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Mindconnection eNL, 2021-04-18


In this issue:
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1. Good News

  1. Since President Harris took office, people have been joining the USA's oldest civil rights organization (the National Rifle Association) at the rate of 1,000 per day.
  2. Several of the free states have initiated sanctions against Big-Tech for their aggressive behavior in undermining/negating the First Amendment. Please note, they have also attacked the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10 Amendments aggressively. That is, all but the 3rd Amendment.
  3. Because the 2020 Presidential race was obviously stolen and because the consequences of having two radical socialists occupy the White House combined with a radically socialist House Speaker combined with a neutered Supreme Court and a Senate with a radically socialist majority have already been severe, some serious people are working at correcting the fraud and getting Trump back into the White House where he lawfully belongs. While they probably will not succeed, the very effort sends a message to our country's enemies.
  4. Pennsylvania recently agreed to take the names of dead people off of its voter rolls. Read the full story here:
    How can such a "racist" move be good news? For those of us who don't "identify as dead", it  means the socialists can't just add a dead person's vote to offset that of a living voter. It makes elections a bit more honest. This concept of a more honest election has the libtards in a froth. Their fake news media (CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, etc.) have lied like crazy about election reform in Georgia (the Washington Examiner has excellent, factual coverage of this).
  5. The Retard in Chief has called the "need" for gun owner control measures a "public health crisis." Very, very few people believe anything this dirtbag has to say, which means the more he pushes this idea the more people will conclude that gun owner control is bad public policy. Notice that when the socialists refer to this violation of civil liberties they leave out the word "owner". That omission also sends a message of untrustworthiness.
  6. Among those who value the Rule of Law (the only alternative to it is tyranny), there is widespread fear that the socialist take-over is permanent. After all, they managed to severely corrupt the 2020 Presidential election so how can any election matter? The socialists have answered that question by putting forth a bill (HR1) that further corrupts elections. It costs a lot of money to buy off dozens of judges, hundreds of regulators, and thousands of other people so that a travesty like the Biden "win" can be fabricated. HR1 is not likely to pass. Even some Democrats are objecting to it. Despite the spin, it is clearly aimed at making elections moot.

    The bill is also unconstitutional, because it federalizes a power expressly given to the states. Unconstitutionality is an impediment, but not necessarily a barrier. Still, in this case it is a big impediment to an already contentious proposition. For one thing, it is a direct threat to the free states. They outnumber the socialist states, and they are not going to take this power grab as legitimate. Even if HR1 passes, the free states will likely ignore it.

    Which brings us to 2022. It's a "first-term" election, that is, an election held during the first term of the POTUS. In all cases but four, the election has cost the POTUS both chambers of Congress--usually by a big margin. In those four, the POTUS was a Republican and kept only one chamber. The party that's in the White House tends to take big losses during the mid-term elections (whether during the POTUS first or second term). In the current situation, the line-up is such that the socialists are particularly vulnerable.

    Keep in mind also that the track record of the socialists--rampant unemployment, high gasoline prices, massive pushes for greater poverty, wealth transfers to the rich, needless wars, violence in our cities, racial animosity, rudeness, arrogance, hostility toward dissenters, fanatical zeal for their ideology, dishonorable conduct, disdain for ethics, double-speaking, rampant criminal conduct, and a complete intolerance of diversity-- are all distasteful to ordinary people. As President Biden and her sock puppet retard continue to push this agenda, they will further alienate not just Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents, but millions of Democrats. After all, Kamala Harris was dead last in the Democratic Primary. The top three winners, all way ahead of Joe "Brainless" Biden in that same Primary, have been totally left out of the new regime; they have a strong incentive to work against the current regime. Also note the fact that they are human beings should be ample reason for them to work against the current regime, but it appears they need this additional incentive.

    Yes, it is going to be a painful year and eight months for us normals. But not nearly as painful as the socialists would like it to be. They don't have total freedom to do whatever they want, there is enormous friction in the system. In less than two years, they will lose control of  both chambers while also taking a severe beating in the states (especially as the free states seek to expel the toxin). Harris, rather than ruling for 12 years, will be a lame duck President. She will be highly vulnerable in 2024. If the Republicans decide to run someone acceptable, the White House is theirs for the taking. In 2026, that POTUS is likely to lose one chamber of the legislature, but not by much.

    Just as Trump successfully fixed the damage done by Barry Soetoro's flurry of last-90-day executive orders in his first 90 days and set us on a path to economic prosperity marked by a 50 year low in unemployment, the successor to Comrade Harris is likely to do something similar.

