. Here are nine to pay attention to when training:

  1. Consistency. How consistent are you at showing up? How consistent are you with effort from rep to rep and set to set?
  2. Focus. If you are distracted during training, your training will suffer. It's not like you are training all day. For the 20 or 30 minutes it takes you to get through today's workout, ignore everything else. Don't check messages between sets, don't be thinking about the other things you need to do, and don't be chatting with other people. Be totally immersed. When it's done, then you can check your messages, think about other things you need to do, and chat with other people.
  3. Movement. This is another word for "technique', just easier to visualize. Exactly what movement should you do when performing Exercise X? Think about this when planning the exercise. Small variations can have big effects.
  4. Full range of motion. You will hear some trainers talk about the full range of motion. They don't mean 90%, they mean full. Go all the way to the bottom. This might not mean with every exercise, for example you can break the biceps curl down into three exercises (full contraction --upper 20%, mid-range --middle 60%, and full extension --lower 20%). But during the time you work a particular muscle you need to get the full range of motion. You can't do front squats in the full range of motion for your legs and hips, so pair that with deep squats (no weight needed) that range from butt touching the ground to a little above the bottom of your squat range.
  5. Full extension emphasis. When you get into full extension, you are at your weakest point. Putting some kind of emphasis on this will trigger an outsized adaptive response compared to the rest of the movement. Many people bounce at full extension, this is wrong. For example, they bounce the bar off their chest when bench pressing or bounce the French curl bar up. Instead of doing that, squeeze the weight up. Stop the forward motion for just a second, to eliminate bounce. Then squeeze. That's one way to emphasize. Another way is to just do a set where each rep ranges from full extension (nearly hyperextension) to maybe 15% of the way back toward full contraction. Do it as a finishing set.
  6. Limited resting. People who count reps for "progress" take longer breaks between sets. That's a mistake. Training is not performance. You want to make it harder, not easier, to move a given amount of weight.
  7. Muscle damage. Many people try to achieve this by using more weight, which often results in more joint, tendon, and ligament damage. Use better form. On compound movements, look for ways you may be cheating (for example, shoulders forward instead of shoulder blades flat during the bench press) and make the needed corrections. For isolation exercises, make sure you are actually isolating and not recruiting muscles you don't intend to work.
  8. Metabolic stress. You can maximize this by doing sets back to back with no rest. For example, a set of pull-ups immediately followed by a set of biceps curls. Then shorten the rest between that superset and the next superset to as little as you can.
  9. Time under tension. You may find that with correct form you can't do as many reps. So you lose time under tension. The solution to that is to do an extra set. Some people think of time under tension as occurring only during the current set. But it's the total time under tension during that workout, as long as you don't give the muscles time to recharge via long rest breaks. Long rest breaks, where your heart rate comes down to normal and you feel your full strength has returned, basically start a second workout. And you end up with two workouts that don't produce the adaptive response but do leave you sore and full of lactic acid.




At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

From 1998 to 2017, the USA had less than 1.13% of the world's share of mass shooter and 1.77% of its mass public murders. That's probably because, as a population, we are well-armed. Brainless Biden wants to disarm everyone except the violent criminals and the security forces of the rich and powerful.


8. Thought for the Day

The year the Department of (dis)Education was established, the USA was number one in literacy and number two in numeracy among all nations. Today among industrialized nations, we are dead last in both categories.

Can you guess which Department we need to eliminate (along with the Federal Bureau of Incompetence, the Centers for Disinformation and Censorship, the Federal Disinformation Administration, and the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths)? This agency, like the ones in parentheses, isn't merely useless. This agency, like the ones on parentheses, is extremely harmful.



Please forward this eNL to others.


The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!). The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by socialists or other brainwashed individuals. That's because those fools live in an alternate reality and have not bothered to learn the basics of how life works. They cannot do basic math, cannot apply logic, and cannot be bothered to learn the basic facts relevant to any topic that they are passionate about.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Where sources are not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort. Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

Personal note from Mark: I value each and every one of you, and I hope that shows in the diligent effort I put into writing this e-newsletter. It is an act of service, almost no money is generated for me through this effort. Thank you for being a faithful reader. Please pass this newsletter along to others.

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