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Mindconnection eNL, 2017-01-15


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1. Good News

Item 1. We are almost there! Here (again) is the counter we've been featuring:

Item 2. The 115th Congress has been working on a bill to repeal the Unaffordable Care Act, since Day One of said Congress. Many socialists and America-haters in the 114th Congress got the boot in the 2016 Revolution, whereby the libtards and their mudstream media were unable to hold a fake election (Americans actually elected a President for the first time in my life).

As of the date of this newsletter, we are five days away from having an America-positive President, and one who was actually elected outside the fake D vs. R scam run by the mudstream media.

The past eight years of Barry Soetoro's cementing his legacy as the worst and most destructive POTUS ever will follow us like a bad fart smell for generations, but at least now there is hope and change we can believe in.

President Trump will sign to repeal the UCA. That is very good news, indeed. There is, however, some controversy and politicking on what the UCA relief bill will be. Some members of Congress want to keep some parts of it and revise other parts. The crux of the problem, however, is the UCA is flawed to the core. Just like the 1040 income tax system, it needs to be repealed in toto without worrying about replacing it with anything else. The replacement for the UCA can come later (the 1040 needs no replacement).

Newsflash for members of Congress: You are barred by the 10th Amendment from creating anything like the UCA in the first place. So before you go committing more crimes, find a lawful way to give yourselves the authority to create some sort of national medical care payment or oversight system.

To hold costs down, any such system should make health care a mandatory requirement for anyone seeking medical care. Our culture in the USA is extremely health-averse, but the real solution to runaway medical costs is to implement some sort of national health plan. Essential to that would be barring the sale of disease-creating poisons such as high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil. These two poisons alone are responsible for more cases self-inflicted disease than all non-self inflicted disease cases combined.

Congress won't address health, you can bet on that. So not good news there.

Item 3. As of October, 2016, gun sales in the USA set a new record for the 18th month in a row. Once our malevolent dictator is deposed (in only 5 more days, yay!), the main impetus behind those sales will be gone. The Depression and record poverty spawned by Soetoro will be with us for some time to come and so will the nongovernmental crime that comes with poverty that deep. But in five more days, the evil will stop spewing from the White House. And that is very good news indeed.

Item 4. As with all reality, this next bit of it contradicts what the mudstream media "report" in their fake news publications. The reality is that Gallup polls show that respect for local police is near an all-time high. In my city, it's never been better (maybe our cops are better than your cops!). In grocery stores, people stop police officers and firemen to thank them for what they are doing. It happens all the time, and it's often a chorus after the first person starts with the expressions of gratitude and respect.

It's worth noting that in many cities, pinned down cops are finding themselves rescued by armed citizens. There's a Youtube video showing where a line of cops is facing an unruly mob, when all of the sudden ordinary citizens step out between the cops and the mob. With their backs to the cops, protecting them. And contrary to what the libtards lie about, well, you might want to notice what "race" those cop protectors are.

The truth is that local cops aren't some "they" but are, instead, local residents who work on the police force. These people are part of the community and are usually recognized as such.

Other news

Item 1. Barry Soetoro, aka, Barrack Hussein Obama, got caught with his lips moving. In other words, he got caught lying. Nothing new there. He told a whopper in one of his recent "leaving office" speeches, stating his administration wasn't plagued by scandals. If racking up a list of 633 scandals, many of which are extremely serious, isn't "being plagued by scandal" what possibly is? In fact, his misadministration set the record for scandals and also for the sheer number of counts of felonies committed.

Item 2. Barry Soetoro, aka, Barrack Hussein Obama, being a major criminal himself, had, by October of 2016, commuted the sentences of 872 prison inmates. That's more that the combined total of his 11 White House predecessors. Looks like gun sales to law-abiding citizens have a compelling reason to stay brisk for a while, as the post-Soetoro stench lingers.


