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Mindconnection eNL, 2016-03-27


In this issue:
Good News | Product Highlight | Brainpower | Finances | Security | Health/Fitness | Factoid | Thought 4 the Day

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1. Good News

Item 1. Various intelligent commentators (I don't mean the typical talking heads) have referred to this year's fake election line-up of retards using words such as "appalling". It's good news that thought leaders are publicly expressing these thoughts. That will help people in general to "get it" regarding this charade.

Item 2. The Federal Bureau of Incompetence has stopped its illegal assault on Apple. Yay! Unfortunately, The Bureau is violating the rights of Apple and its customers by committing cybercrime instead of intimidating Apple to do that for them. Full story here:


2. Product Highlight

The C-Pen 3.0 pen scanner allows you to scan text from almost any foreign language. This scanning pen is fast, efficient, and easy to use.

No complicated setup, works via USB. Everything is included so you can scan directly into any PC application quickly and efficiently, from a huge range of languages and character sets.


cPen pen scanner


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  • This pen seamlessly integrates with the software you are already using.
  • It connects easily with your laptop or handheld device (Windows or Android OS).
  • Plug and Play. No complicated set-up.
  • Powered by your PC, batteries not required.
  • High scanning speeds. Portable.
  • You can easily move it from one PC to another.
  • Scans from irregular surfaces. You can scan from surfaces that are curved, laminated, or even patterned.
  • Recognizes 238 languages.
  • Lets you send a phrase or a whole paragraph from foreign books or documents to your PC for phonetic pronunciation or to speed up translation and learning.

You can buy from us with confidence, we've been making online customers happy since 1997.

3. Brainpower tip

The fake election for President of the United States (POTUS) is always an interesting circus, if you're into that kind of thing. I'm really not, so I don't follow it. Yet, because so many people believe in this version of the tooth fairy, it's impossible to avoid exposure to this farce.

We already know that the ballot is rigged and only someone controlled by The Party will "win" this farsical non-contest. This year, the stupidity factor has reached a new low.

And if you buy into the D vs R "choice" thing, it is going to be like finding two dog turds on your lawn but you have only one plastic bag.

Consequently, I decided to ask the question, "What are some brainpower lessons this farce may provide?" Here are some answers I came up with:

  • Don't waste your time on stupid stuff. Doing so will only make you dumber. Think about the opportunity costs, if nothing else. Instead of thinking, reading, etc., about topics that have value, the vast majority of Americans are flapping their lips about this farce. And it occupies their thoughts. No, make that it displaces their thoughts. As in, they don't have few or none because they are preoccupied with this farce.
  • Stupidity is infectious. Why does anybody care about these fake "elections" in the first place? Well, the state-run media trump them up (no pun intended) to an importance and semi-credibility level way beyond what a reason-based analysis would give them. And the media-followers can't stop talking about these farces, and pretty soon "everyone" actually gives a s*** about whether Marco Rubio wants a wall on our southern border even though he's not even qualified to be POTUS.
  • Straw man situations and fallacious logic can cause people to act against their own interests. In a rational populace, nobody would waste their vote in the D/R fraud. They would, instead, vote in the affirmative for law and order. What happens instead is they succumb to false logic and vote against themselves. This is why we don't have a democratic process, actual elections, or rule of law.
  • Language abuse is powerful stuff. For example, the fake candidates have fake debates. But the state-run media call these "debates" as if the participating clowns are actually debating even though not one important topic is even brought up. Do any of these "debates" include such topics as disbanding the IRS? No, and the mere absence of THAT topic is indictment enough. Nor do these retards talk about reducing the federal debt, stopping the nonFederal nonReserve from inflating our money supply (debauching our currency, e.g., stealing from us), or restoring Constitutional government. Notice that all four topics have to do with ending rampant crime, and that's exactly why they are verboten in these fake "debates" among candidates in these fake "elections."

Of course, we don't need these disgraceful sham "elections" to remind us of those four points. The sham "elections" do, however, drive these points home in a way that a thinking person cannot miss.

