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Mindconnection eNL, 2021-07-18


In this issue:
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Bonus Information:

1. Good News

  1. As violent crime continues to rise as an inevitable and obvious consequence of socialist policies (defund the police, disarm citizens, stoke racial hatred, engage in massive job destruction, restrict civil liberties, give tacit approval to violence when committed by particular groups or against particular targets, etc.), millions of people are blaming the socialists.

    The really good news here is many of these normally "liberal" people (e.g., union members, blacks, Latinos, and other "ethnic" groups) now realize they have been directly targeted by the socialists. They also realize they have been taken for granted by the socialists to reliably be socialist voters no matter how badly the socialists treat them. As the trend continues, the Socialist Party is going to be on shaky ground going into the 2022 elections. Going to extremes to make people unsafe in their own homes and neighborhoods is generally not how you win their support. Combine the resulting "brain on" mode of this big segment of the socialist base with election reform, and the socialists could be looking at a 100+ seat loss in the House. That would be incredibly good news for the entire world.
  2. It's so bad, even left-wing, commie-loving "news" sources are reporting it. In Nancy "Nutcase" Pelosi's own city of Soviet Francisco, the police shortage is having serious repercussions for the libtards who keep voting her in. The rampant crime is causing stores there to close early. The normal response in this kind of situation (it has played out in poor neighborhoods across the country when theft made retail a losing proposition) is these chains simply pull out of that location. They can't operate indefinitely on constricted hours. The good news isn't just that these people had this coming to them and justice was finally served. It's more that this failure is something real (as opposed to the various kinds of alleged "oppression" they whine about) and it affects them to an extent it could cause them to become disillusioned with their delusions.
  3. The Federal Bureau of Incompetence received blowback for a tweet in which it asked Americans to spy on each other and snitch on their family, friends, and neighbors. The fact that this NAZI (National Socialist Party of Germany) behavior got such a strong reaction from Americans is good news. It is yet another way in which people are showing that their patience with socialism is running out.
  4. Thousands of people in India have been given saline injections instead of the experimental "vaccine" injections. The good news for people in the USA is that is probably happening here also. So if you are coerced into taking this risk, you might not be injected with the dangerous experimental "vaccine" that is killing so many people (over 12,000 as this issue goes out).

    That could save your life. Of course, it is better to stand on what you know. So be sure to take the real vaccine (it's called food, and you find it in your produce department) while also protecting your body from virus invasion enhancers such as processed sugar and low-flashpoint oils (canola, corn, safflower, cottonseed).
  5. The socialists have poured millions of dollars into incentives, media, and other means of trying to persuade informed people to let themselves be injected with the dangerous experimental drugs that are dishonestly called "vaccines". Yet, those efforts have had no discernable effect. It seems that jumping off a bridge is not something you can easily con everyone into doing.
  6. The governor of Ohio signed a bill that forbids schools from subjecting students to the protein spike population control injection that is deceptively called a "vaccine" for Covid. This is good news, because in libtard states they are busy reducing the libtard population by forcing people to play Russian roulette with this injection that has proven to be far more lethal than Covid. "If people aint gonna die from a virus, let's inject them with something that will get the job done!" seems to be the socialist slogan at this time. If they kill enough of themselves, the world will be a better place.
  7. The Arizona election audit is inspiring other states to conduct their own audits. The socialists are very afraid of losing their ability to negate elections, and are responding with their usual blatant lies in hopes of defeating the march to election integrity (ensuring people's votes actually count). This two-minute video provides more insight on the trend to have honest elections in the USA:
  8. Arizona is advancing legal protections against child abuse. It is now officially a "No Critical Race Theory State." These means that in families where the social construct of "race" does not factor into their thinking or how they treat people, kids of "mixed race" marriages won't be repeatedly told that, based solely on skin color, one of their parents is bad. And kids won't be told to end friendships with kids of a "race" other than their own. This toxic idiocy will hang around long enough, however, to turn an entire generation of parents against the socialist party. And that is very good news indeed, because their age demographic has been strongly latched into the socialist party since they were old enough to vote. This changes everything. See the next item.
  9. School boards across the country have angered parents by attempting to teach their kids Racial Hatred Lies (aka, Critical Race Theory). This toxic ideology accuses the best friend of one child of being "an oppressor" and teaches children that if their mother is "white" and their father is "black" then their mother is evil. But also, just on general principle, this kind of stupidity in place of the actual learning that kids need and parents are paying for cannot stand. It is a gross violation of the trust placed in schools. They have long been "failure factories" for doing such a dismal job of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    Now their bid to produce mental illness, suspicion, unhealthy attitudes, and hatred in children who should be learning positive social skills has crossed the line. People apparently don't mind if their kids are ignorant and stupid, but they get angry when the schools make their kids hateful and obnoxious. Actually, parents have objected to the ignorant and stupid part for a long time, and simply coped with it by teaching kids on their own. Now that the current generation of parents has a taste of standing up to incompetent psychopaths, we may see them continue on to push schools into the education business. Or simply close them, since better options are readily available.
  10. The People's Republic of Chicago defunded its police, and now gang members outnumber cops 9:1. As if this isn't bad enough, Chicago has a strict gun owner control scheme. Disband the cops, disarm the citizens, and let violent offenders out of jail. Does this perfect storm of stupidity mean Chicago voters will be loyal Democrats?