2. Product Highlight

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3. Brainpower tip

Have you ever noticed how one libtard can drain the brainpower out of an entire room? For example, at a business meeting, the libtard derails the conversation or keeps bringing up inane questions so things can't move forward. In response, everyone else diverts their thinking from the issue at hand to the libtard's idiotic comments or questions.

This happens because libtards see stupidity as the pinnacle of human achievement. Where they perceive a deficiency in the level of stupidity, they create more than enough stupidity to fill the void.

How to spot a libtard: Basically, this person postulates the absurd in direct contradiction of known fact using irrationality and illogic.

Note those three words: absurd, irrationality, and illogic. A person who just doesn't know the topic and asks a basic question is actually behaving in a smart way. No absurdity, irrationality, or illogic there. You also have to cut some slack to people who reach a reasonable-sounding but incorrect conclusion using weak logic; they just aren't equipped but they are trying to work things out.

You've no doubt noticed that libtards have a penchant for mindlessly arguing. Don't let them ensnare you into one of their idiotic "debates" that amount to arguing over whether gravity exists. This not only wastes your time and brainpower, it exposes you to a level of stupidity you cannot get to on your own. They drag you under the surface the way a crocodile drags its prey under the surface and drowns it.

Like crocodiles, libtards have evolved to become sneaky hunters. They use language abuse and other tactics to disguise their weapons of mass stupidity. A non-retard may begin by simply replying to the libtard as if the libtard were being honest and just profoundly ignorant. Doing this puts you within range of the libtard and is ill-advised.

Don't engage. Flee.

Exception: You're in a meeting and the libtard executes a stupidity contamination move. If it's a low to moderate level stupidity attack, just say, "Let's stay on topic please." Don't explain. If the libtard replies with protestation, just look at the libtard, shake your head, and say nothing. This sends a message to everyone else that you are trying to be polite. A harsh response at this stage will backfire on you, with the libtard claiming to be the injured party.

If it's a severe stupidity attack or the libtard just will not let it go and move on, then you can and should call that person out. Yes, it's OK to be "rude" in this case. Everyone else is sitting there wishing they "could" speak up. So speak up.

Think of it this way. If the libtard is being rude to 12 people and you are silent, then 12 people suffer. If you are "rude" to the libtard and end the abuse, you liberate 12 people from suffering. It's better to be "rude" to the libtard.

"Pat, would you like step out in the hall with me for a minute or should I state the problem with your behavior here in front of everyone? Think before choosing."

Whichever choice Pat makes, be blunt but speak slowly and calmly. "The rest of us are adults and we are trying to get things done. You sit there spewing inanities and that's just not acceptable behavior. I don't say that to insult you, but to call you out on your behavior. The rest of us have things to do and we do not appreciate the mindless, irrational, ignorant commentary that just sucks down our time. You didn't care enough to learn the basics of the topic yet butt in anyhow with nonsense. That's rude in itself. And your non-sequitors and other illogic just insult the rest of us."

I realize this last advice seems aggressive. It is merely assertive. The libtard is behaving badly and abusing the social contract to subject others to a stupidity assault. It's some kind of pathological need to spew stupidity; you do not need to tolerate it.

If the others in the meeting aren't libtarded, they will applaud your actions. If they are libtarded, why are you even meeting with them? If it's a company meeting and your boss is a libtard, you'll have to stay silent. But do develop an exit strategy from that situation (having a boss who is a libtard), such as finding a different job.

4. Finance tip

When I buy a car, it lasts a long time. I'm fanatical about its upkeep and maintenance and careful about its operation. It's been a long time since I last bought a car and I am astounded at the prices people are paying these days. They are paying quite a bit per mile just to get from one place to another.

