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Mindconnection eNL, 2021-08-15


In this issue:
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Every society that has embraced socialism has ultimately regretted doing so.

1. Good News: Where the Intel is Good

  1. Is the "Centers for Disease Confusion" correct? You decide:
  2. Some kids are just brought up right. Read the full story here:
  3. Retired Army Intelligence Captain and elections data expert Seth Keshel examined the final vote counts in all 50 states compared to the estimated numbers based on changing state dynamics and trends to come up with his estimated voter fraud in each state. If his analysis is correct, we must add to Trump's 235 votes 19+15+10+6+11+16+10 = 87, for a total of 322 Electoral College votes. Subtracting the same from the wholly implausible number attributed to Biden, we get 216 votes.

    That is, if you eliminate the fraud that we're able to identify, Trump won by almost 100 Electoral College points. This confirms the theory that most Americans were not upset with the lowest unemployment in 50 years, growth in real wages for the poor and middle class, lower taxes, peace in the Middle East, lower energy costs, effective national borders, enhanced protection of our civil liberties, and rising stock portfolios. Gee, who wouda thunk?

    Even liberals should have been ga-ga for Trump, since his policies with the fossil fuel industry made us the ONLY nation to meet the carbon targets of the Paris Accord. No other country even came close. Saving the planet and our economy is somehow a turnoff? Simply does not make sense.

    Read the full story about the analysis here:

    Now, it is possible that Keshel's research is flawed. But go back to the second sentence of the second paragraph.

  4. This is unbelievably stupid and should further alienate ordinary people from the socialists:

    As my friend Howard (RIP) used to say, "You cannot make this stuff up."
  5. A recent poll put Detroit Police Chief James Craig dead even with Gretchen Witch-More in the race for governor. And that's without a single TV ad, campaign event, or even formal announcement. This shows that even the oppression-tolerant sheeple of Michigan have had enough. Watch next November as this state overwhelmingly switches from socialist to Republican. Michiganders are also upset that they were disenfranchised in the 2020 POTUS race through sheer fraud. Their state clearly went to Trump, yet election fraud sent it to Biden. What effect do you think that is going to have on their trust in the election process? And how will they respond to that? Will they let themselves be cheated again? We shall see!
  6. Marjorie Taylor Greene is suing Nutcase Pelosi. You've probably seen the story already, but if not here is one version:
    Now, think about the implications. Except for the Ninth District Federal Courts, the socialists do not control the judiciary. Suing individual offenders such as Nutcase will have a chilling effect not only on those offenders but also on their zombie acolytes. Even better, those who fear such offenders now feel empowered to stand up to them. It's the same sort of thing that happens when the grade school bully gets a punch in the nose and bleeds like a stuck pig. Other kids decide that they, too, can strike back.

    Nutcase's days of bullying everyone she disagrees with are coming to an end. She says she won't run for Congress again, and that's probably yet another of her lies. What she most likely has in mind is getting rid of Kamala and then declaring Brainless unfit to be POTUS. She would then become POTUS. The problem in this scheme is the patriots are not taking the bait. First we get Nutcase out of the Speaker role, then we impeach Brainless and Kamala.

    With all the crazy, destructive things the socialists have done, are doing, and plan to do, it is shaping up to be an electoral massacre of them in 2022. This all hinges on election reform. To avoid national irrelevance, the socialists must steal elections in 2022. To avoid national destruction, we must ensure they don't. Let's try to help the freedom fighters win this crucial battle. If you don't have funds to donate, then help out in other ways.
  7. You probably read the McKloskeys settled their "criminal" case and then were pardoned by the governor. Here's the story:

    Now the upshot of this event in which Black Lives Manipulated thugs were trespassing and making threats of extreme violence on the one hand, and the innocent homeowners displayed their firearms to avoid an actual conflict on the other hand is this. The injustice visited upon the McKloskeys by the lamestream media and the inJustice  system of ultra-liberal, anti-Constitution, anti-civil rights Missouri converted them from fairly nonpolitical to political warriors.