    In the meantime, don't worry. Act. Don't let yourself be cancel-cultured, point out to the cancellers how dishonorable and anti-diversity that is. Don't support anti-American companies like Facebook or the New York Times. Contact your county election board and ask how you can contribute. Talk with people about their values and our freedoms, help them connect the dots. Be fully engaged at your job so you get raises and promotions, enabling you to contribute financially to the cause of freedom.


2. Product Highlight

This elegant wireless phone charger looks great in any home or office.

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  • Thin, slim wireless electromagnetic charging board.
  • Larger pad suitable for modern smart phones.
  • Flashing light indicates charging state.
  • Supports WPI / Qi charging agreement.
  • 12V/2A input.
  • 15W output.
  • Weighs only 75g (2.6 oz).



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Seiki Wireless Charger, White (HQ-F)Seiki Wireless Charger, White (HQ-F)Seiki Wireless Charger, White (HQ-F)


3. Brainpower tip


I have heard many normal people express their angst over the Stupiderati. They wonder how the stupidity movement can make such bold strides, when all of the Stupiderati they encounter appear to be unbelievably stupid.

How, they wonder, does someone become brain-enfeebled enough to believe in "woke", critical race theory, or the other craziness now being spewed by millions of unbelievably stupid people? How can enough stupid people be in one place to actually elect Nancy Pelosi? Repeatedly?

You can find the answer to this by using a reasoning method called deduction. The Stupiderati are obviously too stupid to run their own show, so some other faction is running it for them. The people running that show are not unbelievably stupid, they are unbelievably evil.

I do not use the word "evil" hyperbolically. Nor do I cast aspersions on people just because I disagree with them. I judge them on their conduct. What we have seen from the Stupiderati over the past few years and intensely so of late is hatred, intolerance, and destruction. All of which are, by any standard, evil.

Why do people go down this path? Why do they not simply think their way into the light?

You have no doubt noticed that the Stupiderati, unable to use facts (which they ignore) and logic (which they cannot grasp), use bullying to get people to (at least pretend to) agree with them. That is because the ones who come up with all the stupid ideas that the Stupiderati spew use bullying. When a viewpoint has no merit of its own, bullying others into accepting (or at least not fighting) it is how those with the viewpoint in question show their loyalty to the Stupiderati tribe. The word "tribe" is important, here. Most people are approval-seeking beings. That is, rather than adopt standards for themselves and judge themselves by those standards, they want others to approve of them even if gaining that approval means behaving badly. Or turning off their cognitive abilities. They don't "need to think", someone has already done that and told them what to believe and how to (mis)behave.

You can see these same people easily enough in the workplace; they are disengaged and concerned more about appearances than performance. They will hang around the office late, even if they aren't doing anything productive. They like to be in meetings, and they find ways to fritter away time. They don't come up with much of value to the company.

No approval needed

If you have standards by which you live, you do not need the approval of others. If you have standards by which you live, people who also live by standards will recognize that and respect you even if your standards are different from theirs (just not too different). Because your focus is on performance rather than acceptance, you will have systems and methodologies that you have thought out. Since you aren't letting someone else do the thinking for you, you are thinking for yourself and thus exercising "the brain muscle".

You have no need to bully others; you can articulate what you believe and why, using facts and logic. If they don't accept your position, you are secure enough to either blow that off or genuinely seek to understand theirs. Unless, of course, their position is that anyone smart enough or principled enough not to agree with their hatred, intolerance, and destruction is fair game for being abused.

Standing up to stupidity

When faced with a Stupiderati attack, don't make an extra effort to get along with the attacker. Getting along with you is not their goal, dominating you into submission (and stupidity) is. Throughout human history, stupidity has never advanced the human cause. Advancement has always come as a result of applying intelligence, even if some other people did not like it or felt threatened by it.

We are currently in a time when stupidity is at high tide. The good news is it's not sustainable at this level. Already, the stupidity movement is hitting walls here and there. Appointing a mentally retarded man as POTUS did not help the stupidity movement, that action exposed it. Many people who felt they needed the approval of moronic bullies are now questioning that.

To save someone from stupidity, don't argue with the person. Give them acceptance as human beings, but make that conditional on their good behavior. It's not the stupid views they espouse that matter, it's acceptance. If they feel accepted by people who aren't stupid, a door is open (rather wide) for them to abandon the stupidity movement.

Another way you can help fight stupidity is to recognize non-stupid behavior in others and compliment them for it. Even people who do not seek approval like receiving it. Try to notice smart things other people do. Not only will you learn from them, but the recognition you give them will spread some happiness around.

