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Mindconnection eNL, 2021-08-01


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1. Good News

This column originally started out with the goal of providing news that would be uplifting; read it and feel good. But with the civil war going on and the socialist propaganda outlets spreading disinformation, lately I've made it more of a "the intel is good" column. I've always striven to ensure that whatever you read here is true. I also want it to be relevant, and with our nation currently under a withering attack it's pretty clear what is relevant. During this crisis, however, the news here won't always be uplifting. Although in many cases it will be. This first item, for example.
  1. The socialists continue to show their idiocy, further weakening their grip on their acolytes and further alienating them from people who actually think. One of their latest outrages has been reverberating ever since their pet retard said back in April that the January 6 trespassing at the Capitol building was, "The worst attack on our Democracy since the Civil War." Calling our republic a democracy is shameful in the extreme (see Factoid section below). If we sideways translate that part into English, we could say "country" or "republic".

    As for "Since the Civil War", it's not capitalized because it's not yet over and isn't a proper name yet. But this phrase is commonly used by the historically uninformed to mean the 1861 War of Secession. It was not a civil war; the South seceded rather than invade. This is a critical distinction.

    If we sideways translate our Retard in Chief's entire sentence, it would read, "The trespassing at the capital is the worst attack on our country since the war between the states". That is exactly how many people took this, including families of those who were murdered in the September 11 terrorist attacks. This kind of insensitivity, deceit, and hyperbole is why the socialists continue to lose credibility and respect.

    At this point, you really have to wonder about the mental health of anybody who believes anything these people say or approves of anything they do. They are going to continue this deceit under the theory we voters are stupid beyond measure. As their power to provide any election with any outcome they want erodes under multiple investigations, audits, and reforms, they are likely to get a rude awakening the next time We The People vote.
  2. In a previous (and recent) edition, I mentioned that the Supreme Court made a surprisingly bold (for them) stand against the socialists. It seems John Roberts is tired of playing Neville Chamberlain to these Nazi thugs. Appeasement does not work when your enemy is both hateful and aggressive. Now the SCOTUS handed these enemies of America another defeat, this time on the question of whether Americans should be allowed to elect their President and their representatives in Congress. The socialists maintain that Americans do not have this right, that our President and representatives in Congress should be decided for us with obviously sham elections being held to fool those who are under the age of 5. But the SCOTUS threw a big wrench into the machinery of election fraud by upholding Arizona's ban on election harvesting.

    If just the 36 free states protect their elections, we will never again be subjected to a harmful socialist rule from the White House or the federal legislature. And in those 36 free states, socialists will have little traction in state elections.
  3. The People's Republic of California is going cash-negative. There's a movement within the PRC for the southern half of this communist country to secede and form its own state, thus adding a 37th free state and two more senators who are not committed to destroying America. It will probably fail, but it is giving the denizens of the PRC a different way of thinking about their relationship to the government that micro-mismanages their lives. Combine that with the horrendous mess the socialists are making of the PRC and of the nation in general, and you have the recipe for big change.
  4. Ron Wyden, a non-socialist Democrat (yes, some still exist), has long been a friend of civil liberties, small businesses, and plain old common sense. He recently proposed changes to the Tax Reform Act of 2107. Unlike his socialist counterparts who now dominate this party, he makes proposals to help people. In particular, he wants to change a provision regarding pass-through entities so they pay lower taxes but the tax breaks now going to millionaires are reduced. These types of entities are the small businesses that the socialists constantly attack while also subsidizing millionaires. It's interesting the Dems tapped Nutcase Nancy to be Speaker instead of Wyden and instead of putting Wyden on the ballot they installed a mentally retarded pedophile in the White House.

