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Mindconnection eNL, 2017-02-05


In this issue:
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1. Good News

Item 1. We have passed the threshold. After an 8-year run of lawlessness and destruction, our evil dictator stepped down on the 20th of last month. That's not news, but it sure is good.

Item 2. Amazingly, graphene is back with more good news.  Now it's being used as a temporary tattoo that monitors vital signs. Read the full story, here:

Item 3. The evil dictator who trashed our country for 8 years has, based on documented academic performance, the IQ of a moron (about 70). President Trump has, based on documented academic performance, an IQ well above the threshold for genius.

In fact, the spread at which Trump is above genius is about the same spread by which Soetoro is below normal intelligence. Not only that, Soetoro (according to his own writings) is a rabid wealth-destroying socialist while Trump is the epitome of a wealth-creating capitalist.

Trump's Inauguration was, by any measure, Liberation Day. We not only dodged a bullet by the defeat of Hillary, we have gained a capable President. That is very good news, considering how long it's been since that has happened and what we just went through. The stench of Soetoro lingers, but Trump is draining the swamp.

Item 4. President Trump hit the ground running. While Barry Soetoro spent his time after the election further damaging America with such stunts as commuting a record number of prison sentences (more than his 11 predecessors combined), trying to start a war with Russia, and spewing forth an insane number of destructive Executive Orders, President-Elect Trump spent that same time racking up a list of America-helping accomplishments.

Here is an item from the National Small Business Assocation:, and I have seen a whole lot more mentioned in other sources. All of this de-Obamafication is a very positive development. Since I ignore the mudstream media, I don't know if those libtards deigned to mention these accomplishments. Do a Bing or Yahoo search and start reading!

There is hope for America, now. Six months ago, it looked like we were done for. As our new President continues to repair the damage from Obamageddon, more and more Americans will be returning to work. And that is very good news indeed. We can thank Hillary Clinton for being so repulsive and losing the election so badly. Her loss is our gain. Big time. And a big Thank You goes out to comrade Harry Reid for rule changes he made when he was lording over the Senate; now the opposition can use the new rules to walk right over the socialists.

Item 5. America's second major political party has good news. Watch the video:

Item 6. The desktop computer isn't being replaced by annoying difficult to use "smart" phones, contrary to what the mudstream media spew:

Item7. Marsupial magistrates of the Tax "Court" can now be removed for cause. Given the abysmal performance I have personally seen, the whole lot of them qualify for removal. See the full story here:


2. Product Highlight

iTRAVL2 Smartphone Translator

On sale for a limited time--we beat the Amazon price!

I have one of these and just love it.

You talk, it translates in 31 languages (no Internet connection needed; additional 50+ languages with connection).

The iTRAVL2 translator can translate anything you say or see, and access many useful travel tools. Everything is preloaded on your iTRAVL, no need to worry about difficult setups or downloads.

Easy to use and reliable; this rugged smartphone and voice translator will act as your own personal language assistant.

Watch the video!

It's accurate and easy to use. Two-year warranty.

iTRAVL2 speech to speech translator

Buy from us and save!

  • Extreme durability: Completely waterproof, shock proof, and dustproof.
  • Works with any GSM carrier for voice and data plans; in the USA: Tracfone, Consumer Cellular, T-Mobile, etc.
  • Free incoming calls in over 160 Countries. No contract. European phone number, though....
  • Voice translator: Translates anything you say.
  • Photo translator: Snap a photo of almost anything and have it translated to your language.
  • 13 MPX front camera, 5MPX rear camera.
  • Travel guide: Packed with reviews, info, and images of international locations.
  • Massive battery: Lasts for five days between charges. That's right, five days.
  • Perfect for military use, security specialists, tradesmen, hikers, linesmen, farmers, Emergency Service Personnel, mountaineers, cross-country skiers, or anyone traveling in remote areas; also for those on or around water; perfect for fishing boats, use in the rain, or surf.

You can buy from us with confidence. We've been making online customers happy since 1997.

