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Mindconnection eNL, 2018-11-18


In this issue:
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1. Good News

Item 1. One million fewer Americans are living below the poverty line than in 2016.

Item 2. Since that joyous moment when Barry Soetoro left office as our first illegal POTUS, millions more American have jobs. That includes 600,000 "blacks", a racial group Soetoro targeted with devastating economic policies. Also since "racist" Trump replaced Soetoro not only are 600,000 "blacks" working instead of being unemployed so are 500,000 Hispanic Americans.

Libtards believe Trump is racist for helping these people get back on their feet, but Soeotoro wasn't racist for knocking them flat on their backs economically. It makes you wonder why we let libtards vote. Really, why do we permit that?

Item 3. In July, DHL signed a $4.7 billion agreement to purchase 14 state-of-the-art Boeing 777 Freighters, with an option to buy seven more. This is good news for my state of Kansas, where these babies are built.

It's bad news for victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome who make claims that Trump is destroying American jobs. Newsflash to libtards: job destruction was Barry Soetoro's gig, and he was very good at it. Soetoro's replacement has the opposite goal.


2. Product Highlight

Minigadgets BBWIFIRECEPTACLE with 1080P Wi-Fi Camera

  • Functional receptacle.
  • View and record live streaming video on Android or iOS smartphones.
  • Record to microSD card (15 minutes per 1GB).
  • Alerts via e-mail or phone app.
  • Able to operate in low light (1 LUX or greater).
  • Video resolution: 1080P, 720P, 480P.
  • Recording modes: continuous video and motion detection.
  • Viewing angle: 90.
  • Storage: external microSD card up to 128GB.
  • Power: hardwired/plug-in.
  • Dimensions: 1.5"W x 1"D x 4.5"H.
  • Includes 1 each of BBWifiReceptacle, instruction booklet, 16GB microSD card, microSD card reader.
  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and up, Apple iOS 7 and up Windows XP and up, Mac OS 10 and up.

On sale now for only $369!

Buy yours now.

You can buy from us with confidence. We've been making online customers happy since 1997.


Mindconnection, LLC is a Minigadgets Authorized Distributor. And we have been, for over a decade.


3. Brainpower tip

You may have noticed that your ability to concentrate varies throughout the day, often dipping to a severe low. Or at times, you feel mentally sharp and at other times you just don't seem to have any brainpower.

If that's the case, you are probably victim to these two common conditions:

  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Swinging blood sugar.

Sleep deprivation is typically caused by such things as:

  • Participating in the twice annual clock change ritual. There are ways around this. Think, and you'll see how.
  • Going to bed at inconsistent times. Don't stay up late because it's the weekend; it takes you more than a week to recover from that!
  • Worrying about problems after you go to bed. Take a few minutes to write them down, perhaps before the last meal of the day. Pick the most pressing problem, and identify one thing you will do about it the next day.
  • Not going to bed early enough. If you "need" an alarm clock, you are not going to be early enough.

Skipping meals is the main cause of swinging blood sugar. Most Americans skip three meals a day, and many even skip four meals a day. You need six meals each day. That's just the way your body was designed.

Also to stabilize your blood sugar, eliminate from your diet:

  • Wheat and wheat products (this includes beer).
  • Corn and corn products (this includes soda and any processed "foods").
  • So-called "energy" drinks.
  • Pre-workout supplements that contain more than 100mg of caffiene.

4. Finance tip

The terrorist organization known as the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths rewards its gang members for destroying the lives of innocent people. And no matter what crimes their gang members commit, nobody goes to jail.

There is no fixing this sick, twisted, evil organization. It must be abolished. See this site for some help in making that happen.

I put this in the Finance tip because the main thing this lawless band of sickos does to people is cut them off financially. They go to extremes to ensure their victim has no job, no savings, no car, and no home. But they do many other things, such isolate the victim socially by lying to their friends and sending to their business contacts huge, intimidating stacks of forms to fill out.

Notice, in my first sentence the word "innocent." These whackos are not the good guys. They are the bad guys. You don't have to do anything wrong to get onto their list of "People to Destroy."

They can, and do, pick victims at random. They routinely ignore the due process "requirements", along with various statutes allegedly governing their (mis)conduct. They believe laws don't apply to them, and thus far they have a good track record of proving that belief to be 100% accurate.