    The good news is (if there is any kind of election reform) Chicago will finally be free of its decades-long subjugation to criminals who run the Democratic machine there. It's always good news when people are freed from systematic violence and tyranny such as that in Chicago. And if there isn't election reform, you can bet people are not going to accept the results willingly. Chicago is almost certain to change dramatically over the next two years. Whether Mayor Lightfoot will get the psychiatric care she so clearly needs is up for debate.
  11. The Michigan Senate repealed the Emergency Powers Law, a move undertaken to reduce the destruction and human suffering caused by their governor Gretchen "Witch"-mer. For Michigan, which has long been a socialist state, to make such a move is really something. The chains of socialism are being broken all over the country, even in places where people's minds have been shackled for decades.
  12. Eric Adams, a liberal politician in New York, is a candidate for mayor of NYC. He is running as a democrat (lower case), not a socialist. He rejects the whole "woke" stupidity, saying of it "Some of us never went to sleep." This kind of candidate is exactly what the Democratic Party badly needs at this time. Perhaps he is the start of a rejection of the Democratic Party's current focus on hatred, exclusion, intolerance, bullying, and corruption as the path to power. He's simply offering his vision of how he intends to govern.

    If the predicted route of the socialists occurs in the 2022 elections (presuming they are, unlike the 2020 ones, legitimate), the Democratic Party will have one big bowel movement and eject the likes of Nancy Pelosi, The Squad, Chuck Schumer, and other psychopaths. Without the socialists to run interference for them, BLM will lose its license to kill. But don't worry, James Bond will still have his.
  13. Last year, I began distinguishing between traditional liberals (idealistic, but math-challenged and naive) and socialists (hateful, destructive, intolerant, ignorant to an extreme). Having vented their hatred onto non-Democrats and non-liberals non-stop for many years now, they reached the point where they can't get their "high" from that anymore. Now they hate liberals, too.

    You had to see this one coming; I'm surprised it took this long. Naomi Wolf, a liberal activist author and journalist, was censored by Twitter and YouTube for the "crime" of questioning some of the more absurd assertions made by His Holiness The Fauci and the constitutionality of the lockdowns (if they were constitutional, and that is a dubious proposition, their selective implementation was grossly unconstitutional). While this is bad news for Ms Wolf, it is good news in our current struggle for liberation. The more exclusionary the socialists get, the less support they will have.

    Polls prior to the 2020 election showed large numbers of Democrats were so disgusted with the selection of Biden for their ballot that, despite their programming to hate Donald Trump, they would stay home. This is one of the factors that contributed to Trump's landslide victory (if you properly certify the votes and don't count dead people, fake people, and other fraud).

    So coming into the 2022 mid-terms, what will registered Democrats do? Unless they are stupid beyond all hope, they can surely see they don't have a party that represents them unless their core values are hatred, poverty, dystopia, and cultural genocide. While that does describe the socialists, it does not describe most Democrats or any traditional liberals. It is reasonable to expect many will vote for the Republican opponent to the socialist masquerading as a Democrat. If the socialists continue their bad behavior into the fall of next year, and election reform prevents gross corruption of the election results, you can expect a route in the House and Senate. BTW, the Republicans did win back the House and get a nice majority in the Senate in 2020, but only if you count the legitimate votes and don't count the fake ones.

