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Mindconnection eNL, 2016-11-20


In this issue:
Good News | Product Highlight | Brainpower | Finances | Security | Health/Fitness | Factoid | Thought 4 the Day

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1. Good News

Trump defeated Hillary.


2. Product Highlight

Undetectable Total Protection

This radar detection system is as extreme as you can get. We sell it on Amazon and on eBay, and the customer reviews range from happy to ecstatic.

We have only a few left, get yours now!

The links at right take you to our eBay offering, where we are able to provide a massive discount on this baby.

You don't clip it to your visor or stick it to your windshield where every cop and every two-bit street thief can see it.

Escort Passport Total Protection

Buy from us and save!

And where it will fall off and bounce around in the car at exactly the wrong time. Nope, you securely install the components out of sight. This is best done by a professional installer, but you can DIY if you want.

Please note that Escort authorizes only certain dealers to offer this amazing device. We are one of those dealers. This means you get the full warranty and product support when you buy from us.

Escort Passport 9500ci

  • Undetectable long-range twin antenna radar receiver.
  • Precise laser shifters provide 360 degree protection.
  • High-resolution brilliant blue display.
  • 5 levels of brightness control.
  • Blistering all-band radar protection.
  • Variable-speed radar performance.
  • Voice alerts via amplified speaker.

The Mack-Daddy of all radar and laser detectors!

It is the ultimate balance of long-range performance, intelligent signal processing, simple intuitive controls, and the best overall driving experience ever developed.

Operating bands:

  • X-band 10.525 GHz 25.
  • MHz K-band 24.150 GHz 100 MHz .
  • Ka-band 34.700 GHz 1300 MHz.
  • Laser 904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth (Optional Laser Shifting).

Programmable features:

  • Power-On Indication.
  • Signal Strength Meter.
  • AutoMute (On / Off).
  • Voice (On / Off).
  • Units (English / Metric).
  • Radar / Laser Bands.
  • Highway Auto AutoNoX.


  • Radar Receiver.
  • Laser Receiver.
  • Shiftpro Bridgebox.
  • Control Module.
  • Display Module.
  • GPS Module.
  • Amplified Speaker.

You can buy from us with confidence. We've been making online customers happy since 1997.

3. Brainpower tip

The Trump victory is a win for those of us with IQs higher than the single digits. But the stupiderati and the libtards still walk among us. That is a constant threat. So I want to talk about how to avoid coming down with libtarditis. First, let's summarize the libtard problem.

Libtards have an inordinate amount of influence, mostly because:

  • Libtards (mis)use emotional "arguments," painting the opposition with ad hominem attacks and word misuse that try to make the opposition seem like moral failures for not going along with the stupidity.
  • When an assertive person asks a libtard to stop behaving badly, the libtard twists things around to claim the assertive person is the offender. If it's a group situation, the libtard lies that the assertive person is out of line with the group even though the reality is nearly everyone else in the group is relieved that someone finally spoke up.
  • They are bullies, and they rely on many dishonest tactics to avoid intelligent discussion and just force their will on others.
  • You cannot argue with irrationality, so you cannot counter the absurdities libtards use to "justify" their position.
  • Thinking people generally feel we have better things to do than endure the insults, stupidity, and abuse spewed by libtards so after a while we just throw up our hands and the libtards win. It's an attrition tactic, and libtards use it almost by default.
  • Etc.

Predictably, the "benefits" of ceding control to libtards include such libtard creations as:

  • The IRS. Libtards gave birth to this terrorist group.
  • Daylight Wasting Time. We just had that annual fall clock change. How did that turn out? Same as always, this unnecessary national case of jet lag creates a spike in traffic fatalities and industrial accidents while reducing productivity. There is zero upside to this, but the libtards inflict it on us anyhow.
  • Agricultural subsidies. What happens here is the subsidies go to the large corporate farm factory operations, not to farmers who grow nutritious food. That is exactly why 70% of American children are classified as "Hunger Insecure" and exactly why 75% of 18 year olds are unfit for military service.

