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Mindconnection eNL, 2016-06-19


In this issue:
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1. Good News

Item 1. An article in the May, 2016 issue of IEEE Spectrum reported that in 2015 (e-mail) spam decreased for the first time in a decade. It didn't say why, but the Obama-spawned Depression has resulted in far fewer juicy targets to hit with the shams and cons that give spam its reason to exist. The rise of mind-control Stupid Phones also means the demographics are shifting. While everyone else uses e-mail (and even talks with the people in front of them), the growing Stupid Phone crowd simply texts everyone.

Item 2. On 08MAY, Web Pro News reported that the Supreme Court ruled against that evil corporation known as "Google" (which has, since the lawsuit was started, changed its name to Umbrella). The ruling permits cheated advertisers to move forward with their suit. No information yet on how many judges Google is buying or intends to buy, but it will be interesting to see how far their $2 billion rainy day fund can go.

Item 3. It is looking increasingly likely that the psychopath known as "Hillary Clinton" will be indicted. See: The bad news is this could be the ploy used by the psychopath known as "Barry Soetoro", aka "Barrack Hussein Obama" to declare an emergency and continue in office and perhaps even complete his Take Down America campaign.

Item 4. The Harvey Lembo Bill has become law. And that is truly good news. Read the full story here:

Item 5. In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, the expected bad news is that Barry, Hillary, Nancy, Chuckie, and other people-hating psychopaths want to ensure more such tragedies happen by passing criminal protection laws that prohibit law-abiding people from having an effective means of protecting themselves. I don't understand why these whackos have not been indicted for accessory to murder, except that we really don't have a functional government or a law-abiding Justice Department.

But the good news is that law-abiding gun owners feel the pain of the gay community and are stepping up to the plate to help these folks protect themselves. Read the full story here:

Item 6. LED lighting is vastly more energy-efficient than incandescent. But an article on (12JAN2016) revealed a new development that could make incandescent lamps (what the lighting industry calls light bulbs) more energy-efficient than LED. The new lamp uses a carefully designed photonic crystal around a tungsten filament. The crystal lets regular light pass through, but reflects heat back into the filament to make it glow brighther. Basically, this converts much of the otherwise wasted heat into light.


2. Product Highlight

Mindconnection, LLC sells in the major marketplaces. We have a Top Seller Plus rating on eBay, so in this issue we'll again point you toward one of offerings there.

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It sports full color VGA quality video, and full motion detection, and up 64GB Micro SD Cards (allowing you to store over an entire day's worth of video).  Storage Consumption: ~1GB consumed every 30 minutes.

Mini Gadgets BB2Outlet Bush Baby Hidden Camera Wall Outlet

Mini Gadgets BB2Outlet Bush Baby Hidden Camera Wall Outlet

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  • Records VGA quality video.
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  • All plugs and USB ports are fully functional.

Technical Specs

  • Video Resolution: 1280 x 960 at 30FPS.
  • Recording Modes: Continuous and motion detection.
  • Viewing Angle: 72.
  • Storage: External MicroSD Card.
  • Storage Consumption: 30min/GB.
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  • 1 x BB2Outlet.
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3. Brainpower tip

Most of the big "issues" that get people so worked up today can, on an individual basis, be resolved simply by thinking outside the "propaganda zone."

Take the non-issue of "gun control," which gets featured even in allegedly objective publications. Typically, the subject will be covered using very manipulative language and inaccurate statistics used in a deceitful way. The goal is to push for gun prohibition, under the screwball theory that criminals who don't mind breaking other laws will stupidly obey gun laws. If your mind has been exposed to only (or mostly) the pro-prohibition propaganda, you would most likely accept it as fact.

But what if you were a critical thinker? You would create "the other side of the story" by thinking through the consequences of a ban. What would be likely to happen? Would criminals choose to selectively follow this law, but still break other laws? Why?

Recently, I came across one of these dishonest propaganda pieces where a lot of non-thinking people were involved. Below is my response. See what brainpower lessons you can derive from that, for example why you might qualify and filter statistics rather than just accept them.

My response to Science News:

I’m writing in response to your editorial and the “Gun research holdup” article of the 14May edition.
We actually do have the data needed to know how to prevent firearm violence.

