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Mindconnection eNL, 2020-09-06


In this issue:
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Socialism isn't an ideology. It's a pathology. Common sense is the cure.

1. Good News

Item 1. For decades, people who call themselves black have mistakenly trusted the Democratic Party to look out for their best interests, despite the fact this is group responsible for so many kids growing up in fatherless homes and this is the group that put Barry Soetoro into office for eight years during which time he devastated employment opportunities for people of color (and for people not of color, yet the effects were felt most heavily by "blacks"). Over the past few months, the DP has morphed into the American Socialist Party. Its leaders have given explicit approval to terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives (don't) Matter, which have escalated the dead body count in "black" communities. This and other aggressive, destructive behavior has caused many of those who call themselves black to actually think about what it means to vote Democrat. And they are increasingly concluding it's not a good thing to do.

Item 2. In the 2016 Presidential contest, Hillary Rodham Clinton was visiting "black" churches and basically mocking "black" people by "talking black." Her fakeness was a subtle message along the lines of, "I think all of you are stupid". In Wisconsin, people who call themselves black did not turn out to vote for Hillary. Wisconsin is one of the few "swing" or "battleground" states in which the election is decided.

Now these "black" people in Wisconsin have had four years of Trump's putting them back to work in good-paying jobs and not getting into his predecessor's race baiting and "message of hatred" tactics. And this year, they have seen a constant barrage of insanity and toxicity from the Democrats. So this state will likely not go to the anarchists, socialists, and psychopaths but instead to Trump.

In the other swing states, "black" people who did hold their nose and vote for Hillary are unlikely to destroy the future of their children and grandchildren by backing a senile old white guy and his token "black" female VP (she's actually Indian and Jamaican) who has a horrendous record on civil rights and other issues important to people of color. She's not an Uncle Tom, she's more like those Africans who captured other Africans and sold them into slavery. It will be very good news if the current trend of rejecting this foolishness continues to grow.

Item 3. A criminal who is a Virginia State Senator is facing criminal charges for her part in a felony. Any time members of the ruling class are not above the law, it's good news. Read the full story here:

Item 4. The Socialists have problems, and one of their main idiots broke ranks in damaging way. Read the full story here:

Item 5. While socialist mayors and governors have been cheering on the looting and murdering, the Trump administration has been busy protecting innocent, law-abiding citizens. Operation Legend (named after LeGend, an actual person) has made our cities far safer, even when run by socialists. Read the full story here: In Kansas City alone, the pilot program took 288 criminals off the streets!

Item 6. This illegal immigrant made a fool of himself, as usual, by spewing absurdities during the recent convention of the American Socialist Party:

This kind of idiotic, lying-through-your-teeth, hypocritical vitriol further alienates people who would prefer to vote for Democratic candidates instead of Libertarian or Republican ones. As many long-time Democrats have sadly come to realize, their party is no more. Yes, it has the same name. But JFK, MLK, LBJ, Tip O'Neill, and many others would be appalled if they were alive today. As is anybody with a shred of decency or common sense. Regardless of your politics, you have to admit these particular guys were smart and principled. In contrast, that party today has leaders like AOC and Biden whose IQs together probably don't add up to average. Their only principles are hatred, division, and dishonesty.

Item 7. The truth about Kamala is coming out before the election, rather than after. Very good news! Watch this video:

Item 8. “The worst place for a Black person to live in America is a Democrat-controlled city. It’s 2020. Name a blue city where Black people’s lives have gotten better. Try.”  -- Kim Klacik.

See her video here: She is smart, articulate, and drop-dead gorgeous!

Item 9. Citizens and police worked together to stop and then arrest a serial rapist. Read the full story here:

Item 10. The Covid death threat did not justify economic shutdown and (according to CDC data) was overblown by an order of magnitude. Read full story here:

Item 11 Senators call for investigating and identifying the people funding the riots.

Item 12. Operation Legend has led to the arrest of 288 perpetrators, including 24 murder suspects, in Kansas City, MO alone. Despite the Democrats and their explicit approval of the violence, the current administration is successfully removing many of these disturbed individuals from society. If they would arrest instigators like AOC, Kamala Harris, and various pro-violence state governors and city mayors that would be exceptionally good news. All of these people belong behind bars, not in public office.

Item 13. As of 28AUG, 2.9 million Americans have left continued unemployment claims (a pretty good sign 2.9 million Americans found jobs). Read the full story here: Demented Joe says he will shut down the economy again "to protect us" from the minor threat that is Covid 19. That would put at least 25 million Americans out of work within the first month. The good news there is the more Biden speaks, the more people he scares away. Even many life-long Democrats are saying, "We want jobs. We want police. We don't want riots or the other things the Democratic Party is supporting."