    We could be looking at a Republican supermajority in both chambers. That is no panacea, but it at least puts the socialists out of power. And that would be fantastic news for humanity.
  14. Thanks to the destruction done to our country in many ways since the insurrectionists took the White House by coup, and with massive evidence leaving no doubt that Trump won by a landslide, even many "Never Trump" people want the socialists out and would accept Trump to achieve that. The logic goes like this: "We are better off with a combative, abrasive person who does a good job for the country than with a retarded, but affable person who has done extreme harm to the country since illegally taking office."

    The way I look at it, competence is not the issue. The issue is the voters overwhelmingly wanted Trump and our votes were neutralized by fraud, corruption, cover-up, and hatred. It is, to me, merely coincidental that Trump proved himself to be one of the most effective (in a positive way) Presidents we have ever had and Biden is a disaster that ranks up there with our worst disasters.

    Biden is a disaster in the sense that Pearl Harbor was a disaster. In both cases, many innocent people died and much destruction was done. In 1941, the enemy awakened a sleeping giant. It is increasingly looking like in 2021, the enemy is now doing the same thing.

    Actually, the Pearl Harbor comparison is a gross understatement. So far, Biden has caused more damage than Pearl Harbor and September 11 combined. The experimental injections have killed at least 12,000 people; 2335 died during the Pearl Harbor attack and 2,726 died in the September 11 attack. That's better than 2:1 in Biden's favor. And if you look at "Biden-geddon" financially, it's more like 10:1.


2. Product Highlight

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3. Brainpower tip


I've often pondered the stupidity epidemic, wondering what has caused it and if there's a cure for the afflicted. It's a multi-faceted problem, with many contributing factors. It's not true that all factors must be present or that any single factor will make you stupid. As I've noted in this column, there's a difference between actual IQ (your potential) and effective IQ (what you use). When you work to maintain and improve both of them, you become a brain power black belt.

Some factors that reduce actual IQ

  • Consuming poisons such as sugar and vegetable oils instead of food. The effects on that 3 pound organ in the skull are well-documented and they are significant.
  • Not exercising what you've got. People who work puzzles, read sophisticated literature, have a challenging vocation, have a challenging avocation, engage in problem-solving often, etc., are training their brain to adapt to the load.
  • Generating "negative energy," being intolerant, being hateful, being deceitful, taking a victim stance toward how you view life, etc. This is the libtard behavior template, and it's part of what makes them so incredibly stupid.
  • Being a couch potato. Among other things, poor general physical condition reduces the blood flow to your brain.
  • Skipping meals.
  • Chronically failing to get enough sleep. You need REM to clear the waste products out of your brain. If they accumulate enough, they do permanent damage.
  • Clutter. It creates a sort of overhead whereby brainpower is diverted into clutter tolerance, induces a mental fog, and visually stimulates an inefficient mindset.

Some factors that reduce effective IQ

  • Simply repeating things you hear (or see on TV or online). This programs you to not think. This is libtard Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Expecting others to solve your problems for you. This also is libtard SOP.
  • Participating in echo chambers, rather than considering an issue from more than one perspective. Libtards excel in this practice, but they aren't the only ones who do it.
  • Attacking those whose views differ from your own, rather than trying to understand them. This also is libtard SOP.
  • Associating much with stupid people; their stupidity mindset will contaminate your own. Because they hate everyone else, libtards associate mostly with other stupid people. This is a blessing for the rest of us.

Some factors that increase actual IQ

  • Consuming a diet that is nutrient-dense, consisting mainly of "super foods".
  • Deliberately studying a subject. It needs to challenge you enough to engage your mind, but not be so difficult it feels impenetrable.
    [Note to cat custodians: Stop trying to force your cat to study particle physics, it's just too impenetrable for even extra smart cats. Stick with something simpler, such as astrophysics.]
  • Having a positive outlook and looking for the good in others. There is actually chemical science at work, here.
  • Staying on schedule with meals, and ensuring each one is worth eating (poison-free, nutrient dense).
  • Engaging in intense exercise on a regular basis.
  • Obtaining real information from good sources, rather than being a "news junkie" or similar. For example, time spent taking an audiobook course or visiting a museum pushes your IQ higher, versus the same time spent taking in propaganda from a legacy "news" source (which, due to its negativity and message of hate will lower your IQ).
  • Reading often. Reading stimulates the growth of certain brain structures. Any competent medical examiner can tell you, just by looking, which of two brains belongs to the reader and which one belongs to the television addict--there is that much difference in development.