    It would be really good news if Wyden stepped up to stop the socialist attack on our country. He may be helpful to our lasting long enough to take it back through the ballot (where we want the fight) instead of the bullet (where the socialists want the fight). We also need many Republicans to stop letting themselves be intimidated by these criminals. Send messages of support to those who stand with us, and send messages of disapproval to those (like my governor and my misrepresentative in Congress) who hate us and harm us.
  5. Too bad the Democrats in Texas lack the morals that Wyden possesses. In their effort to circumvent lawful governance, they fled the state rather than show up in legislative session. All of these idiots had the Covid jab, and (surprise, surprise), they got Covid anyhow. They may have even given it to Nutcase Pelosi. The good news here is they demonstrated there's no point in allowing yourself to be injected with this experimental medication because it does not work. We have a 100% effective vaccination against Covid, it's called the produce department. There is no known antidote for the Covid jab; it's killing thousands of otherwise healthy people. The sooner we stop this madness, the better.
  6. On the 21st of last month, all 50 Republican senators stood against the socialists and their latest ridiculous spending scam. For a party that seems composed mostly of invertebrates, this is a surprising development. This is excellent news. They have both the will and the means to stop the Destroy America movement from using Congress as its instrument. The SCOTUS is also standing up to these enemies of America. That leaves only the executive branch and many civil servants are finding ways to silently gum up the works a bit. Still, the socialists remain a grave threat to the future of the USA. Means must be taken to prevent election corruption, or we are merely treading water.
  7. The Michigan legislature stripped "Crazy Gretchen" of her Emergency Powers. This is a big step toward the liberation of Michigan. If the legislature passes election reform, Michigan could become a free state as early as 2023.
  8. The socialists have so insulted "blacks" and "Latinos" with their patronizing and with their "you are less able than others" message on top of their aggressive attacks on jobs (job elimination has been aggressive), energy (gasoline jumped 50% since Brainless took office and it's still going up, so are utilities), culture, language, and election integrity that these formerly (taken for granted) pro-Democratic Party demographics (in general) are actively anti-Democratic Party demographics now. Many "blacks", having figured out the exploitation committed by the Democrats, are embracing the party that has provided them economic opportunity and not really cared what color their skin is. And that is, of course, the Republican Party.

    The racist Critical Race Theory blames "whites" for various offenses (real or imagined, and mostly imagined) committed against "black" people. But it was the Republicans who freed the slaves, and the Republicans who pushed one bill after another through the system to inch civil rights forward in the 1950s. Without those efforts, the 1964 Civil Rights Act would not have happened. The Democrats answer to that Act was to spend us into an economic mess that destroyed millions of jobs for "blacks" and then make it a condition of accepting federal assistance that the family not have a father. Since then, the Democrats have treated people of color as their cute pets, to be patronized and infantilized. If CRT is changed so that it blames Democrats for the offenses against black people, then it will be spot on. It still, however, holds the myth that black people are too inept to succeed in American society, and that is not an acceptable idea to promulgate. This, too, is turning people of all racial designations to the Republican Party. Good news for America, bad news for those who hate America so much they dedicate their wasted lives to destroying it.

    I am not a Republican, but the reality is this clueless band of politicians who range between apathetic toward America and patriotic about it are our only real hope against the socialists who range between visceral hatred and more visceral hatred of America and devote every waking moment to destroying it. They are not the "lesser of two evils" any more than a wasp in your tent is the "lesser of two evils" compared to the hungry grizzly outside it. It's the grizzly you need to worry about. With any luck, that wasp will see the grizzly as a threat and call the hive to fight it off. That is our relationship to the Republican Party at this time. We need them to swarm and drive off the enemy. Show them your support and insist they act now while acting is still possible.
  9. The socialists on their anti-social media and lamestream "news" disparaged Cuban protestors for the "crime" of flying the American flag. Now because they are peacefully asking their socialist government to give them basic freedoms and using our flag to ask for that, the socialists call them "terrorists."