3. Brainpower tip

One key to being able to use your brainpower is that you relax. Being tense, agitated, or fearful actually shuts off your higher mental functions. Most people don't realize this, and so they get caught in a vicious cycle of reduced mental functioning. They tense up when encountering a problem and because this state lowers their effective IQ they have difficulty that ratchets up the tension.

Note: Instilling fear in others is a time-tested means of controlling them.

Have you ever met an otherwise intelligent person who seems to go stupid when in front of a computer? How about when in a meeting with the boss? Why is it some smart people can't change a faucet or perform some other simple home repair?

Now, think of when you have clenched up when under pressure. How did you perform? Not so well, right?

Now, think of something you're good at. How do you feel when you do it? I'll bet you feel pretty good. And I'll bet if you started doing it while your head or back hurt, that pain went away. You were not in a state of tension, agitation, or fear.

Harry Houdini performed some amazing escapes. He did so by flawlessly executing the tasks needed to effect each escape. What if he had panicked?

Going into this relaxed state is more difficult than being in this state and just staying in it. Martial artists learn to "zone out" early in their training. The teaching in most styles includes meditation. For example, Shotokan students embrace a large imaginary ball while slowly breathing in, then slowly breathing out. This purposeful breathing can be called upon during moments of stress to provide instant inner calm.

If you work at maintaining a state of calmness and inner peace, positive changes in your body chemistry will produce an overall IQ boost. That's right, you're not just preventing the stress-induced IQ drop, you are raising your IQ. Few of us can stay calm all the time, and of course we don't want to be emotional zombies. The "trick" is to be normally calm and avoid letting minor annoyances upset you. That is, don't sweat the small stuff.

If that feeling of getting upset starts coming on, shift your mental focus away from the irritant.

For example, my feline companion likes to get underfoot. It's a little dangerous and I don't like when she does that. But it is the nature of cats to show affection this way. Rather than focus on what I don't like, I focus on the fact she is showing affection. What happens is I radiate affection back at her, and she stops feeling the need to be underfoot. This also illustrates the principle "Accept what is" and the principle "Roll with it." My change in focus allows me to stay more aware of her position relative to mine and easily move around her.

Another example is I once had a boss who was a backstabber, liar, and moron. In an effort to boost his performance appraisals, he was constantly taking credit for work I did (it consisted of writing articles). Since getting angry at him would only cause my own IQ to drop and thus the quality of my work to diminish, I took each instance as a compliment.

My solution was to secretly provide HIS boss a copy of my work a full day before I turned it in to MY boss with a note that I fully expected my boss to take credit for the article.  Just to make sure HIS boss wasn't colluding, I did this same thing with the division VP (my boss' boss' boss). Shining light on malfeasance and giving the bad guy rope to hang himself has always worked well for me.

Every time my crummy, dishonest boss took credit for one of my articles, I actually got happy about it. Because I knew that his boss knew about it but he didn't know his boss knew about it. And the same, the next level up.

Eventually, my boss lost his job and so did his boss. I got a new boss who was just wonderful. My solution illustrates the principle, "Stick 'em where they breathe." Just make sure that when you shank them in the ribs, they don't see it coming.

Another example is I was one of 4300 victims of Kevin Brown's Hoyt Fiasco. Brown was a high level executive in the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths. If you've been reading me for more than a few issues, it would not surprise you that I became a special target of special abuse by this psychopath.

That's because I did things like report Brown and his cronies to each of the 535 members of Congress (yes, I wrote that many letters!). And I posted things online, exposing Brown and his fellow felons. I was one of a handful of freedom fighters Brown had not counted on having to deal with. Several of us are engineers, not the kind of people against whom you wage a data war. We kept Brown up at night, but he did not have that effect on us.

For 17 years, Brown and his criminal machinery violated my civil liberties in very egregious and deliberate ways with the desired outcome of my committing suicide just as several of his other victims had done. This is how Brown defeated Bruce DeLotty and several other Hoyt Fiasco victims who stood up to him. He did not defeat me. He couldn't rattle my cage hard enough or long enough to do any real mental or psychological damage. The other engineers similarly survived Brown's vicious attacks with Zen calmness that no doubt drove Brown batty.