They do play by their internal rule book (though they ignore the provisions of the Tax Code as they see fit), and that gives us some protection because their rule book requires coming up with an excuse to attack someone. The Tax Reform Act of 2017 greatly reduced the IRS footprint in the life of most Americans by reducing the flimsy excuse part where they falsely claim you cheated on deductions. With the huge standard deduction, they have to lie about something other than your deductions.

Even so, we are all still vulnerable to attack. And those attacks are typically vicious, unlawful, and unrelenting.

If you are attacked by these reprobates, fight back hard. Don't let them con you into providing any information, because they will use it only to hurt you. Make them go to a judge and get a court order.

If you haven't been attacked by these reprobates, please contact your senators and your Congressperson quarterly and express your desire to see this terrorist organization gone.

No single person can take on these terrorists and win. But together, we can drive them out of existence. It needs to happen. Let's roll.

5. Security tip

Of course, your FB account (if you have one) doesn't need to be hacked to present a major security risk. If you do have one:

  • Look for what's there, and remove security risks. Any photos of your kids, pets, or self = huge security risk. Anything with your name, birthday, or location = huge security risk.

  • Keep track of how much time you spend (waste) on FB. This is time lost forever out of your limited time here on earth. It's not well-spent. Find something valuable to do with your time instead.

  • Look closely at who has "friended" you. Take whatever corrective action you can.

  • Look closely at whom you have "friended." Note that "unfriending" can be met with vicious retribution unless you "unfriend" everyone or, better yet, just close the account.

Generally speaking, you are much better off without a FB account than with one. But if you really "need" one then set it up under a pseudonym and use a throwaway e-mail address that you get specifically for use with that account. For example, Leave off any identifying information.

Generally speaking, the same advice applies to all antisocial media accounts. It's not just FB that wastes your time while unnecessarily exposing you to risk. Seriously assess the "need" and carefully weigh the pros and cons. Is a small benefit worth the huge time pricetag? What about the security risk? What about the antisocial behavior that is the norm now on antisocial media sites?

What about FB for business? That's different in some ways. For example, you can post a photo of your business if it's something other than an office in your home. And you can give out your business address and phone number. You can post a photo of yourself, too. Just try to keep your personal details out. And don't use this account for anything personal. That means personal opinions, also--avoid the antisocial aspect of FB and similar platforms. Your FB business pages need to be business-like in all respects.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

The August issue of Cell Metabolism Magazine (the target audience is mostly medical doctors) ran an article under its "Eureka Alert" titled "Why Weight Loss Produces Remission of Type 2 Diabetes in Some Patients".

And it goes on to say that prompt weight loss at the time of diagnosis can restore beta cell function if the disease has not progressed too far already.

Do you see what's wrong? Yes, exactly: the premise of the article. The practitioners in the medical industry are typically untrained in any subjects having to do with health, and what little they believe they know is usually wrong.

Based on this premise, having all four limbs amputated will send Type 2 Diabetes into remission if you're not too far along in the progression of the disease.

Here is the reality. You will CURE this type of diabetes by immediately ceasing all forms of endocrine system abuse, if the disease has not progressed too far already. It doesn't go into remission, it's eliminated.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Photo taken about one week before 40th High School Class Reunion

In the medical profession, there is confusion between fat and weight--as if everyone's lean mass is the same. What a ridiculous notion.

The same article, if based on actual health knowledge, would be titled, "Why Cessation of Endocrine System Abuse Cures Type 2 Diabetes Patients If Done In Time".

And few medical practitioners understand that excess body fat is merely a symptom of:

  1. The eating disorders that disrupt the endocrine system, and/or
  2. The sheer quantity of food is absurdly high, resulting in overwhelming the body's ability to burn calories.

That first condition is far more prevalent than the second. The standard American diet is highly endocrine abusive; controlling portion size and counting calories won't fix that. Even so, endocrine system abuse tends to give people the munchies. It triggers a hunger response. Most people grossly underestimate how much they actually eat, mistakenly believing they are "eating in moderation". If not for the endocrine system abuse, they probably would eat in moderation. So they are getting the "store fat" response plus they are eating more.

So the 800lb gorilla here is endocrine system abuse.

For the vast majority of Americans, endocrine system abuse is just a normal part of every day life. They eat processed "foods" instead of real food.

But also, they buy into health scare lies that steer them away from healthy choices and toward unhealthy ones. For example, many people will not eat butter because "it's bad for you." So they go to margarine or to corn sweeteners or to hydrogenated oil, all of which are really terrible for you and all of which cause agonizing diseases.