Some factors that increase effective IQ

  • Seeing a problem as a challenge to solve, not as a problem to simply complain about.
  • Engaging in meaningful conversation with others.
  • Practicing good language habits. Set aside time to learn the meanings of words, and then use words with precision to say what you mean. Do the same on the "intake" side. For example, when Nutcase calls the 2020 summer murder sprees "protesting" but calls the January 2021 capital trespassers "insurrectionists" you know she is using language abuse in an attempt to manipulate. Be smarter than she is, by practicing good language habits.
  • Ending relationships with "poopie people," by which I mean people who are emotional drains or in some other way make you feel crapped on. Don't worry about being perceived as rude, and don't even try to offer an explanation. Ghosting them isn't nice, but it's an easy way out. Simply don't return calls and other messages. It is more honorable to simply tell the person something like, "Look, we've grown apart. I think I'm giving you undue stress and I don't want to treat you that way. Before things get ugly, let's just stop communicating. Then if I happen to run into you somewhere, it won't be awkward for either of us." Notice how you are taking the blame here? You give that person a chance to save face.

4. Finance tip

Do you occasionally open a container of something that was in your refrigerator and have to throw it out? If so, that's normal. I read recently that American households throw out 76 billion pounds of food annually.

But for myself I have to answer this question, "No, in fact it never happens." This, despite the fact my refrigerator is typically full. My food waste isn't part of that 76 billion pounds, either. It is zero. Why is that?

I plan my meals. I did not grow up in a home where this was done with much consistency. But my (now deceased) former wife was a good planner in this regard. When we met, she had two little kids and worked a full-time job. She had to think ahead and picture what meals she would make before going to the store to buy the ingredients. This practice worked well. One advantage was we never came up on dinner time and found there was not enough for a meal.

If you look inside my refrigerator, you see one shelf that is half-covered by glass bowls that have plastic lids on them. They are stacked two high. These all contain meals I prepped ahead of time. They are nearly ready, so I have a meal ready in minutes. These are for meal #3 (a hot meal) and meal #5 (a cold meal). When I put prepped meals in the refrigerator, a meal #3 always goes on top of a meal #5 (not under it). If I see four stacks, I know I have these meals for the next four days.

There's a spot where I put a container of my no wheat, no sugar, no GMO, no vegetable oil, super-nutrient cookies that I have for meal #1. Meals #2 and #4 are omelets. The cartons of eggs have their own spot, also (max capacity 6 cartons, almost never drops to only 2).

All of the other shelves (and bins) have whole food ingredients (including bowls of eggs I boiled ahead of time), and I put each in its designated spot. All containers go through rotation, so there is never any old food in the refrigerator. I buy groceries twice a week.

When my sweetheart and I were just getting to know each other, she opened my refrigerator to put something of hers in there to keep it cool. Right away, she said she organizes her refrigerator in almost exactly the same way. She said I'd just earned major points. But the real points that we both earn are time-savings, zero waste, and zero processed food (aka, former food that has been modified to create illness).

Usually what people throw out isn't food to begin with. For example, they bring home a submarine sandwich that's half-finished and put the rest in the refrigerator. Now let's take a look at what they got at the sandwich shop. The bread contains sugar, bleached (no nutrients left) flour, and vegetable oil. It's already spoiled food, but instead of being spoiled by mold and bacteria, it was spoiled by industrial processes. Whatever is in that sandwich has been similarly spoiled by the same industrial processes. The cheese was made from the milk of a very sick and abused cow that lives in filth, the ham was processed from bits of meat taken from dozens of pigs slaughtered in filthy conditions after living their short lives on a toxic, nutrient-poor diet, and the shredded iceberg lettuce is devoid of nutrients. The sandwich oil is rancid soy oil that was destroyed by high heat processing, but at least the vinegar is OK.

If you have leftovers from a "cancer acquisition center" don't bring them home to poison yourself there as well. That "doggie bag" is not helping you reduce your medical bills, that's for sure. So even if you dine out or pick up sandwiches on the go, make your home a place were only safe, nutritious food comes through that door.

Processed food will never spoil in your refrigerator or freezer if you never buy such stuff to begin with. If you treat your refrigerator as a repository for whole, nutrient-dense food and meals prepped with the same, and apply the rotation method, you will have zero food waste.

