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Mindconnection eNL, 2018-08-19


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1. Good News

Item 1. The nation's second largest political party (after the Demopublicans) now has ballot access in 45 of the 50 states. This means voters in all but 5 states can actually use their vote for something other than choosing between the Genovese crime family and the Gambino crime family (or the Crips and the Bloods, if you prefer a different analogy).

Item 2. For the first time since the 1960s, there are more open jobs than there are unemployed Americans. This is a direct result of the Tax Reform Act of 2017.

Item 3. For the poorest Americans, their 1040 taxes are the lowest they have been since 1931. This also is a direct result of the Tax Reform Act of 2017.

Item 4. The nation's second largest political party (after the Demopublicans) now has 837 candidates running for office in the next election (federal, state, county, city offices). Texas leads the way with 102 candidates.

Item 5. Accounts like this are good news for everyone but the bad guys:

Item 6. The long overdue Tax Cuts and Jobs Act continues to have highly positive effects on the economy, mostly by reducing the heavy footprint of the IRS. The latest jobs report, for example, shows that 37,000 manufacturing jobs were added in July alone. And these are actual manufacturing jobs, not the sandwich making jobs included in the lie-based statistic known as GDP. Over the past 12 months, we've had a 12-month expansion of 327,000 jobs; the largest growth in a single year since 1995. Think of the job expansion that would occur if we eliminated the costly 1040 system and the IRS. That would be truly good news, indeed.

Item 7. The deranged lunatics calling themselves "People's Action" spew increasingly absurd messages. This is good news, because short of being fully libtarded no human being will buy their left of the extreme left nonsense or even consider there might be a nugget of reality behind their rants. They have shot themselves in the proverbial foot.

Item 8. The Iowa Supreme Court recognized that the badly broken SCOTUS was not doing its job in protecting Fourth Amendment rights. Three Justices on the SCOTUS have been very outspoken with the same message: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas. Read the full story of how the SCOI is stepping in where the SCOTUS is failing:

This is good news, because other states are likely to follow. Of course, we can count on certain states to fail in this regard. States like The People's Republic of California, The People's Republic of New Jersey, and The People's Republic of New York; in those states, civil rights and even basic human rights are routinely denied to people. But in most states, we should see these rights upheld even though the SCOTUS considers them unimportant.

Item 9. A group of civil rights haters tried to get an anti-civil rights measure (I-1639) on the ballot for the upcoming election. But on 18AUG, the Thurston County Superior Court ordered a writ of mandamus to prevent that. It is amazing when courts in the USA uphold civil rights. There has been a huge increase in this phenomenon since Barry Soetoro left office and Donald Trump moved in--maybe a coincidence, maybe not.


2. Product Highlight

Conair BTS7 Dual Jet Bath Spa

Transform your bathtub into a soothing pool of relaxation with the Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa. Just hang it over the side of your tub and watch the bubbles wash over you.

The Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa features adjustable nozzles to customize your experience.

  • Easy to use.
  • Fits all standard tubs and adjusts to any water level.
  • Adjustable nozzles and jets create soothing whirlpool or rejuvenating bubbles.
  • Dual jet action soothe sore muscles and melt away tension.
  • The amenities of a spa in your very own bathtub.
  • Slide switch to choose bubbles or jets.
  • Easy on/off switch.
  • Burst of bubbles switch.
  • Holds in place easily with suction cups.

This is a hugely popular item. Once you have yours, you will understand why!

You can buy from us with confidence. We've been making online customers happy since 1997.


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3. Brainpower tip

One of the best things you can do for your brainpower is to completely ignore the legacy media. This article provides yet another example of how the legacy media systematically and deliberately aim to make people stupid:

4. Finance tip

This particular area of fraud has a major effect on everyone.

Understanding this area of fraud is a basic part of economic literacy. Consider, for example, how many people believe "inflation" means a general increase in prices. That belief ignores over 5,000 years of history, during which time central banks have diluted the currency as an answer to reducing debts. During those 5 millennia, the usual source of a country's crippling debt was war.

Today, the United States has crippling debt due to a variety of causes. Most of them have to do with corporate welfare. That is, a massive transfer of wealth (via inflation and other means) to the criminal class (including banksters).

5. Security tip

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

The medical industry has long advised people to get moderate exercise. This advice, like much health-related advice given by the medical industry, is wrong. For one thing, It contradicts what we know about physiology.