    The socialists keep doing this alienation thing. I wrote to my socialist misrepresentative in CONgress that behavior like hers is why Democrats become Republicans. Like all those Cuban-Americans who recently switched their party affiliation. The socialist civil war and coup, followed by their arrogant, intolerant, hateful behavior, has turned both allies and neutral parties strongly against them.

    They have peed in their own punchbowl. And we are going to make them drink it.
  8. My misrepresentative in CONgress sent out many messages advocating the jab and showing her getting it herself. She wrote on message stating it is effective against the variant. I wrote to her and said it's not effective against Covid-19, so why would it be effective against the variant? I, yet again, told her to please stop lying. She has a real problem with honesty, but then she is a socialist after all. Here is the story on this dishonorable woman:
  9. The Wisconsin legislature is conducting a "top-to-bottom probe" of the 2020 elections. It is irrefutable that Trump won by a landslide, if you count only legitimate votes. Now with one more state conducting a serious investigation, there are enough states doing so to produce the correction election result (recertify) for POTUS if they use the results to change their Electoral College votes to the actual winner. What to do next is unknown, as there is no precedent for this. But the longer the nation waits for Trump to resume office while the pillaging and destruction of our nation goes on, the harder it will be to recover.

    On the other hand, a longer view strategy is to continue piling up evidence while also determining exactly how the socialists implemented fraud and who was involved, while allowing the socialists to continue driving unemployment up and doing all the other damage that gets them off. This would create an environment quite hostile to them by 2022, which would mean a route in both chambers.

    The GOP would have the ability to over-ride any vetoes from President Soros-Harris-Biden,  and could enact legislation that corrects much of the insanity enacted via Executive Orders since Soros-Harris-Biden took office.

    Once a POTUS is elected per the will of The People in 2024, you can bet s/he will not be a socialist/Democrat. Then the real work can begin. In 2024, Nancy Pelosi, whether still in office or not, should be arrested, tried, and convicted for her many felonies. a major effort should be undertaken to indict the insurgents, including Schumer, AOC, Whitmer, and the leaders of Black Lives Manipulated. The DOJ should also try to prove "Obama" is a US citizen and when that effort fails, they will have the evidence to show he is not a US Citizen. He should then be deported to Indonesia. Whoever is POTUS needs to keep the public apprised via short videos that focus on evidence.

    Even longer-term, the next census (2030) will massively adjust the Electoral Map. People are fleeing communist countries like The People's Republic of California and murder zones like Chicago and NYC for the free states. Expect the PRC, Ill-inois, and New York to lose at least 12 EC votes between the three of them with all those 12 going to the free states. This has major implications for POTUS elections in the future, essentially locking out the socialists and their conquered territories. Momentum should carry progress forward from there, resulting in the restoration of civil liberty, financial sanity, and the rule of law in the country as a whole. Insanity holdouts such as the PRC, OR, NM, MN, IL, VT, NY, and NJ will most likely remain that way. If people are dumb enough to stay in those places after the rest of the country has been repaired, then all we can do is feel sorry for them.
  10. The Texas socialists who were derelict in their duty to represent their constituents in the legislature are now suing the Governor for anxiety and embarrassment. This whining makes them look petty and immature, which of course they are. They have no case, for multiple reasons including they cannot name any damages for the court to address. It is likely that, if the case is not summarily dismissed pre-hearing, the judge will assess against the whiners monetary damages such as legal fees of the defendant. People everywhere have lost their patience with the socialists and are not putting up with their destructive childishness. They are too self-centered and stupid to see that yet, but they will.
  11. Barry "Obama" Soetoro recently had his 60th birthday bash. Nutcase Pelosi was pointedly removed from the invitation list. That seems to indicate she is too repugnant even for "Obama". It could also indicate this criminal is trying to distance himself from active enemies of the country, such as Nutcase, because the "Obamas" are under investigation. The investigation will likely go nowhere, but it does give criminals like the "Obamas" the feeling they might not get away with every crime they commit.
  12. Michigan citizens are protesting the "vaccine" (experimental medication) mandates inflicted by their incompetent and insane governor. This is good news, because it is yet another way the citizens there are rejecting socialist oppression and policies that are amazingly stupid.
  13. A 39-year old man who "identifies as a woman" was sent to a female prison. His crime? He was having sex with his 79-year old mother, taking advantage of her not knowing what was happening because of her dementia. So he's guilty of rape and incest. He had written online about this, calling his incapacitated mother his "love quest". Regardless of what crimes women committed to be in prison, is it conscionable that a male rapist live among them? Only to libtards. On the site where he posted accounts of his sexual adventures, libtard visitors were urging others to "respect her pronouns". This isn't "good news" in the sense originally intended for this column. But it does give you some insight into the libtard value system.
  14. A St Louis cab company is using actual information on Covid, masks, and the gene therapy to form its customer acceptance policy. It does not provide service to people who wear a mask or have allowed themselves to be injected with the spike protein stimulator. Read the full story here:

    Note to the socialists: We are no longer "The Sheeple". We will not comply. In fact, we will actively oppose your message of hatred, stupidity, and destruction. Rather than subjugate us, you are priming us to make you irrelevant.

Trump for President in 2021!


2. Product Highlight

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3. Brainpower tip


The socialists and various other people who are IQ-deficient, devious, or both keep pushing the absurd idea that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in a fair election. While it's great that several swing states are now conducting audits of the 2020 election, there is a shorter, less expensive way to arrive at the same conclusion.

Asking some basic questions is a good way to analyze a proposition. Let's apply that technique to determine who won. If you use this technique in other situations, you will greatly enhance your brain power.

  • Were Americans so dissatisfied with the lowest unemployment in over 50 years, that they wanted to replace Trump?
  • Did people dislike our energy independence, energy stability, and energy price stability, or would they prefer to be paying twice as much at the gas pump while enduring shortages and outages throughout the year?
  • Did the majority of Americans want war in the Middle East instead of the peace that Trump brought?
  • Did people stay up late at night, feeling guilty that America has been too "elitist" to have a retarded person as POTUS?
  • Did people so much enjoy the rioting, fire-bombing, maiming, and murdering done by socialist insurgents and approved by socialist politicians over the summer of 2021 that they wanted to put a socialist in the White House?
  • Were most Americans experiencing nostalgia for the days when their POTUS stirred up racial hatred as Obama did instead of focusing (as Trump did) on Making America Great Again?
  • Did people find prosperity so objectionable they would vote to replace Trump with someone whose record is strongly anti-prosperity?
  • Black Lives Manipulated and other hate groups were launching violent assaults on Republicans, doing cancel culture and cancel career on Trump supporters, and generally trying to strike abject terror into the hearts of those who do not embrace their toxic ideology. So why is it the film crew outnumbered the attendees at Biden rallies but it was common to see 35,000 people at a Trump rally? Despite the danger, all those Trump supporters showed up. If Biden even had supporters, where were they?
  • In looking at the Bill of Rights, which Trump ardently supports and to which Biden has spent years opposing, does it seem even remotely plausible that so many people dislike their civil liberties they would vote to have them violated as a matter of policy?
  • How is it that the left's message of hatred, intolerance, and violence somehow resonated with more voters than Trump's message (and record) of peace and prosperity?
  • In the Democratic primaries, Biden came in a distant fourth and his repugnant running mate came in dead last. In the Republican primaries, Trump was the winner both times. How can Biden possibly get more votes than any POTUS in history, and so hugely more than even Obama?
  • Did Americans decide that Biden's only accomplishment in 50 years, a bill to deprive the accused of many of their rights, signified what they wanted from the POTUS? Or was it most Americans agreed with Biden when Biden was the only person on Obama's team to object to the plan to send Seal Team 6 to kill Osama Bin Laden and thus preferred Biden over a POTUS who took many actions to protect us?

This is just an example of the question technique. There are other ways to use logic to prove Biden lost by a wide margin. Yet, many people don't use this or any of the other methods to arrive at the truth. Instead, they let the lamestream media con them into believing an egregious lie.

Your first line of defense is, of course, to completely avoid the lamestream media. If friends repeat these lies to you, ask them to stop doing that. Use an example like this to show that what they are telling you isn't what they actually think because they have not yet thought about it.

Our society is under a massive program of stupidification. We must resist. The socialists are not the Borg, but even if they were Captain Janeway proved resistance is far from futile by ultimately destroying the Borg.