    Next time you see that image of Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima be sure to thank those "terrorists" for honoring our flag too. It is a sad day when holding up the American flag as a symbol of hope is considered "terrorism". But then, it was a sad day when the socialist coup replaced our very capable President Trump with a mentally retarded pedophile. We sane people have been holding out for a peaceful resolution to this civil war, and we are counting on election reform to do that job. It remains to be seen if we can wait that long, given the militancy and aggression from the socialist psychopaths. Now they have branded each of us a terrorist. The good news is instead of intimidating those who are already working to save our country, they are stimulating millions more to join in the effort.
  10. Polls taken subsequent to the above abuse of Cuban protesters show that southern Florida, once dominantly Democrat, has done a sharp about face. I recently wrote to my misrepresentative, who is a "Democrat", that behaving the way she behaves is how you create Republicans. It looks like a few more of Florida's 27 Congressional Districts have just switched from Democrat to Republican. There is no place the Democrats are gaining popularity, so this one fiasco of theirs may be enough in 2022 to take the House away from Nutcase Nancy or whatever socialist takes her place if the cadaverous old bat retires. It should not be much longer until south Chicago is also Republican, considering what the socialists are doing to people there. The only way Lori Lightbrain will get another term as governor is if thousands of dead people vote for her (in Chicago, dead people vote in alphabetical order). With all the people dying in south Chicago because of her, it would be ironic if the "dead people vote" got her another term.
  11. Those Cubans, again! A recent headline read, "Cubans are leading the fight against socialism on Capitol Hill." Here is the story:
    It appears that picking on Cubans is not a winning strategy for the socialists. They have, in fact, "picked a fight with the wrong guy" (actually a woman leading the charge).

    We can add "Don't Disparage Cubans" to the list of maxims along with "Don't mess with Texas."  You also don't want to f--- with Florida; Governor DeSantis is standing up to the federal "requirement" that two-year old kids have to wear masks.
  12. Even in The People's Republic of Minnesota, a rogue state known for home-brew Marxism, parents are rising against the state-sponsored abuses of their children. A group of parents is suing the state to stop abusing school children by inflicting them with "Critical Race Theory." This is yet another major break in the Iron Curtain that has descended across the USA. This one issue is causing millions of Minnesotans to reject socialism. It is possible that, by the fall of 2022, Minnesotans will so strongly desire Minnesota to be a free state that they will unequivocally make that known in the November elections. The same revulsion at hatred and other tenets of socialism are having similar effects in other enslaved states.
  13. Arizona's audit has caused socialists there to fill their pants. They are going all out to stop it. But it is already too late. The audit clearly shows what has been obvious ever since Joe "Brainless" Biden "won" the 2020 election. Now what remains is how to address the fraud. It is a core principle in our system of law to "make the victim whole." Arizona's electoral votes will be recertified to Trump, unless the socialists exert enough lies, riots, threats, and bullying to prevent that. And now in Georgia, analysis of the ballot images shows "massive fraud". Again, the Electoral College votes go to Trump barring unlawful interference from the socialists. You can bet that in the other swing states, the same dynamic holds. We need only one more to recertify to the correct voting outcome for Trump to take his rightful place in the White House. America needs this to happen.
  14. Wisconsin, which has long tolerated socialist election corruption, is pushing forth two separate investigations into the 2020 election. Joe "Brainless" Biden was certified as the winner of Wisconsin and its 11 electoral votes by a slim margin over Trump. Arizona also has 11. Georgia has 16 and Pennsylvania has 20. Biden "won" in all of those states only when massive numbers of Biden votes came in after the polls closed. Those 59 Electoral College votes belong to Trump, and audits in these four states will prove that. Instead of 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump, in reality it was 247 for Biden and 291 for Trump.

    It is very likely that Trump also won Nevada (6) and New Hampshire (4). That would make it 237 for Biden and 301 for Trump.

    If you like those numbers, you may also like what honest elections would have brought in the legislature. The socialists would have lost the House by about 40 seats and they would have lost another 10 seats in the Senate.

    Today if the same election were held but with anti-corruption measures in place, those numbers would hardly budge despite the staggering social and economic costs already inflicted by the socialists. People whose brains are in off mode due to zombie programming by the lamestream media would still vote for their own demise. But in Michigan, where Governor Witch-More has committed horrible crimes, the revulsion for socialist dystopia has grown immensely this year. Trump would pick up Michigan's 16 Electoral College votes for an outcome of 221 for Biden and 317 for Trump.