Brown left the Institute after miring all of his victims in the Institute's machinery. Then to distance himself while the Borg ground away at innocent citizens, he left his job at the Institute. He followed his former Institute boss Mark Everson to head up the Red Cross. Everson was kicked out due to a sex scandal. Brown replaced him, and was ungraciously given the boot due to "undisclosed circumstances." Since Brown made $103 million "disappear" by abusing his Institute job and a leopard doesn't change its spots I am sure he got caught stealing massively from the Red Cross.

Psychopaths are everywhere. They count on rattling your cage as a means of reducing your mental ability and thus your ability to fight them. If you have problems staying calm, that's understandable. You have to work at the Zen thing and make it both a core attitude and a lifestyle choice. Don't fear people just because they are evil and powerful; they use your fear as their primary weapon. Fight back by using inner calm as your primary weapon.

There's a saying in the martial arts. When fighting, you must combat two enemies: The one in front of you and the one inside you. The one inside you is the more powerful of the two. Give fear and anxiety the boot, and you'll not only boost your IQ but be happier.

4. Finance tip

They say don't sweat the small things, but in personal finance those small things often add up. Here are some small things that can cause you to "fritter away" your money:
  • Impulse buying, justified because of the small price. Do this enough times, and it totals out to a big price. Snacks are sold this way, and you typically also will pay a big price in health.
  • Buying something you don't need, just because it's on sale. Spending $300 to save $50 still leaves you in the hole by $300 if you aren't going to use what you bought.
  • "Stocking up" on sale items. Some people buy multiples when they need one. Sure, buy a few extra of things like engine oil or toilet paper because you are going to use those up. But (if you are a typical homeowner) you don't need five lawn sprinklers no matter how good a deal the store has; the four extra ones are financial waste.
  • Buying clothes because they are on sale. This almost guarantees you won't wear them. Buy clothes because you like the way the look and feel and because they fit with your existing wardrobe. When you get them home, try them on again (away from the store's fluorescent lights); if you don't like them, take them back rather than fill your closet.
  • Spending money on fancy coffees. Sure, this is fine as an occasional treat. But don't do it habitually.
  • Feeding any kind of jukebox, slot machine, game, etc.
  • Using vending machines, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Paying for services you can easily live without; check your phone plan, cable plan, etc.
  • Regularly using the full-service car wash. Your car's going to get dirty if you drive it. If you can't wash it at home and must go to a car wash, use the full-service one only 10% of the time. Your car will be clean enough using the cheaper washing system.
  • Being less than discerning with your music or video collection. If you're buying music or movies, invest only in ones you are sure you will enjoy repeatedly.
  • Renewing subscriptions to magazines you no longer really enjoy or that have violated your trust.
  • Choosing the "cheap" version of a product rather than a quality one. This means a much higher total cost of ownership. Tools, furniture, and shoes are just a few of the areas where you "save money at great cost" by choosing cheaply made versions. People who are properly guided on this principle in their youth will own the same beautiful furniture for 60 years or more. Buy it once, not over and over!
  • Donations to charities, just because they appeal to your empathy. This is a controversial area. If I gave $25 to every charity I consider worthy, I wouldn't have any money left. You can give only so much. Figure out a way to be at peace with this. Some people, for example, decide on three charities per year and they support only those three. Next year, three different ones. Others have a short list. Whatever, just have a plan.

5. Security tip

Last November, the USA had a real election for President for the first time in over 100 years. The last time the criminals did not orchestrate a fake election was in 1904. Yes, Ike was elected and re-elected but the criminals picked him. They just miscalculated and had no idea what kind of man they were dealing with. They figured this out too late to avoid nominating him, so they stuck him with Nixon. Ike's response was to exclude Nixon from everything.

So we (the people) won. That's good, but complacency can cancel the victory. Lest we get too comfortable in the fight for freedom, let's constantly remember that the criminals took power back from the people in 1908 and held onto it for over a century. As my 7th grade Civics teacher told me, "The Revolution is a constant thing."