The real question for you is how you can use these four points in other areas. For example:

  • Does your boss waste your time on stupid stuff or does your boss treat you as a valuable resource? If the former rather than the latter, have you discussed this with your boss and provided some guidance for better performance out of your boss?
  • Do you associate with stupidity-emitting people? If so, why? In some cases, it can't be helped. But make a serious effort to reduce the percentage of such people in your association portfolio. And reduce your interactions with them to a minimum.
  • Do you let the situation control you, such that you react emotionally? Or do you think through a good way to handle it?
  • When people misuse words, what is your response? Do you clarify the language or let them manipulate you?

4. Finance tip

One of the points in this issue's Security tip is that you establish a corporation (e.g., LLC or Subchapter S). Many people who work on a W-2 basis do not think this is necessary, but it really is. Anyone who does not have a corporation is living in a high risk mode while also giving up significant financial benefits.

One of those benefits, if you file a 1040, is the home office deduction. Let's say you're a white collar worker on a salary and your slave-driving employer has you putting in 65 hours a week. You might "not have time" for a side business, and that employer might have made you sign something that prohibits moonlighting. My advice is that you moonlight anyhow.

If you are good at your job and keep the moonlighting low-key, they will either ignore it or never know about it in the first place.

Your "home business" can be something you are doing already. For example, many people have an "investment" portfolio consisting of a few mutual funds. This is a perfect home business opportunity. Simply have your corporation own the mutual funds. You may have to liquidate your existing holdings and reinvest them in your business, but it's worth doing.

The home office deduction is one of the great benefits of owning a business. So you set up a little office in your home, and that space is devoted exclusively to your business. Let's say it's 8% of your home's square footage. That means 8% of your utility bills (waste disposal, water, natural gas, electricity, etc.) are deductible. So is 8% of the cost to maintain your home. But, wait. It gets better.

Then office supplies, a new chair for your office, an air filtration device for your office, a computer, etc., all become business expenses. These are not deductions (bottom line), but expenses (top line). That means they are subtracted from your business revenue to determine your business income. The tax-savings of an expense makes the tax-savings of a deduction look like a joke. Not only that, there's no floor for expensing. But the Standard Deduction is so big now most people can't deduct anything. You always want an expense over a deduction. And the home office gives you that.

You might buy these things anyhow, but you would not be able to use their cost to reduce your taxable income. By setting up a corporation, you can. Now, of course, you are going to account for any of those supplies you use for personal reasons. Right? Right?

And those assets that you don't personally own are protected by being owned by your corporation; they are not counted as your personal assets. Wonderful legal protection!

An LLC files a Schedule C on your personal income tax, but a Subchapter S files its own tax return. Either way, the resulting income is something you are personally responsible for if yours is a single-owner company.

You can have multiple home businesses and/or multiple corporations. Let's say your situation changes. The CEO of your company makes a colossal blunder and exits with a multi-million dollar "separation package." But you get laid off and get a week's pay for every two years of service. In the Obamaconomy, which has been devastated by the Arab in the White House, getting a new job is going to be really tough. So you decide to go into business for yourself, doing what you enjoy.

So you incorporate and run that business under the new corporation (never, ever do a sole proprietorship). You can still own your other business that you set up for investing. But now you need a bigger home office so you end up with a bigger home office deduction. And since you work from home, you don't need a car anymore. You sell your car and have your business lease a new one and pay the insurance on it. Or just sell your car. Or just keep driving it occasionally, garaging it so it looks like new even ten years from now. Enjoy that auto insurance discount you get for being a "casual driver," too.

See how this works? Just don't get "creative" with expenses and deductions, or you'll give the Reprobates an actual reason to come after you. See this issue's Security tip for how to protect yourself from those terrorists.

5. Security tip

One of the gravest dangers facing any American citizen is an attack from the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths. Such an attack can be totally without justification, and it usually is. Such an attack can be devastating, and it usually is. There's no guarantee you'll survive such an attack, and each year some people don't. It's interesting that the "news" stations and "news" papers don't report on these fatalities, but then they aren't really in the business of providing information (just disinformation).

Many people believe they are immune to attack, "Because I file my taxes, pay my taxes, and have done nothing wrong." In point of fact, most victims of the most vicious attacks from Institute goons file their taxes, pay their taxes, and have done nothing wrong. These three attributes don't protect you.

The long-term solution for protection from these terrorists is for CONgress to disband them. That moral imperative is not going to see fruition any time soon. In fact, Soetoro recently approved increased funding for these terrorists and CONgress went along with the insanity.

