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Mindconnection eNL, 2020-05-03


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1. Good News

Item 1. By egregiously abusing her role as Speaker of the House, Nancy "Nutcase" Pelosi has long been a scourge for the American economy, civil liberties, and the rule of law. Her latest misconduct was so over the top, even the clueless voters in her Congressional district may have finally had enough. She's up for re-election this November and if her "constituents" have any brains whatsoever she will not return to Congress. In the meantime, her misconduct has many Democrats cringing. People are writing to their Representatives and asking for them to remove Pelosi as Speaker. That would be good news, indeed. It would be really good news if they found another Speaker like LBJ (worked well with Ike) or Tip O'Neill (worked well with Reagan); sadly, the Democratic Party seems to have purged itself of such leaders.

Item 2. The many inconsistencies in the CV-19 shutdown have many medical experts questioning whether it even helps. Some have concluded it does not. And this makes sense, if you consider that people are shopping at all the big stores and not dropping like flies. The shutdown has been enforced against small businesses, primarily. So if the shutdown is allegedly necessary, why is it so haphazardly applied? And what about the immunity-reducing effects of social isolation and subsisting on canned food? Many state governments are now asking these questions. The libtards excoriated President Trump for extrapolating from these facts that rolling back the shutdown is probably a good idea. The good news is that some serious thinking is going on. That is rare, and for it to happen is always good news.

Item 3. For purposes of preventing the spread of CV-19, it would have cost less and been more effective for the federal government to buy and destroy all processed food (once it's processed, it's no longer food). The good news is that's not what happened. How can that possibly be good news, considering the death toll and economic damage of the failed strategy the government did use? (And the death toll and economic damage from widespread consumption of processed food)?

Because there is not enough of a food supply (real food) for everyone. Those who have chosen to live the disease lifestyle, if forced to switch over to eating real food, would have instigated massive starvation. We need to build up our food supply over time, living for now with the consequences of the processed food problem. Among those consequences are runaway medical costs, lower productivity, higher absenteeism, and epidemics like this one. But perhaps a few million disease lifestyle people got a wake-up call from the CV-19 epidemic and will start the push toward making the eating of real food the rule instead of the exception that it is. That would be exceptionally good news.


2. Product Highlight

Protect your home or office with this hidden camera that's inside a functional receptacle.

This functional wall receptacle comes with a 1080P remote live streaming Wi-Fi camera with external memory (16GB microSD card included) can be hardwired in like a normal receptacle. Once the device is powered, it can begin remote streaming within minutes. Watch your office while at home or vice-versa.

  • Mobile Alerts, Motions Detection, and Record Scheduling - Simply set up each feature fast and easy through your smartphone app.
  • External Memory: This device already includes a 16GB MicroSD, but for more memory you can insert up to a 128GB MicroSD card.
  • Functional Unit: Replace any wall receptacle in your home, you can still keep the functionality with this unit (top part only).
  • View and record live streaming video on Android or iOS smartphones.
  • Record to microSD card (15 minutes per 1GB).
  • Alerts via e-mail or phone app.
  • Able to operate in low light (1 LUX or greater).
  • Video resolution: 1080P, 720P, 480P.
  • Recording modes: continuous video and motion detection.
  • Viewing angle: 90.
  • Storage: external microSD card up to 128GB.
  • Power: hardwired/plug-in.
  • Dimensions: 1.5"W x 1"D x 4.5"H.
  • Includes 1 each of BBWifiReceptacle, instruction booklet, 16GB microSD card, microSD card reader.
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and up, Apple iOS 7 and up Windows XP and up, Mac OS 10 and up.

Buy yours now.

Mindconnection, LLC is an Authorized Minigadgets Dealer.



3. Brainpower tip

Many business books discuss the groundbreaking work of Daniel Kahneman, and for good reason. Kahneman is noted for his work in judgment and decision-making, perhaps most famously for the book "Fast Brain, Slow Brain." In this column, I have mentioned effective IQ many times. People who can score above average on a written IQ test nonetheless may exhibit an extremely low IQ when confronted with real-world situations. People do profoundly stupid things, you can ascribe to them a negative IQ; they are literally dumber than a rock.

The main culprit in the low effective IQ scenario is the person does not stop to think. There is just no thinking, simply reacting. The fast brain makes a decision based on a pattern or memory that may or may not fit. Logic isn't processed, so irrational behavior often results.

It's not that the person is actually that stupid. It's that the person has failed to choose to be smart. When a person makes the conscious choice to slow down and look at the situation, the slow brain can become engaged. This is where thinking takes place.

Sometimes, you want that fast brain in charge. For example, you walk out in front of a car, see it, and suddenly jump back. If you'd taken the time to mull over the situation, you'd have been run over. Sometimes, you want that slow brain in charge. When are those times? All times other than times of imminent danger. If there is a need to react without thinking, then react without thinking. If there is not a need to react without thinking, that's what most people do anyhow. They do it because they feel anxious, or they feel rushed, or they are just not in the habit of thinking. Even people who are in the habit of thinking will react if they are in a heightened emotional state (good or bad).

It follows that if you deliberately make a point of slowing down to think, you raise your effective IQ. People who are under pressure are told to "take a breath" or "count to three". Why? It redirects their focus from feeling to thinking. This is good advice. Try it the next time you are under pressure or in some way feel you need to make an instant decision when there isn't a need to react instantly. The more you practice thinking, the easier it becomes for you to go into slow brain mode.

And let me clarify. Slow brain is not slow in the sense that you are thinking slowly. Under fast brain, you simply aren't thinking. Under slow brain, you may be thinking very quickly.