4. Finance tip

I was the victim of a 17 year long attack on my human rights and civil liberties, by a terrorist group known as "the IRS." A few years before this ordeal ended (which it did several years ago), an attorney who had reviewed my case and others like mine told me these terrorists spent over $3 million on their jihad against me. Just me! I guess they thought I was really special!

Recently, I calculated the income I lost because of their dozens of aggressive actions against me. Then I calculated the 1040 taxes I would have paid on that income. It turns out the terrorists deprived the federal government of just under $600,000 of revenue from me. And they spent over $3 million achieving that. So it was a total loss to the government of about $3.6 million. This math is one reason why I say IRS has no business being involved in anything that has anything to do with tax administration or collection. And since the IRS mission has nothing to do with funding the government, why don't they just drop the facade entirely?

During the nearly two decades they illegally attacked me, the terrorists used the fake excuse that I "owed" additional taxes. But they never provided any proof of this, nor could they.

If you want to help protect the US Treasury from the IRS, and reduce your chances of undergoing a hot sauce enema, here are some tips:

  • Never provide the IRS with any documentation they request. Their only purpose will be to find some way to use it against you. Provide only your completed tax return when you file it. If IRS asks you to send a return that you already filed, they are violating a federal law that bars them from asking you for information they already have.
  • Never cheat on your 1040, never discard a 1040 from your records, and never submit your 1040 electronically.
  • Never go with a "gray area" because you thought of a good verbal defense. IRS will not care what you say. If you go with a gray area, ensure you have documentation supporting it and that in your case it is clearly not gray.
  • Make all filings and payments to the IRS via paper. That slows them down. It's your patriotic duty to do it this way.
  • Always send your 1040 via US Priority Mail with signature required or a similar method that provides proof of delivery. This way, IRS cannot come back at you 15 years later claiming that you did not file; that claim could easily cost you over $100K in taxes, interest, and penalties.
  • If IRS contacts you by telephone, immediately hang up. Never talk to them. If they do contact you, hire a tax attorney within an hour of hanging up. File a POA with the attorney. Do not use a tax attorney from Chicago, they are all crooks.
  • If IRS comes to your house, do not let them inside. Even if it's cold or raining. Especially if it's cold or raining! Tell them you will have your attorney contact them and you are not answering any questions. If they will not leave, shut the door on them and dial 911 to report a home intrusion attempt in progress and say you are trapped in your home (then hang up).
  • Never provide the IRS with any banking account number if you use that account for anything other than making payments to government entities. That is, have a separate checking acct for govt payments and deposits. If you don't understand why, stop and think. IRS can wipe out your checking acct without notice, and keep hitting it to trigger dozens of overdrafts in a day. You will have all of your other checks and payments bounce, it's a great way to become homeless and then lose your job. There are plenty of free checking options available. If you have already compromised your checking this way due to having only one checking acct, no problem. Open a new personal checking acct at another bank from the one you use now; use it for everything but govt payments.
  • Always remember, the IRS person who contacts you is not your friend. They are like the pervert in the van who offers candy to little kids. They might seem nice, but there is a special place in hell for them.

The less interaction you have with these terrorists, the more secure your financial future will be. Volunteer nothing to them, and don't try to win their favor.

With much input from me, Congress in 2017 passed landmark legislation that greatly removes IRS involvement in people's lives. The socialists hate this legislation and have lied about it incessantly, because they hate anything and anybody that promotes a better society. If your Congressional representative is negative about the 2017 Civil Rights Act, aka the 2017 Tax Reform Act, you need to help get that person out of office.

5. Security tip

I have a T-shirt that says, "I love my country. It's the government I fear." This video gives you ample reason to feel the same way. Protect yourself!

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

The photos tell you something important about my credibility.

Statistics on 60th birthday, when these photos were taken:

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Wingspan: 6'1"

  • Weight: 148lbs

  • Bodyfat: Unknown, but well below what the Tanita scale says is 5%.

  • Waist: 29

  • Chest: 48

  • Arms: 15

  • Quads: 20

  • Max bench press: Unknown, but I do three sets of 12 reps with 150 lbs to warm up on chest day

  • Training days per week: 6

  • Type of training: Split routine, heavy on supersets

  • Meals per day: 7 on training days, 6 on rest day

  • Percent of diet that is processed food: 0

  • Amount of meat, wheat, corn, or soy eaten annually: 0

  • Number of eggs eaten per day: Between 8 and 10

  • Cholesterol: In normal range, on low side

  • Last illness: 1971

  • Last workout missed: Spring of 1977

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle
See my climbing videos here:
Some years ago, another man tried to diminish me by saying, "You exercise to get the runner's high." I told him that's not at all why I train, and let it go at that. I did not feel any need to justify myself or my lifestyle to him.

