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Mindconnection eNL, 2015-12-06


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1. Good News

Item 1. The National Taxpayers Union (NTU), which lobbies for you (against the criminals) on issues of how your tax dollars are wasted in the federal "government" (collection of crime syndicates), scored a victory recently. In a press release dated 27NOV of this year, the NTU stated that it was able to get salary cuts for the incompetent executives at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

The NTU's action actually reversed a theft conducted earlier this year. As the press release stated, "Earlier this year, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) approved $4 million compensation packages for executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two Government-Sponsored Enterprises at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis. This was ridiculous given the bailouts Fannie and Freddie received during the 2008 financial crisis."

Item 2. The Patient Predation and Job Destruction Act, commonly referred to as the Unaffordable Care Act and cynically named the "Affordable" Care Act, continues to face judicial and legislative challenges. Its gross illegality is one issue, its massive destruction another. The fact this travesty has survived this long has awakened many zombies, and that's really good news. This over the top caper has a backlash to it, and the effect is enormous. The problem lies in where the former zombies look next. If they look to the same old D vs. R con job, we will remain mired in crime.

Item 3. The circus/zoo known as "the Republican Party" has really trotted out the clowns this time. While that appears to be bad news for the 10s of millions of people devastated by the UCA and other crimes from the Demopublicans and thus seeking change via the Republocrats, the reality is the Republocrats and Demopublicans work for the same criminals and you don't get change by switching nominal parties any more than you get clean underwear by exchanging with another person. More and more people are realizing this fact of life, and that's really good news. The clown show put on by the Republocrats is a key factor in the awakening.

Item 4. Barry Soeotoro sent out an e-mail stating he is not going to be POTUS 14 months from now. Is he lying as usual, or can we cheer that he's not staying on for a third term? Let's be cautiously optimistic. Perhaps he will leave office even earlier, on massive fraud charges and under police escort. Picture him in an orange jumpsuit. Talk about good news!

Item 5. The illegal scam known as "Obummercare" (the Unaffordable Care Act) is dying. Repeal of this illegal and harmful travesty increasingly looks likely, which is good news. Here's an article that gives a nice summary of how this scam is dying: It would really be nice if the main instigators were convicted of the various crimes they committed. Nutcase Nancy is still at large, a fact that boggles the reasonable mind. A padded cell for her would be appropriate.

2. Product Highlight

So many people liked this offer, we are extending it until responses slow down or stock runs out. Yes, it really is a great deal. Thanks to those who bought these and also gave us such positive feedback.

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This device can go where cell phones are banned (or just don't work). At only 4.6 x 3.5 x 0.06, it easily rests on your palm. It runs on 2 AAA batteries (included).

This translating device contains over 450,000 words and 1,100 phrases. It makes working with a foreign language easy and convenient. Just type in a few letters of a word, and the dictionary will automatically display words starting with these letters. When you are unsure of the spelling, the Vector Ultima spell-checker allows you to enter the word as you hear it and then choose a spelling version from the suggestions list.

This pocket electronic translator also contains a bilingual business organizer with a telephone directory, a scheduler, and a password security function. You may exchange data between your pocket electronic translator and a personal computer to keep a backup copy of your organizer data.

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3. Brainpower tip

Greg wrote with this question:

"I have some friends who still believe that Obama was born in the United States and thus he's a legal citizen. Without getting into forensics or conspiracy theories, is there a brain power way to determine who is right?"

Well, Greg, by "brain power way" I assume you mean arriving at the correct conclusion by using one's brain a bit and thinking about the question.

I haven't spent much time wading through the Obama birth mystery. It just has not seemed like a good use of my time. But since you raised the question, let's do some thinking on it. As we go, see if you can identify the specific thinking skills being used.

One of the original contentions was that he didn't have a birth certificate. I don't know where mine is. Do you know where yours is? So I don't see this lack of a certificate as meaning he's an illegal alien. But...

...if you lost your birth certificate, the hospital you were born in should have records and be able to issue you a replacement. We do know that the hospital where Obama was allegedly born still has records; those have been produced for babies born a bit before he was and a bit after he was.