Item 14. Numerous sources are reporting that voters in the People's Republic of Minnesota are losing their religious faith in the morally bankrupt, extreme socialist fraudster politicians who call themselves "Democrats". Comrade Biden's American Socialist party once had a lock on this "communist country". Now, even many of the "never Trump" voters are saying they will vote for Trump rather than vote for Biden's brand of rioting, burning, looting, shooting, and civil war. So this state (and its electoral votes) is likely to flip from The Dark Side. Swing state Wisconsin has had a similar response to what the socialists offer. Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, millions of Americans have recently decided the alternative is too awful to contemplate.

Item 15. Dinesh D'Souza, a patriotic immigrant, has released yet another insightful documentary. See details here:


2. Product Highlight

Ectaco iTRAVL3 8-Language Speech to Speech Offline Translator

Go here and page down to the video area to watch videos showing live offline speech to speech translation:

  • Voice translation in any direction between these languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish.
  • No Internet connection needed except during initial set-up.
  • Use it anywhere. Instant offline voice translator.
  • You press a button, say what you need and get the translation.
  • Photo translator: If you see it, the iTRAVL 3 mini can translate it. You can take a picture of a sign, menu, or flyer and have it translated for you within seconds (for photo translator, you need Internet connection).
  • Recording translation: Recording function allows you to record every important meeting.
  • Audio recordings in English can be translated into other various languages of your choice.
  • 2.4 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen with 240 x 320 resolution.
  • 5.5 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches / 140 x 58 x 12 mm.
  • Weighs only 3.4 ounces (95.6g).
  • 1200 mAH battery provides 7 days of standby time and 8 hours of working time.

Buy yours now.

Mindconnection, LLC has been an Authorized Ectaco Dealer since 1997.


3. Brainpower tip


If a light bulb burns out, a normal person just changes it. But what does a libtard do?

That would be one or more of the following:

01. Demand more gun control.

02. Claim the bulb has "light privilege" and does not deserve to be replaced.

03. Assert that the lightbulb was no longer self-identifying as a light emitter.

04. Claim it's a Republican conspiracy.

05. Assert that tossing that bulb in the trash is cruel and insensitive; it should be given a second chance after counseling.

06. Use it as "proof" that people opposed to socialism are greedy, intolerant, and opinionated.

07. Demand that Donald Trump be impeached for it.

08. Take a knee in a photo op, wearing a tie or scarf with light bulb images on it.

09. Declare that a special tax on anyone making over $50,000 a year will reduce future incidences of light bulb burn out.

10. Point out that this bulb did not burn out when Obama was President.

11. Demand the removal of statues of Thomas Edison.

12. Post a picture of it on Facebook and demand that electricians be defunded.

13. Insist that school textbooks be "cleansed" of pictures of Thomas Edison.

14. Use some article from Mother Jones to show that light bulbs are killing all of us anyhow, so we should remove all other lightbulbs while we still can.

15. Take lightbulbs from small business owners and give them to people under 50 who haven't held a job in over 5 years.

16. Organize a march and shout that more light bulbs will die until someone else is in the White House.

17. Demand gun confiscation (this seems to solve everything, in the libtard alternate universe).

18. Propose a bill that treats gun owners like sex offenders; mandatory registration, name and address publicly disclosed, and various civil rights revoked.

19. When a normal person comes along and changes the bulb, subject that person to public ridicule and abuse.

20. If it's their own bulb, go smash somebody else's bulb.

4. Finance tip

This article will give you some insight into our national debt (USA):

The debt is the single largest problem facing this nation. Yet, American Socialist Party wants to take the White House from Trump and the Senate from the Republicans so they can pass massive spending bills. Some of the ones proposed by Comrades Biden and Pelosi would take us from $23 trillion now (a staggering figure with enormous consequences I won't go into here) to figures that will make us just another Venezuela. That nation was number five in per capita prosperity or a similar figure (I forget exactly) only ten years ago and today it is a nation of starving people and very deep poverty. They got there following the Sanders/Biden/Pelosi plan.

Inflation in Venezuela is 10 million percent. The sole cause of inflation is the central bank "prints" money to pay down debt. The more debt, the more fake money is created and the less each unit of money is worth.

Take a good look around wherever you live. If you help Biden get into office and he actually does make it, you won't be living there in two years because a whole month of your wages won't even cover the cost of a single potato.

5. Security tip

Here we are near the end of summer (northern hemisphere, my apologies to our Kiwi subscribers) 2020:

  • A virus that kills people with metabolic syndrome.

  • A civil war in the USA (police cars on fire, buildings being bombed, innocent people murdered by the insurrectionists).