One way you can protect your security and that of the nation is by totally boycotting the "mainstream media" propaganda machine and encouraging others to do the same. Disgust with the propagandists is at an all-time high, but we need to ensure their lies are not heard on any kind of major forum ever again.

Some things you can do:

  • When people mention what they heard "on the news" remind them they are listening to the same people who hyped up Barry Soetoro in 2008. Eight years and 633 recognized scandals later,  we are left with an additional ten trillion (12 zeroes!) of national debt. As Soetoro leaves office, 70% of American children are officially "Hunger Insecure."
  • If you subscribe to newspapers, cancel. These are, as Mark Twain pointed out over a century ago, the means by which people become misinformed rather than informed.
  • Make a pact with yourself that you will no longer subject yourself to the brainwashing known as "network television." The Communist News Network, aka, CNN, is also a propaganda source. The term "television news" is another way of saying "disinformation campaign." I stopped watching television nearly 30 years ago and do not miss it one bit.
  • Remember the celebrities who joined in the war against your freedoms. Boycott their movies and write to the studios that employ these terrible people to explain why you are encouraging others to also boycott.

In short, don't spend your money supporting people who consider you to be less than pond scum. We as a people (here in the USA, at least) will be far more secure when we stop making our enemies filthy rich. We keep giving them the power to hurt us, and we need to stop doing that.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

How can you lose fat rapidly or lose so much fat you look shredded? Without losing muscle? I'll cover three areas. These are areas where people typically go wrong, so don't skim over the material under the assumption you already know it.

The three areas are:

  • Training.
  • Diet.
  • Supplementation.

Remember, people typically get these wrong. Read carefully.


Let's start with training. Do not go with treadmill running, aerobics, cardio, or other things that people falsely assume are key to losing fat while retaining muscle. These things actually take you the other direction, as they introduce muscle catabolism while putting your body into fat-storing mode.

Many people assume, falsely, that high reps will burn more fat. In fact, the opposite is true. You are playing with a chemistry set. What you want is to stimulate your endocrine system to go into fat-burning mode, and you do that only with high-intensity training. This means low reps, not high reps.

A non-weight training method that burns fat is called High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). Basically instead of jogging for a long time, you engage in short bursts of running really hard. The weight training I'm talking about follows this same principle.

Let's say you normally perform 12-rep sets of flyes. Back those down to 3 or 4 reps, but jack the intensity way up by using a heavier weight and moving it at one-fourth your normal speed. You might not even need a heavier weight at first; try just reducing your speed dramatically and you'll feel the intensity go up.

Long sessions at the gym are going to stimulate cortisol production, and this puts you in a fat-storing, muscle-consuming mode. So keep it short and brutal.


You don't need to starve yourself or go on a complex regimen. While you could do carb-cycling and other methods that many body builders swear by, those are not necessary. Don't cut back on carbs, don't cut back on fats, and don't go low protein.

Simply reduce your portion size. Just a little. Maybe not even enough for a calorie deficit (more about that, in a bit).


Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Top photo taken 16SEP2016, just days before 56th birthday; bottom photo taken 3 days after 56th birthday

The key is "slight" reduction in portion size, else you will lose muscle.

As an example, I keep some meals the same. No reduction in portion size. I pick a couple of meals (remember, there are six per day) to make smaller. My last meal of the day is a protein shake with raw oats. I reduce both the amount of protein (just a little) and the amount of oats (quite a bit more, typically by half).

I also do things such as buy smaller sweet potatoes when approaching a photo shoot date and bigger sweet potatoes during the winter when I don't want to be ripped (I want some fat to help me stay warm, and let my body fat rise above 5%).

All of my portion reduction is "by eyeball." For some people, this just does not work. If you are one of those people, then measure things out. There is nothing wrong with measuring your portions. And if you think you are good at "by eyeball" but "that fat sure is stubborn" then switch to measuring your portions and you'll see it wasn't the "stubborn fat" that was the problem.