Here are some of my tips for making a car last a long time:

  • Use synthetic oil. I cannot stress this enough. Do some research on it, and you'll understand why. I've been through lubrication school (while working in industrial maintenance), so if you just want to trust me on this one that would not be a bad move.
  • Change oil when it's dirty, regardless of mileage. Dirty oil destroys engines.
  • Don't idle your engine. This contaminates the oil.
  • Keep your fuel tank at least half full. This reduces the amount of condensation in the tank, thereby reducing rust and contamination thereby sparing fuel system components and probably extending engine life.
  • Inflate your tires to the pressure recommended for your car (look in the door jamb area or the manual). The car's suspension is tuned to work with a certain tire pressure, and if you're too high or too low you can not only reduce the life of the suspension but have a collision due to the reduced performance of the suspension and brakes (e.g., poor handling).
  • Lug bolts are meant to be lubricated and then tightened to a specified torque. If you let someone else change your tires, insist they do it with this in mind.
  • Use a high-quality permanent air filter, such as the ones offered by K&N. Not only do you save money (and pollute less) versus the throw-away filters, you get better filtration and better airflow through the filter.
  • Check your car's fluids every month. Make an Outlook (or other calendar) appointment so that you never miss this. Make sure you know how to do the fluid checks properly so that you don't take a reading incorrectly or contaminate the reservoir.
  • Keep the body clean. Learn how to wash a car correctly, which means washing it in a manner that doesn't involve scratching the finish with the dirt that was on it. Generally, this is what people do because they don't know how to wash the car correctly.
  • Coat the car annually. Use a wax or polymer to protect the paint, after thoroughly cleaning the car. This is a big project if you do it right, and it does not involve using any "wash and wax" products. You wash the car, you rinse the car, you dry the car, you apply the paint cleaner, you rub the paint cleaner off, etc. Big project, but you do it once a year.
  • Garage the car, if possible. Many people have a garage, but fill it with junk and leave their car outside to be damaged by sun, rain, snow, ice, heat, cold, etc. How can this possibly make any sense? Get rid of the junk so you can protect your investment. The very fact that junk is in the garage instead of in the house tells you it's time you got rid of that junk.
  • Avoid driving behind trucks; they throw up gravel.
  • Use defensive driving techniques, and you'll more than double the life of your brakes.
  • Park way out instead of close in.
  • Use a quality gasoline (I prefer Shell), and never use an ethanol blend unless you are forced to by dint of being somewhere like Iowa where this practice is actually encouraged and you can't get fuel that's safe to put into your fuel tank.
  • Don't let a libtard drive your car.

5. Security tip

This is an idea I've been toying with lately. Think about this, for a moment: What makes your signature your signature?

Suppose you write a letter to a friend (yes, in this day of e-mails and texting how refreshing it is to get a handwritten letter!). You sign it so your friend can see who it's from. Your friend can read that signature.

What law says you must use this same signature on legal documents? There isn't one! We've been conditioned to believe that you can have one and only one signature. Yet, that is not the case.

Consider creating an illegible signature that is really hard for someone else to recreate because they can't identify the letters in it. If your name is Phil, someone might practice your P then your h then your i then you l. That person could then put them together. It's much harder to recreate what's essentially an artwork.

Of course, you'll need something you can "write" the same way all the time. Come up with something, and practice until you can make it your own and make it consistently.

I'm thinking this is a good protective measure. If it seems too extreme, then how about a flourish that is always on your business signature but not on your personal signature? Well, it could be argued you simply left that off by mistake. A whole new signature seems much better.

Suppose someone rummaging through your friend's trash for dope on you finds your signature on that note. Aha! So they head down to the title office with the stolen title of your car "signed" by you claiming they paid cash. You want to reclaim your title without a big court battle that won't even take place until at least a year. You tell the investigating police officer that you sign all of your legal documents with a different signature than the one that's on that letter to your friend. It's your business signature. You never received any cash and the signature on your title is a fraud.

Or consider the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths. If you sign all tax documents with a special signature, no employee of this terrorist organization can forge your signature for one of their famous scams or sell it to others because all they have is your IRS signature. They have all kinds of other information and are the least trustworthy people on the planet. Why give them your signature also? Just don't get clever and write "Victim" or something else that will give them a flimsy excuse to come after you. You don't want to draw their attention.

There may be other scenarios you can think of. Maybe one will be critical enough that this signature solution is a great thing for your personal security.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

What if you want to just get in shape and lose those holiday pounds and aren't concerned with getting a six-pack?