But what about food scraps?

There are no post-meal scraps, as the meals are planned. In movies, they are always scraping food from their plates to a wastebasket. This never happens in my home. What about during prep? You wash and cut vegetables and fruits. Correct. But those scraps are not wasted. I have not just one, but two urban tumblers for composting. I have a main garden and 3 satellite spots. The soil is amazing, due to years of composting. Enormous earthworms live in that rich soil, and the food it produces has intense flavor (which means it is intensely nutritious).

5. Security tip

Bonus tip: Never buy another Toyota vehicle. Why?

Main tip:

Does your home have a yard? If it's rural home, it probably does. If it's a single-family residence, duplex, or rowhouse in the 'burbs, it probably does. And if any of the previous are you, it is also very likely you have a dog, cat, or both.

If you have a dog, cat, or both, do you have an appropriate pet door for each? If not, how do they escape in the case of fire? Figure something out. Cats and dogs are smart enough that you can do an actual fire drill with them. If you have an alarm or live in a multi-tenant building, you won't be able to use the fire alarm as their cue. You can simply use a word to substitute. For example, if you say "Door!" they go to the door. Train them to ensure this happens; if you don't know how to train a dog or cat with verbal commands, consult a trainer.

If you do have a pet door, is it programmed to your pet's chip? What, your pet is not chipped? Stop reading this article, set up an appointment to get that done, then continue reading.

For cat doors, the main problem is other cats waltz right in. If you have a female cat, every tom in the neighborhood will try to come through that door. When it's not a cat portal, it's there for chipmunks, squirrels, and very tiny IRS agents to have free access to your home. The solution is to buy a door that you can program to your pet's chip. My home is equipped with one such door in front and another in back. Use rechargeable batteries and set yourself a monthly Outlook appointment to replace those with freshly charged ones. These units don't *need* freshly charged batteries every month, but by ensuring they have freshly charged batteries every month you know your door won't go dead.

For dog doors, the problem has an additional twist. Medium sized breeds require a large enough door that a raccoon or opossum can use it. Again, buy a door that you can code to your dog's chip.

Popular large breeds such as Labrador retrievers require a large doggie door. Now this is where the programmable door is a defense for your home. Since the socialist coup put Joe "Brainless" Biden in the White House, his job destruction gang has put millions of Americans out of work. The civil war they have waged against the USA has included successful efforts to defund the police in many cities, which of course has caused the crime rates to skyrocket.

If a Labrador retriever can fit through that door, so can a child. Some families that are starving thanks to the socialist attacks on our economy now send their kids through the doggie door to grab some food or some items they can sell on the street or at a pawn shop. In a "homeowner present" situation, this is very dangerous for the child. Why any sane parent would send their kid into a home where a big dog is likely to attack an intruder is explainable. The alternative is death by starvation. There's a chance the dog won't attack, especially if the kid has come around for a few days in advance to discreetly befriend the dog in the yard. Sneak in at night, grab some meat from the fridge and give it to the dog, and you're pretty safe.

According to police, it's easy enough to case a home to see what time the dog is taken for a walk and nobody else is home. This provides at least 15 minutes. If the family takes the dog in the car somewhere, figure at least an hour of safe stealing.

The lock on these "program to chip" doors is not very robust, but it will discourage entry. If you have a large doggie door, it is worthwhile to fabricate a locking cover for the door to be put in place during extended absence when the dog isn't there to use the door. But what about some kind of night-time lock? You can't drill into the housing (you will destroy the unit's ability to read RF chips), but you can build a sliding cover that you screw onto the door from the inside. If you're not handy enough to do this, have a carpenter do it. The cover would need to be kicked pretty hard to gain entry. That will create enough noise to have your dog in place to chomp that foot as soon as it comes through. Be careful with door locks and such. If this door is your pet's fire escape, you don't want to block it.

As always, have ready a means to repel or control intruders. I prefer something in a large caliber.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility.

Statistics on 60th birthday, when these photos were taken:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148lbs

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%.

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do three sets of 12 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle
See my climbing videos here:
One hedonic substance and one type of toxin are omnipresent in the typical American diet. And together, they kill more Americans each day than Covid-19 did over the entire previous year. Worse, they diminish mental faculties, mobility, and general health to a staggering degree. Often, death comes after a long and miserable decline.

