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Mindconnection eNL, 2019-08-18


In this issue:
Good News | Product Highlight | Brainpower | Finances | Security | Health/Fitness | Factoid | Thought 4 the Day

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1. Good News

Item 1. Japanese scientists have developed a thermal battery that converts heat into electricity when buried in a geothermal zone. Read the full story here: 

Item 2. Scientists in Switzerland have demonstrated a technology that can produce kerosene and methanol from solar energy and air. Read the full story here:

Item 3. LED lamps that run directly off house current? Yes, and that means no energy-sucking power supply. Read the full story here:


2. Product Highlight

Spanish Voice Translator and Hidden Camera USB Charger Bundle

Secure your home, office, or hotel room discreetly. Just plug this USB charger into a receptacle and the hidden camera will catch any intruder.

When you're traveling, this translator allows you to communicate voice to voice (no connection needed) and this hidden camera /USB charger keeps an eye on your devices while charging them. Just plug it into your travel converter (if overseas) and you have an instant surveillance camera.

When you're back home, you can use this hidden camera charger in any standard outlet at home or in the office. Just pull the SD card to view the footage (micro SD card reader included in package). Motion detection avoids wasted recording and wasted time viewing recordings. No WiFi needed, just plug it in and let it watch the area you want to protect (90 degree viewing angle).


  • Speak into 900 Pro and it translates from English to Spanish or vice-versa.
  • No external connection needed, use it anywhere.
  • Hi-resolution camera is great for Skype and allows you to use the Photo Translator app (both functions require a WiFi connection).
  • Runs on Android OS, so you can load hundreds of apps from the Google Playstore.
  • No SIM needed, just use WiFi to connect to the outside world.

Hidden Camera

  • The functional USB charger contains a 1080P full HD camera with motion detection.
  • Does not require WiFi to provide surveillance.
  • 90 degree viewing angle.
  • No complicated installation or set-up with the charger, just plug it in.
  • Video is safely stored on SD card (up to 32GB).
  • A 16GB card and Micro SD card reader are included with system.


On sale!

Buy yours now.

Mindconnection, LLC is an Authorized Ectaco Dealer. And we have been, since 1998.



3. Brainpower tip

When confronted with a problem that defies solution, it's normal to simply try a variation of the existing strategy, tactics, and methods. That's usually a good first choice. But if these variations don't seem to work then you probably have a failure in strategy, tactics, methods, or some combination thereof.

Suppose Jennifer and her brother Mike take a trip together. They live over 1,000 miles from each other and don't get to see each other much so they were looking forward to this time together. It was supposed to be fun, but they really got on each other's nerves. It seemed as though Mike could do nothing right. Jennifer constantly carped at him for one thing after another. Mike was relieved when the trip was finally over. Aware that Jennifer had suffered from depression, Mike attributed her behavior to that and just forget about how she treated him.

But a few months later when Mike asked Jennifer about a visit to her place, she told him no. She said she didn't want him to visit, because the last time they were together she found it very unpleasant. Mike was stunned and hurt by this, especially since to his way of thinking Jennifer had just been a fountain of negativity that whole trip. So he asked her what specifically bothered her during that trip.

She wrote back about some things, but they didn't make sense. So Mike replied and asked for clarification on a couple of the points she'd made while also stating his view. Her response was anything but honest. She clearly twisted his words and made it sound like she was not at fault but he had been totally unreasonable. She also said it upset her to talk about it.

Mike is now at a decision point. Should he keep trying to get to the bottom of this? She played the fake "upset" card as a strong signal for him to back off. Her dishonest reply also is informative, it means she does not want to discuss the real issue. It's probably something that embarrasses her. For Mike to try to get to that will only damage the relationship, but doesn't he deserve an answer and an apology?

To reach the correct decision, Mike needs to decide what his goal is. Does he want to "be right" and get an apology, or does he want to heal that relationship?

Noting her depression and how it typically plays out in her relationships, Mike must assume he made some remark that set his sister's insecurities on edge. Once that happened, she was in a negative funk and everything he did seemed bad in some way. Rather than persist in trying to uncover the issue, which simply wastes his brainpower, Mike needs to rethink his entire strategy.