Note that libtards have reality-averse world views partly because it's always OTHER people who bear the costs and pain of libtard-influenced policies. On a national scale, it is the poor who are most defenseless against libtard rule and who most disproportionately bear the burden of libtard-influenced policies.

Let's review the stupidity-based claims the libtards make about these three examples of insanity:

  • "We need the IRS to fund the government." Wrong. The IRS does not fund the government. In fact, when you count the compliance costs of the 1040 system and the massive damage IRS does to small businesses and the court costs, etc., the 1040 system has a net negative effect on federal revenue.
  • DWT. "We get an extra hour of daylight in the summer." What they mean is they either aren't holding down jobs and thus don't have to go to bed at a reasonable time so sunset well after bedtime coupled with increased darkness in the morning and the wasted energy due to that don't bother them, or they are so stupid they believe an extra hour of sunlight is somehow created. Lying about what time it is can make sense only to a libtard. It's just plain stupid to anyone who can think.
  • Big Agra Welfare. "They are feeding the world." No, the reality is they have so distorted the food supply that in the USA we have a massive hunger problem, massive malnutrition problem, and massive disease problem. The wrong foods are subsidized, if in fact subsidies are a solution.

So where do libtards come from? Researchers have not found a cure for this disease, but there are several known risk factors. Avoid these:

  • Poor diet. Low fat, high carb, low carb, etc. are all touted by various non-experts. The reality is you need a nutrient-dense diet that is sufficient in quality protein and quality carbohydrates. Such a diet necessarily excludes processed grains. Entirely.
  • Libtard pressure. Even when someone's brain isn't organically damaged from poor food choices, it can be programmatically damaged from poor conversation choices. Libtards are toxic and they are contagious. Minimize your exposure to them. Totally eliminate libtard disinformation sources from your life; those sources are mainly the lying, agenda-driven, state-run media.
  • Lack of mental challenge. Use it or lose it is at work, here. Libtards don't think, because thinking involves an effort. They take the easy way out, simply accepting by faith the libtard brainwashing/disinformation.
  • Non-thinking. Once a person reaches Stage Four libtardedness, that person's ability to think no longer exists. Asking a Stage Four libtard to think is like asking a double amputee to compete in the high jump; it's a pointless request. But you can ask people in the early stages of the disease to think, and if you show them by your example you can slow the progress of the disease.

Also make sure you do plenty of these:

  • Read books. Especially non-fiction.
  • Accept challenges. Working through the solution to a difficult problem is "a brain builder."
  • Create challenges. Libtards create challenges for other people by screwing things up. I don't mean you should do that. I mean look for something that needs doing and take ownership of it. If you do this at your job, for example, you will be an amazingly valuable employee.
  • Look for solutions with predictably positive outcomes. Libtards rely on negative tactics to foment their agendas, and as we know their agendas have predictably negative consequences. Rather than respond to libtard tactics when yet another libtard "improvement" is threatening, take ownership of the situation and think out a positive  solution or two that will have positive consequences.
  • Converse with thinkers. Identify people who think, and spend more time interacting with them. Conversation is an entry point. Look for projects you can do with thinkers, too.

4. Finance tip

With the Trump win and the fact that the libtards don't control the House or the Senate, your personal finances are certain to improve over the next couple of years. Examples:
  • Obummercare is almost certain to be repealed.
  • Bankster bailouts and similar multi-trillion dollar wealth transfer schemes are likely to be vetoed by Trump.
  • The trillion+ dollar Soetoro annual deficits won't be repeated under Trump, unless he is egregiously lying about budget proposals.
  • New libtard theft programs stand almost no chance of being enacted.

So the ghastly stealing that we have endured over the past 8 years is likely to be mitigated severely. That's good news, but what should you do?