The type of toxin is called "vegetable oils". They attack brain tissue in seven distinct ways. They have other deleterious effects on health. One is they inhibit the normal expansion of arteries in response to physical stress, while also promoting clots--the perfect formula for a stroke or heart attack. Though these oils require high heat to extract them from seeds, they have low flashpoints (that's why they turn toxic upon extraction, it's a lipid geometry thing). They also have no flavor, due to the processing (look up "hexane"). These brain attackers include canola oil, corn oil, safflower oil, and cottonseed oil. These "bad" oils lurk in nearly every processed food (hint: don't eat processed food). The good oils (and fats) require little or no heat to extract, and they have high flash points. They also have distinctive flavor. Examples include peanut oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. Good fats can be obtained from (organic) butter, (organic) egg yolks, and grass-fed beef. Taking fish oil capsules does not provide you with good fats. By the time the oil is in the capsules, it's already gone rancid and is no longer health-beneficial. In fact, it's toxic.

The "other white powder" does damage to mammalian health in multiple ways, including depressing testosterone to dangerously low levels (increasing body fat, reducing bone density, and causing muscle to atrophy). Also, the glycation (sugar sticks to proteins and fats) results in large globs that clog capillaries. Honey has a glycemic index of 59, use that instead of cane or beet sugar if you must eat sweet. There are some caveats:

  • The proverb is "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." It is not "Ten apples a day keep the doctor away."
  • Another way to look at the previous point is this. You can start your day off well by drinking two or three cups of coffee. Cognition improves, and there's even a fat-burning effect. But if you drink eight cups of coffee over the course of the morning, you will damage your adrenal glands, suffer from caffeine poisoning, and have the jitters.
  • Use honey to sweeten, not overpower, your food. For example, you can make a vinegar and oil (use a safe-to-eat oil such as olive oil) dressing and it tastes great on greens. But you could add a squirt of plain mustard and a dollop of honey to give it that extra zest. Walnut pieces go especially well with this type of dressing.
  • Unlike sterilized sugar extracted from beets or cane, honey has its own distinctive flavor (depending on the area where the bee hives are located). Use honey not to go for the dopamine hit provided by the beet or cane versions, but for the flavor.
  • Source your honey properly, or get an inferior product that has had all the good stuff (nutrients, pollens, etc.) removed and probably some bad stuff (e.g., hexane) added while also having been subjected to destructive heat. If you get honey at the store and it just tastes sweet, it's sterilized honey. Big clue: Look for honey with crystals in it, that's the good stuff.

I should explain that last bullet. To ensure my information is accurate, I consulted a long-time friend who has been responsibly producing honey for years. His text is in quotes, mine is not. I also indented mine. This will be an eye opener to anyone who isn't a beekeeper.

Not all honey is the same

"Honey is a supersaturated solution of fructose and glucose and about 15% water. It contains "contaminants" found in nature, including pollens, wax particles (from the bees wax), molds, spores, even botulism spores. Honey starts as nectar, gathered by the honey bees. It is stored in a special honey stomach, partially digested, and then deposited into the wax cells in honeycomb. Once there, the high moisture content is evaporated until it reaches about 15% water, then the bees will seal that honey cell with wax. In the beehive, on a sunny day, the honey can possibly reach 115 degrees F."

Note that temperature. We will come back to that.

"Honey has to be extracted from the frames by the beekeeper. The frames are brought in by the beekeeper. The sealed cells have to be opened to expose the honey. A large commercial operation can feed the frames through large machinery that opens the cells. The smaller producer may use an electrically heated knife to slice the wax tops from the cells, or may use a hand held capping scratcher to remove the cappings and expose the honey."

My friend was getting at the difference between factory farming and what the small grower does.

"I find the hot knife scorches the honey and that imparts a different taste. The knife is temperature regulated, but it is controlled by duty cycle only. It gets hot then switches off. Not a good way to regulate temperature. It can reach a couple hundred degrees when cycling on. We use the capping scratcher and a mechanical device that breaks the cell cappings. This keeps the honey from being scorched."

What happens when you scorch the honey? It gets much stickier, due to mechanical changes in the molecule shapes. When you eat overheated honey, those damaged molecules latch onto fat globs in your blood, forming balls that get jammed in capillaries. Honey that isn't subjected to more heat than what's in the beehive isn't nearly as sticky, so those sugar-fat bonds are much weaker.