If Mike puts his mind to finding ways to make his sister feel safe and respected (drilling down to the underlying issue she perceived would do only the opposite), he will find over time that she has a change of heart. Instead of using his brainpower for the wrong goal only to get an undesirable outcome, he uses it to create a more positive "energy" between the two of them.

You can apply this "change of strategy" (and/or tactics and/or methods) to any endeavor that is frustrating you. For example:

  • Career advancement.
  • Fat loss /physique improvement.
  • Learning a new skill.
  • Child rearing issues.
  • Settling a disagreement with a neighbor.
  • Fighting corruption at City Hall.

4. Finance tip

Government is the single largest expense anyone in the USA has (ditto for people in most other countries). I grew up in the People's Republic of Illinois, a state that is truly a financial basket case today. It's in worse financial condition than any other state. One of the main culprits is the idiotically lavish pensions that elected officials agreed to. But Illinois is not alone in "financial crisis by idiocy". And, unfortunately, the problem of financial idiocy is even worse at the city level, except for those rare cities in which financial idiocy is not SOP.

Financial idiocy by city governments is very common. It's also very burdensome, especially to the less fortunate, because of higher property taxes, higher sales taxes, and decreased city services. Financial idiocy in cities is driven by "staff" and abetted by clueless, gullible city council members. The way it works is this. Someone with a degree in public administration has this huge student loan to pay off. So this person applies for a job and gets hired by some small town. The pay helps, but it's not enough (even though the City Administrator of one small Kansas City makes over $150,000 a year and despite a population of only 11,200 people has an assistant who is paid $98,000 a year). What to do?

Dream up wasteful, unaffordable projects that can sound good on a resume or in an interview. After a few of these, the CA can claim "managed budget of X" and "oversaw implementation of A, B, C". Two or three years later, he's got a big raise after accepting a job in a bigger city. The ruse then repeats itself.

There's no easy solution to financial idiocy when you have a clueless city council rubber stamping one harebrained idea after another. Most of us don't have much time left after working 50 to 70 hours per week, either. But here are some options:

  • Convince a retired person to attend City Council meetings and videotape them. Post the videos on YouTube, and start sharing the URL in your community.
  • Make videos about specific examples of financial idiocy in your city, and post those to YouTube. Let your city "leaders" (followers of "staff' in reality) know about these videos so they understand there's a new Sheriff in town. Just avoid attacking your own ward's representative(s) because you want them on your side; see the next tip below.
  • Make friends with your representative(s) for your ward or district. Maybe host a "get to know you" hour in your home and invite a dozen or so neighbors. Try to become a trusted advisor to this elected official; odds are good s/he would appreciate having a good advisor because most people in this particular position just can't make sense of things.
  • Attend some city meetings yourself. There are usually various kinds of meetings being held for citizen input. Go with the goal of meeting people and connecting with them. Avoid making too many comments, mostly smile and listen. This will get you invited into an "inner circle" or two.
  • Volunteer to serve on a committee. You'd get some "inside dope."
  • Form an informal citizens action group. Your job would be to learn what's going on and then find ways to influence policy.

5. Security tip


6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Photo taken about one week before 40th High School Class Reunion.

Note that the information provided here will likely conflict with the "fad of the moment" and other unsustainable, unproductive ways of looking at health and fitness.

Article appears below.

See my climbing videos here:


Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Let's talk about Type II Diabetes, a disease that is now at epidemic proportions in the USA and several other countries.

The usual "treatment" for this isn't very helpful and won't cure you. But you will read the cure here. It's simple and easy to implement. It's 100% effective and 100% safe.

Doctors tell patients to "lose weight." The opinion of the medical establishment, excluding those who work in endocrinology, is the diabetes results from too much body fat. That opinion is the result of willful ignorance combined with a lack of critical thinking. Which is why the patients of these people usually are not cured. In fact, the same things that cause the excess body fat also cause the Diabetes. There is a correlation, not a causation, between the two.

To understand how to cure Type II Diabetes, you need to know what causes it. This disease is the result of endocrine system abuse, something the vast majority of Americans do without even knowing it.

So now you know what causes it. How do you cure it?