In fact, what often happens is people reduce in one area but they compensate in another area so overall calorie intake remains the same. This doesn't mean you're dishonest or undisciplined if you do this, it means your brain is not letting you accurately see what's there. So another reason to measure out your food. Basically, if you're stuck in your fat loss program then measure your food and you'll correct the problem.

Another way I reduce calorie intake is I eliminate one item that often goes with a particular meal. For example, if I normally toss down a handful of nuts before meal number three I just won't eat those at all. This removes about 300 calories, which is the equivalent of about a pound of fat every two weeks.

In the winter, I add green or red cabbages to my diet. I taper this off as a photo shoot date approaches.

What I don't do to lose fat is eliminate junk food. That's because my junk food intake is already zero. All I'm doing is reducing, a little bit, how much good food I consume so that my calorie surplus is less. I'm not even trying to go into a calorie deficit.

Read the previous sentence again. A calorie deficit isn't necessary for fat loss, contrary to what you may have heard or read. It can, if done properly, get you there faster. But it's not necessary. A calorie deficit can easily mean you lack the energy to engage in high-intensity exercise, so it could actually impede your fat loss program. It's a fine line to walk, and I find the whole thing too tricky. There's another way to tackle this fat loss issue other than going into a calorie reduction. One element of that is the training I already discussed. Another element is supplementation, which I will discuss next.


If you use supplements correctly, you can maintain a slight calorie surplus and still reduce body fat. First, understand that most fat loss supplements are merely some caffeine-based concoction with all kinds of useless ingredients thrown in with no logic to the formulation. Don't waste your money. Some purported fat loss supplements, such as CLA, do zero for fat loss (source: Lipids Magazine, the professional publication for people with PhDs in this stuff).

Here is a good supplement program, and I say that based on the science:

  • Coffee. Yes, have two or three cups of coffee in the morning. The amount of caffeine is well within your body's tolerance and this beverage has strong anti-cancer benefits. This is first on the list not because it's the most effective (it's not), but because some coffee in the morning is a good way to get your day going.
  • L-Carnitine. This works extremely well. Buy a bottle of L-Carnitine not combined with anything else, and follow the recommended dosage. You can also try L-Carnitine combined with raspberry ketones and/or garcinia, for an enhanced effect. Liquid L-Carnitine is also available, but remember this is an amino ACID so you must brush your teeth after consuming unless you enjoy visiting the dentist.
  • Green coffee bean extract. This works in a different way from L-Carnitine, and combining the two on the same fat loss plan works wonders. This extract does contain some caffiene, so don't consume late in the day.
  • Thermogenics. Don't buy a "thermogenic" supplement, because the label is usually lying. What is really in there isn't a thermogenic per se but massive doses of caffeine. Instead, add hot spices to your food. I enjoy cayenne pepper (I buy it in bulk), habanera sauce, and of course black pepper (I always consume black pepper with turmeric due to the synergistic anti-cancer effect observed in the research labs).

Supplements to avoid:

  • Whey protein. It's a very short chain molecule, so it's absorbed quickly. Most of what is in the typical whey shake gets converted to body fat. If you're really in love with whey, limit your intake to 10g per serving and consume it only within one hour of a hard training session or first thing in the morning.
  • Any powdered shake that says "mass" on the label. The "mass" simply means a huge dose of calories.

There you have it. My simple (and effective) program for getting shredded.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Based on academic performance, Barry Soetoro (aka, Barrack Hussein Obama, our former evil dictator) has an IQ slightly above the moron level. Based on academic performance, President Trump has an IQ well above the genius threshold. Just because criminals tend to be stupid, that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous; remember "Obama" as a prime example of very stupid AND very dangerous.

8. Thought for the Day

Don't let mean, small-minded people intimidate you; out-think them and stick 'em where they breathe.


Please forward this eNL to others.


The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by criminals, zombies, or brainwashed individuals.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Often, sources are given; but where not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort.

Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!).

Personal note from Mark: I value each and every one of you, and I hope that shows in the diligent effort I put into writing this e-newsletter. Thank you for being a faithful reader. Please pass this newsletter along to others.

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