The best thing you can do to help Trump resurrect a devastated USA is to vote against the libtard corporate regime with your consumer dollars. For example:

  • Boycott BP gas stations.
  • Boycott the "mainstream" media. No television, newspapers, or libtarded magazines. How do you know if a magazine is libtarded? If it runs an article about "the gun problem" cancel your subscription. The only problem with guns is not enough law-abiding people have them; we know this from the actual data.
  • Read books, hobbyist magazines, organizational magazines (e.g., magazines published for members of an organization rather than general consumers), and technical/scientific journals; these feed your mind in a "non mushroom" way.
  • Boycott national banks; use regional ones or credit unions.
  • Boycott Wall Street "investment" firms. Close any mutual funds you have with these houses of ill repute and put the proceeds into funds managed by investment houses in the Midwest, such as American Century (MO) and Heartland Investors (WI).
  • Help end the libtarditis epidemic by boycotting Monsanto. This means not buying their Roundup neurotoxin or any crops grown with it. Those crops are wheat, corn, and soy and any processed versions of these, including bread and non-organic meats. Read your labels. Encourage other people to stop ingesting the poison, too.

How you can add to the freedom movement:

  • If you work, carefully look at what your company is doing. Talk with decision-makers about what issues your company faces. Think out a project you can take ownership of, and work smart to make it a success; this will help your career and make you more marketable inside of, and outside of, your company.
  • If you are retired, mentor someone. Don't let your life experience go to waste.
  • If you are a stay at home parent, make your kids a priority rather than (as is typical) a sideline activity.
  • If you are among the 54% of working age adult Americans who is unemployed, get involved in something that interests you and show what amazing things you can do. A job offer will follow.
  • Lead by example. Do all of the above, plus do not multi-task, do not text while driving, and do not text while in a social situation (e.g., lunch with friends or coworkers).

5. Security tip

My company has been selling online since 1997, so I have some experience related to package theft prevention. Here are eight tips:
  1. When ordering, you do not have to use your own address. If you're not going to be there, have the package delivered to a retired neighbor (compensate the favor with some fruit or other small gift) or see if the pkg can be delivered to your workplace.
  2.  Watch those tracking numbers! We've gotten e-mails a week after the pkg was delivered, and the customer wants to know what day it should arrive. But it's already been stolen because it sat there for days.
  3. Consider having your packages delivered to The UPS Store or similar location rather than to your home. These outlets are usually conveniently located and have convenient hours. Many people can simply pick up their package on the way home from work.
  4. Make a habit of checking in, on, and around your porch early in the evening and again before bed. You should be making sure you lock your doors at night by checking them before bed (I do this to protect the OTHER guy, not me), so add porch inspection to the list.
  5. If you hear a loud truck ramble past your house, it just might be a delivery truck. Check in, on, and around your porch then.
  6. Don't rely on the builder-grade doorbell. Replace it with a louder one, add an extension, and/or add a wireless extender (I did this third one, works like a charm).
  7. Talk with your immediate neighbors! Agree to check each others' porches and let them know it is OK for them to grab a package they see on YOUR porch and bring it into THEIR home for safety. They can stop by later with it and personally hand it to you. Making this reciprocal should not be a problem. Note that this works best with neighbors who live across the street, for obvious reasons.
  8. If a package is misdelivered, personally take it to the correct address and meet that neighbor. The particular misdelivery can easily work the other direction, for example same street number but wrong street (Ave vs Terrace). This sets up an automatic safety feature for the future.

Related to this is the idea of letting packages signal that you're not home. If you do travel between now and the end of this year, be aware that many of the 54% of working age adults are unemployed (thanks, Obama, you creep). Starving people (70% of American children are now classified as "hunger insecure") with no other options are simply going to steal. That's how it is.

But instead of stealing trillions the way the banksters do, these starving peasants troll neighborhoods looking for packages that have been sitting overnight. Then they break in and take things like food, jewelry, and small electronic goods.