It's not enough to put on your own oxygen mask, you must also help the less able put on theirs. One way to do that is to pick a libtard myth like "Joe Biden won" and help another person to use logic to destroy the myth. Walk them through it, let them get the win. Once they get a taste of being smart, they won't want to go back.

4. Finance tip

Despite the fact Biden did not win the 2020 election if the only votes counted are ones that voters actually cast, he is the useful idiot occupying the Oval Office and signing off on every anti-prosperity bit of socialist garbage to emerge from our compromised legislature. Add to that some particularly damaging executive orders, and the outlook for  the economy is grim:
  • Inflation (a tax on all dollar-based assets) is already raging as new money is pumped, by the trillions, into the system.
  • Unemployment, like crime, is sharply on the rise.
  • The costs of food and energy have risen dramatically (only partially due to inflation, also partly due to artificial constraint of the supply).
  • Black Lives Manipulated has, with no fear of the FBI, extorted corporations to pay them millions of dollars (Unilever got taken for $5 million according to one source there). While normal criminals would go to prison for this, BLM has carte blanche. Such is the power of being a violent Marxist terrorist organization. Guess who pays for all this extortion? You, the consumer.
  • The socialists have given the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths millions in additional funding with instructions to "collect" far more than they are now. IRS collection methods are often brutal and no tax debt is actually needed for the brutality to be unleashed. There is no due process and no remedy under the law for victims of IRS assaults, especially if a given assault is against a totally innocent party.
  • Shortages of parts and materials mean reduced economic activity and thus reduced salaries and opportunities for working people.
  • And so on and so on.

You can't stop all this inflation or the other factors causing price increases. At least, not until the 2022 elections. And then only if your state has election reform measures enacted before the election.

To stop the economic assaults, the socialists must be voted out of power. Find out who in your state is working toward election integrity and ask how you can help. Also contact your state legislators about the issue.

To cope with the economic assaults, you can follow all the other advice I have given in the previous two decades of this newsletter. OK, so you probably don't have that at your fingertips. So here's an even better suggestion. Form a group that meets once per month, perhaps on the third Saturday for example. Set a starting time and an ending time. Always start exactly on time and end on or before the ending time. No waiting for people to arrive and no extensions of the stopping time. Ever.

The purpose of each meeting is to provide each other with ideas and suggestions for income improvement and cost reduction. This kind of group puts everyone in a mentor-mentee and mentee-mentor situation.

Here's a sample agenda:

  • One person presents one problem. For example, "I got a big bill from my vet for dental care". Somebody writes this down.
  • Each attendee gets to make one comment on the problem. "If you are feeding your dog corn or wheat, that would explain it." Somebody writes down each of these.
  • Open for discussion. Total time, 10 minutes. Do not go over.
  • Repeat with next person.
  • Repeat until 20 minutes left. Make any needed assignments.
  • Do not fill the remaining time with random talking. If the assignments are made, adjourn. Getting out early always feels good.

At the next meeting, you start with someone who did not get to present at the previous meeting.

With this approach, everybody hears everybody else's ideas. But what if somebody starts a business and could really use the full session? That would be putting on person's needs above everyone else's, which isn't fair. The person can bring a slice of a business problem rather than a whole mess of things. This is good for the group, but also good for the person with the problem because of the granularity. The solution will be more readily arrived at and organic growth of problem-solving will ensue.

5. Security tip

The mental illness known as "socialism" has made America a much more dangerous place than it was only a few years ago. The escalated dangers include:

  • Being "cancelled" by socialist bullies because you say something heretical such as you love America, the country is not racist, or you'd rather not subject yourself to the Covid jab that has already killed thousands of people.
  • Being "career cancelled" because your company has an oppressive culture that hates diversity, yet you don't agree that [pick the idiotic socialist idea of your choice].
  • Being violently assaulted just because you are a member of the majority.

