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Mindconnection eNL, 2016-02-14


In this issue:
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1. Good News

Item 1. It's Valentine's Day. My parents gave me the best-ever Valentine's Day present when I was not much past the toddler stage. A new baby sister! She's still as sweet as ever. Anyhow, it's good news for me so I thought I'd share.

Item 2. The IRS loves you. Well, OK, let's just say they want to "service" you. Don't draw their attention by sending them a Valentine's Day card. They are still as nasty as ever.

The good news is Americans are increasingly aware of IRS terrorist activities and various other felonies committed by psychopaths who escape prosecution by dint of being on the IRS payroll. Let's remind Congress frequently that this group of reprobates serves no purpose, costs the federal government multiples of what it brings in, and has no place in a society that calls itself civilized. Nobody has ever been able to objectively justify why the IRS should exist. It's time to remove this malignancy from the planet.

Item 3. Elon Musk has another project that can help reduce our dependence on Middle East oil (we fund the radical Muslim terrorists, how whacked is that?) and help us avoid the "catastrophe in the making" lunacy known as fracking. And, his proposal improves inter-city transportation radically. Read the full details here:

Item 4. The "Holy Grail" of fusion energy has taken a big step forward, in Germany. Read the full story here:

Item 5. The inevitable day when terrorists such as the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths use drones to attack innocent citizens has a potential cure. The Dutch are using trained eagles to take down hostile drones. American peasants could use eagles, hawks, and other birds of prey for this purpose. Of course, the ultimate solution is to get CONgress to actually do its job for a change and disband the Institute. Read the full story on the eagles vs. drones, here:

Item 6. There are still people who believe that Barrack Obama (now Barry Soetoro) was born in Hawaii even though his mother was not in Hawaii when he was born (there would have to be evidence, and there isn't). The good news is you have a huge advantage if you are competing with such people when trying to land a job or win a promotion. They don't think, can't connect dots that obviously connect, and accept the preposterous over the likely. How can you not win? Go out there and dominate!

2. Product Highlight

We still have the C-Pen 3.0 pen scanner on sale. It allows you to scan text from almost any foreign language. This scanning pen is fast, efficient, and easy to use.

No complicated setup, works via USB. Everything is included so you can scan directly into any PC application quickly and efficiently, from a huge range of languages and character sets.


cPen pen scanner


You know you want it. Buy from us and save!

  • This pen seamlessly integrates with the software you are already using.
  • It connects easily with your laptop or handheld device (Windows or Android OS).
  • Plug and Play. No complicated set-up.
  • Powered by your PC, batteries not required.
  • High scanning speeds. Portable.
  • You can easily move it from one PC to another.
  • Scans from irregular surfaces. You can scan from surfaces that are curved, laminated, or even patterned.
  • Recognizes 238 languages.
  • Lets you send a phrase or a whole paragraph from foreign books or documents to your PC for phonetic pronunciation or to speed up translation and learning.

You can buy from us with confidence, we've been making online customers happy since 1997.

3. Brainpower tip

Parasitic morons drain away your brainpower. Unfortunately, these people insinuate themselves into our lives no matter how hard we try to avoid or ignore them. Be aware of the three levels of moron:

Level 1 Moron. This person is stupid, but at least knows that. Level 1 Morons are constantly having problems and getting others to solve them, or creating problems and letting others clean up the mess.

There are ways to deal with such a moron. Rather than find ways to solve their problems, find ways to put the problem totally on them. Make them feel the pain. For example, suppose your boss is a Level 1 Moron whose failure to plan creates frequent emergencies. Rather than bail him out through heroic effort, every time identify a failure that will cost him his job. Make a show of heroism, but ensure the result is a failure and discreetly ensure everyone on up the management chain knows exactly why this failure happened.

Level 2 Moron. This person is stupid, but has delusions of adequacy. Level 2 Morons create problems and blame others. They don't expect you to bail them out, they expect you to take the blame. They also like to engage in mindless arguing that obfuscates the origin of every crisis.

To deal with this type of moron, don't engage at the detail level. Don't validate this moron's claims by answering them directly. Establish the basic facts and the authority for the facts, and simply repeat yourself.