The key to curing this disease is to understand what you're doing that has a negative effect on your endocrine system. You will have better chances of success if you understand the principles than if you try to implement some big list of rules. Always keep in mind that this disease falls under the category of "metabolic syndrome" diseases, along with gout, obesity, insulin resistance, and many others. The sole cause is sugar, whether in the form of high fructose corn syrup, wheat flour, refined cane sugar, or any of the other endocrine system poisons used in processing food (once it's processed, it's no longer food).

Eliminating the negative

Endocrine modifiers are the main culprit in causing Type II Diabetes. These are substances that either:

  1. Overwhelm your system and cause an over-reaction.
  2. Are foreign to your system and cause an over-reaction.

In category 1, we have things like fruit juices. Eliminate these from your diet.
In category 2, we have things like corn syrup sugars. Any consumption is bad. You will find corn syrup sugars in almost all processed foods.

General concepts:

  • If it comes in a package that has an ingredients label, it is probably not safe to eat.
  • Instead of shopping in the middle aisles for processed foods then adding some fresh fruits and vegetables, buy fresh fruits and vegetables then go to the middle aisles to find non-processed foods (beans, rice, olive oil, etc.) to go with those.
  • Once it's processed, it’s no longer food.
  • Avoid overwhelm by dividing your food intake across six meals per day. This one technique alone is a game-changer for many people. Just make sure your meals shrink so you're not just eating more food.
  • It's best to do some meal planning. Figure out the portion sizes and use the same size bowls/plates for your meals to make it easy.
  • The FDA came up with the Food Pyramid, which is great to follow if you want to get Type II Diabetes. You can fix this by replacing "grain" with "green".

Adding the positive

All of the above is about diet. Getting diet right is how you prevent moving endocrine response in the wrong direction. This should be your primary focus.

When it comes to "exercise" there are many misconceptions. The crux of what you need to know is this. To stimulate your endocrine system to move in the correct direction, mild exercise won't cut it. You need intense, regular demands on your system; it's training, because it's systematic.

I lift weights six days per week, and because of how my program is set up it's like getting a testosterone shot six days a week. Many people exercise in a way that elevates cortisol (which depresses testosterone). That would be low to moderate intensity work of long duration, such as running on a treadmill. What you need instead is short bursts of intense contraction of specific muscles.

If you don't want to train like an athlete, that's fine. For purposes of defeating Type II Diabetes, you don't have to. Here is a pared down program for the sedentary. It's minimal, yet it will make a huge difference in how you feel. You'll need to ask an athlete friend or watch a video online to see the actual techniques for some of these. You can also change the day of the week to your preference.

  • Monday. Deep squats. Use a door jamb or something heavy for balance. These are done with body weight only. You start with your thighs parallel to the floor and lower your butt to an inch above the floor, then come up to parallel. Take two seconds going down, pause, two seconds up, pause. That's one rep. Keep your knee from going past your toe, in fact try to keep your shins at ninety degrees to the floor. Do as many as you can, up to 12. Rest two minutes, and do another set. Do four sets.
  • Tuesday. Vacuums. Go online to see how these are done. Do several reps of these.
  • Wednesday. Pushups. Go all the way down and all the way up. Take two seconds down, pause, two seconds up. Watch videos online to see correct form. Cheating on these just wastes your time. Doing them correctly pays off. Do as many as you can, up to 20. Do four sets.
  • Thursday. Vacuums.
  • Saturday. Rest day.
  • Sunday. Vacuums.

Notice, there is only one rest day. That's because you are doing vacuums three times a week (never on contiguous days). You are doing those deep squats to hit your core, especially your glutes, only once a week; that is a 10 minute workout. All of these workouts are short, and you don't need any special equipment or any special clothing.

These exercises work large muscle groups, but the main effect is to improve your appearance. You will look taller after only a month if you do these with your full mental focus. Don't watch television or listen to music while doing your workouts, focus your mind on what you are doing. It's only for 10 minutes at a time.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

In Florida and Texas, concealed carry permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies at 1/6 the rate at which police officers are convicted. Source: Crime Research Prevention Center

8. Thought for the Day

What you measure is what you tend to get. Do you count the annoyances in your day or focus on what's going well?


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