    If recertification leads to reinstatement, that's fine. If decertification means an election re-do, that would be awesome because the socialists would be firmly out of power in all three branches of the federal government. Law and order, along with civil liberty and fiscal sanity, would be restored soon thereafter.
  15. In a previous edition, I suggested that Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania would probably veto the election reform bill passed by the legislature. I based that on his record of being a crook, liar, and socialist. He did exactly that. Another maxim, perhaps? "Wolf wants a whuppin" sounds about right.

     The good news is he's indicated he is open to a modified version of this bill. Oddly enough, the things he mentioned are minor concessions. A new bill with those concessions is being drafted. It doesn't have quite the strength of the original bill, but it will still cut the cheating significantly. It's unclear why Wolf didn't hold the same hard line supporting election corruption as other socialist governors.

    Perhaps after all these years of shafting the people of Pennsylvania, he is developing a conscience. Or perhaps he can see that Americans want the freedom to vote rather than have blithering idiots like Biden installed in office despite how they vote. Or perhaps he regrets the fact that his state played a key role in defrauding the American people of one of the best Presidents we've ever had, replacing him with an America-hating, highly destructive team of psychopaths who use as their frontman a mentally retarded pedophile.
  16. Empress Pelosi has come under heat from the National Association of Police for her obsessive and delusional behavior regarding the 06 January Capitol protests and trespassing. The NPA says it's a politically motivated "dog and pony show" with no intention of uncovering the truth. So Ashli Babbitt's murderer will go free, just as Nutcase Nancy gets a free pass for libel, slander, grand theft, corruption, numerous RICO violations, insurrection, inciting violence, and many other crimes. The NPA is right to criticize this latest insanity from the Empress. Millions of serfs look forward to the end of her reign.
  17. If you did not see this live, you might want to watch it now. President Trump delivered a powerful message. Good ending to the speech, good start on motivating the majority to fight back and end the socialist's toxic reign of hate and deceit:
  18. Compared to 2020, the socialists have multiple new liabilities coming in to the 2022 elections. If not for election fraud, they would have been creamed in 2020. Now with some modest election reform being implemented in several key states, they will likely be creamed in 2022 even without the new liabilities.

    The new liabilities include a mentally retarded President who likes to sniff little girls' hair and comment on their dresses, a Vice President so repugnant that she came in last place in her own primary, a Speaker who clearly belongs in a padded cell, and the alienation of millions of people whom they considered part of their "base". Their pet retard is so embarrassing that some Democrats now heckle Joe "Brainless" Biden when he shows up at rallies for Democrat politicians.

    They are turning an entire generation of parents against them by pushing CRT (Critical Racism Toxicity) in schools. People don't like having their kids attacked. They are turning the previously pro-Democrat populace of Michigan against them by using the DOJ to shield Governor Witch-More from being indicted for her misconduct that resulted in a mass kill-off of nursing home residents. People also don't like having their parents attacked.

    They have another year to inflict pain on the country. Thanks to them, we are now headed to $7 a gallon for gasoline by this time next year. Then, the lamestream media will spin lies defending the socialists and blaming gas prices on Trump or maybe Brett Kavanaugh, but due to their abysmal credibility the more these liars do that the more people will blame the socialists for the high gas prices. That would be under the well-founded theory, "If the socialist lamestream media says something, the opposite must be true."

    It is looking good for America, provided election reform is made in several key states. This does not mean we can let our guard down. We must press the fight and push back against the enemy, to slow the damage and reduce how much of it is permanent. The very fact the socialists are fighting election reform so hard tells you they fear being held accountable to voters. By disenfranchising the majority, they have a license to steal. Some, such as Governorn Witch-More, have a license to kill.

    Election reform will revoke both licenses.


2. Product Highlight

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3. Brainpower tip


A libtard sent me a message comparing "birthers" (people who adopt the fact-based conclusion that Obama was not born in Hawaii) with Trump-haters (people who hate Trump for X characteristic yet cannot cite a single example of this characteristic.

We know little Barry wasn't born in Hawaii, and we can follow three independent chains of proof. Long-time readers have seen the proof in this column before, but with libtards now raising the issue again a refresher is in order.