And, of course, socialist policies have caused the years-long downward trend in crime to do a 180. Crime rates have been heading sharply upward since the socialists took power (note, I did not say "came to power" or "were voted in"). With inflation taking off like Bezos' spaceship did (up, up, and away), everyone with a dollar-based income and/or dollar-based assets is much poorer now. The many anti-prosperity actions of the "Biden" (or whoever controls that retard and speaks into his earpiece) administration have been effective at destroying jobs, raising prices, and diminishing opportunity. The hardest hit are the working poor, but everyone in the lower 99% of wealth feels pain from this.

The socialists have spent over a year and a half dividing people, isolating people, and creating discord and dissension among "groups" that they have created. And now, in Phase 2, they are making millions of Americans desperate. Desperate people take desperate measures, including breaking into homes, stealing packages off porches, and running scams by mail, telephone, and in-person meetings.

This is where I'm supposed to say, "Be afraid. Very afraid." But fear is partly responsible for how we got here. Instead, I say, "Be prepared. Very prepared." Until lawful government is restored, the insurrectionists now controlling the government will have nearly carte blanche to violate any of us. Not just our civil rights, but our basic human rights. Once lawful government is restored, it's going to take a while before these criminals are removed from society via arrest, indictment, and incarceration. I don't mean just Pelosi, Biden, and other government-abusing criminals. I mean terrorists like Black Lives Manipulated, who are still not held accountable for the many murders and millions of dollars in property damage their Civil War inflicted last summer. These people and other sociopaths like them target those who have some power and use it to stand against them.

How to protect yourself in the coming storm

  • Stay off of socialist media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Those platforms are trolled by people who are looking for lives to destroy.
  • Protect your job and your job-hunting ability by being emotionally positive at work. Be a problem-solver, not a trouble-maker. If someone quits or is laid off, contact that person and offer to write a good letter of recommendation. Bosses love a "can do" attitude conveyed with a smile. Make sure that's your attitude and you convey it with a smile. Do some self-study to increase your competence. Books, audiobooks, online courses, videos, webinars, and trade shows are just some means to this end.
  • Keep "taking the vaccine", by which I mean eat zero junkfood. Don't eat anything that's highly processed, but instead focus on whole vegetables that you find in the produce department. This way, you have your health instead of medical treatments and the bills that come with them.
  • Get closer to your neighbors. Get commitment to help each other. Compliment each neighbor on something neighborly they do.
  • Practice balance and posture. If you stand tall, you look large and in charge. You do not look like an inviting target for a violent attack.
  • Support two or three of the freedom-oriented causes. Whether it's sending funds to Ann Coulter's group that is tackling the university campus intolerance of free thought, MTG's efforts to derail criminal processes within Congress, the Arizona Audit, or what Candace Owens is doing, pick something and support it. And don't leave the fighting up to these women, you men need to do some of the fighting as well. Write to socialist legislators and governors to chastise them for their bad behavior. Write to freedom-fighting legislators and governors to express your gratitude.

Those are just six things you can (and should) do to enable yourself to make it through what is coming. The seventh thing you can do is think hard to map out a strategy, make a list of rules for yourself, and then be faithful to both your strategy and your rules.

You were born with a human brain. It's an amazing thing, for those of us (such as you) who put it to use. Socialists don't put their brains to use, else they would not be socialists. This is why their behavior is so coarse, they are unthinking zombies full of hatred, anger, and self-doubt. We cannot reach them with facts or logic, but we can use facts and logic to develop strategies and tactics far superior to theirs. We outnumber them, and we have a super power they don't (a brain in use). You may find the strategizing and rule-making to be fun and invigorating, especially if you decide to share that experience with another brain-using individual.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility.

Statistics on 60th birthday, when these photos were taken:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148lbs

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%.

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do three sets of 12 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle
See my climbing videos here:
We can read so many "expert"  opinions on making your body lean. Who is right, and why?

Some examples:

  • Expert A says your body composition is determined by calories in vs calories out. It's simply the math, nothing else.
  • Expert B says what really matters is what you eat, not how much.
  • Expert C says when you eat is the magic secret.
  • Expert D says if go long stretches without eating (intermittent fasting) you will stay lean.