We need to remind our misrepresentatives in the House that this is not OK. We also need to remind their counterparts in the Senate that the Institute not only terrorizes the populace (albeit selectively), it costs the Treasury more money than it brings in. There is no financial justification for these terrorists, and really no excuse at all for their existence. But exist they do, because they help the criminal class by subjugating the population through systematic abuse and terrorism. And they selectively "take out" targets who made the mistake of thinking the Bill of Rights somehow applied to them and so exercised those rights (especially the First, Fourth, and Fifth).

Perhaps some day, this illegal band of reprobates will be disbanded and no longer pose a threat to innocent, law-abiding, productive people. But what can you do in the meantime? Here are some tips:

  • Do not give them your main checking account number. Even if they insist you do. If you must send them money, either use money orders or write a check on a checking account you set up for that purpose.
  • Always file on paper, not electronically. In addition to causing them extra work (always a good thing, and it's legal to do so), this method ensures that you actually have a physical filing record. They have paper that must be filed and retained, rather than an electronic filing that a sociopathic employee can delete just to claim you didn't file. Also note that they like to claim this or that was missing from the envelope a taxpayer sent in. I seal mine up with liberal amounts of shipping tape. I really don't care if they need a chainsaw and the Jaws of Life to open the package. That's their problem.
  • If they call you, they will identify themselves. That's your cue to promptly hang up the phone. Never, ever, ever speak to these people. It can only end badly if you do. If you keep hanging up on them, they will send you a paper letter. Force them to do that, so any accusations are in writing and there is no possibility of a fishing expedition.

    If you do not already have an existing relationship with a tax attorney, get one as soon as you get that first phone call. As in the very next day. Take off work, if you have to. The you need an attorney reason is so you can file Power of Attorney and force the terrorists to speak to the attorney instead of to you. They will typically ignore the POA, and contact you directly. Always hang up on them. No matter what you say, they will find a way to use it against you. Or they'll make up something and claim you said it during that call. Say nothing. Just hang up.

    You don't need to have a local attorney; for example, you may be able to get Merriam and Associates in Seattle to accept you as a client. If you can do that, then you will get the best possible representation. If you want the worst possible misrepresentation, contact Mark Rosenbloom in Chicago. Or recommend him to the guy your wife had that affair with....
  • Never toss any records related to your 1040. Many "experts" falsely claim you can toss these records after four years, under the delusion that the Institute has only three years to assess. The reality is they can assess for ANY year, regardless of how much time has passed. Yes, there is a three-year statute on the books. But the Institute can easily come up with some excuse to ignore that, and a "Tax Court" goon (called a "judge") will rubber stamp that every time.

    And they can undertake "collection" efforts indefinitely, so don't assume there's a binding 10-year statute either. The only way to get that time limit is to have your attorney negotiate a settlement that clearly spells out how much time is left to collect. Note that several interim actions can add to that time. For example, a Collections Due Process action or an Offer In Compromise action. Both of these are carrots dangled to extend the statute, you will never get due process or a compromise so don't take the bait.
  • Make sure you own at least one corporation, such as an LLC or Subchapter S. This will be your best survival tool, if you come under assault. Ask your tax attorney to explain how to use this to protect yourself; you need to make sure it's not a sham business. It can, for example, be your investment business. All investments, for example, are registered to an LLC that has its own EIN (apply for it at and own business checking account. The EIN is free, and a free business checking acct is readily obtainable. Only that annual incorporation fee is a cost, and you can make that a business expense on Schedule C of an LLC return.
  • Don't associate with Institute employees. Many people think that if an Institute employee attends their church, lives in their neighborhood, belongs to the same club, or is a family member (e.g., cousin), they can safely associate with that person. Wrong. That person will gather information about your lifestyle, pick up clues and miscues from things you say, and in other ways conduct surveillance on you.

    Assume any gang member (Institute employee) is a potential threat, because that is the reality. If one comes up to you at a family picnic, just tell that person the truth and walk away. "You are a member of a terrorist organization, and I am afraid of associating with you for that reason. Sorry. Please leave me alone."

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

"My husband and I have been following your newsletter for a couple of years now and implementing your tips on diet and exercise. Last week, we compared photos of when we started to what we look like now. We haven't made any progress, and we think it's because we don't do enough cardio in our workouts. What do you recommend?