  • Proof 1. His parents' divorce certificate, which is a matter of public record, states "one male child, born in Kenya". Most people are unaware this even exists, despite the fact his parents divorced and she later remarried, because the legacy media buried the story. But if you want to verify, it won't be hard.
  • Proof 2. Neither parent was in Hawaii anywhere near the time he was born. There is no hospital record, no record of room rental, no record of any kind showing either of them were there. There also is no record that his mother, a minor at the time, was a passenger on any plane or boat going to there within a month before his birth or leaving there within a month after his birth. If his mother wasn't there when he was born, neither was he.
  • Proof 3. His team produced a clearly forged hospital certificate of birth and claimed it was his birth certificate. These are two different documents. Anyone born in this country can obtain a birth certificate. You apply to your state and provide certain information about you and your parents. If you were born there, they will issue you a birth certificate. You do not get one of these without going through the application process. If BH Obama had been born in the USA, his team could easily have obtained a birth certificate. They were unable to, and instead they offered up a "We think you are stupid beyond belief" fake hospital certificate.

The libtards make false comparisons all the time.

  • For someone to reject the claim that Obama was born in the USA is an evidence-based, rational act.
    For someone to hate Trump with no evidence of the things they hate him for is an irrational act.

And the obverses are also worth noting:

  • It is, in fact, irrational to claim Obama was born in the USA because clearly he was not.
  • For someone to judge Trump's performance based on his performance is rational.

The libtards say that irrational and rational are the same. They are, in fact, mutually exclusive. The libtards do this to try to lend legitimacy to their alternate universe way of mis-viewing things.

Because the libtards have seized the reigns of power and now have an oversized influence on our freedoms, our prosperity, and even our history (all of which they expressly hate), we cannot simply ignore them. Understanding the difference between rational and irrational is a powerful weapon in the personal arsenal of each of us. But we must be willing to use it. Libtards can't follow logic, but making simple statements such as those above can help them to at least see the differences between them and other people are not merely differences of opinion. They are differences of sanity.

4. Finance tip

Many people confuse "inflation" with "general increases in price". This confusion allows people to be manipulated by big-spending politicians and other crooks. The idea is that inflation is some mysterious thing that simply happens and government can "fight inflation" with some new stupid policy or another.

What inflation is

Inflation means the central bank or other entity inflates the supply of currency relative to the basket of goods and services produced by the economy. This makes each unit of that currency worth less by the % of inflation. Economists call this, "More dollars chasing the same amount of goods". Essentially, inflation happens due to debasing the currency. Fraud, in other words. The Romans used to debase their currency by shaving their gold coins (and keeping the shavings that were literally worth their weight in gold).

At one time, money in the USA existed primarily as cotton (called "paper") "Federal Reserve Notes". You probably have some of these in your wallet right now. When the government wanted to tax people without appearing to do so, they just printed more of these. They paid their bills and bond obligations with these value-reduced bills. That means, in addition to taxing everyone with dollar-based assets on everything they own, they also defrauded people who believed the lie that investing in US Treasury Bonds is "safe".

During World War II, the Nazis enslaved Jewish engravers to make plates from which to print counterfeit bank notes to bring down the British and American economies through massive inflation. The Jews, under threat of torture and execution, proceeded to make those plates. But gosh darnit, despite their "best" efforts something would always go wrong. Not their fault, naturally. These courageous men delayed the plot until Hitler deemed it too late to follow through (because the Allies had already retaken the Atlantic and the Nazis had no way to infiltrate that funny money into the economy).

Today, these paper notes make up an insignificant portion of our money supply. Most money is created by debt obligations, trade credits, loans, and so forth. These alone can result in an inflated money supply, but there is a self-correcting function in the nature of this that prevents that from happening. Inflation results when the central bank simply "credits" the federal government with more money (electronically) a bit too much.

Calculating our total tax tab

Government spending = taxation. Whatever the government spends, it must pay for. Taxes are the only way to pay for what it spends, and inflating the money supply is an easy way to tax people because so few understand what inflation actually is.