  • Blatantly extreme socialists wanting to be "elected" to office so they can do to us what was done to the people of Venezuela.

  • High unemployment, but jobs coming back after the pointless shutdown alleged to "slow" Covid when simply pulling processed foods from the stores would have stopped it cold.

  • Socialists promising $200,000 payouts to people whom they designate as "black" or "African American", a promise that is unrealistic but corrosive all the same (to the intended "beneficiaries").

  • Widespread racism against "white" people.

  • Widespread racism that undignifies, infantilizes, insults, and besmirches people who call themselves black or may be called black by others.

  • A group calling itself "Black Lives Matter" banning police in socialist controlled areas where black people live, and not caring that, predictably, murders of black people have skyrocketed in these areas.

  • Phishing artists and other scammers are contacting people about non-existent federal programs (such as PPP, Round Three) and seeking to "verify" personal information.

Then we have state government at the federal government doing these things:

  • Letting thousand of violent offenders out of prison.

  • Disarming of law-abiding citizens "make us safe", at least in communist countries like the People's Republic of California, New Stalin (NY), and Soviet Jersey (SJ).

  • Defunding of police to "make us safe".

  • Brainwashing millions of us to stay home and pork out on processed food to "make us safe".

  • Telling us not to exercise, to "make us safe".

  • Telling us we need to be socially isolated to "make us safe".

All of this and about a dozen other problems contribute to a society that is unsafe, insane, and under siege.

What can you do to protect yourself? Here are some tips:

  • Ensure at least 70% of your diet consists of fruits and vegetables. This is how you become immune to pathogens, including Covid-19 and any Covid that comes after it.

  • Speak against the socialist propaganda. Don't be afraid to do it. Evil can spread only when good people do nothing. If you are told you are not black enough, just say you are defined by your character not the color of your skin. If you are told to feel guilty for being white, use that same response.

  • Don't talk about race or put racial labels on people. Show respect for everyone, and see everyone as an individual. Whether a person is "black" or "white" says nothing about that person.

  • Try to help people around you understand what socialism does. It always ends badly.

  • Support your local police. Let your city council and mayor know you appreciate these people. Let these people know that, also.

  • If you live in a place that ignores your Second Amendment right to bear arms, ignore their illegal gun bans. Quietly, so they don't come after you.

  • Exercise, despite any idiotic bans. Find a way.

  • Stay connected with people. Make deliberate efforts to reach out to specific people you know on a regular basis.

  • Smile at strangers, even if you are wearing a face covering. They will see the smile in your eyes and appreciate it.

The American Socialist Party is coming apart at the seams. Considering its most prominent idiots are self-centered, profoundly-ignorant, irrational underachievers with delusions of adequacy, this is not surprising. But be sure to point out the pettiness, inconsistencies, and blatant lies to your Democrat friends. Ask them if this is still the Democratic Party, because it sure does not resemble the one that Tip O'Neill, LBJ, JFK, or FDR belonged to. FDR was a disaster (3rd worst POTUS of all time), but Democrats hold him up as a saint. So use that, and help them decide to stay home this next election.

If you get a call from someone who "needs to verify" your personal information, hang up. The IRS is not contacting you about your refund (they simply don't do such a thing), the SBA is not contacting you about a past or future loan that depends on verifying information about you (it's done online), and nobody who calls you via a robodialer (you answer, there's a pause, then a person asks for you and it's noisy in the background) has anything of any value to offer you. All of these people are theives.

Stay alert and don't take anything at face value. Don't repeat things you've heard, verify those things with a reliable source (not just "some website" or the results of a google search, and definitely not the lying mainstream media--CNN, CBS, NBC, New York Times, etc.) if you wish to share what you've heard. Else, you are probably repeating a lie.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Photo taken a couple of weeks after my 59th birthday.

Note that the information provided here will likely conflict with the "fad of the moment" and other unsustainable, unproductive ways of looking at health and fitness.

Article appears below.

During the early days of the shutdown, I was climbing on a wall I built in my backyard. I still use it (recent climb is here:, but once the gyms re-opened, I returned to them. It's important to support those climbing gyms. If all of them make it through this period, I will be surprised.

The real solution to this and any future epidemic is in this article. Read it and spread the word!

See all of my climbing videos here:


Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

In this issue, I want to talk about the Covid-19 vaccine that we have had all along. Before I do that, a little diversion.

Fans of the Marvel Comics series of Avengers movies recall that Captain America was "the first Avenger". Here was a guy who always took the high moral ground, no matter what the cost. We saw his "do the right thing, always" cause him a great deal of personal misery. Everything from defending his friend Bucky to even fighting Iron Man and forcing other Avengers to choose sides between them.