The examples I gave are just for food. There are also many opinions on training to reduce body fat. On and on it goes. Some of these opinions have validity, but body composition is more complex than any one of these views would indicate. It's not a simple matter of calories, but calories do matter. Why? Because any carbs or proteins beyond what your body needs will be converted to fat. This is why, for example, scarfing down a big helping of BCCAs (branched chain amino acids) can be just as fattening as eating a doughnut. Yet, the doughnut is profoundly bad because it stimulates a cascade of hormonal changes that make you fatter and less muscular.

Here are some factors to control if you want a strong and lean physique:

  • Portion size. Fat accumulation can creep up on you if you let a portion slide here and another one there. You don't need to actually count calories, but you do need to keep portions in line with your actual needs.
  • Nutrient density. Remember what I said about the conversion of excess carbs and proteins into fat?  One way to prevent this response is to spread the same nutrition over six meals instead of concentrating them into one or two meals. If it takes 100 units of X to trigger fat creation and you normally eat 120 units at each of your two meals, going to six meals will put you at 40 units per meal--well below the trigger threshold.
  • Meal consistency. Every time your body goes without food for more than a few hours, it starts conserving energy. That is, your metabolism slows. This fact is why intermittent fasting does not work over the long term; this practice trains your body to create more fat when "things are lush" and then slow your metabolism when "things are sparse". Make a schedule, then stick to it.
  • Low-intensity, high volume exercise. It trains your body to conserve fuel and there's no stimulation of the adaptive response that burns fat and builds muscle. If on a Monday you do a 5x5 (5 sets of 5) of front squats (with a properly loaded bar and you go all the way down on each rep), you will burn more calories by Friday than if you walked a treadmill for an hour each day. That's because the squats stimulate the adaptive response and your calorie burning continues long after you stop. But with the treadmill, the  calorie burning stops when you stop the exercise.
  • Toxicity. Don't eat heavily processed foods. If you consume dairy, make sure it's organically produced. If it's milk or yogurt, get the "cream on top" instead of the homogenized; it takes heat and pressure to make all the fat particles the same tiny size. Don't consume seed oils. Don't consume refined sugars. Take great care when selecting what you put into your body that it's not toxic; this sounds like common sense, but it is far from commonly done.
  • Sleep quality. Sleep deficit causes all kinds of problems, including "weight gain" (extra body fat). Invest in high quality bedding, wash it in a non-toxic detergent using 1/3 of the recommended amount, do not use fabric stenchener, let sheets air dry so they stay soft. Invest in room-darkening blinds, keep cell phones out of the room (also no TV, landline, video games, etc.). Have a "wind down" time each evening so you are relaxed when you go to bed.

Eliminating fruit isn't a solution

Don't believe every "expert" out there. I listened to an audiobook on nutrition, and most of what the author said was correct. But she made statements that were incorrect, although she sounded very convincing. For example, she said fruit is very sugary and some fruits should be avoided entirely. One of those fruits she named is grapefruit. She said it's mostly sugar. A medium sized grapefruit is only 50 calories. You would have to eat 70 of them to gain a pound of fat (3500 calories). The low calorie density combined with high water content is why "the grapefruit diet" produces noticeable results. Eating grapefruit instead of an equal portion of something else is a way of reducing your total calorie intake.

Diane Vianello, a personal trainer in Florida, had encountered this "no fruit" argument often. The same person who won't eat a 50 calorie apple (yes, same as a grapefruit in calories but less water) has no problem scarfing down a 400 calorie "protein drink". This math is one way in which calories matter.

Calorie reduction example

Let's say you gained 10 lbs over the past year despite eating clean, and it's all fat. How can you easily take it off? The fat is there because you've been eating too much. If you reduce your intake to match the excess, you won't gain more fat. If you reduce your intake just a bit more, you will run a deficit and thus lose fat without triggering the starvation response.

  • A large sweet potato has about 120 calories. If you eat one each day, cut in in half. Total, 60 calories/day.
  • A cup of plain yogurt has about 150 calories. Eat 1/3 cup instead of a whole cup, and you spare 100 calories. Total, 160 calories/day.
  • A large egg is about 70 calories. If you cut one 3-egg omelet per day to a 2-egg omelet, you spare 70 calories. Total, 230 calories/day.
  • The typical protein shake runs 300 calories, sans any fruit or other things added. If you reduce yours to a 100 calorie shake and consume it only on your two hardest training days, you spare 1900 calories per week. Pro-rated, that's 270 calories/day.