It is not true that the 1040 tax funds the government, it actually reduces federal revenue in net (its purpose is to subjugate the people through systematic abuse and terrorism). The single largest federal tax paid by Americans is the inflation tax.

How much inflation

Since they seized power, the socialists have been spending money beyond the budget amounts in "special case" measures. So-called "infrastructure" spending to the tune of $1.4 trillion is a massive tax. It inflates the money supply enormously. I would give you an exact number, but many years ago the Federal Reserve stopped publishing M1, M2, M3,M6, etc. So we have no way of knowing how much money is actually in circulation.

Here is a way to put the $1.4 trillion in perspective. If we assume 200 million wage earners at an average of $60K/year, that's $12 trillion of income. Adding an additional $1.4 trillion of inflation tax is a tax hike of over 10% on top of what's already being taxed. And this tax isn't just on income. It's on savings, insurance, and property. And to the extent the inflation causes prices of things to rise (not all things are equally affected), you are also taxed at the gas pump, grocery store, and anywhere else you spend your inflated dollars.

The math: 200 million times 60 = 12000 million. 12000 million times 1,000 = 12000 billion. Which is 12 trillion.

We had a big Covid spending orgy last year (the CARES Act) and the socialists have been rolling out additional spending ever since. It looks like they may, by year's end, overspend a total of $12 trillion by threatening, bullying, and destroying their Republican opponents. That means we would, on average, be putting in our 50 hour workweeks for zero pay. The socialists will take all $12 trillion. Of course, these are averages and estimates. But you get the point.

Using inferential means, some experts concluded that 40% of US dollars circulating today did not exist one year ago. Put another way, if our basket of goods and services remained level despite the Covid shutdown and general attacks on the economy by the socialists, we have experienced 40% inflation since a year ago. General price increases always follow inflation, and these are typically in essentials such as gasoline, food, and housing. The price of gasoline has increased a bit more than 50% since a year ago, and food is not far behind.

Fighting the inflation tax

The inflation tax dwarfs all other federal taxes combined (and there are something like 130 different ones). It exists only because it is what funds excessive federal spending. This means the solution to inflation is to get federal spending to the point where it is no longer excessive. At these extremes that we are now seeing, we can't afford to ignore this tax. You cannot afford to.

Here are six steps to help fight it:

  1. Educate others. The people you have conversations with need to understand that spending = taxes. The money for all the federal spending must come from somewhere, and the main source is the counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve. The Nazis were going to do this to destroy our economy and that of the British. "Nazi" means "National Socialist Party of Germany". The Democrats are today's national socialists, and they are using the same method.
  2. Educate your misrepresentative in Congress. The typical member of Congress cannot pass the same civics exam given to immigrants and is clueless about economics and taxation. Help your misrepresentative gain at least the basics.
  3. Contact your misrepresentative and both of your senators about cutting the "Defense" budget. It is way out-sized compared to the budgets of other countries. It's worth noting that during the socialist militant attacks on our citizens throughout the summer of 2020, our military did not fire a single shot in our defense. Two of the three branches of our federal government were subsequently taken over by socialists who are devoted to ripping out our country's vital organs.
  4. Help increase the size of that basket of goods and services by setting aside time to think about how you can improve your own performance and productivity at work. What can you do to improve revenue or reduce expenses? What do you love, and what are you good at? Maybe what you are doing now is wasting your true talent and reducing how much you can contribute. Think!
  5. Sign up for the newsletters of your misrepresentative and both of your senators. They will apprise you of upcoming wasteful spending, often bragging about how they support it. Write back and tell them we cannot have everything we wish for. Most Americans have to watch their budget carefully and we can't just print money to get what we want. It's why we don't all live in $20 million homes and drive a Lamborghini. (I live in a $10 million home and economize by driving a Bentley). Just kidding on that last remark.
  6. Fight for election reform. Don't just wish for it, give time and/or money to make it happen. The National Taxpayers Union rates each senator and representative on their spending, grading them A - F. In the last report I saw, nearly every Democrat had an F (ah, how I miss Senator William Proxmire!). These big spenders have other flaws that cause them to lose honest elections. Make our elections honest, and this problem goes away.