First, let me define "butter". I do not mean the stuff made from the milk of diseased, mammary gland infected, abused factory farm cows. I mean what is now labeled as "organic butter"; it's made from the milk of healthy, well-treated cows. It tastes exactly like the butter I ate as a kid, before the Food Apocalypse hit America's dairy industry.

Since American wheat flour is incompatible with the human body, those of us wishing to bake either damage our health or use other flours such as oat flour. One problem with these other flours is they are low in gluten. That makes them harder to work with, and you have to do something extra to make the dough rise adequately.

A traditional German baker, visiting here from Germany, told me they use butter in their pastries to make them fluffier. Adding butter to dough creates bubbles in the dough, the same kind of bubbles you get from high-gluten flour. The amount of butter used isn't really all that much. It's well within the human body's ability to handle, unlike the sugars in American flour which are way outside the human body's ability to handle.

I use butter for more than baking. For example, I smear some butter on my omelet pan. It tastes great and helps fluff up the egg. I eat two omelets a day, except on climbing days when there is time to make only one.

My feline companion always licks the egg bowl, but she doesn't get that second bowl on climbing days. To make up for this, I melt some butter in a bowl and give that to her. She's nine years old and weighs the same as what she weighed when she was two years old. She has a very tiny waist and large, powerful shoulders and hips. There is not an ounce of excess fat on her, even though she has kibble available 24 hours a day, eats butter regularly, and eats eggs usually twice a day. Her diet is devoid of wheat and corn, so she isn't suffering from endocrine system disruption.

Dietary fat is not the enemy that Susan Powter and others have mistakenly made it out to be. Your biggest dietary enemy is anything that is an endocrine modifier.

If the medical industry ever figures this out, or takes seriously the views of its own endocrinologists, or carefully examines the diets of body builders or people like Usain Bolt, they will stop spewing nonsense about "losing weight." They will change from addressing one of the symptoms of endocrine abuse to addressing the behavior itself. But don't wait for them to engage their brains on this issue. It could be a very long time until they come around to embrace reality.

If you know someone who is "prediabetic" or in the early stages of adult onset diabetes, you personally can help them cure themselves of the disease. The medical industry won't, but it can verify the cure has worked. Here is what you do:

  1. Explain that it's all about the endocrine system. Encourage this person to visit an endocrinologist, even if that's going to be a 100% out of pocket expense (it's well worth it, versus the high cost of diabetes).
  2. Challenge the person to go one month, just 30 days, with zero wheat or corn products in their diet. This is a huge thing for most people, because their diets are mostly wheat and corn. To make it simple, have them eliminate anything that comes in a box, bag, or can--don't buy it, and toss it out if they already have it. If they ensure 80% of their diet consists of fresh or frozen produce, they can make this pretty easy to accomplish. The other 20% cannot contain any soda, flour, etc. It needs to be eggs, beans, rice, etc.
  3. If they are on this crazy three meals a day eating pattern, they need to stop skipping those other three meals. Spread the calories out over six instead of concentrating them into three.

Just one month of this, and the person you are helping will see dramatic changes in body composition, smell better, feel better, and even sleep better. When the month is up, ask the "curee" to go one more month. Stay in touch daily from day one of the self-curing process to ensure this person stays on track.

Once the person agrees to be cured, have that person make an appointment with their medical care provider for 6 weeks out. That visit will be to take new metrics, mostly to assess the blood sugar situation. The change will be so profound, the doctor will be amazed. Doctors don't normally see these changes, because their patients normally follow the doctor's ineffective program instead of getting cured.

If you're not prediabetic or diabetic but you're on the "get diabetes" endocrine-abusing diet, you can "precure" yourself. Simply apply the cure to prevention and those other benefits.

And remember, the desire for wheat and corn products is an acquired taste thing. So is the desire for real food. If you're eating fake foods, the transition to real food is not easy at first. But once you're off the fake food, get diabetes diet your tastes will change. You're not "giving up" the bad foods. You are simply deciding to have good foods instead. Not only are these more enjoyable than the fake foods once your tastes recalibrate, you will look, smell, and feel better. And you won't get diabetes.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The 1040 is one of the many federal taxes we pay, and it produces a giant net loss to the government. That's because the compliance costs are (by some estimates) more than 18 times what this system brings in. Simply abolishing the 1040 system and dismantling the IRS would produce a big gain in federal revenue.

8. Thought for the Day

Where focus goes, energy flows.  -- Tony Robbins


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