If you're not aware, the runner's high is caused by endorphin release. Endorphins are natural pain killers that also provide a bit of a euphoric feeling. I've also been told I'm "addicted" to training because why else would I never miss a workout. This also is incorrect. And it's very misguided.

My workouts do not make me feel good. They do not give me a high. They exhaust me. I design and execute them to do exactly that, because pushing yourself to the limits is what triggers the adaptive response. Addiction is nearly always dopamine-related. You do something that is pleasurable, and it releases dopamine or you use a drug and it binds to the dopamine receptors. It certainly is not pleasurable to feel those quads burn on the last four reps of set four of leg extensions. It's not pleasurable to painfully contract your lats hard to get the last two reps of a narrow grip pulldown after you have already done four sets of wide grip pulldowns (which you did after six sets of chinups). And squats? Not done for pleasure!

So if I'm not seeking dopamine and not even sensing those endorphins, why do I train? Is any brain chemical involved?

Why yes, there is a brain chemical involved. It's not dopamine, the pleasure hormone. It's serotonin, the happiness hormone.

A long time ago, I decided to focus on the long game. It's been a journey of constant self-improvement. That journey is a happy one. Foregoing short-term pleasure for long-term happiness is a trade that many people do not want to make. Consequently, their lives are based on chasing the increasingly elusive dopamine hit while dealing with misery-inducing problems  they could have avoided had they only made different choices early and along the way.

While any one session of weight lifting, martial arts training, or climbing can seem like a foray into masochism, the cumulative effects of that training truly boost my happiness. When I was younger, the happiness trigger was the image I had of being physically powerful and looking that way when I am old. Well, now I am officially old. I am physically powerful and look that way. It's no longer the image of the future me that boosts my serotonin. What boosts it now is being me. For example, my training allows me to do this:

Training consistently brings benefits that you can't get any other way. I am now enjoying those benefits at an age that is normally marked by significant physical decline. I am also happy to look forward to a walker-free lifestyle fifteen years from now.

The potbelly and pancake butt (accompanied by general atrophy that is quite significant) that men of my parents' generation typically had before reaching my age are not inevitable. I'm not the only one who has proven this. You probably know several exceptions to this rule. And you will not find a couch potato among them.

What about the person who doesn't have a laid-out training program and doesn't even do weightlifting? Is that person isn't going to be in the group just mentioned? Suppose she often lies down exhausted from a day of strenuous activity (planted garden yesterday, hiked the hills the day before, painted four rooms by hand today). She's much closer to the end of the spectrum where I reside and perhaps for her that is good enough. The key is to stimulate the adaptive response regularly, even though doing so may not be particularly pleasant. The happiness from doing this is worth the little short-term sacrifices you make.

I have a friend who doesn't lift weights. He's about my age, but strong as an ox. He's a field service engineer, a job that is sometimes very demanding physically. He also enjoys the great outdoors and is no stranger to hard work tending the acreage he and his wife live on. Another friend just turned 78. I think he looks good for 60! He doesn't lift weights. But it seems like he is always doing something physical. Both of these guys find themselves bone-weary from hard work, and they love it.

Forget about chasing after dopamine. Get your serotonin on, by having an active, full life and consistently working toward long-term goals.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The Covid "vaccines" are not vaccines, legally or medically. They have not passed the animal and human trials to legally qualify. Medically, the definition is a bit complicated but they don't meet the standard there either. Should you allow yourself to be injected with any of these non-vaccines? Doing so won't protect you from Covid, and it is risky. But you may have job pressure or other pressure to do so. Just keep the facts in mind when mulling over the decision.

8. Thought for the Day

When libtards talk about "diversity" they mean in terms of characteristics that have no meaning (such as skin color or ethnic origin). Real diversity (for example, differing viewpoints) is something they aggressively respond to with extreme hostility. Conformity makes them comfortable, diversity sends them into a manic state.


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The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by socialists or other brainwashed individuals. That's because they live in an alternate reality and have not bothered to learn the basics of how life works.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Where sources are not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort.

Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!).

Personal note from Mark: I value each and every one of you, and I hope that shows in the diligent effort I put into writing this e-newsletter. Thank you for being a faithful reader. Please pass this newsletter along to others.

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