If you look at the murder statistics of all countries in the world, the USA ranks among the worst. But when you remove from the USA statistics the “violent criminal protection zones” (those cities where law-abiding citizens are deprived of firearms and only criminals have them), the USA is the safest nation on earth. Places like Washington, DC and Chicago have outsized murder rates for the same reason the lioness kills the gazelle and not the other way around.

Your article also failed to characterize the murders. There is a difference between gang-bangers killing each other and ordinary citizens being under assault; gun prohibition cannot possibly reduce the former and can only increase the latter. Most of the “gun deaths” in the USA are gang-bangers killing each other or criminals killed while assaulting an armed, law-abiding citizen.

Guns are not a problem; laws that ensure only violent criminals have guns is the problem. That is very, very clear from the data.

We have the data, and we have common sense. Let’s just apply both. And I do hope that in future issues, Science News will forego the language abuse so flagrantly evident in this article. It is one thing to be biased and have fact-challenged opinions such as any of the several fallacious-reasoning based opinions behind that article. It is repugnant to use propagandistic language to express such non-thinking in a magazine that is purportedly all about science (and thus fact and reason). It casts doubt on the veracity of anything else I might read in the publication.

4. Finance tip

The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI, which is at reported earlier this year that between 1981 and 2012, the federal "government" issued over 2,000 regulations directly affecting manufacturers. Think about that. The sheer number is a head-spinner and requires resources just to keep track of. The annual cost of complying with just the major regulations issued during this time is $726 billion.

Were these regulations justified? In some cases, yes. OSHA, for example, actually lowers costs overall. In specific cases, however, an OSHA bureaucrat can be unreasonable. EPA regulations also lower overall costs and the EPA ha really helped to clean up our environment. But many of these regulations simply do not make sense.

And the EPA is well-documented for ignoring certain big polluters but coming down very hard on their competitors even when said competitors are in compliance and the big polluters are not. Other regulatory agencies also are unfair, inept, or both. The Fraud and Dumb Administration (FDA) is pretty much the enforcement arm of Monsanto, viciously attacking small competitors or those who refuse to pay Monsanto's protection money.

So we transition here from regulations that help everybody to a mind-numbing array of stupid regulations dishonestly administered. We live in a failed state, and the corruption is costly to many firms. These and the other issues with a poor regulatory environment combine to hugely increase the overhead of manufacturers.

What do manufacturers tend to do in response to the greater overhead, so they can stay in business? Obviously, their response is to seek to lower overhead. They can put a factory just across the river in Mexico, where they don't have the cost of those regulations and thus remain competitive. But competitive with whom? With manufacturers who can export to the USA without paying a "regulation non-compliance adjustment fee."

Take China, as an example. The factories there belch out pollution like there's no tomorrow, and worker safety isn't even a thought. So those factories have far less overhead than factories in the USA. If those same factories had to pay a regulation non-compliance adjustment fee for making products under Chinese law but selling them in the USA marketplace, American factories would run circles around them in terms of competition.

The criminal cabal known as the Demopublicans has been merrily misprepresenting us in CONgress and doing about zero to serve our interests as a nation. Their only concern is stealing from us. That's why I put "government" in quotes. In terms of being an effective government, they don't even get an F on their report card. They get a fat ZERO.
The United States is a failed state on several counts. We need a real government. We can't keep going in this lawless mode where we're plundered by criminals on the one hand and forced to to send manufacturing jobs overseas on the other hand.

What can you do about this? I really don't know, but voting Demopublican has failed to solve this problem for over 100 years so at least don't do that.

Are we really going to yet again pretend to decide which end of a turd is clean, come this November? Let's not be so stupid as a nation. We really can't afford it anymore.

5. Security tip

In our previous issue, I exposed some pet-related scams and how to defeat them. In this issue, I want to discuss a somewhat similar scam that's child-related.

Many parents today provide their kids with cell phones. I personally would not do this for a variety of reasons, even though it can be beneficial and does end the "but everybody else has one" appeal problem.