You now have a reduction of 500 calories/day. If your excess was 150 calories/day, you will run a daily deficit of 350 calories. If your normal intake is 2200 calories, that's a 16% reduction. That reduction means you lose one pound of fat every 10 days. That's without feeling hungry, weak, or tired. And you'll notice the protein shake was the main calorie source.


We don't need as much protein as many "experts" insist we need. Vegans can easily get enough "complete" protein without a shake. People who eat eggs, dairy, and/or meat are unlikely to need supplemental protein. For even very active people, such a shake is just extra calories the body turns to fat. People will go to a gym and burn off 300 calories "doing cardio", then suck down a 500 calorie smoothie. Further, the cardio, being low-intensity exercise, signals the body to shed muscle and store fat. No wonder they get discouraged and quit going. What they need to quit are the cardio and the smoothie.

Yes, you will see Mr. Olympia competitors scarf down big smoothies made with heaps of protein powder. But unless you are on illegal steroids and hefting the poundages they heft, your needs are not the same as their needs.

If you're not sure about protein supplementation, go through your meal plan and identify how many grams of protein you get with each meal. Does the total add up to what you need? How do you know what you need? If you train moderately, maybe 60 grams. If you train intensely, maybe twice that much. Some "experts" say 1 gram per pound of body weight and others say 2 grams. None of them can explain where they get this number from. Once you start supplementing with protein powder, monitor your body fat closely. If you see definition start to soften or a fat pad start to show on your belly, stop supplementing for a full week. Then resume using half what you used before and see how that works.


Simply cutting calories isn't always the solution and if you cut too deeply you go into starvation mode. A lean, strong physique is not the result of using one strategy to an extreme. It is the result of using multiple strategies in balance. And for that, you need to think how everything relates.

Consider that it's leg training day. But you cut back on carbs so now you lack enough energy for a brutal squats component to your workout. It is better to carb up (perhaps with some raw oats the night before and/or fruit in the morning if it's a morning workout) before an especially grueling workout so that you can push through it and get the adaptive response.

Here is my leg workout with adequate rest and nutrition:

  • Front squats. 4 sets.

  • Hamstring curls / Leg extensions. 4 sets of 12.

  • Adductor floor exercise / Abductor floor exercise. 4 sets of 12.

  • Bench pistols. 4 sets.

  • Step-ups for butt. 3 sets.

  • Sissy squats / Reverse leg raise butt-ups. 4 sets.

  • Pelvic thrusts with butt squeeze/ Deep squats. 3 sets.

Here is what it would be while attempting it in semi-starvation mode:

  • Front squats. 3 sets.

  • Hamstring curls / Leg extensions. 4 sets of 8.

  • Adductor floor exercise / Abductor floor exercise. 2 sets of 8.

  • Bench pistols. 2 sets.

  • Step-ups for butt. 2 sets.

  • Sissy squats / Reverse leg raise butt-ups. 2 sets.

  • Pelvic thrusts with butt squeeze/ Deep squats. 2 sets.

You can see that I had to cut out many sets, which means less volume which means less time under tension which means less of the adaptive response. Thus, lower calorie burn than if I had eaten properly ahead of time.

It's not straight calories in / calories out when this kind of training is in the mix, because with enough volume of intense sets you burn calories not just during the workout but for many days after. It's not about burning calories during the workout. It's about using the workout to trigger a multi-day calorie burning response. I train like this 6 days per week, so each day I am getting a big calorie burn and a natural boost in my testosterone.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The vast majority of "blacks" living in the USA are not descendants of slaves.

Think about it. Slavery was abolished and slaves were freed in 1865. That was over 150 years ago, which means every "black" person who came here since then was never a slave on a southern plantation. It is reasonable to infer from this that less than 5% of "blacks" in America today are descendants of southern plantation slaves. To learn more about immigration of "blacks" see:

8. Thought for the Day

If the USA is so racist, why do so many people emigrate here from Liberia, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ghana, and other "black" African countries? They come here for opportunity, and because they know this "melting pot" is the least racist country on earth.


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