"The honey is extracted from the comb in much the same way by the large and small producer. A mechanical centrifuge, or extractor, spins the frames, and the honey is flung from the comb.

After that point are many differences between the large producer and the small producer. Honey will naturally crystallize since it is a supersaturated solution. In Europe, people prefer crystallized honey. In the USA, people want their honey to be liquid. In the store, on the shelf, they want it liquid and with no crystals. Crystals can form around contaminants such as wax, pollen, or other small crystals. The large producer will heat the honey to a high temperature, maybe even up to 200 degrees. This will break down any naturally occurring sugar crystals. It also thins the honey so it can be forced through an ultra fine filter, to remove the pollen and other contaminants, before bottling. After this treatment, you basically have a sterilized fructose/glucose solution that will take a long time to crystallize. It also lacks the naturally occurring contaminants that many people want in their honey."

This is similar to the peanut butter issue. With natural peanut butter, the oil will separate and float on top. Many people, who can't conceive of the idea of simply turning the jar upside down after they bring it home, consider this peanut butter to be an inferior product. They want peanut butter that doesn't separate. So the food companies oblige them by adding "emulsifiers" (surfactants, or basically detergent) to what was formerly food. They often add "the other white powder" to it to make even more toxic.

"The small producer never wants their honey heated over about 110 degrees or what it can reach on a summer day in the hive. They strain, not filter, the honey to remove larger particles like wax or even a honey bee leg. It is strained through a filter with holes usually about the size of window screen. This lets the beneficial particles such as pollens, molds, spores, and micro wax particles pass through. If it is bottled at this point, it will crystallize fairly quickly. Some people don't mind, and others do.

At a Farmer's Market, the customer will always choose the liquid rather than the crystallizing bottle. The same on a store shelf. After extracting, I warm the honey to 110 degrees F to break down any crystals, yet not do damage to the natural contaminants. This will keep it from crystallizing too fast. (There are some honeys that never crystallize, such as Tupelo from the swamps)."

This consumer ignorance is the same reason dye is added to meat, toxic petrochemicals such as hexane are used to remove color and flavor from vegetable oils, and sweet potatoes are often put through a tumbler to remove the (good for you) dirt embedded in the (nutrient-dense) skin that is mostly removed in this idiotic process.

"As far as nectar sources: Bees can fly up to three miles to sources of nectar. After that point, they use up all the nectar they gathered, flying back home. They will usually seek out the closest good nectar source. That is why bees are placed in almond and other orchards. They will seek nectar, and pollinate the close sources. I have my bees here at home and there are no crops around me. Basically wildflowers only. I label my honey as Wildflower Honey.

Some beekeepers will place hives near nectar sources like soybean fields. I have tasted it and I do not like the taste of soybean honey. It also gives the bees mainly a monoculture source of nectar and pollen, and exposes them to any chemicals used on the crops."

Please note that soy in the USA is all GMO. That means an animal protein is added to the seed germ to make the plant capable of withstanding glyphosate. The glyphosate is a powerful neurotoxin. If you want to kill brain cells, then eat soy, wheat, or corn grown in the USA and you'll achieve that goal.

"The same for those used to pollinate orchards. It is better for us and the bees to have a natural environment with varied pollens and nectar sources. If someone wants to use the honey as a way to desensitize themselves to pollens, or other allergens, they would want honey from that environment, usually close to their home, not hundreds of miles away. However, if the honey is produced in the same environment, with the same plants, such as Kansas City and St. Louis, the pollens will be nearly the same and there will be little difference in the health benefits. Once you hit Kansas and the plains (the area just west of Kansas City), the pollens will be different."

You can make some nice treats for you and others to enjoy without damaging your health, using honey instead of no sweetener at all. Some examples:

  • Mix honey with cocoa powder and organic evaporated milk to make a sort of chocolate.
  • Make apple slices. Then drizzle honey on them and sprinkle with cinnamon.
  • For the vegetable-averse, use a blender to mix a half cup each of kale, broccoli, bok choy, eggplant, and spinach. Pit a peach or core an apple, toss that in. Add two raw eggs, a tsp of cinnamon, a tbsp of cocoa powder, and 2 tbspns of honey. This tastes fantastic. It's also a good meal substitute to drink after having oral surgery (so you don't bite your tongue trying to chew).



At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

These videos will help you with far more than a factoid or two!

8. Thought for the Day

If you're still looking for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror.


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