So the scammer calls you and says, "I've got your kid. If you ever want to see him (her) again, you will follow my instructions. Not a word of this to anyone, or I'll kill him (her). Just to prove I have your kid, why don't you call your kid's cell phone number?" Then they hang up.

So you dial your kid's phone. The same voice says, "I wasn't kidding. Now that you know that, go to your ATM and withdraw the $500 maximum. Bring an envelope or grocery back to put it in. When you pay us, you'll get your kid back. You have 30 minutes to call back and let me know you have the money. Call the police, and you'll get back a dead body."

Quickly, you scramble to get to the ATM. You make the withdrawal. Then you call back the kidnappers. They tell you to just leave the money in the envelope in the dumpster behind the building across the street. "Then leave immediately. If you don't, we'll kill your kid."

You drop the money off and drive off. The caller calls you and says, "It's all here. We'll let your kid come home now. Go there and wait for him (her).

You get home, and your kid walks through the door a minute later. You're ecstatic. Your kid's confused. "Nobody kidnapped me, what are you talking about?"

What happened here? The scammer obtained your kid's phone number and phone account access code. All he did was set up the account to forward the calls to a throwaway phone he used for the scam. Then he waited near the dumpster for the pickup. He's probably scheduled one victim every 45 minutes, picking up $500 like clockwork ten times that day for a $5,000 take.

Your first clue here is the small ransom amount. Nobody is going to kidnap a child for such a tiny amount. But it's tiny to facilitate the scam. Speed and pressure are essential. You have to leave the money for them before figuring out that your kid was never kidnapped.

There are variations on this scam. Always check the facts before rushing into any response. For example, insist that they let you speak to your child. If they balk, say there's no deal and hang up on them.

What about not calling the police, after being threatened if you do? Well, unless you believe this kidnapper is an honest, upright person who will certainly return your child unharmed after getting the money and never bother you again, call the police.

Your child is the only leverage this person has, and that also gives you power in this situation. The police can use that power to bring your child home safely, but you probably can't. This is a serious matter, and you need professional help with it. Don't rely on your ability to reason with someone who would put a child through this kind of trauma. That person is a psychopath. With no police involved, the best option this person has is killing your child once s/he gets paid. You don't want that person to have that option.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Low testosterone is now normal among American males. I say this for several reasons, including being made privy to meta data. But you can verify for yourself, at least in your local area, by just counting the number of big bellies per hundred. Or by looking at what people eat.

Low testosterone has many negative effects, including obesity, loss of muscle mass, loss of bone density, loss of libido, loss of energy, and reduced self-esteem. Most of these, whether you are male or female.

Let's look at some ways that testosterone gets whacked and what do to instead:

  • Grain-based diet. Make it a green-based diet, instead.
  • Chronic stress (raises cortisol). Learn to chill. Accept problems as normal, and deal with them. Just don't dwell on them.
  • Chemical castration. Air fresheners, fragrances, mouthwashes, antibacterial soap, and many other similar products upset your bacterial balance and/or directly suppress testosterone.
  • Fruit juice. It jacks up the endocrine system, causing testosterone to plummet. Eat whole fruit, instead.
  • Doing cardio. What is usually meant by this is long, low-intensity exercise such as running on a treadmill. It raises your cortisol and can depress testosterone for as much as 48 hours. Do high intensity workouts, instead.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

Simply not doing the things that lower testosterone is good. But not enough. You can do several things to raise it, also. Two of the most important are:
  • Consume healthy fats (including cholesterol, which your body breaks down into the building blocks of testosterone). Sources include eggs, avocadoes, nuts, coconut oil, and olive oil. Notice that canola oil is not on the list.
  • Work large, compound exercises. The squat is the king of testosterone builders, closely followed by deadlifts. Bench pressing also raises testosterone, but most men have very poor form and should skip this exercise (do flyes, instead). For squats, do front squats and sissy squats, but don't risk your back doing back squats. Always work in proper form, without using momentum.

At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

It takes food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach. It takes CONgress only one second to come up with yet another way to tax you.

8. Thought for the Day

The way things are heading, police may soon pull us over for "Failure to Text While Driving." This dangerous stupidity is now normal; let's not wait for it to be required. To paraphrase, "Stupidity reigns when intelligent people do nothing."


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Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

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