First, I recommend not doing any cardio on weight training days. There's a strong body of evidence that this retards the adaptive response. Personally, I don't do any cardio training at all. I just don't find it necessary. And I can validate that with standard tests such as the spirometer and the blood test showing red cell efficiency.

Second, it's a fact that people generally cannot wrap their mind around the concept of intensity when it comes to weight training. You need to spend some time contemplating this idea, which involves stimulating the adaptive response. It's not about moving X amt of weight, doing X sets of Y reps, or seeing how long you can train that day.

Third, people have told me "your diet doesn't work" as if I have a special "weight loss" diet and they are following it. It always turns out to be the case that, while they slant their food intake more toward nutrient-dense foods, they still over-eat, still don't space their food intake over 6 meals, and still take in endocrine modifiers and other things that defeat the body building effort.

If you are good on all three points above, what might be the problem?

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle


It's not age, although many people latch onto that excuse. I turn 56 this year, and my physique is that of a professional athlete (actually, an elite professional athlete, if you exclude "big boys" on steroids and football players, etc.). Even at my advanced age, I'm a climber and recently knocked out routes that are the domain of elite climbers (on the first ascent).

In my home, you will not find anything containing bleach. And therein lies clue number one: Get the toxins out of the place where you sleep. Below are a few areas to look at. Please put your brain to work to come up with a complete list. I know you can do that, so make the effort!

Before we go through the list, I want to comment on a "solution" that is becoming popular. Many people are now taking "testosterone boosters." Read the label. Most of these contain zinc and tribulus terrestris. Generally, they will boost a person's testosterone from deplorable to low--because they correct a zinc deficiency. But they usually have too much zinc and the person taking them typically exceeds the recommended dosage. That results in zinc poisoning. What about tribulus? There's no evidence that it increases testosterone in humans, except when used with anabolic steroids. Stay away from expensive supplements that claim to boost T. There's a reason all of the steroids that boost T are illegal, and it's not because they are good for your health. Anything that is legal probably isn't going to work.

Here's the list (try to add to it):