Level 3 Moron. This person is stupid and has smug delusions of superiority. S/he is always "battling the infidels" on some issue or another. Non-sequitors and other logical fallacies are hallmarks of how this person non-thinks. Level 3 Morons see (or create) problems but don't expect a solution and don't blame others because they live in an alternate reality. They actually see the messes they (or their heros) create as being beneficial or as solutions to other problems that didn't even exist. They get a lot of people hurt, but envision themselves as making the earth a better place.

There are two types of Level 3 Moron. One is the acolyte. They don't actually do most of the stupid things, they just rabidly support those who do. You've noticed such morons driving erratically; they have an Obama/Biden bumper sticker.

Then there's the Leader Level 3 Moron. This is the most dangerous type of moron. This type of moron often rises to very high office, including the President of the United States (Warren G. Harding and Barry Soetoro are two examples). In corporations, they abound in the C-suite. In government, they are often the political appointees who run the agencies. They tend to have a great deal of power, and they don't mind using it to take out people they perceive as threats.

This type of moron must be exposed and stopped early on, before rising to power. A Leader Level 3 Moron can drain an entire society's brainpower. A proven coping mechanism when the Level 3 has authority over you is malignant compliance; you do what they say, but not in the way they mean it. You must maneuver skillfully to undermine them while making it look someone else is the underminer and you are loyal. Dealing with a Level 3 Moron can actually improve your brainpower the way lifting heavy weights can improve your muscular power. Just make sure you don't hurt your own back.

4. Finance tip

Several readers wrote to me stating something along the lines of, "I've lost a lot of money in my 401(k) this year. What can I do?"

First of all, none of you have lost any money in your 401(k). You don't lose or gain money until you sell. If you haven't sold any of your 401(k) assets, you haven't lost money. Some quick facts:

  • It's all paper value. The dollar amount shown there is based on the "market value" of the component stocks and/or other securities. Stock market values can fluctuate wildly. Don't get caught up in day to day valuations, or even month to month ones. The 401(k) is a long-term investment. Review on an annual basis, understanding you really need a 3 to 5 year timeframe to make an informed decision.
  • You don't pay your mortgage (or rent) from your 401(k). You don't buy gas or groceries with it. The "value" of your 401(k) has no effect whatsoever on your daily life so don't act as if it does.
  • A decently invested 401(k) will, over time, hold its value pretty well. It will even increase in value if the inflation figure you use is the official one. We don't have a means of accurately measuring inflation, but we can trend it by looking at the growth of the federal debt; during the reign of Barry Soetoro, that debt has doubled. A 401(k) is one of your best bets for dealing with the extreme degree of currency debauchment.

We are seeing a general panic among the populace, and it's arisen from the stock market news. What people fail to grasp is that news is not relevant to their personal finances in any meaningful way. The number that most often starts the panic is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It's a number that's almost meaningless.

The DJIA is an invention of the folks at the Wall Street Journal, and it's based on only 30 stocks. I used to read the WSJ every day, until they interviewed me for an article and got every major fact dead wrong in the article that followed. Letting these idiots "inform" you on financial matters, especially via the silly DJIA, is unwise at best.

To answer, "What can I do," I have this to say:

  • Whatever your occupation, do your best work. THINK, rather than just work harder. How can you make processes more efficient?, for example.
  • Put the 401(k) "news" out of your mind. Ditto for the stock market.
  • Take care of your body. Disease is the single biggest cost, after taxes, that most people face. And for 99% of those "most people" the disease is self-inflicted. The biggest source of disease is, by far, poor food choices. I've covered those extensively in this newsletter. I have not been sick since 1971, despite having an immune deficiency that dogged me from birth until my early 50s when it was cured by Dr. Rick Cohen, MD. The cure was due to a massive increase in my Vitamin D intake (the good doctor was persuasive, and I'm glad I listened!). This also cured my extreme sun sensitivity (I used to burn after only 10 minutes of exposure).
  • Make your home energy efficient.
  • Engage in energy-efficient habits.
  • Learn to relax, exercise per a thought-out plan that you stick to, and get enough sleep; these are vital steps to being healthy.
  • Have a home-based business so you get a home office deduction.
  • Buy wisely, and don't accumulate stuff.
  • Look at the money you spend on services, and try to reduce or eliminate those costs.
  • Don't waste money on stupid things, like $10 coffees.

My best advice for your personal finances is this. Pay attention to your single largest cost, which is taxation. It comes in many forms, and most people have no clue that what they pay via their 1040 is barely even the tip of the iceberg. To reduce taxes, we must reduce federal spending.