Thor, the God of Thunder, had a special hammer named Mjolnir (Anglicized pronunciation is "Me-yol-neer" with a trill on the n, and it means "lightning"). Throughout the series, different super heroes tried to pick Mjolnir up. No matter how strong they were or how hard they pulled, Mjolnir stayed put. Thor would smile and say, "You have to be pure of heart" and then he'd pick Mjolnir up.

In the final installment, Endgame, Captain America calmly walked over to Mjolnir and easily picked it up. Thor exclaimed, "I knew it!" The moment was magical for fans, because we had the same reaction. We knew, all along, that "Cap" was pure of heart and surely should be able to Mjolnir up.

It's like that with the vaccine. It's been there all along, and we always knew that.

What is that vaccine, and where can you get it? Load up on items in your local produce department. We have always known that eating our fruits and vegetables shields us from pathogenic diseases. This is not news.

This summer, the CDC repeatedly told people to eat fruits and vegetables. Data from various countries show that if you exclude people with metabolic syndrome and a relatively tiny portion of the population with immunity issues (such as those taking immune system suppressants for medical reasons), almost nobody dies from Covid. Metabolic syndrome results in conditions like Type II diabetes, and CDC reports that Type II diabetics who contract Covid are likely to die from it.

There are only two ways you get metabolic syndrome:

  1. Eating processed food instead of real food.
  2. Overconsumption of endocrine modifiers such as processed cane sugar (the other white powder), HFC, or fruit juice. A safe level is pretty close to zero.

So it's what medical experts call the result of "lifestyle choices". I call metabolic syndrome the result of deathstyle choices.

The more your diet leans away from deathstyle choices toward lifestyle choices, the stronger your immune system. And vice-versa. If your diet is nearly devoid of endocrine modifiers and it consists mostly of fruits and vegetables, you have essentially vaccinated yourself against this virus and all other pathogens.

The tracking data are also showing that asymptomatic people are not infecting other people. From the data, epidemiologists can see a person has to actually be sick from the virus to spread it. So yes, while wearing a mask and keeping social distance can slow the spread considerably (please keep doing that), simply getting people to consistently make intelligent foods choices would stop the virus cold. Herd immunity (a situation in which a virus cannot spread) is reached at something like 40% of individuals being immune. But let's say that's 60%. What would it take to get 60% of Americans to live in a way that does not promote metabolic syndrome?

Pandemics used to be made possible by burying toxins and waste (e.g., human excrement) too close to where wells are dug for drinking water. Now they are made possible by packing up toxins, lying that they are food, and selling them to the public. We can all choose to not buy this poison. But we need about half of us to make that choice if we want Covid to go away in only a few weeks.

The desire for processed food is an acquired one. People who are not accustomed to consuming these poisons do not like the taste. But people whose perception of what tastes good has been debauched by repeated consumption of processed food have to learn to enjoy good food. If you have friends or family who are addicted to processed food, don't "go all health nut" on them if preparing or choosing meals for them. What they see as "rabbit food" is human food, and what they misperceive as food provides little or no nourishment while also providing massive doses of toxins. You have to meet people where they are.

So for example, relatives come over for a meal. They are expecting something processed, perhaps a frozen pizza (one that is delivered is essentially that). What you can do instead is buy some large zucchinis. Slice those into inch-thick round pieces to make tiny "zucchini pizzas". You've just eliminated the pizza dough, which contains the powerful neurotoxin glysophate, some endocrine modifiers, and that colon cancer causing hydrogenated oil. You've replaced it with a fun, REALLY tasty, nutritious squash. You might still give them the other toxins they crave in the toppings, but this is a big step in the right direction.

If they want an iceberg lettuce salad with one of those disgusting pre-made dressings in a bottle, do this instead. Make a salad with bok choy and spinach or a bag of prewashed mixed greens. Use a cruet to mix apple cider vinegar and olive oil with a few squirts of real, unsweetened mustard. They will go nuts over this, it's delicious. And a big nutrition bonanza. You can dress it up with some raw sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds or something else crunchy.

What if they want fried chicken? That heart attack food is not an option. But you can smear mustard on chicken breasts and bake them, or try soy sauce (not as healthy but more tasty) instead. Serve with wilted spinach and chopped onion.

If we want these pandemics to stop, we need to get people to use the vaccine they have had available all along. As you read this, you are probably thinking, "I knew it!"


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Eliminating processed food from one's diet eliminates one's risk of diseases like esophageal cancer and adult onset diabetes. You prevent conditions such as metabolic syndrome and obesity. You also greatly reduce the odds of getting sick, look better, smell better, feel better, and think better.

8. Thought for the Day

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.


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