When the home owner is present, a break-in typically ends badly for the intruder. For the protection of these reluctant criminals, lock your doors to keep them out. But also check your porch each night, noting that deliveries run very late this time of year.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

A reader suggested that a good workout leaves you feeling energized. No, a good warm-up does that. A good workout leaves you feeling drained. Let's get a clear understanding of why this is so. It begins by defining "good workout."

Unless you "work out" just to say you "work out" the goal of your workout is to push your body into the adaptive response. The exact nature of the adaptation will differ, depending upon the workout.

Let's consider something. I recently watched a video of 63-year old Lou Ferrigno (former Mr. Olympia, starred with Arnold in "Pumping Iron", and played "The Incredible Hulk" with Bill Bixby in the TV show). Mr. Ferrigno was doing flyes with the same weight that I use. I don't look anything like Mr. Ferrigno, except you can tell that we both lift weights. Well, OK, each of us has a large Italian nose.

Mr. Ferrigno trains primarily for hypertrophy. This requires a different tempo and volume from the kind of lifting a climber (I climb at an advanced level) or martial artist (I hold black belts in various styles and am a Kung Fu Master) will do to build strength.

Mr. Ferrigno isn't energized at the end of his workout; he's (nearly) exhausted. I feel the same way after mine.

Watch Mr. Ferrigno train, and you can see he's a volume trainer. Arnold trains this same way. So does Franco Columbu. Now, I am noticeably vascular compared to the average guy. But these Mr. Olympia winners are far more vascular than I am.

And if you were to cross-section our muscles, you'd find they have vastly more capillaries than I do.

And, yes, their muscles are much larger than mine. We both train hard, but get different results. Both results are good. They are just different. Both are very hard to achieve. Efforts either way are exhausting, not energizing.

Their results are impressive to look at, but a liability in the sports that are important to me. I don't know if I could ever gain size like theirs, but I would be much larger if I trained the way they do.

In either case, the person working out is training really hard. That takes quite a bit of energy. When you train hard, you use up the energy you have rather than somehow gain more. Breathing hard while your heart races between sets is not a sign that you are gaining energy, it's a sure sign you are using it up.

When the intensity (work per unit of time) is at the edge of what the body can accomplish, the body responds to that stress by improving something. Getting that adaptive response is what the workout is all about.


Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Top photo taken 16SEP2016, just days before 56th birthday; bottom photo taken 3 days after 56th birthday


But reaching that edge, by definition, exhausts you or the body part you are training. If you do feel energized when you've completed your "workout" then you did something wrong. The solution isn't to keep working out until you drop, because doing that violates the intensity principle.

The solution is to step back and take a look at that particular workout. What body part(s) were you training, and which exercises did you choose to do that training? Did you put the muscle(s) under nearly maximum tension for a relatively short time? Think in terms of taking a leisurely walk (energizing) versus running as fast as you can for 100 meters.; apply that analogy to your weight training. Are you merely walking, or are you sprinting?

Note also this does not necessarily mean use more weight. Mr. Ferrigno used only 40lb dumbbells, not 80lb dumbbells. He's no dumbbell himself, so he spares his joints and tendons the damage the many "lift too much" types invariably get.

It means isolate the joints/muscles you intend to work (just as Mr. Ferrigno does) and try to make the exercise harder (just as Mr. Ferrigno does). Watch a video of Mr. Ferrigno, and you will see what I'm talking about. He doesn't cheat and pull through his back to work his biceps when curling. That's just his biceps doing the curling and at age 63, he still has amazing guns.

It also does not mean to go back and do a few more sets "just to make sure." That leads to overtraining, plus it wastes time. Just focus on what you are doing when you are training. Don't just pay attention, be fully there and be fully "into" how things feel during the motion.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

When at rest, the typical human body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil. The body of a weight-training athlete gives off considerably more heat in that same time. That's heat, as in calories burned.

8. Thought for the Day

Peer pressure works in both directions. Be a leader.


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