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Mindconnection eNL, 2018-11-04


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1. Good News

Item 1. The financial scam of 2008 inflicted serious wounds on the US economy, only to be followed by eight years of aggressive capital drains under the Soetoro regime. Once our lawfully eligible president replaced Soetoro two years ago, things began to change. A consequence of the 2008 scam is we lost our long-held title of "Most Competitive Nation." A consequence of the Soetoro regime is we never got it back. Until now. The World Economic Forum now shows us as in first place again. Read the full story here:

Just as Soetoro kept his promise to "fundamentally transform" (debase, degenerate, and devalue) America, Trump is keeping his promise to Make America Great Again.

Item 2. Job openings in our country have passed 7 million for the first time, while the official number of unemployed workers is about 6.2 million.

Just as Soetoro kept his promise to "fundamentally transform" (debase, degenerate, and devalue) America, Trump is keeping his promise to Make America Great Again.

Item 3. Wages are rising among workers, not just in the C-suite. The Wall Street Journal reported that blue collar wages are rising faster than white-collar pay. In fact, wages for the bottom tenth of income earners rose faster than other income brackets. Read the full story here:

Just as Soetoro kept his promise to "fundamentally transform" (debase, degenerate, and devalue) America, Trump is keeping his promise to Make America Great Again.

Item 4. The frequent stoking of racial tension by the Soetoro administration is now the purvey of the lunatic left that supported Soetoro's minority-harming administration. Trump's approach to helping minorities has been to provide economic opportunity rather than, as Soetoro did, incite them to hateful acts. The lunatic left, with its hatred and racism, is carrying on the Kenyan Arab's work. But with all the good economic news, their already poor credibility is getting worse. Americans are decreasingly thinking of racial division and increasingly thinking of doing well in life.

Just as Soetoro kept his promise to "fundamentally transform" (debase, degenerate, and devalue) America, Trump is keeping his promise to Make America Great Again.

Item 5. The fallout from Google's "Do More Evil" search engine fiasco that put so many small businesses out of business continues to hit the Evil Empire. Their original motivation for debauching their search engine was to force small players to pay big advertising fees. Those small players either went out of business or moved to Amazon. The good news is the big players are also moving to Amazon. Read the full story here:

Amazon is dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience, while Google in 2011 dedicated itself to providing a crappy search experience. The logic there was businesses would have to pay to be seen, rather than "freeload" off the organic search results.

What the geniuses at Google didn't factor in was search engine users would also get frustrated with the debauched search engine that has, for the past seven years, provided a crappy search experience compared to any other major search engine. And for people wanting to find products, Amazon became the Go To place. Now that advertisers have also figured this out, Google's unethical ploy is hitting them where they breathe. Too bad it took seven years, but at least it happened. And that is good news.

Please note also that Google donated heavily to Barry Soetoro's re-election campaign.

Item 6. The Public Justice Foundation recently included the following in a newsletter:

"A predatory lender wanted courts to re-write an arbitration clause that named a corrupt arbitration company so that the lender could still force consumer cases out of court. In a case argued by Public Justice Executive Director Paul Bland, the Missouri Supreme Court unanimously refused to do this, and denied enforcement of the arbitration clause on the grounds that the lender wanted to ignore the intent of the contract that it had forced on the consumer."

See more good news about advancing the rule of law at


2. Product Highlight

Minigadgets BBWIFIWALLOUTLET Wall Outlet with 1080P Wi-Fi Camera

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  • Date/time stamp
  • Motion detection sensitivity adjustment
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  • Video format: .MP4
  • Photo resolution: 2560x1920
  • Photo format: .JPG
  • Memory capacity: 128GB (class 6 or higher card)
  • Power: hardwired
  • SD card storage usage: 1GB per 10 mins
  • Min illumination: 1 Lux
  • Viewing angle: 65°
  • Includes 1 each of OmniWallOutlet, 16GB MicroSD card, MicroSD card reader, tweezers, manual, A/V cable, remote.
  • Compatible with Windows XP and up and with Mac OSX and up.

On sale now for only $369!

Buy yours now.

You can buy from us with confidence. We've been making online customers happy since 1997.


Mindconnection, LLC is a Minigadgets Authorized Distributor. And we have been, for over a decade.