We also know that, instead of obtaining a copy (or replacement) of his birth certificate from the hospital, he presented an obvious forgery. It has fonts that did not exist at that time and that do not match those on other birth certificates from the era. It shows his race as "Black" though during the 1960s the word used was "Negro" and we also know he's Arabic not Negro anyhow. His parents gave him three Arabic names and his father's genealogy shows the Arabic lineage. But the fact remains the race designation he used is an anachronism that gives away the forgery. It's like spotting an automobile in a painting that's allegedly a Da Vinci original.

It doesn't help that the SSN on that certificate belongs to another person in another state, either. That negates the authenticity of his alleged certificate, and it also means he does not have his own SSN. If you know anything about how SSNs are issued, you see a giant red flag here. And it's yet more evidence he is an illegal alien.

So it's not the fact that he didn't have his original birth certificate that is the problem. It's that he could not obtain a copy and, in response, submitted an obviously fraudulent one that (among other flaws) uses an SSN belonging to another person. His gross ignorance of American history and culture may be another clue, but then many people are grossly ignorant of American history and culture so we have to give him a pass on that one.

Now, let's think about the birth record thing. Suppose the hospital had lost his birth record somehow (just not anybody else's birth record). Sounds implausible, but let's say it that's what happened. Somebody went into the records, picked his file at random, and tossed it. Then left all the other record intact. This would leave the hospital with no record that little Barry was born there. What is the adult Barry to do?

Since in this scenario we accept the implausible, we must also accept the plausible (that is only fair, much to the chagrin of the "alternate universe" folks). This means we can reasonably assume the victimized hospital would, if it had sufficient supporting evidence, "reconstruct" the records and issue a genuine birth certificate. Even the IRS permits people to "reconstruct" records that are missing.

The IRS uses supportive facts, and so would the hospital in question. What supportive facts could Obama have used that were apparently unavailable? For starters, he'd want to prove his mother was in Hawaii at a time close to his birth. This, he did not do. And why not?

There is apparently no evidence she was in Hawaii any time near his birth. This fact is rather astounding. This fact alone makes it a huge leap of faith for a person to believe that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Was there no record of his mother's staying in Hawaii around the time of his birth? No rent records, telephone records, address with the Post Office, hotel records? No bank records, cancelled checks, or other evidence she was ever there? At least she didn't get a speeding ticket or get arrested for shoplifting....

Were there no travel records showing her arrival? Did not anybody remember seeing her there? Remember, she was not at the age of majority when she bore little Barry. A minor has a baby in 1961 and there's no fuss about it? This is odd in the extreme. Who checked her into the hospital? Who paid the bill? As a minor, she did not have an insurance policy. Did Mr. Obama (Barry's sperm donor) go with her? Write the check? What's the story here, or more to the point why isn't there one?

And why didn't the newspaper archives contain his birth announcement? Maybe the archives aren't there, but I have been in libraries all over the USA and viewed archived newspapers dating back to before World War I. And this was Hawaii, home to Pearl Harbor. No newspaper archives a mere two decades after that event? I have not checked to see if Hawaii somehow is so backwards as to not have libraries with newspaper archives. It's another of those implausibilities upon which this idea he was born in America is based.

So again, key evidence is missing. And it should have been there if his tale is true.

I didn't follow the whole Obama circus act, so don't know how long his mother allegedly was in Hawaii. But if she was there for longer than it took just to pop a baby out, it stands to reason she had a job there. And a residence, or stayed with people who would have kept some sort of record somehow. It is yet another implausibility that she simply stayed in the streets until her water broke.

And if she lived somewhere, surely she had subscribed to a newspaper or magazines at a Hawaii address during that time. Is this not highly plausible?

Did she own or rent a car? What about her driver's license? Did she have any kind of insurance? If she rented a car, how was a 17 year old able to do that (rental agencies require the renter to be 25 or older)? So she almost certainly must have bought one. unless Mr. Obama flew to Hawaii (again, no record), bought one for her, and flew back to avoid being there for the birth of his son. Not plausible!

Which means the Hawaii DMV would have a record of that car in her name. Unless she lived with people who drove her around or let her borrow their car; who would that have been, and where are they? Did everyone she ever knew in Hawaii die, or is there another explanation (such as she wasn't there when she had the baby).

People leave a trail, and we don't see that she had one in Hawaii when Barrack was born. Nor did Barrack's father.

Again, she was a minor; she was only 17 when Barrack was born. This has many implications. For one thing, minors can't freely travel all over the world. How did she manage to sneak into Hawaii? When did she first arrive there? Was she pregnant and traveling alone? Does any airline have a record of her travel, and if not why not?