Consider an argument between spouses. If both are in fast brain mode, it degenerates into a trading of insults and a shouting match. Both regret the stupid, mean things they said. Let's say the husband is in slow brain mode. The wife sees yet another mess he made, and angrily calls him a slob. Instead of reacting with an insult of his own, he takes a breath. He looks at the mess. Did I leave that? What kind of message am I sending when I do that? He then says to her, "I hear you. And I apologize. Let me clean that up."

Suppose you work for an abusive boss. You work hard on a project, and instead of thanking you he yet again yells at you for something trivial. Fast brain says to tell him where to shove his job, and walk off. Slow brain, take a breath, says to stand up to him. So you say, "Phil, I appreciate that you have a department to run. But if you want to keep running it, you need to have a different attitude toward the employees the company has entrusted you with. I worked hard on this project. Can you tell me one thing you like about the work I did?" Fast brain would have given Phil even more power over you. Slow brain just showed Phil who is really in charge. And he'd better not forget it!

4. Finance tip

Nancy "Nutcase" plays a large and destructive role in all of our lives.

Presently, she is obstructing relief to small businesses that have been devastated by the over-reaction to the CV-19 virus. She is very wealthy and can afford to go without federal relief (plus she gets a federal paycheck no matter what). You can see the YouTube video where she's showing off her fancy refrigerator with $14 tubs of ice cream.

She does not care that people are now starving thanks to the shutdown (you can find the videos about this on YouTube) with no relief or support from Congress.

Nutcase also believes that violent criminals should be protected from their intended victims rather than the other way around, except her royal highness has the protection of armed security provided to her at taxpayer expense. She is holding the process hostage to extort economy-damaging, job-killing demands to advance her own agenda.

If the Democratic Party has any conscience whatsoever, it will find a different person to serve as Speaker of the House. She is second in line to become POTUS. That thought should terrify any American citizen.

The finance tip?

Write to your Congressional representative:

  • If that person is a Democrat, ask that person to stand up to Pelosi and demand she step down.
  • If that person is a Republican, ask that person to reach across the aisle (why is there an aisle in the first place?) and offer support to any Democrats who help replace Pelosi with someone who is sane.

Then write to President Trump and ask him to ensure that he and VP Pence are NEVER even in the same time zone while Pelosi is Speaker. That way, of something happens to the President it won't also take out the VP and put this crazy woman in the White House. She belongs in a padded cell.

5. Security tip

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Photo taken a couple of weeks after my 59th birthday.

Note that the information provided here will likely conflict with the "fad of the moment" and other unsustainable, unproductive ways of looking at health and fitness.

Article appears below.

During the shutdown, I've been climbing on a wall I built in my backyard:

See all of my climbing videos here:


Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle


The Invincible Immune System, Part 1

I have not been sick since 1971, despite having been born with an immune deficiency that lasted over 50 years. While my title is a bit hyped up (invincibility never truly exists), it's not far off.

One reason that CV-19 became a pandemic is the vast majority of people have weak immune systems. In China, for example, the air and water are heavily contaminated. People there have low immunity due to those two factors alone. But in many countries, the air and water are not nearly as contaminated. In the USA, for example, our air and water are far cleaner than what Chinese people endure.

And yet, immunity is low in the USA. People often "catch colds" and visiting the doctor is so commonplace that "we" call it "health care" (a lie) and pay exorbitant rates for symptom treatments. Then of course, there are the billions of dollars spent each year on over the counter medications.

In this multi-part series, I will share with you the concepts behind how I transformed my immune system from weak to super-powered. Here are the upcoming topics:


The Invincible Immune System, Part 2: Food. This was my first discovery. I read this in Reader's Digest or somewhere when I was 6 or 7, "You are what you eat." I seriously examined what I was eating. When my 9th birthday was coming up, myk mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted and I said cake was junk food and I did not want it. See this issue's Good News column for a related comment.

The Invincible Immune System, Part 3: Liquids. Most Americans are dehydrated. It's due to a combination of factors. Carrying a bottle of water around is not the answer. I will tell you what is.

The Invincible Immune System, Part 4: Hygiene. This discussion may make some readers uncomfortable, but it's important. I have observed hygiene habits of many people over the years, not to judge but to learn. As a kid, for example, I spit all the time just as my dad did. But I noticed not everyone spit. Could there be a reason? How people wash (or don't), when and with what, all come into play.

The Invincible Immune System, Part 5: Avoidance. This was my second discovery. I had grown up with relatives who drank out of each other's glasses or put their fork into the common serving dish. These and other behaviors needlessly introduce pathogens.

The Invincible Immune System, Part 6: Environment. Do you use bleach or Lysol in your home? These and most cleaning products reduce immunity. How clean are your sheets? How clean is the air you breath indoors?

The Invincible Immune System, Part 7: Nutrients and supplements. Which foods hugely boost immunity and should be focused on during an epidemic? Which vitamins, minerals, and supplements actually work toward strengthening your immune system (hint: Vitamin C is not even close to being the whole story).

The Invincible Immune System, Part 8: Rest, emotional maturity, and mental attitude. Sleep deprivation dramatically lowers immunity, but it is a normal condition for most people. Being emotionally mature is something that does not happen on its own, and for most people it never happens--I'll provide some tips to fix this. The right mental attitude is key, and I'll explain what it is and how to make it the attitude you have.



At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

There is a black hole at the center of every galaxy, including our own. And the ratio of black hole mass to galaxy mass is consistent across all galaxies. The mass ratio is similar to the mass ratio of a grape to the earth. That relatively tiny black hole appears to control the size and even shape of the galaxy surrounding it.

8. Thought for the Day

For most people, the only time they "see the handwriting on the wall" is when they are in a public restroom. Be alert to signs that bad things are coming, and prepare accordingly.


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