Join the National Taxpayer's Union and relentlessly lobby your CONgressman and senators to at least eliminate deficit spending. For example, we are an occupied and defeated nation so why do we have half the world's aircraft carriers? Why do we spend more on "defense" than the rest of the world combined?

Among western industrialized nations, we have the worst health, highest medical costs, lowest literacy, lowest numeracy, worst civil rights record (we have half the world's prison population plus we have the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths, just for starters), greatest degree of poverty, least accountable government, least transparent government, and on and on it goes. We are defending this? Give me a break. I still need to hear a true reason why we have an alleged Department of Defense. None of the reasons given match reality in the slightest. So all those billions are simply wasted (unless there is some true reason they just aren't telling us).

Why does the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths have 115,000 employees when the GAO reports that these same reprobates spend half their office time on p*rn and gambling sites? A 50% layoff is in order. But then we must ask the question, "Why is this organization allowed to exist in the first place?" It serves no legitimate purpose and actually costs the Treasury orders of magnitude more money than it brings in. Simply abolishing the 1040 system and the terrorist organization that uses the 1040 system as an excuse to exist would vastly boost federal revenues.

Think of how the federal government wastes money or actually look at specific examples and then lobby to end the waste. That's a much more productive use of your time than panicking over illusory losses in your 401(k).

5. Security tip

Cloud computing has many advantages. Here are a few:
  • If you keep your data in the cloud, the convenience is huge; you eliminate the need to synch data between devices. You also eliminate the risk of having data stolen by means of, for example, someone's swiping your laptop at the airport (a big problem for corporate execs).
  • If you keep your data in the cloud, you have fantastic data preservation and backup. And because of the vastly different architecture of today's servers, you don't get files corrupted by random RAM errors the way you do on a desktop workstation.
  • If you keep your data in the cloud, you eliminate information silos. Data are centrally managed, so there's never again the problem of, "Is the latest revision on Bob's computer or on Sarah's?"
  • If you keep your applications in the cloud and merely pay a subscription fee, a whole slew of software maintenance headaches and costs goes away.
  • If you keep your applications in the cloud, everyone in your company works with the same program release. No more incompatible files or documents.
  • If you keep your data and applications in the cloud, you're no longer chained to a particular device. That creates a huge new set of operational flexibilities.
  • The typical data center is highly secure. It's unheard of for someone to simply stroll into a data center and steal information.

Wow, it sounds like a no brainer. Do your computing in the cloud. You get convenience, security, and data integrity among many other benefits.

But there's the downside. On the face of things, cloud computing has these disadvantages:

  • Latency. You're going along, and suddenly the application seems to pause. You wait. This doesn't exactly fulfill the productivity promises of cloud computing's marketing people.
  • Connection issues. If the connection is slow or even down, you may not get any work done for a long time.
  • Logon issues. Have you ever tried to log on to a secure site (e.g., a bank's account management area) only to find you have to phone the bank to get access?

Oh, we can live with those minor issues. The advantages outweigh them!

Really? Then how about this issue. And to me, this one issue is what makes cloud computing something you limit to only data you don't mind having compromised or applications you really don't need or that you don't use often.

When you lease a house or apartment, it becomes your domain. The landlord can't just come in. And if a terrorist organization such as the Institute of Reprobates and Sociopaths orders your landlord to let you in or face his own audit, your landlord still can't do that without committing a crime. The Institute would need a court order.

But if you lease a server or space on a server, somehow the laws no longer apply. The Institute can order your "landlord" to share the data you have on that server. And under the anti-Patriot Act, your "landlord" can face severe penalties (including prison) for letting you know this happened.

Institute goons can look at how much time you spent using various applications. They can also download all of the data that are on "your" leased server.

When facing an Institute attack, your best defense is to refuse all demands of theirs for information. They aren't going to use this to "settle" with you, but only to find more ways to attack you. If the information is on your property, they will need a court order to get it from you. My advice is to always make them work as hard as possible for anything they want. I found that this was the only way to "beat them to a draw" and interviews with other survivors of the most vicious Institute attacks have supported this finding.

But if you have information on a server that's not on your physical property you can't keep them from getting the information. You can't defend against the espionage either, because you won't know they breached your security (such that it is) until all kinds of damage rains down upon you.