The advice stems from three observations:

  1. Sedentary is bad. Bones degrade and muscles atrophy. The nervous system loses its vitality. The heart weakens, and the circulatory system gets an F on its report card. People in this mode experience many health problems, and lose their mobility at a relatively young age.
  2. Light exercise is better. Going for a 15 minute walk after dinner each night, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther out rather than close to the entrance, etc. You still get the bone degradation and muscular atrophy, but to much less of a degree. The circulatory system gets a D on its report card.
  3. Patients who engage in vigorous exercise, which would be something like jogging at 6 MPH or playing a basketball game, routinely get hurt and routinely exhibit stress injuries.

Therefore, moderate exercise, which is a tad harder than light exercise, but not as hard as vigorous exercise, must be best. Right?

Moderate exercise is defined as exercise you can do while talking but you can't do while singing. An example is a brisk walk (4 MPH).

What the medical experts leave out is any concept of the adaptive response or any differentiation between correct training and the kind of exercise their damaged patients engage in.

And that is why their advice is wrong.

Basically, the medical experts are telling you not to do anything more strenuous than a warm-up. Think about that.

Neither moderate nor vigorous exercise will challenge your body in a way that causes it to adapt to the demand. Especially if said exercise is intermittent. Playing pick-up basketball on Saturday afternoons is not going to improve your health or your fitness, and will likely send it backwards due to injuries.

So what does work?

The answer is a systematic program of intense training, typically done with weights though other methods can be used. But it must include adequate rest of the targeted muscle groups, or the goal will be defeated.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Top photo taken 16SEP2016, just days before 56th birthday; bottom photo taken 3 days after 56th birthday

That need for rest (recovery) is why the split routine is so effective. You train a different muscle group (and the related joints, ligaments, and tendons) on each training day. This is how you stimulate the adaptive response that builds bone and muscle while providing many other benefits and while not causing more muscle damage than your body can take.

Unfortunately, many weight lifters don't understand the need for rest (recovery) and try to train three days a week. Often, the "training" is a "full body workout" which simply cannot take your intensity to an effective level. That's the reason these people rarely make any progress in their fitness level, after the initial six months.

Then they give up, often believing that "staying toned" is all they really need. There's no such thing as "staying toned," but there is a persistent reduction in bone mass and muscle mass for those who lower their expectations and give up on weight training. Often, they will give up weight training because their incorrect techniques have produced nagging joint pains and they blame the weights instead of how they are using the weights.

Physicians see these people and tell them, "See, I told you to do moderate exercise instead of that weight lifting." One problem is those patients are a self-selecting group that does not include people who trained correctly. The physicians see only the people whose poor training practices got them hurt.

It's not the weight lifting per se that has done the damage. It's lifting weights without understanding the principles behind physical conditioning. Typically, this lack of understanding means lifting too much weight and then banging up your joints to complete the movements. Poor form, momentum lifting, and other mistakes take their toll.

A practice that is gaining popularity among body builders, martial artists climbers, and other athletes is to leave your ego (look how much I am lifting!) at the gym door and focus on how to make the exercise provide maximum muscle tension with minimal weight.

For example, I used to shoulder press with a pair of 55 lb dumbbells. Switching to Y presses allowed me to get the same muscle tension with 25 lb dumbbells. A lot less wear and tear. Then Robert Wichman (Body Transformations in Lees Summit, MO) showed me how to get even more tension using only 10 lb dumbbells. It sounds like I was playing with baby weights instead of seriously lifting, but those reps were very difficult to crank out.

Techniques like pre-exhaustion and maximizing isolation allow you to push stimulation to its limit, while greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Light exercise and moderate exercise are work avoidance, rather than valid conditioning strategies. They provide minimal benefits that are below what you actually need. They are like showing up to your job and avoiding work all day, then expecting not to be put on the next layoff list.

What you want, instead, is to work hard and work smart so that you can get a raise. And that's what good training is all about. Be smart about it, and work hard at it. You can't get good results by training in dumb ways (e.g., momentum training) or by avoiding the work in the first place.

The next time a doctor advises moderate exercise, ask to see his or her ripped abs. If you are smart about your training and work hard at it, you'll be able to show that doctor what that doctor cannot show you.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The most effective way for the typical American to prevent tooth decay is not what most people think (brushing). The most effective way is to eliminate soda from their diet. Yes, you should still brush and floss....

8. Thought for the Day

People who count other people's blessings often feel poor. People who count their own blessings often feel rich.


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