Again, there's no evidence he was born in that hospital or that his mother was in Hawaii when he was born.

It's important to note, again, that she was 17 when he was  born. And note that his father was not a citizen. She could not confer citizenship on Barrack, according to immigration laws (as I understand them) because she was not of the age of majority. His father, a British subject, certainly could not confer citizenship on him. So he was not a citizen regardless of where he was born (and Hawaii is a very unlikely locale). We have no record that he was ever naturalized, so he is an illegal alien.

When he was little, his mother took him to Indonesia where he was adopted and his name legally changed to Barry Soetoro. That is still his legal name, as there's no record he changed it back to Barrack Obama. Thus, among his many other fraudulent acts, he's illegally using an alias while posing as President. To leave Indonesia legally, he had to travel on his own Indonesian passport.

So maybe he was born in Kenya as many people believe. Or maybe he was born in Hawaii, it's just that his mother wasn't there for the birth (some libtards will probably claim this is exactly what happened). We really can't be clear where he was born, but the USA seems very unlikely.

What's clear is he was not an American citizen prior to his adoption in Indonesia. If he is an American citizen today, when was he naturalized? There's no record he was naturalized, so he's an illegal alien. There is evidence he was not naturalized, because this alleged "Constitutional scholar" has made errors on Constitutional questions that no naturalized person would make. That is, he never studied civics enough to pass the exam immigrants must pass to become naturalized.

We also know he was a very poor student. Something like a C-. Yet, he was able to attend not one but two Ivy League universities. Such an option is totally closed to low-grade students who are American citizens. It is open to foreign exchange students, even if they have bad grades. A a poor student with an Indonesian passport could do it. Gee, do you wonder why his records are sealed? And his attorneys keep fighting expensive battles to keep them sealed?

See what a little thinking can do? It can show you massive holes in the stories upon which people build lies such as the one that "Barrack Obama" is an American citizen. When you think, you can see the truth.

How many different thinking methods did you spot in this short article? See if you can put them to work for you!

4. Finance tip

A friend was complaining to me about the high costs of her phone carrier and her Internet service provider. She said a friend had advised her to threaten to quit her account and see what they'd do. She wanted to know what I thought of that.

Nobody likes being threatened. You can get more bees with honey than with vinegar. So I don't think much of this approach.

What I advised her to do was call them up and say how she really liked their service and how she'd been a loyal customer for X years. And then say something like, "I'd really like to stay with your company, but I need your help to do that. I've been inundated with competing offers on the one hand and a need to reduce my expenses on the other hand. What can you do to help me stay with your company?"

Do you see the difference?

If you were the service rep, would you put forth a little extra effort for the customer taking that second approach? Some people believe that you "must show strength" by threatening to quit. But this just shows you are not loyal. Why should they do more than the minimum? The customer who praises the company makes the rep feel good about serving that customer. That rep has an incentive to do more.

You can use this same approach when advising your boss to give you a raise. Notice the language there. I didn't say "Ask your boss for a raise" because the answer normally assumes a no. Don't beg.

In the case of the raise, you're selling your services. So instead of asking for a raise, think of something that your boss hates to do but you wouldn't mind doing. Or think of some way to save the company money or increase its revenue. When I worked in corporate America, I did all three of these things and used them as the basis for advising pretty solid raises.

So you say, "Tom, you know how much I just love working here. I enjoy having you as my boss, too. You're a great boss. Which is why I'd like to take that Stevens account off your hands so you don't have to deal with it. How does that sound?"

Your boss says that sounds wonderful. You say, "Great. Of course, you know nothing is free in life. I was thinking that would be worth a raise of between $2,500 and $3,200. Please see what you can do, and get back to me with the good news. Thanks for giving me this opportunity."

Does that sound a tad assertive? Sure. And your boss is going to respect your "ballsy" attitude, unless your boss is a total loser. If the latter is the case, transfer out because you're treading water with that boss.

5. Security tip

No so much your personal security (yet), but important:

6. Health tip/Fitness tips

Let's talk about cancer. Back in the 1970s, one in four Americans got cancer. Today, it's one out of two. From 25% to 50%. This tells us something, does it not?