This is the reason no business should blithely go along with cloud computing. It's just too risky. It doesn't matter that you are honest and haven't done anything wrong. Institute goons aren't looking for ways to effectively administer the tax code or act in the public interest. They are looking for ways to attack people for their own personal benefit.

That benefit could be booty taken from the citizen (as in Kevin Brown's case) or it could be a way to get a promotion on the job:

  • In the Institute's sick, twisted culture, an employee gets promoted based on how said employee can ruin various businesses and individuals. They are likely to be punished for showing any mercy.
  • In many cases, the employee can reap huge financial gains personally via the attack (Kevin Brown and crew stole $103 million in one scam they ran).

Another issue that arises is you or your company is a party to hostile litigation. That is, you're sued by some scam artist. Or a federal agency is attacking you. Attorney client privilege does not extend to third parties. It's only between the attorney and the client. So let's say you work up some documents your attorney is going to use for your defense. Those are not confidential if they are on that other company's server (the one you're leasing).

Anything you tell your attorney is fair game, if it goes through that third-party server. E-mail is a great example of something that can be accessed with no regard to attorney client privilege. But also consider what happens if one of you leaves a voice mail; that's not covered. So if you are using any cloud applications, keep attorney-client privilege vulnerabilities in mind.

The solution to this security problem is to keep the server on your own property (leased or owned, it doesn't matter). If your server is on your own property, you can outsource the IT function. Qualified techs from the IT firm will visit your property and keep things running smoothly. Without a court order there is no way the Institute goons can get your data without your (stupidly giving) permission, because they don't have access to the equipment on your premises.

It's odd that physical location is the fulcrum point on which the security of cloud computing balances. But it is, and with the lawlessness that is endemic in certain "government" agencies, the risk becomes rather outsized.

I'm not saying cloud computing is a bad idea per se. But do consider the huge security risks. Note also that having a nondisclosure contract with the third party avails you nothing in the event of a DHS or Institute attack. Those contracts are easily voided without your consent and there's no remedy on the backside.

Note also that the illegal Anti-Patriot Act eviscerates all of your civil liberties. Any bureaucrat who had a bad hair day can use the APA to order third parties to release any records pertaining to you. They don't need a reason and they don't need a court order. If this alone doesn't chill you toward keeping your data with a third party, I think you may need counseling at the very least. You can escape the APA by moving yourself and your operations to China, but then you'd only be dealing with a different set of "no rights for you" psychopaths.

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Are you looking for the secret to obtaining the physique you've always wanted? If so, don't feel alone. Millions of people spend time and money pursuing this, yet they don't ever get there. Most people give up, try again later, and give up later. Does this pattern sound familiar?

There's an entire industry preying upon people with the desire to have a fit, powerful, beautiful physique. Actually, there are multiple entire industries, such as:

  • Supplement industry. A great body does not come in a bottle. Supplements can help (if used intelligently), but they can't make up for poor diet or poor training.

  • Fitness guru industry. "If only you'll work out exactly this way, you'll have the body you want. Buy my tapes."

  • Nutritionist industry. In my experience, few people with this title know enough about nutrition for you to take their advice.

  • Exercise gadget industry. There's not a gadget that will transform your body. Buy such gadgets only if you need to fill your closets.

  • Gym with trainer membership industry. If you thought $300 a year wasn't enough to spend when you could have your own equipment for less, now you can spend even more with a clueless trainer.

  • Surgical implant industry. No, don't even consider them. Bad news.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

And don't even think about "hormone therapy." There's a 60+ guy (I won't name him here) who touts his fitness program and he looks fantastic for his age. But his program isn't why. Expensive hormone treatments are why. All of this can be very confusing, all these "experts" and industries peddling hope but leaving people disappointed, fat, and weak.

Adding to the confusion are people who say:

  • "I want to be toned, not muscular." Reality check, here. Your muscles are what will give you that appearance you're after. You need to develop them to get it. There's no such thing as "toned."
  • "I'm not 20 anymore, so can't expect great results." Well, there is something to be said for the advantages of youth. But check out my 55 year old body in the photo above. Or look at Sylvester Stallone in his 60s. Don't put yourself down. Don't use age as an excuse.
  • "I don't have the time." Training right and eating right takes less time than being sick does.
  • "I don't have the money." Training right and eating right takes less money than being sick does.
  • Excuses such as "my genes are bad" or "I don't know what to do" or "I've tried it already" or "I don't want to eat rabbit food" or.... You get the idea. In nearly all cases, these excuses have no merit. They are just excuses.
  • "When I get the money, I'll sign up for [take your pick]. As if it's a financial issue, which it's not.