Something else to keep in mind is the socialists use hate, lies, and bullying to get what they want. Rather than get burned trying to fight fire with fire, use love (or at least respect), truth, and civility to douse water on their inflammatory rhetoric and inflationary spending. We should not try to use dishonor to defeat the socialists, because in so doing we will let them steal our honor in addition to our money. Our honor is possibly our most powerful weapon in this war to save our culture, our economy, and our nation. Notice the six steps are all positive actions, nothing about rioting or throwing bombs into police cars.

The socialists like to say "everyone is equal". The reality is we are better than they are, and we prove that through our civility and our honor--two attributes they severely lack.

5. Security tip

Bonus tip redux: Never buy another Toyota vehicle. Why?

Be aware of government-sponsored scams that can bring you serious harm, even death. Many private sector employers are acting as enforcement agents of the "vaccine" scam; this is ignorant, unethical, and illegal. But they are doing it anyhow. Below is a letter I wrote to one of my senators upon learning that a large federal agency is now issuing a jab mandate.

Your defense against this is to educate your employer before a decision is made. Once a decision is made, you will likely be told to submit or leave. I hope the points in my message are helpful to you in protecting yourself from what is a major threat to personal security.

My letter

I appreciate the care you have shown for the VA over the years. Now a new problem has arisen, and someone with your stature needs to address it. The VA is forcing its employees to get the Covid jab. How can this be a problem?

1. Deaths. We cannot absolutely confirm, due to widespread corruption on the one hand and disinformation on the other, the exact number. But even left-wing MSN has reported deaths from the jab. Trial Site News has this to say:

2. Not legally a vaccine. The FDA has laughably low standards. For example, their RDA for Vitamin D is only 20% of what empirical data would recommend. Yet even by FDA's low standards, none of the "vaccines" have yet to pass FDA standards and legally be called a vaccine.

3. Not medically a vaccine. The difference between an antibiotic and a vaccine is the antibiotic acts directly on the pathogen while the vaccine triggers the body to produce antibodies. The Mode RNA shot triggers a massive production of protein spikes. These are just what they sound like, protein chains equipped with big, sharp spikes. As these proteins circulate through the bloodstream, those spikes slice into the walls of arteries, veins, and capillaries. They also lock together and with other particles they pierce to form clots (thus the reports of strokes).

4. Vaccine already exists. We have had the vaccine for Covid, and for all pathogens, even before there was Covid. It's called the produce department. If your diet is based on processed food (nutrient-poor, loaded with sugar, loaded with rancid fats), you will develop metabolic syndrome. Last August, the CDC released a report that said the only "non-vulnerable" (e.g., not in a nursing home) people dying of Covid had metabolic syndrome. And there is only one way you get that. Had Covid actually been a health concern, the Mother Of All Prevention Measures would have been implemented. It was not.

5. Treatments already exist. When I was a child, people with a cold or flu were advised to take zinc. The doctor would say, "Stop on your way home and pick up a package of zinc lozenges". Increasing zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin D are time-tested ways to treat a flu. And using them totally prevents the deadly cytokine storm.

6. Very high survival rate. Have you seen the stats? For someone under 50, the survival rate is something like 99.5%. The 0.5% includes people with comorbidities and metabolic syndrome!

7. People who've been jabbed still transmit the virus; look at what happened with those Texas Democrats.

In short, the VA is mandating an ineffective, dangerous, experimental medication. That practice of experimental medication without consent was barred following the Nuremberg trials, for reasons I am sure you are aware of. Yet here we are with a federal agency doing the same thing.

100 years ago, pandemics were made possible because we buried our waste near our water supply. Today, they are possible because people eat waste that has been packaged and sold as food. 100 years ago, the top ten killers were all pathogens. Today, the top ten are all due subsisting on a diet based on processed sugar and rancid seed oils.