3. Brainpower tip

Bonus brainpower tip: Opt out of the IQ-lowering, sleep-deprivation causing clock change. Or change the clock, but just do everything an hour "earlier" per the clock.

Regular brainpower tip:

Some years ago, Google debauched what was once a great search engine. Their idea was that by making organic search so crappy, website owners would hugely increase their Adwords spend to be visible. That didn't happen; many sites simply closed down and Google still has a crappy search engine that leaves users frustrated.

This article explains 14 alternative search tools, three of which I know outperform Google:

If you use one of these, you won't need to type "" to find products as you now must do with Google. Just before Google debauched its search engine, 70% of product searches started there. Today, 70% of product searches start on Amazon. So while Google's lack of ethics bankrupted thousands of small businesses, it contributed in no small way to making Jeff Bezos worth over $150 billion. And while Google has lost several major lawsuits and is facing billions of dollars in fines, Amazon has set a company-wide minimum wage that is nearly 50% greater than the federal minimum.

You rock, Jeff.

4. Finance tip

For many people, retirement goes like this. They have a few years in which they no longer commute to work. But they really have to watch their spending because now they don't have that income. So all that working life talk of retirement travel and living the good life once they retired was simply a pipe dream.

They worked long hours, enduring 40 or more years of weekends given up in hopes of gaining that promotion, putting up with an idiotic and abusive boss until that boss is fired or they can find another job, going through one corporate acquisition after another, giving up evenings to take classes to keep up and then getting laid off anyhow, and so on. But the big carrot of retirement allowed them to keep going while getting flogged with all those different sticks.

A few years into retirement, it starts. The visits to the doctor, the prescription medications, the back pains, the lack of energy, and so on. For men, a common ritual is to tell them they have a low PSA (never get this test done, it's a scam) and must submit themselves to a series of barbaric and pointless "treatments" that leave them with huge physical problems. For men and women, it gets harder and harder to walk. Eventually, the retiree gets a cane or a walker. And then upon losing all mobility, a bed in a nursing home.

To pay for that expensive bed in the nursing home, the retiree typically needs federal assistance. The problem there is to qualify, the retiree has to totally lose that nest egg she or he worked so hard for (see the first two paragraphs).

OK, so we are at this point. You slave away and put up with all kinds of abuse only to end up with nothing. So the reward you counted on just doesn't materialize.

It doesn't have to be this way. There are some reasons it is this way, and if you can understand those reasons and take the appropriate actions, it won't be this way for you. Let's start with that mobility issue, since it is so devastating and yet so easily preventable.

The human body is always trying to conserve resources. You've heard the admonition "Use it or lose it", right? To preserve your mobility, follow these tips:

  • Have a regular program for specifically working your legs. I don't mean walking or stair climbing, I mean something that challenges your legs to get stronger. An example would be to perform 4 sets of body weight squats, going deep, every Monday. That will target your quads. You also need to work your hamstrings and your calves.
  • Develop and maintain a strong, lean core. Many gym rats mistakenly believe they can honestly check the box here. Even people who lack any kind of regular training mistakenly believe they are OK. Many people perform sit-ups on a regular basis and for some reason believe that hip flexor exercise tones their abs (it does not). With your torso bare, stand sideways and look in the mirror. Don't suck in your gut, that gives you false results. Now look at your mid-section. Be honest about what you see.

    To fix a weak core, you have to do core-targeting work. Hanging leg raises, for example. The number of exercises is pretty big, so with a little research online you can put together a program that fits your situation. Many core exercises require no equipment, some require a chair, some require a bar to hang from, and some require other things. Don't feel you have to spend money. You just have to spend the time; set it aside and do it.

Following the two tips above is easy. It's not as good as a full-fledged fitness program, but just this small effort, if put forth diligently, should preserve your mobility.

What about the slave issues while on the job? I once worked at a place where face time had great importance. I refused to live at the place, and because of that I got supervisor abuse and coworker abuse. But I noticed other people spent relatively little of their time actually doing anything. I focused on being productive. I followed the "work smart" philosophy, eliminating wasteful steps and finding efficient ways to do things.

Things came to a head one day, when I was called into Personnel to discuss my "poor performance." I came armed with data. As it turned out, I produced more work in a single month than another guy in our group did in a full year. And my work was clearly of much higher quality. Also, I didn't engage in idle time games as he did so nobody had any complaints about me other than I "left early each day." My security card showed I arrived an hour earlier than anyone else.