We hear about how researchers are trying to find a cure for cancer. A very smart friend of mine says there are already many cures. Who is right?

I guess it depends upon how you define "cure." In absolute terms, an argument can be made that my friend is wrong. But the number of people who have been in remission for five years or longer is pretty big.

Let's go back to that first paragraph, in which I gave you the two statistics. The change is instructive. Now, correlation is not causation but we also know that in the same period the American diet has gone from poor to atrocious. Much more of what people willingly put into their bodies is carcinogenic than what it used to be, and much less of what people willingly put into their bodies helps their bodies kill cancer cells.

That last sentence moves us from mere correlation to confirmed causation. Cancer is, for the most part, self-inflicted. We can deduce from this fact that cancer is, for the most part, preventable. We can further deduce that the same foods that prevent cancer because they contain cancer cell killing substances can also cure cancer by killing cancer cells.

Of course, it can degenerate into a numbers game where you have far more cancer cells than cancer cell killing substances (from food) to go around. And other factors can interfere, such as using toxic cleaners.

Lose weight, be strong, burn fat, gain muscle

But the fact remains that food is a hugely potent weapon for cancer prevention (health care) and for the same reasons is quite potent in fighting cancer (medical care).

Bodybuilders eat a diet that is nutrient-dense and calorie-sparse. It's very colorful and very tasty. It turns out that the same foods that make a great-looking body also make a cancer-hostile body.

Vegetables work wonders, but you need a variety. For example, I eat eggplant (raw) every day. It does to colon cancer cells what Soetoro (Obama) does to the economy. It's that powerful.

Basically, if it's a vegetable it fights cancer in some way or another. But different vegetables have different cancer-fighting properties. The brassicas (broccoli being perhaps the most famous of them) are among the most potent of the cancer fighting vegetables, so make them a big part of your diet. But don't limit yourself to them. Tip: choose different colors, and you get different cancer fighting compounds.

Fruits are also cancer-fighting. Berries are particularly noted for cancer-killing, but again get variety. Eat fruit daily, as it gives you many benefits beyond fighting cancer.

Cancer and heart disease myths:

  • Butter and eggs are bad for you. Not true! Margarine and egg substitutes are bad for you. Your body can metabolize animal fat (just don't overdo it) and if your butter is organic rather than the Monsanto grain fed cow milk variety then small amounts are actually good for you. Eggs are an awesome food, and the yolks are high in Vitamin D. Bodybuilders are noted for eating eggs. I eat about 8 to 10 per day (a little less than in the past, because the prices have gone way up).
  • Caffeine is bad for you, so avoid coffee. Not true! Caffeine (in moderation) has many health benefits, and coffee fights cancer in multiple ways.

What foods work for the cancer and against you? Some examples:

  • Any Monsanto-morphed grain such as corn or wheat--do not eat!
  • Processed grains, anything containing corn fructose, some artificial sweeteners, all artificial fats and oils (e.g., trans fats), hydrogenated oil (in most baked goods and Crisco is 100% hydrogenated oil so say goodbye to your colon if you eat much of it).
  • Meat that is fed Monsanto-corrupted grain. If the meat isn't organic, consider it cancer-causing.
  • Fish. Contrary to the claims made about fish oil, fish is no longer safe for humans to eat. Why? Because we have been spewing out tons of mercury every day from our coal burning electrical generation plants, and all that mercury ends up in the ocean food chain. It gets more concentrated in fish as you go up the food chain. If you value your brain, do not eat tuna. Note also that salmon is officially a big risk factor for pancreatic cancer. Note also that fresh water fish have the same problem.

At, you'll find plenty of informative, authoritative articles on maintaining a lean, strong physique. It has nothing to do with long workouts or impossible to maintain diets. In fact:
  • The best workouts are short and intense.
  • A good diet contains far more flavors and satisfaction than the typical American diet.

7. Factoid

Gravity isn't consistent across the whole planet. For example, an object that's moved from the middle latitudes to the equator will weigh about half a percent less in its new location. Why is this? The earth isn't round, it's an oblong. At the equator, you are farther from the earth's center of mass so there's less gravitational pull.

8. Thought for the Day

If national elections in the USA reflect the will of the people, why has the IRS inflicted us for over a century? And there's plenty of other evidence that these "elections" are shams. Think about it. They are merely a means for the criminals to see if people are still falling for the same old lies.


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