If the VA is suddenly concerned about employee health, the morally acceptable path forward is clear. Educate employees on basic nutrition and incentivize them to eat a diet of whole foods rather than poison that was created by processing food into something that makes people fat, sick, and stupid (all that sugar "glycates" onto neurons and oxides them to death). The Covid jab won't stop the other morbidities from developing, so it's rather pointless in the first place.

The many points on which the jab mandate fails the pass of rational decision-making should be alarming in itself. Please make a point of protecting VA employees from this irrational assault on their human rights.


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility.

Statistics on 60th birthday, when these photos were taken:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148lbs

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%.

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do three sets of 12 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle
See my climbing videos here:
Consider these two sets of facts:
  1. The Federal Disease Advocates (FDA) gave us the Food Pyramid. Eat that way, and you are guaranteed to be sick. You are guaranteed to have reduced bone mass, reduced brain function, reduced immunity, and significantly reduced life expectancy.
  2. The FDA gave us the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamins and minerals. In all cases, the RDA is below the MDA (Minimum Daily Allowance, which is evidence-based) and in many cases is low by multiples. The MDA for Vitamin D, for example, is about 4X the RDA given by the FDA.

If our building codes were produced along this model, buildings would routinely collapse or catch fire. On your own block, statistically you could expect one house to burn down each year. Be thankful the construction industry code-making bodies in each state aren't like the FDA.

In short, the FDA sets very low standards.

Which brings us to the Covid injections. These are not vaccines, because to earn that designation they must (among other things) gain FDA approval. But they cannot pass even that low bar.

Not only that, the FAA has released a warning! 

Suppose the FAA were like the FDA, and anyone who could spell his own name could become a pilot. Would you get on a plane knowing the pilot wasn't able to pass the low bar pilot's exam? What if a brain surgeon had failed to pass a low bar licensing exam (perhaps being required to count to 10 without cheating); would you let that surgeon operate on YOUR brain?

I have highlighted one problem with these fake vaccines. They can't pass even the FDA's laughable standards.

As of the middle of July, we were past 12,000 deaths from these non-vaccines. They are non-vaccines in several ways, which means they do not give you immunity. Even if they somehow could meet the FDA's low standards, they would not enhance the 99.999% survival rate among the non-nursing home, non-metabolic syndrome population. You have essentially zero risk of dying from Covid if you are healthy. If you take the Covid jab, you have a statistically significant risk of dying from it even if you are healthy.

As I have said many times, and the science backs me 100%, the real Covid vaccine is the practice of eating nutrient-dense food instead of feeding an addiction to sugar. Shop in the produce department, stay in the "outer aisles," and don't eat at (most) restaurants. What's wrong with restaurant "food"? It's basically the same poison that you find in the "inner aisles". It's disease-causing sugar combined with disease-causing seed oils, oils that can be extracted only by using chemicals like hexane and a level of heat that converts the lipids into oxidizing agents. Those same damaged lipids are shredded such that they have sharp edges. They scrape and scar your blood vessels as they circulate. The Covid "vaccine" steps this up a notch by creating a protein spike that scrapes more vigorously which is why so many jabbed healthy people drop dead from strokes and heart attacks.

If Covid were ever a public health concern to the federal government, they have yet to do anything to show that. I say this because their response, led by pasty-faced Fauci (who is obviously not healthy), has been similar to the food pyramid in that it has promoted disease rather than battled it.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The socialists keep talking about "our democracy". Nancy "Nutcase" Pelosi does this often. My own socialist Congresswoman, who somehow managed to earn a law degree and knows better, says this as well. It's code for "We do not respect your country, its form of government, or your Constitution. And we are out to destroy all three."

When Thomas Jefferson answered the question, "What kind of government do we have", he didn't just say "A Republic." Right after that, he said, "If you can keep it." Our grip on it is tenuous.

A democracy is the worst imaginable form of government (just ask the only black man at a lynching about that). It replaces the Rule of Law with mob rule, intolerance, diversity-aversion, hatred, intimidation, bullying, and violence--what the Democrats have been doing all over America for several years now.

8. Thought for the Day

The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever - to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals" Their stated reason for the policy is because "the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves."

Thus ends today's lesson in irony.


Please forward this eNL to others.


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