Once the facts were established, I asked if they would like me to stop working two hours after I arrived so that I would be at the same level of output as Bob. I said if I slept at my desk for 6 hours each day, I would still outperform him. But if they wanted to effectively have twelve Bobs for the price of one, they could just leave things as they are.

The company ran into difficult times, and a series of layoffs began. Bob was laid off a full three years before I was. Even though he put in the requisite face time.

If your boss is abusive, manage your boss. I had a boss who was abusive to me. So one day, I pulled the typical boss trick of asking, "John, you got a minute?" Then I just too the role of boss, treating him as a subordinate. I told him his performance as a manager was under par, and that I did not appreciate his trying to make up for it by abusing me. I told him that putting his name on my work so he gets all the credit, and writing outright lies in my performance appraisal were firing offenses. "You've done those things for the last time. Do you understand me?"

He was totally taken aback. He was supposed to be the one intimidating me, not the other way around. Once he recovered from the initial shock, he went on the attack telling me I was not the one in charge. I told him to think again. It's a team environment, and he's not a team player. I also told him I had not only documented his abuse but had discussed it with his boss' boss. "You're on notice. So don't mess with me anymore or you'll be looking for a job." Then I walked out.

Now that was an extreme case. I had handled other bosses less aggressively. What this case illustrates, however, is that if you keep your own porch clean at work and strive to be the ideal employee, you have great power when you're in a hostile work environment. You really can brush aside the corporate structure when your boss is abusive. Note that there's a difference between demanding and abusive.

So don't slave away with the idea that you have to take the abuse to get the rewards that come with the promotion or retirement.

Remember too, your clock does run out. As I type this, I have a couple of hours before I leave for climbing. I'm 58 and strong 5.11 climber. A friend recently asked me why I climb almost every weekend. I told him I don't want to wait until I'm 70 and have lots of time to do that. I sacrifice things now so I can climb regularly while I am still young enough to climb. Rarely am I not the oldest person at the climbing gym. Climbing is great in many ways, one of which is building that core and those legs!

Don't defer enjoying life, because of  work obligations. A deferment typically is a cancellation, in reality.

At this point in the article, am I was going to address to to save enough money for retirement? No, of course not. Because it doesn't matter how much you save if your weak core and weak legs mean you lose your mobility. Unless you are ultra-wealthy, the medical costs will wipe out your savings pretty quickly. Even if you have insurance. Besides, who wants to die that way? I sure don't.

In summary, preserve your retirement nest egg by making smart choices long before retirement.

5. Security tip

When Google de facto changed its motto to "Do more evil" and transformed a good search engine into one that stinks, other search engine providers took a different approach. Duck Duck Go is a prime example, and it's catching on. Read the full story here:

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

We are rapidly approaching the time of the year when most Americans rapidly gain body fat. During the last six weeks of the year, the typical gain is an astounding ten pounds. That's almost two pounds of new fat per week!

Then people make a New Year's resolution to "lose weight" and they slowly take off most of that fat gain by October. But not quite all of it, meaning over the years they get fatter and fatter. In fact, the accumulation averages ten pounds per decade (with a coincident loss in muscle and bone mass, disguising some of the fat gain on the scale).

This does not have to happen to you.

Before addressing prevention, let me point out that "weight loss" is not the way to think of your body composition goals. If you want to lose a lot of weight fast, just have your legs amputated. Of course, nobody sane would have their legs amputated just to lose weight. But you get my point.

So if it's not about weight loss, what is it about? The correct answer there also provides the key to effective prevention of fat gain.

Excess body fat is not a disease or condition you treat. It's a symptom of something else gone wrong, and that something else is what you treat. Any other approach will result in frustration.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Photo taken about one week before 40th High School Class Reunion

There are two reasons you would have excess body fat:
  • Endocrine system abuse and/or malfunction.
  • Too many calories.

Most people focus on that second reason. They look at how many calories are in a pound of fat and from that calculate how many calories they need to reduce and/or burn to lose fat and/or prevent accumulation. But it doesn't work that way. The thing about calories is you just need to stay reasonable. You have a lot of leeway there. Of course, my definition of "reasonable" will shock most people because they routinely eat oversized proportions. My point is that you don't have to try to make an exact science out of portion control.