The reality is there's no secret to obtaining the physique you've always wanted. But there are some requirements:

  • The desire. If you really desire to have a great body, then you can make that happen.
  • Discipline. You need to commit to a program and stick with it. You're adopting a lifestyle, not doing a quick fix. Don't forget that it's a positive lifestyle, and well worth adopting.
  • Undistorted vision. You need to see deformed, unhealthy bodies (what is now "normal") as the direct result of choices people make. You need to see a beautiful, healthy body the same way and you need to see it as your right. Go after it. Make good choices.
  • Smart buying habits. If most of your food bill is for home-prepared food, great (if all of it, even better). Make sure you do most of your shopping in the produce aisle.
  • Reinforcement. Find like-minded people and encourage each other. You may need to ditch negative friends who have negative habits, especially if they are discouraging you.

To sum up the nutrition part of things:

  • Eat six small meals a day. This frequency modulates your insulin levels and provides many other benefits. People who make this one change from the unhealthy three meals a day habit see big changes they are very happy with. Even if they do nothing else differently. Try to space these equally across the day.
  • Time those six meals! Most people eat three meals a day, but also snack all day long. It's important that you eat only at predetermined times. No random snacking. Eat not when you're hungry, but when it's time to eat.
  • Eat nutrient dense foods, only. This means mostly vegetables, and vegetables of various types. Fruits and vegetables together should make up about 70% to 80% of your diet. Monsanto grain (wheat, corn, soy), 0%.

To sum up the exercise portion of things:

  • Exercise with intensity, not for endurance. This is how you get the adaptive response that produces the chiseled look.
  • Exercising with intensity means you can't work all of your muscles on any given day and when you do work a particular muscle group it needs several days of rest. That's why people who train seriously will train 5 or 6 days a week. Sort of like those 6 small meals, you're doing 5 or 6 small workouts. Chest and triceps, for example, should take about 20 minutes rather than the two hours of mindless weight-tossing you might see in the typical gym setting.
  • Work each muscle in three discreet ranges using specific exercises for each range: Midrange, full contraction, and full extension. Most folks make the mistake of trying to work the full range in each set so they lose intensity. They also fail to stimulate their fast twitch fibers, which are the ones that give you the look you're after.
  • Look forward to each workout. Rather than see it as drudgery or try to get through it just to check off the box, be fully there. The importance of the mental part of this cannot be understated.

Follow the above guidelines, and you will transform a Pillsbury Doughboy body into a GQ body. This may take several months, depending upon your current condition. But no matter how out of shape you are now, you will notice remarkable improvement in how you look and how you feel in less than two weeks if you implement all of the guidelines above. Don't slowly incorporate them, but instead put all of them into practice immediately. That way, you'll see results quickly.

If you're unfamiliar with exercise techniques, especially with squats, then you'll need to find a good trainer ("good trainer" is usually an oxymoron, but they are out there) or find someone like Scooby's Workshop or Vince Del Monte or Mike Chang online. Don't spend "only" $199 for some con artist's "Body building secrets" program. There really aren't any secrets, though people averse to hard work insist there must be. If you like legitimate experts and want to subscribe to their program, fine. But don't fork over money on mere promises and hyperbole.

If you really do want that great body, start today. You can do this.


At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and the smallest is the male sperm. Now you know who's really the boss.

8. Thought for the Day

What will be left of you, 10 years after you die? Will people be talking about what you did for them, or will your name just never come up because you left no lasting impressions or legacy of service?


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The views expressed in this e-newsletter are generally not shared by criminals, zombies, or brainwashed individuals.

Except where noted, this e-newsletter is entirely the work of Mark Lamendola. Anything presented as fact can be independently verified. Often, sources are given; but where not given, they are readily available to anyone who makes the effort.

Mark provides information from either research or his own areas of established expertise. Sometimes, what appears to be a personal opinion is the only possibility when applying sound logic--reason it out before judging! (That said, some personal opinions do appear on occasion).

The purpose of this publication is to inform and empower its readers (and save you money!).

Personal note from Mark: I value each and every one of you, and I hope that shows in the diligent effort I put into writing this e-newsletter. Thank you for being a faithful reader. Please pass this newsletter along to others.

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