  • Bleach. There's no reason to use this in your home. Vinegar and baking soda work extremely well, and there's an entire market of powerful, non-toxic cleaners. Check out the cleaner section in your grocery store's "organic" area or see what's offered at Natural Grocers. I can recommend specific brands also, but don't want this to be a commercial for something my company doesn't sell. Note that most dishwasher detergents contain bleach; never, ever use these.
  • Plastic. Many people eat "food" from a plastic dish they just microwaved. They are ingesting a chemical cocktail that wreaks havoc on their endocrine and other systems. If you want to reheat something, put it on a paper towel or in a glass bowl. And don't "nuke" it because that creates very high temperature spots in the food with deleterious effects; instead, use a lower setting over longer time. Whatever you do eat, make sure it's worth eating. Generally, anything that comes in container ready to eat isn't worth eating. I say "generally," because an apple comes in a container (its peel) and is ready to eat. But of course, I mean man-made containers; those typically contain man-made "foods" and putting those into your body can only end badly.
  • Fragrances. How many products in your home contain chemical fragrances? Find them and throw them away. These include shampoos, "soap" (detergent used for washing face and body, it's not really soap), fabric softener, typical clothes washer detergents, "room fresheners," pet products, carpet cleaners, and just about any "normal" cleaning product. This stuff was not produced with the goal of cleaning or protecting your health, it was made with the goal of selling you the "idea of clean" with scents that are pleasing to the nose but toxic to the body.
  • Antiperspirants. If you have a good diet, your perspiration won't stink. So you don't need an antiperspirant or a deodorant. If you do have perspiration stains or armpit odor, rubbing toxic compounds on your armpits is not an appropriate solution. Fixing your diet is.
  • Particle board. This is not a human-friendly product! Unfortunately, getting it out of a house is very expensive. Most cabinetry is made with it, and many homes are built using it as wall material. One thing you can do is buy only solid wood furniture. Remove any particle board furniture from your bedroom (and kids' bedrooms), at least making those 8+ hours a day rooms safer. If you have a particle board bookcase, it is probably within your financial reach to replace that with a solid wood or even metal case.
  • Plastics. Ah, that scene from The Graduate immediately comes to mind. But the future really isn't in plastics per se, it's in disease from what plastics emit into your air, food, and beverages. You can change that future. Try to replace plastic with glass, wherever practical. Don't put plastic anything in the dishwasher, don't put hot food into plastic, and don't put acids (meat--which contains amino acids, tomato, etc.) into plastic containers.
  • Aluminum. Ban this from your kitchen. That includes commercial baking powder, which contains aluminum. I make my own baking powder (you can find the simple recipe online). If you have any aluminum cookware, replace it with non-aluminum versions. Look carefully, because most folks grossly underestimate how much of this brain-killing metal they actually have in their kitchen. And if you eat at restaurants, you can bet they use plenty of it, so yet another reason to avoid (most) restaurants. Another place some people have aluminum is in their flatware; replace that with stainless steel flatware.
  • Teflon. This is a trade-name, sorry no TM symbol there. This material is extremely toxic, more so when heated. Remove any and all Teflon-contaminated materials from your kitchen. If you use proper cooking techniques, you can use plain stainless steel pans and have zero worries about sticking. Rather than poison anyone who eats what you cook, learn how to properly manage the heat in cooking. Some great nonstick products made of materials other than aluminum are widely available, now. Check them out, and consider upgrading. But don't use the Teflon or aluminum stuff, even if that means eating everything raw until you get proper cookware. Also, a thin film of organic butter makes for a great nonstick surface.
  • Stress. Many people fail to realize that stress is toxic. The body's response to stress, if the stress is prolonged or negative or in some other way out of whack, is to pump out cortisol and take other actions that will retard your fitness goals. Just one trip into work while you're angry at other drivers will probably lower your testosterone below the minimum level for the entire day. Yes, it's hard to deal with all the morons out there today. But why let them give you stress? Turn this around and see them as a source of amusement rather than making them a source of stress.
  • Stress. Do you watch the news? If you can't seem to get rid of those stubborn love handles and you watch the news, then stop watching the news. It's always negative and never accurate, and it's always about things you have no control over. I personally have no idea why anyone would watch the news, as there is zero upside to doing so. In addition to simply wasting your time, it promotes stress.
  • Stress. Do you get frustrated arguing with that idiot who e-mails you or who makes unfair comments about your postings in this or that forum? Then stop engaging with that idiot. Very simple. There's no law that requires you to interact with such people. So don't. You aren't going to correct their wrong ideas, because the whole point for them is about mindlessly arguing. Let them argue with someone else. Life is too short to waste it on those people. In addition to reducing stress, you can shift your attention to people who really matter in your life.
  • Stress. Many people I know are in full angst mode about the fake "election" for Puppet of the United States. Granted, Barry Soetoro's reign has been an unmitigated disaster so it may seem logical to dread eight years of Hillary. But we have no control over this. Look at the facts.

    For example, it's beyond dispute that Soetoro is not Constitutionally qualified to be POTUS. There is ZERO evidence that his mother, a minor at the time, was in Hawaii at the time of his birth. While the absence of evidence ordinarily does not prove something, in this case it certainly proves she was not there. As an example, if your employer has security badges and video cameras and they have no record that you were at work on a given date but they have records of everyone else who was, that is proof you were not there that day. Same thing for Soeotoro's mother, who has no hospital admission records, no travel records, and no records of any sort showing any evidence she was present for her son's alleged Hawaiian birth in a Hawaiian hospital. Said birth did not happen in Hawaii. The point here is it's not worth worrying about the outcome of these fake elections, because there isn't a democratic process and there isn't rule of law. The outcome will be bad, no matter what. So just accept that and don't stress out over it.
  • Stress. Is there bickering in your household? Why? Some things really do not matter. Learn to let them go. Some things that seem not to matter really do. Learn to give them proper attention. In the first case, maybe the husband is annoyed at how the wife lines the garbage container (actual case); it doesn't really matter, so he needs to adjust his attitude. Rather than giving her grief over something unimportant, he should be thinking of ways to make her feel important. In the second case, Bob hates it when his wife "nags" him about tracking mud in from outside. Well, Bob, that's stupid and inconsiderate behavior on your part; take your shoes off at the door.



At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The average woman is 5 inches shorter than the average man. Some exceptional women are short, too….

8. Thought for the Day

Life isn't tied with a pretty colored bow, but it is still a gift.


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The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by criminals, zombies, or brainwashed individuals.

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Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!).

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