Of far more import is that first reason. This is where the following factors come into play:

  • Quality of food. Go for mostly nutrient-dense, calorie-sparse foods.
  • How you spread your food intake over the course of the day. This idea of three meals a day is absurd. Take those same calories and spread them over six meals and the results are spectacular. Best thing you can do.
  • Portion of your diet containing endocrine modifiers. Make it exactly zero.

Now, look at what you just read. Only two reasons to consider, and that first one has only three factors you really need to worry about. See how simple this is?

How it works during the holidays:

  • Use a smaller plate, if possible. Fill it once, do not go back for seconds. That's your portion control.
  • Eat six small meals, even if everyone else wants to gorge at one big feast. Don't follow their lead; there's no reason for you to send your pancreas into a tizzy or suffer the other ill effects of combining multiple meals into one big meal. See the previous tip for help with this one.
  • Don't eat the bread, rolls, pies, stuffing, or anything else made with wheat. If it's a situation in which you can bring food, talk with the host about your bringing wheat-free baked goods. You can bake with oat flour or any of several other good flours and not damage your endocrine system. I bake wheat-free, and I eat my baked goods every day.
  • Remember that anything processed is likely made with wheat and even corn sweeteners. If you don't recognize it, don't eat it. Go for basic things that have come from the produce department virtually unchanged.
  • No soda. Ever. This acidic poison causes tooth decay, osteoporosis, halitosis, esophageal cancer, endocrine malfunction, adrenal malfunction, and other health issues. It's bad for your skin, gums, teeth, bones, throat, brain, liver, and pancreas. If even one of those body parts is important to you, there's an obviously correct decision to make about sodas.

"What about the social aspect? Is it not rude of me to refuse to eat what's offered?"

No, it's not rude. It's smart. But it isn't smart to just assume everyone else make smart food choices so discuss this with the host well in advance. If an agreement cannot be reached, then don't go. You don't need to spend time with people who believe your health and appearance don't matter or who have a holiday eating disorder that they won't do anything about. You don't need the stress and you don't need the other issues that go with being in that environment.

It's important not to say you are "on a diet," as this sounds like you are doing something temporary instead of living in a sustainable say. You can say, "No, I'm not on a diet. I make smart food choices consistently, because I don't want the anxiety of dealing with a growing waistline." People who can't respect that have their own issues, don't worry about their judgmental attitude.

Many people try to rely on their willpower. This is how you fail, because you have a limited reserve of willpower. It will run out. Simply stick to your smart choice approach and don't even consider stupid choices. Oh, those frosted chocolate brownies look tempting! Wrong. They look like Type II Diabetes. They look like an endocrine problem. They look like a fatter waistline. Picture yourself with a gut hanging over when you look at them. Gross. Those brownies are gross. Do this exercise with each disease-inducing "food" and you will not need willpower.

But again, get things sorted out in advance. If those disease-inducing brownies aren't there, then neither is the temptation. If your host insists on having all the stupid choices available, then why are you going? Skip this event and visit when the host is not suffering from a holiday eating disorder.

People sometimes ask me how I can "resist" this or that poison and why am I depriving myself. I tell them I'm not resisting anything, and I don't feel deprived. I will then ask them why they deprive themselves of a delicious superfood with all of its amazing flavor and nutritional value by substituting something that has a negative nutritional value. Why would I eat to be fat, when I can eat to be fit and have more dining pleasure as a bonus?

Also, did you know that to people not accustomed to junk food, the junk food tastes terrible? That's right, it's an acquired taste. Why not just acquire a taste for broccoli, sweet potatoes, kale, bok choy, red cabbage, and dozens of other amazing fruits and vegetables?

There's no reason to gain even an ounce of fat this holiday season. The choice is "take charge or be large." Which choice will you make this year?


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Sucking the capital out of a capitalist economy makes that economy ill. This principle is why Barry Soetoro was able to do so much damage to the American economy and why the economy has gotten so much healthier since the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017. Keep this in mind at the polls; vote big spenders out of office.

8. Thought for the Day

You can choose to be defined by something like "race" and thus make your unthinking way through life, or you can choose to be defined by your principles, your character, and how you treat other people. Seems like an obvious choice to me.


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