If that's the case, you don't understand what "get in shape" means. Let me explain.

If you consistently make the correct food choices, your endocrine system will produce those six pack abs. For women, it's not quite a six pack due to the extra layer of fat in the female abdomen; but it's close.

This condition is the boundary for being healthy. If you can't see your abs, you're sick not healthy.

You're sick by definition because your endocrine system is malfunctioning. Those abs are like a pressure gage in a hydraulic system. They show what's going on in your endocrine system.

It's shameful that the physical exams that doctors perform for allegedly gauging your health do not include a belly fat assessment, as this is perhaps THE key health indicator. But then, doctors are trained in disease care rather than health care and the vast majority of them are profoundly unhealthy.

My own training and lifestyle take me well away from that boundary, into a super-fit condition. But that's just a personal choice (it's one that many people make).

You do not have to be super-fit to be healthy, but you are not healthy if you can't see your abs. It is really that simple.

What I'm telling you is based on reality. Think about why.  When your endocrine system is functioning properly, you're not storing so much fat over your belly that your abs disappear. When it's functioning properly, your endocrine system is telling your body to burn fat (taking it from the "cancer factory" of visceral belly fat first), store calcium in your bones, and build muscle.

Many people are confused on what constitutes physically fit or healthy, because they are told lies by doctors, the mudstream media, poison peddlers, and the people around them.  What they believe is ridiculously and tragically far from the truth.

So how do you ensure your endocrine system is functioning properly? Think of your body's endocrine system as a chemistry set. You've got to provide the right reagents in the right quantities to get the right reaction.

Fortunately, you do not need a chemical engineering degree to make this work. Nor do you need to adhere to a specific "correct" diet or some crazy system that turns your life upside down. You don't even need to count calories.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Top photo taken 16SEP2016, just days before 56th birthday; bottom photo taken 3 days after 56th birthday

To get to a super-fit condition, things are a lot more complicated. But to have a properly functioning endocrine system, you just need to follow a few basic principles:
  • Do not eat processed foods.
  • If something has a label on it, it's probably unsafe to eat. You don't see ingredients labels on broccoli, but you do see them on processed foods.
  • Focus on vegetables. Make them at least 50% of your diet. This is where you get massive nutrition and zero negative effect on your endocrine system. Many vegetables are actually endocrine improvers, broccoli being an example.
  • Eat your starches! Sweet potatoes, whole grain rice, and other high quality carbs are slow to digest and thus do not impair your endocrine system. They provide the fuel you need to be healthy.
  • Eat fruits. Just don't overdo it, as they are fairly calorie-dense.
  • Get your healthy fats. Eggs, nuts, cooking oils and other sources of healthy fat are vital to a healthy endocrine system. Many "weight loss experts" say to cut out fats, but note that you see bodybuilders with 3% body fat scarfing down eggs and cashews. Watch the movie "Pumping Iron" and you'll see that the night before the contest Arnold, Lou, Franco, and everyone else had big helpings of eggs.
  • Eat six small meals a day. This levels out your food intake, insulin management, etc. It helps keep your endocrine system from bouncing up and down.
  • No high fructose corn syrup or similar (corn syrup solids, etc.).
  • Engage in high-intensity exercise at least twice a week (body builders typically engage 6x/week); this triggers a positive endocrine response. Something like walking quickly up many flights of stairsteps may suffice (though it's far from optimum). Note that this is a bare minimum, and might not be enough for you.

At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Barry Soetoro's Presidency has been called "historic." Well, yes, he is the worst POTUS in history. That is according to over 100 metrics on which his mal-performance can be graded. What the libtards meant by "historic" is that, despite the fact he's not black, he is the first "black" President. He is, in fact, half-Irish and nearly one-half Arabic. But he is 100% a disaster.

8. Thought for the Day

Wood burns faster when you have to cut and chop it yourself. -- Harrison Ford

(Yes, and it warms you twice)


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